Shelly - February 2007, About 12 years old

Dear Shelly,
When you first arrived at my door I had no idea what was to come. You were the best friend anyone could have ever imagined. I don't know how I will ever get over you. You were a dream come true. You brought me joy and happines every time I looked at your little face. Though our time together was short, I will never, ever forget you - you will always have a place in my heart and in my mind. I hope you are happy where you are and can see how badly I miss you. You are irreplaceable. Your Daddy and I miss you. You were a treasure and and we were so lucky to have found you. Some day I will get to hold you again.

We will always love you!

Max the Brave - February 2007, 3 years, 3 months old

Poor Max. I'm so so sorry. I let him out of the car for our daily walk in the park. It was a bitterly cold day, and the lake was partly frozen. Max spotted the ducks and gave chase across the ice before I could get his leash on him. I called and called but he fell into the icy water. I went in after him but ended up being resuced myself. The vision of him trying to pull himself out onto the ice haunts me to this day. You were the bravest truest dog ever and you'll always be in our hearts. Mommy & Daddy

Fritzi Borgstrom - February 2007, 10 years, 10 months old

Fritzi was a wonderful, sweet, cuddly, brash, courageous, smart, warm liddle lap dog who was with us far too short a time.

She saved my life. When I couldn't think of my child, or my friends or my students and was about to commit a supremely selfish act, I thought, 'who's going to take care of Fritzi? She's gotta be fed.' She saved me so I could learn to live inside my own head and be with my beautiful wife and daughter. I will love Fritzi forever and will have more doggers to celebrate her memory.

Annie Nary - February 2007, 16 years, 11 months old

Dear Annie,

We said good-bye on 10th February 2007 at 10:20 in the moring. The sun broke through the clouds as your soul left your body. I believe it was a sign. I will miss you for the rest of my life. You were the best gift I received, or ever will receive. I love you more than anything. I still go to fill your bowl with water and give you bites from my plate. I know you are at peace and for that I am grateful. It doesn't make me miss you any less, but it is such a comfort to know you are home. Till we meet in heaven, I love you and will see you soon.



Emma Rose - February 2007, 5 years old

My dear sweet Emma Rose. I never imagined when I carried you home five years ago as an eight-week-old puppy that I could ever love you so much. But you made a special place in my heart immediately. You were the 'Queen' of the house!

I will miss holding you and having you cuddle up to my chest as we slept. I will miss your sweet kisses. And I will miss you sitting beside me as I ate begging for a bite! I'm so sorry we didn't have longer together. But I thank you for the five wonderful years we had and for all the puppies you gave us. And most of all for all the joy you brought to my life! I will never stop missing you or loving you! You were mommy's little girl! May you rest in peace my sweet angel till we meet again.

Love forever,


Bonnie - February 2007, 12 years, 2 months old

Bonnie was a beautiful black-and-tan charmer. One of her favourite activities was to snuggle up to me at night and lick my face. She had a lovely temperament - not a mean streak in her. I miss her terribly - it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make when I asked the vet to put her to sleep. Even though he confirmed that this was the right course of action I still feel dreadful.

Bonnie, I will always love you and be thankful for the years we spent together. Born Christmas day, 1994. Went to wait for me at the Bridge on 26 February 2007. Always in my heart. Goodbye old friend

Lady Putney Tyson - February 2007, 11 years, 3 months, 7 days old

From the time I first saw you and your Mother 'smiled', to the last few moments I held you before you left this earth - I never knew a greater love - and I will always love you. Go, my dearest friend - find Princess Tyson - and chase the squirrels. We will be together again one day. Love Mom

Paddy Dawson - February 2007, 6 years old

We miss our little paddy so much. He was kind and sensitive. He always knew when things were bad and would lick your face to comfort you. Sadly he slipped a disc and became paralised. He had surgery but became ill due to a mylogram. He lived for seven days after we went to the hospital, and he died in our arms. He looked up at us and thought we had come to take him home. We still cry every day

Chinni - February 2007, 12 years old

Little Chinni will always be in our hearts and he always helped us no matter what. He was so cheerful even when something bad happened. He supported us throughout the jumps and and hurdles of life. What a cute brown dachshie he was, with adorable eyes and a skinny body. Since the day he entered our doors he never left our hearts. He suffered a disc problem for six months and passed away. We never even got to say goodbye but I hope I see him at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you Chinni.

Mom, Dad, sisters, and newphews

Toby Alexander Woods - February 2007, 11 years old

My little rescue were a tough little cookie...Rikka just came up to see you and Maxi Anna so you will all be together again...just wait and I'll see you all before you know it!
Love, Mom

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