Hummel von Zimbelstern - July 2012, 16 years, 2 months, 12 days old

Dear Hummel, you came to us 16 years ago with your little friend, Schubert von Zimbelstern, who will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. You had a very long stay with us and we were sorry to say goodbye but you are at peace now. Howl and run with Schubert, gobble your food and chase your toy bone as you did when you were a young pup. You will remain forever in our hearts. Love always, Moms Vicky, Cathy, Diana and Auntie Chris, and your brothers and sisters of the Doxiepon.

Rudy George - July 2012, 6 years old

In loving memory of Rudy, our sweet miniature dachshund who passed away so suddenly due to HGE. He was with us for more than six years. He certainly did not have a 'dog's life' and was treated like a member of the family.We loved him so much and in return gave all of us so much love and affection and company. We miss you Rudy and think of you everyday.

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