Nitter Bug - July 2016, 9 years old

To my best friend, angel and soul mate. I don't know how I will go on without you. I love you more than anything in the world. My heart aches and tears still won't take away the pain of losing you. I love you forever. I love you Schnitzel. I love you.

Penny Whitfield - July 2016, 15 years old

My Penny girl came to live with us as a puppy in 2001. She had the most personality of any dog I've ever known. She loved to chase and fetch a tennis ball or golf ball. She would run until her fat underbelly was red and raw to get those balls! We would wear out long before she did. She just moved to the next person. She loved to 'sit pretty' (up on her hind legs and straight up in the air) to get food scraps. If you asked her to tell you about it, she would 'talk'! She could get mad if you didn't play with her and would reward your actions with jumping on your bed and peeing on it! She always got the right bed for the right offender! Even as Penny got older, she would still 'guard her yard' with barking every time she went outside. She ran out barking as if to warn everyone that this is her yard. Penny lived a full and healthy life until this past week when diabetes started wearing on her. Even on her last day, she ate a meal of bacon and eggs and doggie ice cream. She had a party the night before with the whole family to celebrate her life, and she ate Mexican food! Just a few treats for this sweet little girl! She loved crunchy foods, and we gave her a bowl of chips, and she devoured it. As she breathed her last this morning at the vet's, we told her how much we loved her and that she was the best girl doggie ever. . .there will never be another Penny girl. . .Rest in peace, sweet girl. . .Mommie, Andy and Josh love you as well as everyone else you ever met!

Daisy May - July 2016, 5 years old

R.I.P Daisy May - you were the cutest, sweetest girl.

Tanzi Thompson - July 2016, 6 years, months old

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