Levi Maxwell - July 2011, 5 years old

Levi - we will miss you, little man. You are now at peace, with no more pain. I will miss you during football season and sleeping in my chair. You filled our hearts with love. We will miss you so much.

Surf Lloyd - July 2011, 13 years, 11 months old

Surf and I had our bad times. When we got him I was only six and I annoyed him quite frequently. This made the first seven to eight years of our relationship tough years. Being young it was fun to bug him, but eventually I learned to back off and give him space. Once we reconciled a bit he did let me pet him more and he treated me a lot better and I treated him better also.

Once his younger doxie brother Oscar died, he was never the same. He was never all that happy after that, even though he lived three more years than his brother. Even though he was getting old he still loved to play. Chasing balls, tearing toys to shreds, barking at people, and so on.

A couple months before Surf passed, he was starting to get lame. We took him into the vet the same day his brother had passed three years earlier - 4 July. He was diagnosed with bone cancer, and it had spread all over his body. We tried to keep him going until the end of the week with an opiod med but things took a turn for the worst. Two days after he was diagnosed we had to take him to the vet so he could pass peacefully.

Surf, you were always a good boy, even though you were a little misguided. We'll never forget you. As my first dachshund you have made me a doxie lover for the rest of my life. I hope you are with Oscar at the Rainbow Bridge - I'm sure he missed you as much as you missed him. Life just isn't the same without you, though. I can't go very long without thinking about you. I hope to see you at the Bridge one day, senior weiner. I wish I could hear you howl one last time.

Charlie Wally - July 2011, 10 years old

Charlie, since you have left the house is totally different. Your buddies Todd and Quicksilver have noticed your absence and are searching the house for you. Having to put you down was the hardest thing I've done, but I know you are a whole dog again with no pain, and will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss that deep bark out of a little dog, covering you up on cold nights, and taking walks with a stop at every mailbox. I miss you big time and will see you later my friend.

Sophie L - July 2011, 12 years, 10 months old

My wife and I met Sophie in 1998 after the death of Daisy, a long haired miniature. We lost her on Monday after a long illness marked with blindness and kidney disease. I will not try to quantify her worth in words. I only want to say for both of us that we are better for having her in our lives. Phrases like 'unconditional love' seem trite until you experience it. Sophie, you've been a good friend. You listened. You shared your life with many people. We will never forget you. It's time for 'roosey'. We love you!

Penny 'Girl' Rose Moreno - July 2011, 10 years old

I found my Penny on 4 July 2010 as a 'stray' dog. I didn't know at that time that she would change our lives forever (for the better). We had many many blessed and irreplaceable memories for one year and 25 days. 29 July 2011 was the worst day ever when our Penny Girl left us for the Rainbow Bridge. My husband, children and I are broken and empty without our baby. Penny was The Best dog ever - so smart, funny, beautiful, strong, loving, selfless, so incredibly special! I was never ever mad at her or angry with her. She never did anything wrong at all. She was indeed perfect. RIP Penny. We love you more than you will ever know and you are missed so so so much.

Jerry Lee Spice - July 2011, 4 years old

My little man, Jerry Lee, was my life and soul. He was taken very quickly when his disc ruptured, leaving him paralysed so very quickly. I'm so lonely without my little man to cuddle and love and the loss is unbearable. . .

Sleep tight, Jerry Lee. Mummy is always here thinking of you and loving you forever and always. xxxxxxx

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