Doby Evans - July 2005, 2 years old

Doby, I love you and love your friendship and devotion that we have for each other. I will keep you in my heart forever and I am so sorry that I was careless and therefore we no longer can love and be together. Your softness and heart are so dear to me, little Sweetie. Rest in peace and I hope that some day we may be together again to share our love.
Your Mommy

Lexxus Luther - July 2005, 6 years, 7 months old

Our dearest baby girl, Lexxus, your absence will forever be felt in our hearts. You were such a lover - always wanting to kiss, cuddle and just be loved. Life seems like it will not go on without you. We only hope that you are lying, stretched out and healthy, next to your sister in heaven and that someday we will all be together again. We hope you know how much you were loved our sweet girl! Your life was short, but hopefully full of enough happiness and love for a lifetime. You were more than 'just a dog' to us ... you were our very first child. We love and miss you!
Mommy, Daddy, Brandon, Chase and Brady

Mercedes Luther - July 2005, 6 years, 7 months old

Our fiesty baby girl, Mercedes, your absence will forever be felt in our hearts. You were so full of life ... playful, tough, but still loving. Life seems like it will not go on without you. We only hope that you are playing ball and taking good care of your older sister (you know how much she hated to be alone) in heaven and that someday we will all be together again. We hope you know how much you were loved our sweet girl! Your life was short, but hopefully full of enough happiness and love for a lifetime. You were more than 'just a dog' to us ... You were our second child. We love and miss you!
Mommy, Daddy, Brandon, Chase and Brady

Barney Coleman - July 2005, 11 years old

We lost our Barney just days ago. We miss him so much. We're not sure what happened exactly, but when I got home from work, he couldn't stand or walk. Barney came into our lives when our oldest moved away from home. He took up that void when you have a child leave home. My girlfriend gave Barney to us and he was the most special gift two people could ever receive. He was nine months old when he came into our lives. Barney, we love you so much, we weren't ready to give you up yet. I go to your grave in our backyard everyday and just can't believe this has happened. I know you were in so much pain and I am thankful that is over for you. We have received so many wonderful cards from people who care so much. Their support and this web site will get us through this, I know it will take time. There will always be only one Barney, you will never ever be replaced and you will live in our hearts forever and ever. Until we are reunited...
Love, Deb and Glenn

Leo Adank - July 2005, 4 years old

My little lionheart, you were taken from us too soon , but you live on in our hearts.

Hana - July 2005, 16 years old

Jasper 'Jazzy' Jordan - July 2005, 4 years old

Our darling boy, You left us much too soon. You were so loved, and I know you loved us. We were blessed to have you in our lives, and we will think about you always. What I would give to hold you just one more time. It's so lonely without you here. Wait for me at the Bridge, I will be running to you with arms open wide.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy, Bradley, and Sara

Shantel - July 2005, 12 years, 10 months old

Shantel was a mini dachshund. When we first got her she was almost dead. She was the runt of the pack. We were told not to take her but we did and 12 years later she was mine and my childrens' best friend. Shantel was a devoted dog and very loyal. She got sick on a wednesday and was put to sleep on Saturday 16 July 2005 at 11 a.m. we tried to save her with meds but she was in too much pain and didn't want to be bothered. I was told she had an enlarged heart and fluid in her lungs. Her body swelled and she couldn't pick her head up and had a hard time walking. Even though I miss her so much I couldn't let her be in pain, so we had to let her go. She was put to sleep in my arms with me talking in her ear about how much we loved her. Shantel was cremated and will be buried in my casket when I die so she will live with me forever.

You are loved and missed by a lot of people, Shantel. You touched so many hearts and you will never - and I mean NEVER - be forgotten by the people you have known or your family. I have decided I will never own another animal. Shantel has taken my heart and soul with her forever. You are missed my love and my heart breaks for you. Sleep with the angels.

To see more pictures of Shantel, please click here

Ebony Luke (Fluke) (Little Buddy) - July 2005, 13 years, 4 months, 4 days old

Our Luke was a good Luke. When we woke up this morning and found our baby dead, we weren't prepared even though he had had a hard night. He had been to the vet yesterday, and he had another appointment today. We really aren't sure what caused our baby's death, but he had been having a few seizures and diarrhea and vomiting. The vet had given him antibiotics and an IV.

We remember the first day we brought Luke home. He was romping through grass that was taller than he was. We remember all the funny things he did through the years, especially his love for playing with tennis balls. He could be sound asleep when we left the room, but when we looked up in another room, he had followed us there and was looking at us with his beautiful brown eyes. He was always our brave boy. We will always remember you, Luke, for you were truly our best friend. There will never be another Luke. Will this hurt ever go away?

Goodbye Little Buddy,
Dad, Mom, Denise, and Brian

Sunshine - July 2005, 14 years, 5 months, 19 days old

Oh my little Sunshine, you are gone just a few days and I am so sad. I loved you so much, you were my little buddy, I miss you when I get home at night, you aren't there to greet me anymore. Oh how I wish you would be here with me right now. I would pet you and hug you and kiss you. I loved you so much.I will miss you forever, you were a good boy.

Austin - July 2005, 6 years, 1 month old

Austin was only six when we he left this world. Austin had a brain tumour we didn't find until it was too late. Austin, we loved you too much to watch you suffer in pain. I will always remember every sweet moment we had. I have pictures of you everywhere to ease the pain and remind me of the happy times we shared. Austin, Mommy and Daddy love you very much. You were our child since we couldn't have any together. We love you and we'll see you again someday.

Annie Lucille Merritt - July 2005, 16 years, 3 monts old

Our precious Little Annie Lucille Merritt went to Rainbow Bridge on 26 July 2005. Jim and I are sad...and we will miss her terribly! Annie had been sick for some time battling congestive heart disease, finally reaching a point where she was having problems breathing and would no longer eat or give those wonderful butterfly kisses. Six years ago Annie was found wandering the streets. She had obviously been dumped by her owners. She was a wonderful companion for the six years that Jim and I had the pleasure of having her with us. She will always be with us in our hearts. Absent - but never ever forgotten.
Jim and Char Merritt

Ellie Blackburn - July 2005, 10 years old

For our much loved dear dachsie Ellie; we love you and miss all your little antics, especially your dance when you welcomed us home and our cuddles and your doggy kisses. We thank you for adopting us as your human family here on earth - have fun now among the stars with all your new friends. Lots of love from your human mum n dad, Ann and Ron.

Emarene Toots ('Emma') Caballero - July 2005, 18 years, 2 months old

Emma, you were always so full of sunshine and sweetness. You were so kind to everyone and so beautiful and graceful. I remember bringing you home for the first time, such an adorable, cuddling red pup, with such big feet! You adored sister, Fanny, and especially loved your rabbit, Petey, who was taken from you unexpectedly after such a short time. I remember how you would lovingly lick Petey, grooming him, and how you would sleep side by side. I know it broke your heart when Peter was stolen, and we both grieved for him. Maybe you are with Petey now.

I often picture you with a smile on your face. You never asked for much, just to be near your favourite people. I am so sorry that you had to be a victim of canine cognitive dysfunction which slowly but surely robbed you of your sense of security. I can only imagine how frightening it must have been. Shortly after you went to heaven, Melissa and I saw at least five beautiful yellow butterflies fluttering near the house. We both believe that was a sign from you that you are OK now. Remember that we will always love and miss you until we are together again.

Mom and Melissa (with Fanny, Buster, Laddie, Sofie and Phoebe)

Maxie Mikels - July 2005, 9 years, 12 months old

Maxie 5/9/1998 to 7/20/2005. From the first puppy breath until your last, you were loved so very much. Thank you for each and every day you let us share for you. And thanks for the four new puppies you have brought into our lives this week. We will be forever grateful.

Your Moms

Madison Avenue Sasha - July 2005, 15 years old

Sasha was Eva's baby, sleek and black as ink with brown marks on her paws and brown around her mouth. A long haired girl, she was always in her mom's shadow, as the quiet and gentle dog.

But Sasha was also the keen hunter who kept our yard free of squirrels and other varmints. She loved to explore up north on the beach, and winter was her time. As soon as the snow fell, Sasha would be out rolling and gamboling, playing until she looked like a white dog with black speckles.

Sasha was cuddly and loving. She was Alice's special dog, but loved our friend Cheryl, too. Everybody liked Sasha, who accepted love from all and gave it back freely.

When Eva, her mom, died in July 2004, Sasha's health began to fail. Almost 16 years old, she had Cushing's disease, and began to suffer from congrestive heart failure. Deaf and nearly blind, finally her kidneys failed and we had to let her go.

Sasha has gone on now, and is with Eva forever.

Moritz Von Ahlen - July 2005, 10 years old

This commemorates my most special Moritz, who departed this earth on 14 June 2005. Everyone who met Moritz was touched by his character, and he never failed to attract attention wherever he went! I miss him so very much and think about him often. I'm grateful that I got to spend ten special years with him.

The tears are starting to flow as I type this message, but I shouldn't be sad. Moritz will always be with me in memory...

Oliver 'Ollie' Francis - July 2005, 5 years old

My darling Ollie,

I miss you so much!! Sleeping at night is not the same without you and waking up without your nose in my face makes the morning miss

I know your little body couldn't go anymore and it was time to send you on, but I hope that somehow you know that I still love you as much as I did the day I brought you home and I always will. You were my first child, I will always miss you and will always miss your little face!! I know that you are now my gardian angel watching over me. Thank you so much for the brief 5 years that you gave to me.

Love, Your Mama

Rambo Irwin - July 2005, 8 years old

I got Rambo as a puppy. When I first saw him, I could have sworn that he was a little black rat because of his long skinny tail (hence the nickname - 'Rat'). My oldest granddaughter was just about a year or so old at the time and said she wanted to name him. Well his name was supposed to be 'Rainbow', but , since she couldn't pronounce that it came out 'Rambo', and Rambo he became. Well, the name really fit, because he thought he was the biggest baddest dog in the house!! All of the toys became his 'squeaky's and all. Scooter figured it was easier to let him have them all than to argue.

Rambo's favourite game with his toys was for you to throw them so he could go get them and then for you to chase him to get them back!!! He was like the Energiser bunny. He just kept going and going and going. Nothing stopped that little boy. Heaven forbid if he didn't get to bring one or two of his squeakys to bed with him. (Nothing like rolling over in the middle of the night on top of one of them.)

After about two years, he developed epilepsy, and his seizures would hit him hard if he played too hard, so we had to learn how to adjust his playtime. But he kept on going then, the seizure would be over and here he would come again, ready to play.

When Rambo was five he went down in his back. After speaking with a couple of different vets, we decided to go ahead with the back surgery in February. The greatest thing that I could ever see, was when I went to pick him up the next day, and saw Rambo trying to stand up to give me a big kiss with that tail wagging. I worried over that little boy for the next year, because he never would really try to walk, and the vet told me that he would walk when he got ready, to massage his back legs, do water therapy, etc., but it made for an awfully long year. Of course, he growled and fussed at me when we did that, but he put up with it. But, that didn't slow Rambo down - you could throw his squeakys down the hall, and he could go get them as fast as he could before he went down. We had a set of wheels for him, and they were good for him to go outside with, but in the house, he go around better without them. Easter that year was hilarious because he would run over the grandkids with his wheels while he was running with them, hunting Easter eggs.

Shannon and I took Rambo and Molly up to see Dezz in Colorado in October of that year. Dezz and Rambo played the whole time. He really started trying to stand more when we were up there, and Molly would make him play tug of war with her over his squeakys. She really helped build his muscles back up. He really started walking good about the end of November. It made my Christmas when Rambo was back to normal. Of course he got his fair share of new squeakys then.

The next year, Rambo went full steam, legs back to normal, and tormenting me every chance he had so I could listen to those squeakys day in and day out.

I lost Scooter in September of that year, and Rambo filled the gap, becoming my lap baby. If he wasn't playing, he was in my lap, or my shadow, or snuggled next to me in bed.

The next year, in May, Shannon and I had taken a couple of dachshunds to Dezz for her to place. When we got home, Rambo was down again. He had jumped off of the couch and fractured his left rear leg. Back to the vet for more surgery. But again, that didn't slow that little boy down. He didn't know what it was to go slow. He lived life in the fast lane, run, run, run. I wish I had his energy.

Rambo, you are gone now, you are in no more pain, all four legs are well and strong. You can run and play all day with no medicine to keep the epilepsy at bay and no limp to slow you down.

I know Scooter was there at the Bridge to meet you. I hope God has plenty of speakys for you to play with. I know the angels will get tired just trying to keep up with you.

There is such an ache in my heart for both you and Scooter. My lap is cold without you, but your memories are there in my heart for many years to come. Baby boy, I love you and I will miss you so much. There will never be another baby like you. You were one of a kind just a Scooter was.

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