Amy Sue - January 2004, 14 years, 7 months, 20 days old

My family fell in love with Amy as we dog sat her for a friend who received her as a Christmas present that she was unable to keep. After taking a 'family vote', we decided we would like to add Amy as a loving member of our family.

The past 14 years have left us with fond memories of our little black and tan dachshund whom we loved so. It was difficult to see Amy as she suffered with kidney failure, but it is pleasing to know she is at peace now. Although she has had a good life of relaxation, travel, and love, we will forever miss her companionship and loving kisses!

Love Always, Mom, Dad, Leigh, Andrea, and Jonathan

Kia - January 2004, 18 years old

Kia took her final walk on 23 January 2004. Before leaving, she gave her daughter, Alex,16 years old, a final bath that only a momma dog can give. For 18 years 'Gramma Dog' shared every adventure in my life. She was a teacher, and 'in charge' of the other dogs in the house; which includes two other mini doxies and three beagles. Kia assisted in teaching our first beagle the art of rabbit hunting.

As in life she passed with dignity. Arthritis had taken its toll on her; I knew it was time and as I held her and felt her muscle finally relax, I knew the peace she must have felt. I will miss my little one and love her always. There will never be another Kia, and that's what made her soooo special.

Freddie - January 2004, 12 to 13 years old

Freddie came to our household thru Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue a year and half ago. A mini, perhaps smooth and wirehaired, a gentle Older Man, despite having had jagged frost bitten ears, he was handsome through spriit and love. Surrendered by a family in New York City, moving, had him since puppyhood. He had an enlarged heart and valves, stage 4, expectation of six to eight months, survival, but Freddie thrived, with meds, accupuncture and heart tonic. Energetic fun-loving, adored and loved by our grandson, Christopher, they sledded together and napped together, of all the dogs, at that time four dachsies and two mixed breeds, he and Freddie had a bond. It was eerie.

Freddie succummbed to congestive heart failure on 22 January 2004. He was creamated and joins four other dogs in the china hutch, in the dining room .

It seems that we had Freddie for years. He loved being a country bumpkin, exploring the yard and woods with us and the other dogs, at his own slow pace, sniffing - completely different from New York City living.

Thank you, Lin, for rescuing him from a New York City shelter. As with all other dogs that entered the Ruscetta household it is a plan of divine intervention.

Freddie, you impacted our home with love, spirit, personality, love you will be missed for a long long time.

The Ruscettas andChris O'Leary, their Grandson, aged 10

Freddie - January 2004, 5 years old

Freddie, I am so sorry I didn't catch your diabetes sooner. At the end, ketoacidosis had set in and you were a very sick little boy. It happened so suddenly, I was completely shocked. The vet said the kindest thing I could do for you was to say goodbye. I kissed you and told you I love you. I hope you are happy and comfortable now. I look at your picture everyday, but it is difficult, as it has only been five weeks. Thank you for coming into my life and teaching me what matters most in life. You were a fine dachsie with a sweet, loving, good-natured personality. You were also as stubborn as they come - a true dachshund at heart! I will always remember your funny clownish antics, and will forever see you and your hooman, Grandpa, playing together. Now that Grandpa is in the heavens too, maybe you two are once again playing?? I would like to think so. Farewell, my friend, RIP, and I hope to see you again someday. Thank you for your unconditional love and the joy you brought into my life. I love you!!

Ginger Swan - January 2004, 13 years old

Ginger was my family's second dachshund, but by far the best. We got her when I was only 11 years old and she lived long enough to protect me 'till I was married and moved out. We almost lost her to a fight with an Alaskan malamute and the vet called her the miracle puppy. Even with tubes and a bunch of wounds she stuck it out to stay with us. She loved to sleep under the covers snuggled up between you and the blanket. She was a consonant companion right to the end when we lost her to a tumour. I will always remember my beautiful chocolate dachshund with much love and thanks...

Erica Z. Poschingeru - January 2004, 8 years, 5 months old

Forever in our hearts

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