Desdemona Bea 'Dezi' Nelson - February 2009, 15 years old

Dezi went to the Bridge today. Our hearts and our home will never be the same. You were the bravest little red dog we have ever known, and we already miss you so much. Mommy and Daddy, your brother Dreamer, and your hoo-brother William love you so much. We are thinking of your sweet little white face and your white paws. We know you are running free now with Sweet Pea and Cooler. Please wait for us by the Bridge, sweet baby, and know that we love you more than words and that you are in our heart always.

Don Camillo - February 2009, 7 years old

There are hardly any words to find, when a little hero, who has been trying so hard and so bravely to recover from two back surgeries and hind leg paralysis caused by human error, has to go. He had so much energy, so much will, yet there was no way he could ever be a dog again, running in the fields, playing with others.

Dolittle and I will miss you, little boy, but Bluebell is waiting for you at the Bridge, and she will take care of you and wait for us to come to the Bridge, too.

With all our love,
your mom and Doo, and everybody who loved you dearly

Wendall the Wiener Dude (Lawson/Koch) - February 2009, 13 years old

His tombstone reads: More love per square inch than his mommy knew was possible.

It would take a huge boulder to write all my knicknames (the barky boy, tasty butt, etc.) and my songs for him (whatcha gonna do with a barkin' wiener...I'm a little wiener short and stout, here is my tail, here is my snout...upsy buttsy wiener into the momma's car...). I better explain the tasty butt: his sister (a Lab) was often seen licking Wendall's bottom so we decided he must have a tasty butt.

I don't remember where I read this sentiment (might not be an exact quote): If dogs don't go to heaven, when I die, I want to go where they go.

Rest in peace little Wiener Dude, you've got part of mommy's heart with you.

Scooter Hirsekorn - February 2009, 5 years, 6 months old

We miss you terribly, Scootie, and think about you constantly. We miss your warm, snuggly little body in bed with us and your 'in the nose' kisses every morning. Coming home from work is the worst part of the day for us to not be greeted by your happy, happy, happy face. We'll love you and miss you forever, Scootie.

Love, Mom and Dad

Kurtzenbeine Rattikin Carter Smith - February 2009, 1 year, 8 months old

The time we had together could have never been enough. You were such a source of love and you were like my child. There is a huge void in my heart that was created when you had to go. I am happy you no longer suffer but I wish we would have had more healthy years together.

Gracie Allen - February 2009, 12 years old

Prince Albert - February 2009, 12 years old

I married my husband for his dogs. Yes, I told him that, and I really meant I would do whatever I had to in order to get Prince and Suzie. Well, I married him and fell even deeper in love with the babies... I loved the kisses that Prince gave even when he could have kept his horrible breath to himself. He has been gone for three months and it is still like he just passed. I miss you and I love you, my Princey. I hope you found Snoopy and Aunt Lynn and are running and playing 'till your heart's content. I will see you again, just not right now... just wait for me my little boy... I love you.

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