Sadie Mae - January 2006, 11 years, 11 months old

You are so missed. If a broken heart could bring you back you would be here right now. From a tiny little puppy to the brave and powerful girl you grew to be I love you with all my heart. We will see each other again. I long to kiss your little head and rub your tummy just one more time. You taught me to love unconditionally. Kisses and hugs from your mommy.

Daisey Mae Duke - January 2006, 4 years old

Daisey came to us from another home. Her owners were moving and could not take her with them. She arrived the evening before Christmas eve, 2004, as an early gift for my daughter, Sarra. The two of them became fast friends, often sharing the same bed and fighting over the same toys. Daisey's favourite was a small teddy bear in a fabric vest that she stole from Sarra. Over this past summer we took in a stray kitten. Daisey became the kitten's mommy. She would bathe her and clean her. She helped teach her the 'ropes' of the kitten's first home. They played together all the time, and would often nap together in the sunroom. Daisey got so sick so suddenly, we were never expecting this. We loved her, and will miss her.

Brandy Lynch - January 2006, 12 years old

Brandy, you were such a sweet little man...we named you after another sweet doxie we had when I was a little girl. Whatever got into your pen with you really gave you a fit, but I know you put up a brave fight. We tried so hard to get you well, but we knew you wanted us to go ahead and let you go, so we did. We know you aren't hurting anymore, and we know you are with Poppa and Sydney. Have fun playing in the water, take care of Poppa and Syd for us until we are all together again.

We love you and will miss you terribly! You were always such a good boy. Love,
Mimi, Trish, Hailey, Holly, Chris, Jon David, Beverly, Joey, Josh and Joe David

Shorty Dean - January 2006, 2 years old

This day we lost our Shorty, what a waste it seems today
His stare still in my mind, and the thoughts won't go away.

A life has been cut short, our friend has left this world.
His memories we'll always have, a treasure, he was our pearl.

Shorty wasn't just a pet, but my little boy's best friend
And the love they shared together, is a love that has no end.

My son's hurt I know is deep, true love can be that way,
But in time the pain will cease, and his memories will always stay.

Sad is this day for us, but life's not ours to give
The hurt will soon be gone, and we're so glad he lived.

We love and miss you so much,
Your family

Rufus Red Dog - January 2006, 8 years old

I wrote this poem to the dog who was my best friend for eight years - a tough stubborn, kind, gentle, heroic little fellow who died the way he lived - no holds barred.

He came into our lives when he was only eight weeks old.
Of siblings four he was the one that carried himself bold.
'Lucky Lad' they named him and such was his pedigree -
A family of champions sired by Penny and Rudi.

We drove him home excited and he cried the whole way through
Snatched away from kith and kin- now surely so would you!
But he was only tiny and his life was full of shocks.
Little did he know he'd be established in a box.

He soon said, 'Ill have none of that!' and wanted to be free.
He scratched the laundry door all night - we slept at half past three.
We struggled, but he kept this up, and in the end he won
When he was smuggled quietly into bed by our young son.

We named him Rufus (Number 2) as he was very red.
His brilliant coat it shone like gold and little hair he shed.
Around his neck his fur was black and so too was his tail.
We tried our best to train him but, alas, to no avail.

He grew from pup to adulthood and we all witnessed the change.
And incidents of mischief - we went through quite a range.
He had his wars with birds and cats but they stayed safe up high.
With his short legs he tried his best but simply could not fly.

He welcomed all visitors by rolling on to his back.
Expecting you to promptly tickle his tummy - don't be slack!
A million wet licks later he still wanted all your loving.
A cold nose in your arm to make you pet him he'll be shoving.

He kept watch from the sofa of his world beyond the window.
No passer-by escaped his eye, in a flash he was out the dog door
Speeding to the fence-end he would overtake his prey
And bark at them as they came by in a very angry way.

On walks he was quite adamant that both of us should go.
Just one alone was hopeless he'd come back with me in tow.
And so he trained us steadily to please his every whim.
We gave in easily, were obsessed, and life revolved around him.

One fateful day he wandered up the river bank adventurous.
The slithering in the grass inviting him to battle dangerous.
The snake he tore apart but in the fray the deadly juices.
Of the reptile's bite ended the life of our poor Rufus.

Maggie Roo May Johnson - January 2006, 13 years old

Maggie Roo had a beautiful soul. She loved us all unconditionally. She would do anything for love and attention. She actually faked being sick for two days just for attention. Maggie was loyal and beautiful. Maggie always greeted us at the door with a warm embrace. Maggie held on as long as she could, but her old body finally gave out. When she left she took pieces of each of our hearts with her. Her memory will remain alive in our hearts forever! We love and miss you Maggie Roo! Take care of Sam and Cloey for us.

Hanjos Wee Willie - January 2006, 8 years, 8 months old

Shayla Marie - January 2006, 6 years, 8 months old

My sweet Shay-Shay,

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you terribly. Your time with me, Shandy, and Brandi Leigh was way too short, and I wish I could turn back time and change things if I could. I feel so bad that you came down with what you did, even though it was no one's fault. I hope you realise that dad and I tried our best to get you treatment that could save you, but it wasn't to be. I never knew what autoimmune hemolytic anemia was until you came down with it, nor did I know there was no cure. I tried to give you the very best for medical care at K-State, and everyone there did everything they possibly could for you, trying to make you well again, but God wanted you more and took you from this earth peacefully. I've cried so many tears in these last few months that I could fill a river with them. I long to hold you again while you sleep, with a paw in your mouth as though you were sucking your thumb, as that's what made you so special. Even dad misses you almost as much as I do. Brandi Leigh isn't the same since you've been gone, so I know she misses you too. Even Shandy has changed since that day. I think she knew something was dreadfully wrong when all of us were at the vet hospital and she looked at you with such worry on her face. You and she were snuggle buddies, and Brandi Leigh was your play buddy.

We have a new addition, who's name is Shayna, so close to yours, but not the same. She is cute, but I would trade her in a heartbeat if I could have you back again. It's not that I don't love her, I just love you that much more. My time with you was cut way too short, we had so many more memories to make together, but it just wasn't in God's plan.

Rest in peace my sweet one, and some day I'll get to hold and kiss you again. Until then you're in my heart always.

Love you so very much,


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