Amber Waves of Gretchen, affectionately known as Queen Gretchen - February 2015, 18 years, 6 days old

What can you write about a small larger than life rescue who was your loving, loved and devoted companion for almost 18 years?

What can you say about the dog's devotion that was such that her pet portrait photographer had me stand behind him in the direction he wanted her to look because otherwise she would stare at the last place she saw me?

What can you say about a tough, spirited, intelligent friend who survived several mysterious diseases and three falls down stairs to walk to her last day?

How can you communicate the bond between two creatures such that in dark days of my life, Gretchen was often the sole reason I soldiered on?

How can you describe the grace, the dignity, the regal bearing of a little creature that caused her to be titled, simply, The Queen”?

How joyously can you remember your times together, including those trips to the park, when, riding in her stroller, she would be greeted by strangers and friends alike?

The words have not been invented to describe the love between us nor my sense of loss. I can only say, dearest Gretchen, I love you and I know you love me. This is not where it ends. I will see you again, my beloved.

Queenie Pereira - February 2015, 15 years old

Queenie has blessed mommy and daddy with 15 years of wonderful memories! She was our spunky little 'monster rat' that loved her 'Winky Wink' toys and was always hungry for her favourite treats! She traveled all over with mommy and daddy, proving that she could withstand challenges! Kept mommy and daddy strong when we were both sick by proving she was a fighter, herself! In her own little dachshund way she protected mommy and daddy by keeping guard day and night, while sleeping right beside us!!! She loved being cuddled and gave all the loving back!!! She is flying with angels to the Rainbow Bridge! We love you, Queenie! Go 'night night' for now, we'll see you soon! Aloha no!!!

Princess Missi - February 2015, 14 years old

When T first saw you and held you, the name Missi evolved. My tiny baby. You are so loved and missed daily. Your fur-siblings are missing you badly! We are blessed to have been there for you through your life with us. How you would nudge me with that cold wet nose, just asking me to either quit snoring or at least scoot over in the bed! I bet Henry's Penni Copperbottom , Henry's Baby KW, Baby Lugnut I and Sissy Rollover are showing you the ins and outs of Rainbow Bridge. For we will be with you 'til the end, 'til we meet at the Bridge. Love, Mommy and Daddy
The Henry Clan

Beamer Hawkins - February 2015, 14 years, 2 months old

Beamer came to us when he was eight years old from our son, along with his beagle, Hokie, as a result of the birth of our grandson, and immediately became a part of our family. His loving nature quickly endeared him to my husband, Lee, and me, but Beamer was Lee's little buddy.

When Beamer was diagnosed with kidney failure, we knew his time with us was coming to a close.

We thank the Lord for Beamer and for allowing us to love and cherish him for the time he was with us.

He went from us on 21 February 2015 after a massive seizure. Lee and I were both with him when he passed, along with our beagle, Hokie. I pray that he felt us petting him as he breathed his last and that he knew just how loved he really was.

Rest easy Beamer. We love you! You were a good boy!

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