Maengwyn Offa - February 2005, 15 years, 3 months old

It is so quiet without you padding around. You were so down the last few days so we know you are better off now. Bye bye Offa. All our love.

Alex - February 2005, 17 years

Alex loved life, especially water - be it a lake, pool, creek, or bathtub. She saw the country from the driver's seat. My dear little Navigator, at the Bridge you're now with your momma dog, Kia. Your love and our adventures will always remain near to my heart. Your journey has just begun little one. You will be missed and loved always.

Felix Van Lanier - February 2005, 8 years, 1 month old

Felix was truly a part of our family. He brought more happiness to our home than we can express. The happiness in his eyes when we came home, the way he snuggled with us in bed, and the doggy smile he always had when the family was together told us he loved us as much as we did him. I'm a better person and our family memories are richer because of him. We'll miss you, Felix - Love always: Robbie, Sherri, Jerry, and Laci.

Rusty Valentino Landry - February 2005, 13 years old

He was a loving and wonderful dog. He was part of my life for 13 years. He will be sincerely missed by all who loved him.

Sauerkraut - February 2005, 4 years, 7 months old

Sauerkraut was such an incredible boy, who brought us immense joy in the short four years that we were able to love him. His mommy and daddy are left broken hearted. He suffered over two weeks from immune mediated thrombocyptopenia, which we thought was just a urinary tract infection. Sauer was in two different medical facilites. On the night of his demise we received a phone call from the hospital asking us to come there right away. They didn't expect him to make it. It took us 40 minutes to get there. We saw him in ICU. He was receiving a blood transfusion as well as being on oxygen and other medications. Despite his being so weak and sick he managed to get up and come into my arms and kiss me. His little heart stopped seconds after that. Our baby waited to see us one more time. Words cannot express our grief, however, we are blessed with wonderful memories of one of the smartest, sweetest, greatest and loyal animals ever.

Desi - February 2005, 10 weeks old

We adopted little Desi on a Monday night. He was one of the most unusual coloured dapples I have ever seen, and he had bright green eyes! We already had one dachsie at home, Luci, who was looking for her 'Desi'. Luci needed a friend, and Desi had the perfect personality to compliment her. I brought him home in a baby blanket, and he immediately stole our hearts. He loved to be sung to sleep, and held upside down like the baby that he was. Those green eyes just pierced your heart.

I felt like I had already had him for years, when that following Friday night little Desi began to throw up. I brushed it off as just 'puppy sickness', since our other dachsie had thrown up quite frequently as puppies. I stuck him in his crate for the night, and brought Luci to bed with us. I think Luci knew something was wrong, because she kept us up all night, but for some reason we never went to check on him. I really didn't think anything was wrong. When I woke up the next morning and realised I hadn't heard him cry or bark all night or all morning I flew out of bed. The sight that greeted me will haunt me forever, and I'll never forgive myself for not comforting him through the night. He had thrown up all night evidently, and now he was just sitting there staring at me with those sad green eyes. I gave him a bath, and rushed him to the vet. He was alert but just acting like he really didn't feel good. She kept him overnight, and tested him, and concluded that he had coccydia, which is very common in puppies. She said she could clear it up with medicine, but she wanted to keep him for a few days to make sure he kept the pills down. I called twice a day for three days, and was getting furious that I hadn't been able to take him home and comfort him, when my husband called me after talking to her one day. He had a viral infection, and she was doing blood work. Our little puppy was extremely sick. We went to visit him that day - his skin was hanging off of him, his eyes were glazed over, and there was an IV in his neck because his paws were too small. I petted and sang to him and he tried to lift his head. We gave him blankets that smelled like us hoping it would give him a will to live. I like to think that it helped to have us there for a short time, and that we gave him some sense of peace. The vet called us that night and said he was doing much better, and that she was keeping him at home with her. The next morning we got the call. He had had a seisure overnight, and died around 3 a.m.

I have never grieved so much for someone who was with me for so short a time. I took the day off of work to cry, and we found out he died of distemper. He hadn't even had time to get his shot yet. Sometimes I question why God would bring someone so little and full of life into the world, only to take him at only ten weeks. He lived such a short life, and we had so much love to give him. I can't imagine what it will be like when a dachsy we've had for years passes away, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone. I promise it hurts just as much to lose a puppy. It seems like no one can offer comfort...

Now we have Desi's little sister who is almost identical to him...only with blue eyes! Her name is Ethel. We like to think Desi wanted her to be with us...

Ms Cindy, Sweet Pea - February 2005, 15 years, 5 months old

My darling little Sweet Pea. I miss you so much, Cindy. I know that you and Nutty are running around now and having so much fun together and that makes your death easier. Mommy is very happy that you and Nutty are together again. I will be with you again Honey, so you have fun at Rainbow Bridge and keep your ears and eyes open for when Mommy comes to see you and Nutty.

I will always love you Cindy! You were my little Sweet Pea and you will always be in my heart, Honey.

Mommy sends a big kiss for my baby. Give Nutty a big kiss for Mommy too.

I hope you can hear me, Sweetie and I hope that someday you and Nutty will let Mommy know that you can hear me and still feel the love that Mommy will always have for you two dumplings.

I miss you and my love for you will always be. Thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to be your caregiver. You brought such love to my life. Fifteen-and-a-half glorious years! Every moment a memory I will cherish.

Tucker Joe - February 2005, 7 months old

Tucker Joe, you came to us because your first owner's couldn't keep you because of allergies. We didn't have you very long because your first owners told us you had had all of your puppy shots when you really had only one at eight weeks. Because of some twisted fate you got parvo and distemper at the same time and your little body, sadly, couldn't fight both. You were the most loving, sweet, giving little man I ever had the pleasure and honour to have known. Rest in peace, we will always love and remember you!

Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Kalyn, Max, Kirby, Ziggy and Mickey

Annie (Booga) - February 2005, 3 years old

Annie, you were the brightest ray of sunshine that God has ever shone upon us. You were our little 'Gazelle'. You loved to be outside, no matter what the weather was like, as long as you could sniff and run your tail would be wagging. I'm sorry that our time together ended so abruptly. But I know that now you are running free in the great green valleys of the Rainbow Bridge. And I know you're finally safe, because God doesn't send cars to heaven. Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much and miss you more that you will ever know. Your big brother, Stinker, and your daughter, Daisy, miss you every day. After you were cremated, we had your ashes placed in a beautiful wooden box. It sits in our windowsill so you can forever see your backyard, your most favourite place to be. Mommy put a little statue of a dachshund angel on top and left your collar there next to you so you will never get lost. Your death put a hole in so many hearts, and you will forever be remembered by your love for all the things in life. I hope you know that we will meet again someday and I hope to find you prancing your way up to me. You were the best little girl, and the very best Mommy to five perfect little babies. You are forever in our hearts.

CocoaPuff Howard - February 2005, 14 years, 4 months old

Our sweet third dachsie girl! We brought you home as a puppy, on a cold January night, three days after Operation Desert Storm (first Gulf War) started, and your presence made things happier around our home. That first year with us you made our home a "three dachshund" home and we had to get a bigger bed! Your antics as a puppy helped our elderly, paralysed Noodle be more content during her last year of life.

You endured four moves with us, living in three different states, and during some of your last years, you made life much happier for your 'Grandpa Cobb who had Alzheimer's. You loved stuffed squeaky toys your whole life and were quite the 'huntress' extraordinaire! In January of 2005, you stopped eating, and we endured every way possible trying to feed you and get you to eat for the next three weeks. Intestinal lymphoma took all your weight and strength and it was time for you to go to the Bridge. We miss you, Cocoa!

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