Chelsea - February 2008, 16 years, 5 months old

Chelsea, you were and are such a wonderful girl. You were not the typical dachshund - you were so gentle and soft spoken. At least by the time I got you you were. You came to me at ten years old and were such a wonderful girl from day one. I love you and I know Brittany and Shandi were waiting for you at the Bridge. Play and have fun and I will be with you again some day.

Toby Alexander - February 2008, 11 years old

I will miss you my little man...

Roxie the Doxie Kawakami - February 2008, 8 years old

Oh my Roxie, I miss you sooooo much my heart is broken. You will be in my memory forever. Remember the song I would sing you, Roxie the Doxie she is my Little baby and you would skip around? Roxie, I loved throwing your ball. I wish I could do that just one more time. I'm so sorry your eyes went bad and you couldn't get up on the couch any more. Why, Roxie, did you go outside that night? I'm longing for you. I wish I could remember your scent but, honey, its fading. Oh my love, I miss you.

See you on the other side.

Mommy - Wait for me. Kisses

Rosie - February 2008, 18 to 19 years old

Rosie, it breaks my heart that you are gone. I hope you and Suzi are running and playing together. Be good and I will see you later!

Molly Masters - February 2008, 16 years, 8 months old

Goodbye my darling girl. You were born a puppy and died a lady. You will be forever in my heart, dear Molly. I'll never forget the day you came into my life. You changed all of us for the better. You were my ears for many years. Your final years, I was your eyes and your ears. I had over 16 years with you but it still wasn't enough. Thank you for hanging on long enough for me to get to you and say goodbye. You are with Prissy now and I know you two are having a wonderful time. Be sure to tell her about Maggie - your wonder friend for nine years. I love you, Molly and miss you so much. I can never replace you in my heart. Know that I am thinking of you and praying that you are enjoying a life with no more pain. I love you.

Maggie Masters - February 2008, 13 years, 3 months old

Rest in peace, sweet Maggie. I still can't believe you are gone. Only 12 days after Molly passed away, you joined your best friend. I feel like you just grieved yourself to death. You were so depressed. Everyone remarked on that. But I thought you were doing so much better and when I left you to go on vacation, I never thought I would get a phone call two days later saying you had passed away. You will always be in my heart and I am trying to come to terms with your death. I didn't get to hold you, tell you how much I loved you, or tell you goodbye. I know Molly met you at the bridge and welcomed you in. I hope she had told Prissy all about you and both were waiting for you as you arrived at that Bridge. You will always be my little lady. Your death has been so hard on me. I was expecting Molly to pass away because she had been sick and so frail but I thought I would have you a few more years. I love you and I know one day I will see you, Molly and Prissy again. You will always be in my heart.

Sigmund - Siggy - AKA Smiley - February 2008, 11 years, 6 months old

Sigmund (Siggy) wasn't only a doxie. He was my everything and I feel I did not only lose my best friend, but a part of me with him. He always had that Elvis curl - smile is what we called it . When he went to the Rainbow Bridge he went with that smile. We will miss you buddy. You'll aways be in our hearts.

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