Taz Finchum - a.k.a. Killer Taz - January 2009, 12 years, 11 months, 3 days old

My little buddy was such an inspiration to me during the bad times - always doing something different and making me laugh. He had his own little way of doing things or letting you know what he wanted, like sticking his head in the door and slightly turning it to one side, making his special sound to let us know he was ready for bed. He would jump up in my lap, while in the recliner, and want to sing. No one could sing like my boy, Taz. He just loved his ball. It had to be the blue racquetballs - none other would do. When he played with it you could tell he was in a happy mood. When he met us at the door he would run to retrieve his blue ball and bring it to his mom or me. He then would start chewing on it, that doggie was so funny. He was my best friend and will be sadly missed.

He learned how to swim in Gloria and Rod's hot tub years ago. When we were in their hot tub one time, he just jumped in with us, thought he was going swimming in a swimming pool. Well little buddy, we all knew this day had to come, but we didn't know it was going to be so soon. It's ok little buddy, anytime would have been too soon. You play now and make friends. I love and miss you my little buddy. No doggie will ever take your place in my heart. Gentle Hugs from your Mommy and Daddy.

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