Summer Thorsteinson - February 2013, 9 months old

No words can explains the hurt I'm feeling right now. I know it's only been three days but the love I had for her is beyond any words I can find. I miss you more then anything, Summer. xoxoxoxo till I see you again, love always, Mommy

Kelly Szymanski - February 2013, 6 years, 4 months old

Kelly, the baby of my doxie family, was my baby. She was so sweet and loving. She loved everyone she met. She was shy when anyone first met her and she tolerated everything. That autoimmune hemolytic anemia that took her from me was so cruel. No treatment seemed to help her. When the night came for her to go to the Bridge, she wanted to stay near to me and kept fighting but her poor little body just could not deal with the disease any more and she died in my arms. You will be missed dearly! We love you Kelly. Your loving human Mom, Lori

Jack Losinski - February 2013, 15 years, 6 months old

This submission is for my dear friend Tiana who lost her best friend on Friday night. Jack lived a wonderful life and could have not had a better home. He first met Tiana when she was only 19 and semi-alone. He suffered from parvo two days later. She took him to the emergency vet and was told he would not make it. She never once left his side no matter what the cost. Jack survived along with several other complications throughout his long life. He once ate an entire beach-size bath towel which took half his colon. He also ate a Kong bone that also was followed with another surgery. He was bitten by a rattlesnake and survived. No matter the circumstance he was always given the best of care and held in Tiana's arms until he recovered. He developed congestive heart failure in his later years. Tiana took him to his appointments with the cardiologist and set her alarm daily (even throught the night) to give him medicine. No other pet owner has ever been so faithful and loyal to an animal. He took his last breath in her arms. He was peacful and was in the most safest place he could ever be. In the arms of his devoted owner. His best friend and him hers. Time will heal this passing but her love for him will never fade. Farewell Jack Losinksi, you will always be loved!

Michelin King - Moo Moo - February 2013, 13 years old

Michelin, you left us today but never will you be forgotten. You dug a hole so deep in our hearts it will never be filled again! For 13 years you've loved us unconditionally and for that we're truly blessed!! When I've been sick you've made me feel better - your eyes could light up a room! We love you to the moon and back and a billion times over!! My heart is heavy now but I know your in a better place! RIP Love Desha, Melissa, and Betty

Scooter Patooter - February 2013, 5 years old

My precious Scooter brought five years of joy and love to my life, and a lot of mischief. I felt his heart stop while he was in my arms this morning. I love you, and now you are out of pain and have no more paralysis and can run until you can't run any more. My heart is full of sadness for me but joy for you because you are at peace. I will forever hold you in my heart baby boy. Say hi to Grandma and eat all the bones you want. I will see you again someday. Until then you will always be in my thoughts and in my heart!

Love, Mom

Otto von Rubbermeyer - February 2013, 15 years, 8 months old

Dear Otto,
You shared your special, exhuberant, happy little life with us for over 15 wonderful years. Somehow, it all went too quickly. How can we forget seeing you stand on your head in that small cage hoping that we would take you home! You were such a kindly, patient little dog, in spite of having undergone two spinal surgeries which left you walking like a listing ship. This did not discourage you and you even invented your own running gait so you could go for walks. You were a model for courage and inspired your Mom to write a children's book: 'Mr Doots and the Stinky Green Car' in which you were the star! It was so difficult to say goodbye to such a dear friend as you but you are now at the Rainbow Bridge and are at peace. Your tired little body has been transformed into a bouncing, playful puppy once again, running with your old pals. Otto, we will Love you forever!
Your Momies, Vicky, Cathy, Diana, and Auntie Chris

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