Hannah Estelle Rector - July 2004, 12 years old

Hannah was one of my most special wiener dogs. She will be missed and remembered forever. I will have a hole in my heart that hurts for a long time. Hannah was loved by all who knew her, especially her parents, Shelley and Bernie. May she rest in peace with her Viktor, who died last summer. They were a true pair of dachshunds. Never without the other until the end. We love you Hannah.

Harley Friedman - July 2004, 9 years, 13 days old


You were and will always be the best! You were the sweetest, most loving little man. Everything about you will be missed. Your love, your kisses, your cuddles, your barks, and even your accidents. Thank you for the nine years you gave us. We love you with all of our hearts always and forever.

Mr Clinton - July 2004, 1 years, 11 months old

My beloved Clinton entered our lives on 19 July 2003. Sadly, he left on 1 July 2004. He was the grandson of my beloved Hansi, who I loved so much, and who went to the Bridge in October of 2002.

Clinton, from the start of birth, was going to be the lead dog for everything. At first, we were going to sell him, as we had already picked his brother, Packer. Well, Clinton started to look VERY much like my beloved Hansi, and I knew he belonged with us, as I knew I still had a part of Hansi with us.

As he became part of our family, Clinton tried to show Packer he was the lead dog. Unfortunately, Packer had to eat second, and if he tried to get my attention, Clinton was right there to make sure he got the attention. His attention and love for me often got him into trouble. As other family members tried to gain his love, he wasn't always so reciprocal. When people knocked on the door, he always had this protective bark.

Perhaps I always knew he wasn't going to be with us for a long time. He liked to run after bikes, cars, people, and objects like the weekly garbage can. We built a pet run...but Clinton knew better. He dug his way out daily and barked at the front of the house to tell me he wanted back inside.

He would rather stayed with me than enjoy the Florida sunshine. We went away on vacations, and this was my third set of persons who watched him and his brother, Packer. People always loved Packer, but it seemed Clinton always got into trouble - as people told the story about why I named him Clinton, they all said it was because he got into trouble - the problem was that he got caught, and his brother was sneaky. He got caught gathering objects such as shoes, candy,and my kids' toys and taking them into his crate. Even if I said, 'MISTER CLINTON' he gave me those sad eyes as if to say, 'I know, but I couldn't help myself' and let me take the items back.

Everywhere I went, Clinton was certainly not far behind.

As with his grandfather Hansi, I will miss Clinton. I am sure his brother Packer will miss him as well. Packer every morning would bite his tail, on the way out to go to the bathroom. Clinton fought back as well...and they played for such a long time...They fought over their rawhides daily.

In the end, I went on vacation, and left him and Packer with a neighbour. I left them with all the information necessary in case 'something happened' I was in such turmoil about who to leave them with, as I didn't want to leave them in a kennel. They needed daily love. Perhaps I should have. In the end, I left him with a neighbour whose pets I just watched for three weeks. I was to be gone for one week. The day before a terrible accident occured. I can't bring myself to know what happened. I loved his grandfather very much, and in the end, I backed into him with our van. I raced to the vet, and didn't do any internal damage. However, he couldn't handle the anesthesia a week later. I never forgave myself for that incident. And when Clinton entered my life I thought he returned once more through him. Now that he's gone in very much the same manner, in such a short time, I wonder about the co-incidence.

Clinton, I am sorry we are not going to spend our days together anymore...I know you loved me. I just wish it could of been longer. I was going to throw you a birthday party on the 19th.

I wanted a special picture of you and your brother....now I will have that special picture in my mind forever.

Thank you Clinton for coming into my life. You were special to me.....I will remember our special moments always...

Haylee Vo - July 2004, 12 years old

Our beloved Haylee, we miss you so very much. You will always be in our hearts and will always be remembered. You had quite a personality...very protective, loving, entertaining and also mischievous! You could make such a mess but then be so sweet. I really miss our mornings together, how you followed me around until I gave you your breakfast. You always seemed so hungry, even though we gave you more than enough to eat. I called you my 'little barrel' or 'my little pig' because you were adoringly plump. It's strange coming home to a quiet, empty house...strange not to wash your drinking fountain, call you so you can take your meds. It's also strange not needing to close the pantry door...since you enjoyed tipping over the trash can when we leave you home alone. At night, its strange not carrying you to bed anymore. We hope you are enjoying yourself at the Rainbow Bridge, little one. We'd like to think that you are happily running about, wagging your tail and with plenty of food to eat. We hope you liked your final resting place, between the lemon and orange trees in our backyard. This will always be your home and you will always be with us. Have fun Haylee...and be good!

Love always, Mommy, Daddy and Jonathan

Gretchen Adams - July 2004, 16 years old

My baby finally went to heaven to run with my Grandpa and no longer hurt. She will always be in my heart and will forever remain my best friend. She was my first and only pet/puppy person and I treated her like one of the family. Through the battle with cancer and heart failure she always looked at you with loving eyes. The day she passed all she wanted was to be held and loved and when she died I was not at home and I will always pray that she went in her sleep and I hope she knows how much I love her and still do. I hope that one day I will be able to think of her with out crying. I love you my darling baby girl and always will.

Buddy Love - July 2004, 1 years, 3 months old

This memorial is dedicated to my dear baby, Buddy Love. Buddy was my bestfriend. I got Buddy when I had lost one of my friends. When I needed to cry, Buddy would always lie under my face knowing something was wrong. I would soak his coat with tears and he would not even care. He slept in my bed at night and went with me everwhere. He loved car rides and riding in the back of my truck. Everytime he would see that I was taking a shower, he would be sure to jump in with me. Right over the side of the tub he would come. Buddy loved to be clean. My senior year of high school, he had to take pictures with me. He loved attention. My mother never liked the idea of an inside dog, but Buddy soon stole her heart as well. To lose the only dog I ever loved this much was very devistating. Buddy will most definitely never be forgotten. He will always have a place in my heart until the day I die. 'Buddy, I love you and dedicate every word in this memorial to you and the great and loving life you lived. Thank you for always being there for me.'

Shotzie - July 2004, 15 years, 6 months old

Best friend and sleeping partner

Oscar Meyer - July 2004, 3 years old

Oscar Meyer Was my brother's and sister-in-law's dog. He was a very loving dog and they loved him very much, and they miss him so much.They only had him for three years. but in that time he gave them a lifetime of joy. Sleep my little man , you will always be remembered.

Hannah - July 2004, 13 years, 11 months old

Hannah lived a great life. We got her when I was two. She lived with four dachshunds and a dachshund mix. We will miss her always. She lost her sister, Janet, in January. They were best friends.

Eva Hielscher's Beauty - July 2004, 16 years, 4 months old

Eva Hielsher's Beauty. The Queen of dogs. If Lassie were a dachsie. Shadowfax born a wiener dog. An elegant, long haired dachshund, with silky fur that ranged from black to red to strawberry blonde, all marbled in layers, with a perfect flag for a tail.

Almost 17, she was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in her lungs. And she didn't even smoke! An old lady in dog years, she had matured into a splendidly dignified senior daschund, with silver muzzle and white face. But the fur coat remained beautifully colorful to the end.

Eva was my Christmas present in 1987, the best present I ever had. She was my dog and I was her person. I used to say that we'd never be parted...except for the one parting we all must face. Now that has come. She could no longer run, hear, walk, and then began to stop eating. It was time for us to let her go.

Every night Eva waited for me to come to bed, carry her upstairs in my arms. Today Alice and I handed her off to the Lord. He took her in his arms like I used to every night, and carried her, not upstairs to bed, but to eternity in the good place He has for His creatures. There my wife's father has taken a break from fishing, gone to the riverbank, and is giving her a treat or two. Old Flappy the male daschsund is wagging to welcome her.

Gizmo (Ta Giz Giz) - July 2004, 13 years, 8 months old

Gizmo, you have now joined Blue Bandit. I hope the two of you are playing together again. We miss you both very much and can't wait to see you again when we get to Rainbow Bridge. Old man, you were such a kind and thoughtful gentleman. Your friends in the neighbourhood miss you very much. Be well dear friend.

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