Sasha - Sweet Little One - July 2003, 4 years, 2 months old

Dear Sasha, our sweet little one. Your life was much, much to short. You joined us when you were two after a difficult beginning. We wanted to give you everyhing, but you gave us everything. You were so beautiful, such a loving little girl. Your illness was too much to bear, and so unfair. The vets did their best and we're so sorry you had to leave us. We're happy we were with you and hope you are running again in your new world. It is very difficult to say goodbye. You will be in our hearts always. We will see you again. No one will ever replace you, you are one of a kind. You were my baby, and I miss you so.
Love forever and a day, Shay

Kathy's Opie G - Julyr 2003, 13 years old

My dear sweet Opie, we can't express how much we miss you. You had a rough life with all of the different allergies you had. It's very hard now knowing you won't be there to greet us when we come home from work and that you won't be with us when we take our little trips to grandma's house. I know at the end it was hard for you to breathe and your heart just couldn't take anymore and that you are in a better place now.So rest my sweet Opie.We love you.
Larry and Kathy

Hunter Lee - July 2003, 5 years, 8 months old

Dearest Hunter,
Even though you were only in our lives a little over a year you will be truly missed! You were Daddy's boy! Save all those good stories so you can tell Daddy all about it when you meet at the Bridge. Mommy will miss how you growled at her when she went to bed. Your Daddy misses you bunches and bunches!! Junior will miss grooming you! We know all the pain you suffered is gone and you are whole and playful once again!! You will never ever be forgotten! So until the day we are a family again be happy and remember Mom and Dad love so very very much!!
Love forever and always, Mom, Dad and Junior

Abby Dee - July 2003, 18 years old

My sweet little Abby gave me 18 wonderful years and was the best companion anyone could ever have. I was very blessed to have her, I will miss her very much.

Josie (Baby Girl) - July 2003, 3 years old

This is Josie, or as most liked to call her, Baby Girl. We got her when she was about four months old. Right away she fit in with our other dachshund, Jed. They were always together. Then she became best friends with friend Cassi's dachshund, Winnie. They got to play with each other three days a week and when it was time for Winnie to go home they were both worn out. They loved each other. Josie was a very funny dog, always wanting to be loved and held. She loved to sit by my feet while I cooked dinner, hoping that I would drop something. She hated water and whenever we would put her in the pool she would just bob up and down. She always ran on three legs, nothing was wrong - that's just what she did. She was so pretty, had the shinest hair, and big brown eyes. She had to have surgery to remove something from her stomach and she didn't recover from it, so we had to make the hardest decision to put her down, and even though she was in a lot of pain she was still trying to comfort us. I watched her suffer for almost a week and I will never forget the look in her eyes when the doctor put her down, I don't think I could have gotten through it if it were not for Cassi. I miss her so much, sometimes I think she is still here waiting to pop out form under the sofa or in the kids' bed. Time will ease the pain but will never remove her from my heart and thoughts. I will miss you every day my Baby Girl, always remember we love you and you were a good girl. Love Angel

Frankie the Keener Wiener - July 2003, 16 years, 11 months, 29 days old

Frankie, We miss you terribly! You were the best dog anyone could ever have. We had you since you were one and those were the best 15 - almost 16 - years of our lives! You made every day worth waking up too. Even though you were bad at times, there were plenty of good times to make up for the bad! You were a very crazy dog, nothing scared you! Everyone loved you, even if they just met you! Kids would always want to pet you and you were very loving! You had so many dog friends that know you're gone and miss you very much! We are glad God took you when he wanted you, we didn't have to see the sad look in your eyes with a needle putting you to sleep! We will always remember the days we had with you, they were the best memories! No one could replace you. We love you and miss you so much!! Good night and you will be remember FOREVER!!

Leezel - July 2003, 15 years old

Good bye, my sweet little Leezel-weezel. You were my best friend and you were always such a good girl. I'm glad that you are no longer suffering, but I will miss you and will always have you in my heart for the rest of my life. I can't wait until the day I see you in heaven! I love you.

Sammie Denevic - July 2003, 5 years old

My mom's second best friend. Sammie lives on forever in our hearts. Still saving the last bite for you, Sammie.Till we meet again, love always, your second Mom

Diesel - July 2003, 5 months old

We recieved Diesel the eighth of June, from my aunt. He immediately became part of our family. He went with us almost every time we went anywhere. He even slept in our bed. He was the sweetest little guy ever and he was great with our kids, Addison, two, and Trenity, six months. It was the second Sunday in July and we had to leave Diesel at home that day when we left. When I returned home that evening I could not find him anywhere. So I loaded up my kids and went to look for him. I decided to look around the yard in case something happened and he came home. I made it to the backyard and that is when I found him. He had jumped in our swimming pool and never made it out. We buried him in our backyard, and explained to Addison that Diesel went to be a star in heaven. So every night before we go to bed Addison goes outside, looks up to the stars, and says 'lub you, Diesel, miss you'. We miss him very much and his spot will never be taken. We may have another dashchund, but his spot will never be filled.

We love you Diesel, and we will see you in the stars. love- Amanda, Nathan, Addison, and Trenity

Sweetie D. - July 2003, 4 years, 8 months old

My Dearest Sweetie Girl,
We all miss you so much! We think of you everyday and when we lie down at night words cannot describe the emptiness in our bed without you there to snuggle up to us. We will do the best to take care of your brother and make sure his back doesn't fail him like yours did. I am so sorry. We never knew how much pain you were in because you would never show it until you could not walk. You have made such an impact in our lives in the very short four and a half years you spent with us. Momma misses you so much, and Megan says you were the best Christmas present ever. Please wait for me at the Bridge.
Rest in Peace Little Girl,
Love, Daddy, Momma, Megan, Zach and LD

Viktor Luigi Rector - July 2003, 11 years old

Viktor was a great wiener dog. He was dedicated to Hannah, and they had 16 wonderful puppies together. Viktor would not even eat if Hannah was not with him. He loved her. Viktor is sadly missed. We'll never forget you, Vik. You were our most handsome wienerdog. Rest in peace and remember that we loved you so much.

Shelley and Bernie

Sunshine B. - July 2003, 4 years old

I miss you, baby. I hope you always knew how much I loved you, that you were my best friend in the world and I would not have made it through many nights without you. I hope you had no pain and went quickly. I'm sorry I was not there to save you. I think of you everyday as I will forever.

Love, Mommy.

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