Aust. Ch. Tarralyn Polkadot Prince aka Prince - January 2008, 13 years, 2 months old

I had my little man for only a short time, as we meet when you were 13. I loved you with all my heart and wish I could have done more for you. No medication could help you, but I hope your last month with me and your little sister, Candy, made you feel loved.

My tears will not stop
I miss you so much
I will love you forever my little man.

Kika Loiola - January 2008, 12 years, 7 months old

Meu bebe lindo, mamae sente muitas saudades suas. Voce foi a melhor coisa que me aconteceu. Voce foi a minha grande companheira. Seja feliz e obrigada por ter me dado seu amor incondicional. Beijos lindinha.

Pookie My Baby - January 2008, 9 years old

Dear Pookie My Baby, my friend,

I miss you so much. You where my fishing buddy and my child. You are missed every day for the rest of my life. I love you. Bye

Brownie Pongo Pittman - January 2008, 9 years, 3 months old

Brownie (BB, Brown Dog, Brown-Brown), our loving dachshund - You were a special part of our family. You were a Christmas gift to Morgan when she was in kindergarten in December 1998. We loved you so much! You always wanted to be right beside us, wherever we were. You slept with us every night. We are sorry that you were sick with an enlarged heart and we didn't know it. We would have done everything we could to have saved you. God knew you were leaving us, so you left a puppy for us to love, Baby Girl. We got her on Morgan's 15th birthday, two days after you were gone. You will be forever in our hearts. You are still in our yard, so you can see what we're doing and watch your Baby Girl grow up. Thank you for loving us.

Your family,
Johanna (Mama), Bernard (Daddy),and Morgan (Sissy)

George Sturm - January 2008, 12 years, 6 months old

We loved you so much, George, and your father and I miss you so much. Everywhere we turn you are still there. We hope you are having a good time and are free of pain and suffering. Remember us, because when we get to heaven, we will be looking for you. Hugs and kisses to you...Mom and Dad

Lugnut II Sissi Rollover - January 2008, 12 years old

I can see that all of you are catching up on old times, telling each other of the things that have taken place in each others absense. We were believing very strongly that you would pull through the ordeal. It was a shock, that next morning. You are all missed dearly! So I figure Lugnut I, K.W., and Grandpa Shaggy, will be in charge of showing you the ins and outs of Rainbow Bridge. We will see you again. With love,your family.

Paddy Hodgson - January 2008, 9 years old

My beautiful Paddy fell asleep on the couch so suddenly we didn't have time to say goodbye.

Will always love and remember our beautiful boy.

Baxter White (White's Lord Baxter) - January 2008, 15 years, 5 months old

Forever in our hearts! There will never be another quite like Baxter!

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