Merlin - January 2003, 6 years old

Merlin, you made a great impact on our lives. As my first 'child' you will always hold a special place in my heart. You are greatly missed. I could use some kisses right now. You will not be forgotten. You will be remembered as a small dog with the heart of a lion.

Miami Meyer Spunk 'N Fire - January 2003, 11 years old

When a good child dies, an angel of God comes down fron heaven and takes the child in his arms and spreads out his wide wings, and flys with her over all the places she loved during her life.Then the child carries a large handful of flowers up to God! It's the same thing for good little girl dachies named Miami Meyer.

Love Forever, Suzy and Bo

Chalie - January 2003, 13 years old

Goodbye Chalie. It's so sad when I recognise that you'll not be there for me anymore. My Mom, Dad and I miss you so much. It was sudden and it was very hard to made up our minds. But we know you don't want us to be sad for too long. Thank you so much all the good times we spent. Thank you for being there every time I needed you. I really miss you. I can't believe we will never have a chance to play again here on earth but we'll see you again when the time comes. We love you so much.

Your Family

Sadie Catlin - January 2003, 5 months old

My dachshund, Sadie, was five months old when she died during surgerywhen being spayed on 24 January 2003. She was the best longhaired red dachshund and was full of spark and energy. She loved sitting in my lap and playing with her dachshund, Sandie, Max, and my beagle, Kitt. She will be missed by all of us.

Sean and Debbi

Princess 'Granny - January 2003, 13 years, 6 months old

Granny Princess will be remembered in our hearts and in our house always. She wasn't just a foster, she was our family. She wasn't much on playing but she sure did love to sit in your lap and she loved to lie in the sun. I remember looking out many mornings or afternoons and she would be rolling around in the grass enjoying the bright sunlight. My children, husband and I gave a lot of love to Granny, wishing now we would have only given her more. But no one knows the hour nor the day that we too will be called to the Bridge. We have told our children tonight to love - love each and everyone that is close to you. Tears have been shed tonight in this house and our grief will remain, but the love that Granny gave us will carry us through each day we go on. She maybe be gone but never forgotten. She was unique in everything that she did - she walked a little slower, barked a little differently, took a little longer to find the right spot to potty, but she was Granny, and we expected nothing more from her. We are empty inside without her, but she will live inside of us always. Until we meet again Granny P., We love you.

The Mom, Dad and the boys

Cinnamon (Baby Girl) - January 2003, 2 years, 6 months old

We miss you so much, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I cried my eyes out when the vet said you had no chance, your kidneys were leaking protein out he said to take you home and love you. We all love you very much - Lucky was looking for you when we came home. He misses you greatly - even Alex looks for you. Now Lucky has nobody to play tug-o-war with - not that he ever let you win (since he weighs 55 pounds to your 10)! I miss seeing you at the door when I come home from work. The first thing I had to do was kiss you before I kissed Daddy. I will see you one day I know. Since you pased to the Rainbow Bridge you are not suffering. I love you baby girl.

Your were such a joy in our lives. Even though we only had you for such a short time on earth, God has decided to take you to Rainbow Bridge. Oh how we tried to save you, it broke dad's and mine heart when the vet said there was no hope. We fell in love with you from the time we brought you home at only six weeks old. I have your ashes up on the entertainment set with your pictures. I love you baby girl and miss you dearly.

You have left such a void in our lives in the short time we had you. God decided he needed you more. Gone from this earth, but forever in our hearts.

Love always Mommy, Daddy, Chris, Tracy (Lucky, Alex)

Freddy Palmer - January 2003, 6 years old

We adored our Fred from the moment we picked him out of the litter and brought him home. A darling, lovable puppy, he brought unbelievable joy to our family of four. We laughed at his antics and cuddled with him constantly. While he loved to burrow under the covers, his head eventually ended up on the pillow, much to my husband's dismay. Our lives included our dear Fred in anmost every way. It felt good to truly love him and my heart is broken. When his back went out we rushed him into emergency surgery. We had such hopes for improvement and would have been thrilled with just some. Unfortunately, it was not to be and we took care of him as a baby for five months, until we were sure his life wasn't as he would want. He was an old, wise man in a dog's body and I so thank him for his love. He made a difference in our lives and while I yearn to fill the hole in my heart with another to care for I'm not sure I can. Fred, you will always be the most incredible dog I have ever had. I hope you understand.

Fuzz - January 2003, 1 years, 10 months old

Fuzz was amazing - the largest in a litter of six born to our beloved Arnold and Hannah - he would look us straight in the eyes with such love and intensity. He was extremely handsome, with the most beautiful long dark silky fur. He was energetic and inquisitive, and loved to dig out of the yard and go explore, despite our best efforts to keep him in. Making it as far as the busy main street at night was his downfall, which has caused us unbounded grief. Coming home now, and not having him there to greet us and bound into our laps with such we miss him! Even the things that used to irritate us, like stealing food off the kitchen table, we wouldn't mind if only we could have him back with us. He was too young and too full of life to leave us. There will never be another like him.

Pepper Tram - January 2003, 16 years, 5 months old

Pepper was a brave, independent, long hair dachshund. He was loved very much by his family and we will miss him. He touched all of our hearts for many years, my little pumpkin. Love you Pepper.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, JP, Stephanie and Chynna

Lucy - January 2003, 11 years, 19 days old

Thank you, Lucy, for bringing so much joy, fun and laughter in my life. I am missing you greatly each day and think of you often. I especially miss you when you nudge to wake me up and rub your belly. You were my alarm clock. Please know how grateful I am that you passed peacefully and I know your spirit of love lives on in my heart and in yours - forever.

Danny Boy - Janaury 2003, 5 years old

When you came to us, my boy, I thought we were helping you in your time of need but in the short time we spent together it turns out you taught us all a little something. I wish we had had more time to share. You are missed by all of us so very much. I hope you are running and playing now and when your at the Bridge look for an old friend of mine, Lady Linda. She is an angel just like you. Shelby is still catching the ball and Poppy is just not the same without you. My lap hasn't been warm since you left. You are always in my thoughts, Danny Boy. Look for us at the Bridge. We love you.
Poppy & Frouchia

Cella Bella - January 2003, 10 years old

Cella was saved by my brother, a veternarian - who brought her back to life like Lazarus and Jesus Christ. The dog was to brought to the clinic and abandoned after she supposedly jumped five stories from the apartment window. He offered me her then - but I was too selfish and lost the possiblity of having her live with me for six years. How foolish I was to have missed all the love and devotion she would have heaped on me. Later he gave me a second chance very reluctantly - to take her and I did - what love and happiness I had with her. She went everywhere with me - even to work - and slept every night with me. Infact when she did sleep in her carrier and not with me I slept badly. I know that that she was pure love and sunshine in a bottle and she sure did love that sunshine. I hope she is waiting for me and also playing at the Rainbow Bridge. I will get another doxie but Cella will always be the love of my life. I know she is happy now and is free from all pain and disabilities she suffered from the fall. Baby - when will I finally realise you are gone and not think you are behind the door waiting to do your little raindance to welcome me home?

Con tutto il cuore, un cuore sanguinante, Daddy

Elke - January 2003, 12 years, 6 months old

I love you my baby, I will always love you. You helped me grow up and you were there when I needed you and I smile to think that I was there for you when you needed me the most. You made my childhood a pleasant experience and I always love you my little twienie dog :)

Barney - My Little Buddy - January 2003, 9 years, 6 months old

My little Buddy was born on 23 May 1993 in the afternoon. I helped you and your brother and sister to be born. I will always love my little buddy, Barney Boy, and your mommy, daddy and brother and sister will too. You will always be in my heart my little man.

Henry Clark - January 2003, older, age not known

Our sweet little Hennie-Boo. We miss you dearly, even though we only had the privilege of knowing you for just over four short months. We loved you unconditionally during your last months after rescue - we wish we would have had more time to spend with you. You were just settling in, being yourself, and making us your family. You will always be special to us and we will never forget you. We hope Jessie is with you and you are helping catch rabbits. Our Love....

Cleo Leavy - January 2003, 13 years, 10 months old

We miss you Cleo. Our hearts and our home seem a little bit empty now. You will always be loved.

Britanny - January 2003, 7 years old

Brittany, it was so unexpected, your leaving. I never got to say goodbye as you were over two hours away. I know you must have been so scared in that hospital and two surgeries to boot in three-and-a-half days, but with the snow I couldn't get to you. I miss you so much and will never forget you. You will always be my special Mini Mopy Magoo. Please wait at the Bridge for me and I hope you do forgive me for not being with you and saying goodbye. I love you. Hugs, kisses and slobbers.

Your mom. p.s. you gave me almost 7 wonderful years.

Elvis Sparks - January 2003, 12 years old

Elvis, you are sadly missed. You were a loyal friend.

Jessy - January 2003, 2 years, 9 months old

My darling girlie,
You will always be my baby girl and I will always have a special place in my heart for you. You cannot be replaced and I miss you so much. One day I will see you again.
Love, your mom.

Rusty - January 2003, 7 years, 3 months old

In loving memory of Rusty who passed before his time. I love and miss you and think about you all the time. Until we meet again on the other side, rest in peace.

Little Princess Heidi Fenwick - January 2003, 10 years old

Oh Little Princess Heidi, you gave us so much love with your kisses, tricks, and all of the special things that made you such a wonderful companion. We still cannot believe you are gone. You are our beloved doxie angel dog and you will forever be in our hearts. Please come often to romp and play. We will be there always to give you hugs and to have your lavish kisses and joyful barks in return. Oh Heidi, how we miss you and how your beloved best doxie friend, Fritz, grieves for you, too. You were God's wonderful gift to us all. We are so grateful for the beautiful ten years you spent with us! Remember, we will always share our love in the garden of our hearts! Come often dear Heidi.

Schnippers von Schetgen - January 2003, 16 years old

We'll miss you, Schnippers, forever as you were the greatest!

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