Angel Dynes - January 2012, 8 years old

My Angel, you never gave me anything but unconditional love. I get comfort from knowing that you are at the Bridge, able to run and play again. I miss you and love you. The entire family does. Watch for me - I will meet you some day again.
Love, Barbara, your Mom and Dad, your sisters Cinnamon and Heidie, and Precious, the wanna-be dachshund. Thanks for some really great memories.

Buddy Boswell - January 2012, 14 years old

Dearest Buddy, You left so quickly, we hardly had time to say goodbye. We are comforted by knowing you are now happy and at peace. Your spirit will always be in our hearts and our home. Thank you for all the love you gave us.

Love Mom, Dad, Emily, Megan, Martine, and Dalton

Beamish the Butthead - January 2012, 4 years old

Beamish was my first dachshund. Actually, he was my boyfriend's dog and very quickly won my heart. Chris gave him the name 'Butthead' because he just had to sleep in between us and just had to make sure his butt was right in between our faces. I called him 'my little piggy' because he loved to grunt, especially when he was half asleep. He would roll over or move and grunt at the same time. Plus he would eat like one. I have another dog and Beamish would always steal his food.

Beamish had a personality no other dog will meet. He loved his toys, and he had many of them. His favourite was a blue ball. It was the only toy he could not destroy, and I think he loved the challenge of that. I would take him to the park and he would literally chase that ball 'til he dropped. He never liked it when I told him he had to rest and it was time to go home.

Beamish . . .our little buddy . . . we will miss you everyday. Our lives will never be quite the same without you. We love you so much!

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