Heidi Sue Hall - July 2002, 13 years, 10 months old

My sweet Heidi and I were almost inseparable over the past five years. Her previous owner passed away, and I was fortunate enough to be able to take her into my life. She had not been treated very nicely by her former owner, so I promised to pamper her every single day of her life. I kept my promise to her, and in return, she gave me all her love and affection. She lived out her days in very good health, still feeling like romping around with a little knotted rawhide chew toy, even on her very last day. She loved to be snuggled and fussed over, and so we did that a lot! Whether back to back under the covers on cold nights, or two little paws against my leg on a warm night, she always had to be in contact with me when we slept. I will cherish all the wonderful memories of our time together, and will be so happy to be reunited with her someday. I thank God for Heidi, and the love and joy we shared. (P.S. I told her to be a good girl for the angels, but being a 'mama's girl' I wonder if she will remember! My dad said she would 'sing opera' if I had to leave home and be away from her for any length of time! Isn't one of a dachshund's traits, strong-willed??!!)

Hoddie - July 2002, 17 years old

Our darling Hoddie-girl, or as some called her 'The Hodster', 'Hoddle-Bottle', 'HoddleBurt'...

Slept in my arms for over 16 years, always so content when with her MaMa! (me) There is a huge empty hole in our house and in our hearts.

But always remember, to have 16 years of love and these next few weeks, months, year of total sadness was WELL WORTH our special time together!

Goodbye my Hoddie, see you soon!

T and Joe-boy

Rowdy Doss - July 2002, 4 years old

To Rowdy,
I am going to miss you with all my heart. I will alway love you. May you always be happy and free of pain now that you have reached the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Momma

Darby Dog - July 2002, 16 years, 3 months old

Darby, you were the most loving and even- tempered of all my dachsies. You were special beyond any words I can write. You were there to comfort me when my husband passed away. I would scratch your ear and you would push your head back into my hand and give a quiet groan of pleasure.

After your long and glorious life, I knew you didn't have a lot of time left, and wondered how you would depart? I guess you decided it was best to go when you did, while I was away. Now you are with Richard. No better place for you, my special friend.

Sir Otis Maximillian 'Maxie' Basco - July 2002, 2 years old

Dear Maxie - We miss you so much! I am writing this for your Mommy - my Granny. I know there isn't a day that passes that she doesn't think of you. You touched her life in such a wonderful way. Your sweet little puppy kisses, your happy wagging tail, racing around playing with her many visitors and your picky eating habits! I'm also sure it was a great joy to her to be greeted with your excitement everytime she came home, even if she was only gone a moment. You were a wonderful little dog and you gave my Granny so much love and companionship. Thank you for making our lives brighter and know that we will keep you alive in our hearts forever. I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge, because the day after I cried many a tear for you I saw the most beautiful Rainbow. While you wait for us, play with my precious Tinker Bell. We love you and miss you so very, very much sweet Maxie...

Little Sadie Marie - July 2002, 12 years old

If I had only known. Tonight we lay our heads down. We hug and kiss and say our little prayers to have had each other for another day. Soon she starts dreaming of squirrels. Soon I start dreaming of a place I have never been. Blue blue skies, green green grass, the freshest air I have ever breathed, more beautiful than any place on earth. I was standing alone looking at this place and felt so at peace. It was a feeling that I have never felt before nor can I describe very well. I was there only for a moment, but when I awoke I told her (human) mommy and that I wanted (longed) to go back to that peace. We did our daily routine everything being normal. Then that night at 9:23 p.m. Little Sadie Marie past away quickly and unexpectantly beside her (human) mom and dad. Yes, if we had only known we would have held, hugged and kissed her every second of that day, but now I know where she is (it does exsist) for I have been there and felt the peace that she is feeling now while she waits for me to return.

Oscar Mayer Weenie Dog (Weiner Schnitzel) - July 2002, 13 years old

Oscar -
We miss you so much and you will never be forgotten. You brought so much joy to all of your family and you will always be our first dog and doxie. You were the best dog anyone could ever ask for and you will stay in our hearts forever.

Love, Dad, Mom, Kristin, Derek, Aaron, Toby, and L'il Girl

Weener - Frankinweenerschitzel - July 2002, 1 years, 6 months old

My little Weener(Weener Bear) meant everything to me. He got me through some tough times with family and relationships. He knew when I needed love and loved to give kisses with his long lizard tongue. He perfected the art of weenerting, sitting pretty, and hypnotising people to give him food (little thief). We all miss him.
Love, Mommy,Daddy,Aunt Margaret,Aunt Lauren,and Little Lucy(Bear)

Peppy - July 2002, 4 years, 6 months old

Having you meant so much to me and our family. You brought joy and laughter to our lives. You were so loving and so gentle. Your bubbly spirit filled our lives everyday with great joy. It was the saddest day of my life to see you go, but you are in a much better place and have no more pain or sorrows. You are truly missed and will always be in our hearts!

Princess Jinger of Thistledown - 'Jinger' - July 2002, 4 years old

My dear 'Bella' - you died two days ago. I am so heart broken. I feel that I have failed you in some way. I can't stop crying. I miss you so. I hope you know how much we all love you. Mama, Wessie, Siddie, and Daddy.

Haley Bug Tisdale - July 2002, 2 years old

Haley was our family's first dachshund and we loved her dearly. We will always remember her sweet personality and ways she could always make us laugh. Her passing was so sudden and we are still in shock and are grieving so much. Haley, I love you and miss you and think about you so much. You will always have my heart...

Zoe - July 2002, 3 years, 2 months old

Zoe, I miss you lying beside me and kissing my face. Your life was short in time, but not in love. You were so brave during your illness. I hope you are playing with Daisy at the Rainbow Bridge. Gone but not forgotten.
Love Always, Mom

Gertie Autobahn - July 2002, 10 years old

Sweet Little Girl - you will be missed by all that were touched by your gentle grace. Our Little Lady will be missed every day by everyone that loved her. Little brother, Gus, will miss you most - he will not have you to walk with or to have you clean up after a meal. You never left anytong on the plate. Goodbye our little sweet Gert.

Amanda Marie - July 2002, 12 years, 1 month old

Mandy - best pal, trusted friend. Hidden behind the bushes as a pup you wiggled your way into our hearts. You loved with all your heart and gave that love without regard to your feelings. Ten minutes or five hours your wagging tail and barking song let us know we were being welcomed home. Two little dachshunds sitting on a bench, one was Amanda the other Nettie Mae they're the finest dachshunds in the whole USA. We love you and miss you...please wait for us we'll be along in ten minutes or maybe five hours! Momma, Shelley and Nettie Mae.

Jake-Lou - July 2002, 9 years old

Jake, I miss you so much! You have only been gone from my life for two weeks and it feels as if I have lost a child. Todd and Brooke accused me of loving you more than them...:o). You were 10 months old when we rescued you from a horrible home. Of course I couldn't help but spoil you. You had one bad temper, but I loved you unconditionally anyway, as you did me. My heart is so heavy that some days I don't want to get out of bed. The way you left this earth was tragic and I know that it will never leave my mind. You will always live in my heart as I remember your velvet nose, cute little feet and the way those adorable brown eyes could look at me and make me do your bidding. You loved to be close to me at all times and you know I loved it when no one else could come near when I held you. :o) I hope that you are somewhere running and playing and thinking of me.It will be a while before I stop grieving for you but the memory of you will help me to overcome my sadness. I will never forget my birddog.
Love, Mama

Heidi 'Pooh' Roe - July 2002, 15 years old

Heidi, I am writing this memorial to you. I am having to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge day after tomorrow. I do not want to let you go, but I do not want you to suffer any more.

I remember when we found you about 10 or 11 years ago. You were so scared and had been so mistreated. I had never seen such a scared little dog before in my life. I decided you didn't need to go back to that hell and I would keep you myself and give you all the love and affection you deserved. You did not know how to accept love because I don't think it was ever shown to you. But you had it shown to you for the ten years since then. Pooh, I am so sorry someone was mean to you, but I hope and pray that you had a happy, loving life after you came to live with me. I will miss you every day and so will Daddy. You will be able to see your two sisters that have gone ahead of you, though, and be able to run and play like a young pup again without being scared. I know that God has a special plan for you - the reason he wants you to come home now. And the most loving thing I can do for you is to let you go. You were always such a funny little dog after you got to Grandpa's house, prancing down the sidewalk. Your sisters always felt they had to take care of you and baby you, too. Even though you got agitated and would growl softly at them. They loved you very much, too. You used to love to go for rides with both of your sisters in the truck and you and Cassie would share the window. You were always the 'Little Girl' but you had such a big heart. Heidi, I will miss you so much every day - my heart will ache for you. It already is hurting. You will have such a special place in my heart and time will never take that away. Your sisters at home will be lost without you in your box for them to check on and make sure that you are OK. Violet won't know what to do. Heidi, just keep your head and tail up and have so much fun playing every day. I will wait until the day when we can be together again. We will have so much fun together. It will be such a joy for your body and spirit to be healed again. I love you, Pooh, and always will. Good night my love.

Picasso Monet - July 2002, 2 years old

Picasso was born on 18 July 2000. We brought him home on 18 August 2000 - he was just four weeks old. He was the only black-and-tan in a litter of chocolate dachsies.He was a very loving little guy. We went through a lot with him, it seems. He had giardia at six weeks, then minor little things after that. In February of 2002 he started having back problems.We went on vacation in May 2002, and left him at a friend's house who we thought would care for him,and they didn't.They threw him into their back yard causing more injury to him. He was the greatest dog that I have ever had in my life. He loved to please us and always be there with us. He especially loved going to PetSmart. He was always eager to 'goforaride' in the car and be belted in next to our son. On 31 July 2002 we had to help Picasso to the Bridge.He was just two years old. He had slipped a disc and vertebrae in his neck causing great amounts of pain. I will never forget that day we had to let him go.

Freida-D - July 2002, 8 years old

Freida, we miss and love you very much as does Kitty...you filled the voids and made us happy... I miss you being outside with me doing the yard work...Mommy misses you being with her...you were such company for us both...may you rest in peace my FRIEND.

Oscar Mayer Moulton - July 2002, 14 years, 4 months old

Bye, Our Good Boy! We miss you terribly. I hope it was not too hard for you in your final months. Dad says that you were too sick and that the doctor had to put you down so that you would not suffer any more. I could only see your faithful, loyal and loving heart. I could not see your pain. I let Dad make the decision. After all, he was with you since the beginning. Bye, Boy! Save a place for us!

Gitta - August 2002, 15 years old

Gitta, you were a great dog and I miss you very much. I wish you were still here.

Caesar True - July 2002, 18 years, 4 months old

Caesey Buns, after so many years of sharing our lives, how do I even begin to thank you? You know that you stole my heart the first time we met and you took a big chunk of it when you went to the Bridge. The hardest thing I have ever done was to hold you in my arms as the vet helped you pass, but I knew it was the best way for you. I think of you every day and night. I cry because you are not near. Penny-Sue has not been the same since and Jonathan wants to say thanks for sharing me with you. But, you knew they needed me and you were the Mr Perfect you have always been. Remember our last hour together, rocking and loving and communicating with our hearts. Caesar, Mama will always hold your memory in her heart. I now know that the day I was so ill so suddenly, was you showing me how you were feeling. It was your only way 'cuz you couldn't stop being the happy, loving, loyal, and I'll-hang-on-for-you-Mom kind of guy you always were. Wait for me.

Kelsey - July 2002, 12 years, 2 months old

My Kelsey, my Kelsey. The life to my heart. Very missed!

Sammie Eloise - July 2002, 3 years old

Sammie was the most docile dachsund I have ever encountered. In her short three years on this earth, I don't think she ever chewed up anything and was never sneaky. That's amazing for a doxie. After we lost her companion animal in a fire on 31 May 2002, Sammie was never the same. She was hit by a car two months after the fire. And her spirit is finally free of the poor little doggie burdens she was faced with. We will always remember her and love her forever.

Rusty - July 2002, 4 years, 2 months old

Rusty was a very loving and devoted baby. He was the love and protector of my life. I will miss his snuggling and devotion. My darling you will be missed forever.

Tucker Dugan - July 2002, 4 years, 6 months old

We all miss our Tucker pup. May he be chasing balls in heaven. Love him always and forever.

Dixie - July 2002, 3 years old

This was my beloved dog she was only three. She had four little puppies. We sold all of them except one which we still have to this day and whom I love a lot. I never want her to die. her name is Emmie.

Samantha Suzanne K. - July 2002, 10 years, 6 months old

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