Luke - January 2010, 8 years old


For eight years you brought our family unlimited joy. You were our child, friend, and companion. You gave us your unconditional love. We will forever miss your kisses, cuddling on the couch and bed, and hearing your paws run across the wood floor. When we open the door, we now realise the emptiness of not hearing your crate rattle as we anticipate being overwhelmed by your love. We know that God has called you home per His ultimate plan, but the void in our hearts will not be replaced until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you beyond words, and we love you even more. You were the best!

RIP Daddy's 'Big Boy', Mommy's 'Boomska', Pops's 'The Beano', and Michael and Vanessa's beautiful brother. We know your pain is now gone as you run, jump and play like the fun dog you were. Enjoy the extra treats without worrying about gaining weight.

Love your family

Ellie Mae - January 2010, 13 years, 11 months old

I will always love you Ellie!!!!You were such a goody baby. I will never forget the days that I spent with you. We will love you always!!!!

Dexter VonderHeide - January 2010, 2 years old

My sweet sweet Dexerie doo. I miss you so much. I have watched you grow and blossom from the abused, battered, terrified baby that was put in my arms to a confident, handsome, funny, loving doxieman. To think that I will never again get to pet your silky fur or tangle my fingers in your wavy ear fur kills me. You were such a gentle soul. I will never forget when you carried the hummingbird that smashed into the door to me in your mouth so the rest of the doxies wouldn't eat it. Words cannot express my pain at your loss. I keep thinking that if only I had done this or that different he would still be here. I am so sorry that you did not get to sleep in the big bed on your last night alive. I will miss holding you in my arms every night. I am so lost without you, bubby.

Tyme - January 2010, 11 years old

If we had only one wish to make,
We'd use it up on you
Just to see you one more time
Instead of feeling so blue.

We love you Tyme with all our hearts,
And hated that you had to go...
Your sisters and brothers all miss you,
More than you'll ever know.

But before you ever knew it,
It was time to get your wings
To leave this life behind you
And enjoy all of Heaven's beautiful things.

So, wait for us in heaven, Tyme,
Right at heaven's gate.
Someday we will all be together,
And we promise we won't be late.

Rest well our princess Tyme.

with love, Your Family

Cheyenne Rutherford - January 2010, 12 years, 4 days old

Cheyenne, our little girl, your illness took you so quickly. You did not suffer. We will miss the adventures and blazing trails with you. As we walk through the paths of life we will always feel your spirit, especially when we go to Cheyenne Point.

Rest peacefully and one day we will meet you, Marty and Flint at the Rainbow Bridge and begin our adventures again. Flint

10 January 1998 to 14 January 2010

Love Dad and Mom

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