Ernie Teichroew - February 2011, 13 years, 10 months old

Today we had to say goodbye to our special boy, Ernie. Ernie came to us via an ad in the paper and for the past ten years, he has filled our lives with joy. Ernie was so docile and he was everybody's friend. Ernie loved the outdoors, and our backyard will be so empty without him. Ernie, we are going to miss you so much and the pain of your loss is immense. Thank you for the love and happiness you gave us. We will never forget you.

Love, Mom and Dad, Brian and your doxie brothers, Baxter and Sebastian

Ciqala (Cee-Cee) Fowler - February 2011, 4 years, 5 months old

I lost my beloved Cee-Cee in the early hours of this morning, 9 February 2011. I have never known a greater hurt. He was my best friend. I have had him since a few weeks after he was born. He has helped me through so much including my mom's death only two months ago.

I absolutely do not know how to go on without him in my life. He was the greatest pet anyone could imagine having. He knew when I was upset and was always there to comfort me and lick away my tears. He passed away after jumping from my bed and landing badly, causing a herniated disc in his back which developed into myelomalacia. There is just something about a dachsie that steals your heart and warms your soul. He will never be forgotten or replaced. I miss him so very very much!

Tiny Carter - February 2011, 13 years old

Thank you, Tiny, for your unconditional love. You were such a comfort always but especially when I was dealing with cancer and the loss of our home. We shared a lot together, you and I, and my heart is broken. A piece of my heart went with you when you went home. I love you. I thank the Lord each day for bringing you into my life when I so much needed something to love. What a gift He bestowed upon me. That void was filled for several years. I love you my friend. I miss you Tiny . . .

Otis - February 20011, 15 years, 11 months old

Otis was a special little guy, coming into a home with a 'big brother', he was such a little guy, full of love and life, yet he was satisfied to take 'a back seat' to his brother, Oscar, and just live, love, and play! He loved to go on walks, on rides in the car, and eat treats! (Remember the ice cream cones??) It was always the two 'boys' - never one without the other. Christmas was fun as they always had gifts to open, and special ornaments on the tree, just for them. When Oscar passed away, Otis suffered such depression and sorrow. Time went on and he grew closer and closer to me. He loved to sleep under blankets and in front of a heat vent. . . LOL. He was always cold. Oh, little buddy, I love you so much and miss you as well! It has only been a short time that you left me - just four months. There will be a day when I will be with you and Oscar again! Charlie and Zoie are well - I know Charlie still looks for you, Baby!! Tears flow, but I know that you are in a better place now - your spirit lives on. Join Ozzie at the Rainbow Bridge, my little love! Momma loves you and will always miss her boys! See you soon, Sweetie! Love and Kisses to you Both!! Momma

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