Coqui - January 2011, 2 months, 15 days old

We just had this little one for a short time, and we came home to find him tragically trapped under a piece of furniture and suffocated. He was such a sweet little thing, always ready to give a kiss, but was starting to develop his own personality. He was fearless and would jump on the other dogs to play thinking he was just as big as they were. He would have been such a beauty and such an addition to our home. Rest in peace little one, and please forgive me.

Minnie Lopes - January 2011, 5 years old

Minnie was such a loyal dog, who would not let me out of her sight. One day her back legs stopped working. We chose not to undergo surgery (as we did for her mother). We tried to rehab her, but she gave up the will to live. She was suffering so much that we could not bear it any longer and decided to put her down. It was a very difficult decision. Minnie, we miss you very much and you will be in our hearts forever!

Isaiah 'Sit Pretty' Reynolds - January 2011, 20 months old

Well, this is not by any means the easiest bit of information to share, but I want to let all of my friends and loved ones know that after lowering our lake (done every other year for maintenance), an unknown neighbor, about a quarter of a mile away at the end of our lake, found our little Isaiah washed up on one of the sand bars. The only peaceful part of this is that we have closure as to his whereabouts, and that he is at the Rainbow Bridge now. We performed a proper burial for him in our back yard this evening (thank you, Clint, for all of the loving care and kindness you gave to Isaiah and to us), and placed a very nice iron cross at the top of his plot, surrounded by three beautiful, green butterfly iron stepping stones. Thank you all for your prayers, concerns and love that you have given all of us during Isaiah's absence.

May you rest in peace, our sweet, sweet little boy Isaiah, we will miss you! You definitely will always remain in our hearts!! We love you!!!!!

God's love and peace and mine to all, Isaiah's Human Mommie, Judy

Gracie Kennedy - January 2011, 14 years, 5 months old

Gracie, you are always in my heart and I miss you every day. You were by my side through so much in your 14.5 years. A divorce, two moves, Matt going off to college. . .you were always there for me. Miss Carrie, our 89 year old neighbour, misses you too!! Please know that I didn't want you to suffer with renal failure any more and it was a hard decision. I hope you are running around with your mom, Dottie, and your little step-brother, Beazer. I will love you always!

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