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Hobbes Pike - July 2009, 13 years old

Hobbes, you are our very best friend, our little man and we will love you always. We called you the $30,000 dog but you were much more than that - priceless. You touched the hearts of all those who met you, you thought you were a rottweiler in stature and we were blessed to have you in our lives for 13 years.

Mummy and Daddy

Nadia Eckhart - July 2009, 8 years old

My dear, sweet Nadia: I tried to save you from the lack of care your poor little body received. I wish I could have found and rescued you sooner, my sweet little angel. I only shared my life with you for three short months and hoped every day that your pneumonia would improve. Today when I rushed you to the vet, gasping for air and I begged you not to die - which was selfish of me and I am sorry. I know you tried to stay with me even though you were in pain, and I hope you are resting peacefully now. I love you more than anyone ever did, and my only regret is that I didn't get more time with you.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Big Red Kenney - July 2009, 11 years old

Big Red - I miss you so much already. I can hardly believe that you are gone. You came into my heart so long ago and there will always be a special place for you in my heart and soul. You were just the sweetest little weenie boy ever! I will always remember you and love you. We still have your little wife, Bitsy, and your kids, Little Bear 'Booger boy', and Sophie and Simon over at grandma's house.

I will see you one day in heaven... Mommy

Ginger Addams - July 2009, 16 years, 6 months old

Ginger was a true 'rescue' who had been used and abused in a 'puppy mill'. After having been dumped by her previous owner for being old, I adopted her when she was 9 years old. I never considered her advanced age as a hindrance and I wish more humans would adopt seniors rather than puppies as they have so much to give and ask for nothing in return. In the 7 1/2 years Ginger was with me, she gave me nothing but friendship and companionship. I honour her with respect and love. Ginger, I'll always love you and miss you; I know you love me and miss me, too. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.


Old Dog Cookie - July 2009, 18 years old

My sweet old Cookie dog! You came into my life from Midwest Dachshund Rescue in February of 2005. Already 13 years old, I had no idea how long you'd be with me, and 4 1/2 years later, I sent you to the Bridge. Cookie, it was such an honour and a priviledge to love you and care for you, and to give you everything you never had for your first 13 years of life. I will never forget how you used to yowl and bark for your food when I was fixing it, how you would roll around on your back on the floor grunting...all those wonderful Cookie-isms. I'm so glad that when you got sick on Saturday, your suffering was neither great nor long. Holding you this morning while you went to the Bridge was bittersweet. I miss you, I always will, and you will always have a special place in my heart! I love you, Old Ath!

Yimminy - July 2009, about 12 years old

Yimmy, you came to me at a time when I needed you. Thank you for being my baby. I miss you terribly. Wait for me.

Oscar 'Tiny Dancer' - July 2009, 4 years, 6 months old

Your paws left prints on our hearts!

Gerri's Monti of Ark - July 2009, 10 years, 3 months old

Our Monti was a very special baby for us. We loved him so very much that it hurts like our hearts are breaking. He was never a dog, he was the love of our lives. He was with us all the time. We slept with him, ate with him. We miss him so very much that our hearts are breaking. You are our very special love and always will be Our Monti Rest in Peace dear one. Monti was very beautiful.

Ema Pochron - M+M - July 2009, 3 years, 9 months old

Ema - we love you so much and miss you more every day. You were the personality and heart of the house. We miss your energy, love, and kisses. Every day I wish you were still here and I still open the door expecting you to be there to greet me. My heart is heavy and oh so very sad. I miss you more than you will every know. I hope you are at peace and know how much we care and miss you. We love you Ema Pochron.

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