Jake Ashley - January 2014, 12 years, 11 months old

Jake was my baby from six weeks old until the day he passed. He was never far from me at any time and was always the first to greet me coming home with his tail wagging. He was treasured and loved every day that he was on this earth. I will miss him so terribly when we start taking our walks in the spring without his happy tail wagging, leading the crew on our trail that we took; going for car rides and sitting shotgun was his post, now empty by his loss. You were my soulmate baby and I will miss you forever.

Maizee Watters - January 2014, 8 years, 7 months old

In loving memory of my baby girl, Maizee, who I miss with all my heart. Although I had over eight wonderful years with her, she was taken way too soon. After being diagnosed recently as diabetic and starting insulin injections, she suddenly became very sick and, in three short days, she was gone. I don't think we are ever ready to let go of these very special little family members and it hurts beyond words. She was the sweetest, happiest, most loving little girl anyone could ask for. Although she was spoiled rotten, I wouldn't have had it any other way and we continued to spoil her in every way I could think of. She loved us so much and was always ready to go wherever we took her, as long as she didn't get left home alone and she rarely ever was. Everyone else loved her as well. She may be gone but will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace, sweet girl!

Mookie - january2014, 15 years old

Missing my baby boy. Best friend from day one. Listened to every word spoken to him and was one to share kissies not only with me but everyone. Made each day a happy one shared with all aroung. Miss my baby boy. Not another one like him in the entire world. . .

Stretch Wagner - January 2014, 17 years old

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