Bear Slane - January 2015, 10 years old

My sweet boy was named Bear. I named him after a famous football coach. He was my son. Having no children of my own, he fit the role perfectly. My son would get so excited when I'd come home from work or when it was the weekend and we had more time to play, or when I'd load up the car to take him on a trip. My son helped me survive some of the darkest times in my life after my wife left me. He loved me unconditionally and I him. He made me laugh and smile and beam with pride. He was perfect in every way and we spent ten wonderful years together. I lost him suddenly on New Year's day. He died in my arms as I tried desperately to save his life. He was my best friend. A man has no better friend then his dog. We took care of each other. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for his love. Now my sweet friend has gone and left me and my heart is empty. My house is quiet and my soul broken. I love you, Bear and I miss you so badly. You were my son and I pray that I'll see you again one day. Please wait for me.

Lady Caglar - January 2015, 14 years old

I'm deeply missing you, baby.

Sir Mickey - January 2015, 15 years, 4 months old

We were there when Sir Mickey was born and we were there to bring him home. I know he is with our beloved Sadie, chasing squirrels and running in meadows. We love you and I will see you again one day.

Rudy Gonzales - January 2015, 15 years old

To my little boy. Thank you for your love. It was an honour to be your 'mom'. Schraeder and I miss you. We will love you forever.

Socks Broderick - January 2015, 6 years, 5 months old

My darling Socks, you were such a brave boy, so full of love, you had to be the centre of attention and everyone who met you knew that was a condition of your friendship. Of course everyone was happy to oblige to your non-stop demand for cuddles. I miss your big brown eyes and the conversations we used to have, I miss your empathy, I miss your support, I miss your jealousy, I miss your peculiarities, I miss your trust, I miss you dictating how life should be conducted. I miss my friend. I sleep with your pillow next to my heart and I cannot wait until we are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge and I will hold you to my heart again. All my love always.

Millie Girl - January 2015, 17 years, 6 months old

My Mollie was a black-and-tan dachshund, who I got when she was 12 weeks old. I loved her so much and I am going to miss her everyday. They do the funniest things and when I think of our memories, the things she did, I do laugh. Thanks for letting me tell you a little bit about my girl.

Monty Gizmo - January 2015, 12 years, 5 months old

Monty came into my life as a tiny little dachshund with a huge attitude at the age of eight weeks old. He grew into a beautiful long hair black and tan dapple that was loved soooo much. Monty was diagnosed with Cushing Disease. He battled for three years with this terrible disease that took his eye sight and produced a golf ball sized tumour on his brain. When Monty started to cry through out the night and looked at me as if to say. . .'Please, mommy, end my suffering'. . . I knew it was then I had to make the most heart wrenching decision of my life. I held Monty when he took his last breath and was finally at rest. Run free without pain my sweet boy. . .Gone but never forgotten . . .Missed very much by Mums, Paul, Baron, Kallie, Toby, Emma and Bodi.

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