Dachsie lovers have big hearts - there is always room for other pets in a house where dachsies reign. This page is for those beloved animals - our special dachsie friends.

This page houses pets whose names begin with the letters Q to Z and thereafter are in date order. If you have bookmarked your pet's location, please adjust your bookmark following this visit.

Remembering Tess

Tess - January 2010, 8 years old

Tess and Frieda, beloved dog of Meredith, the webmaster of this site, went together to the Bridge, so, as an honorary dachshund, Tess is given a special memorial here.

Now you are playing
On the beautiful grass of the sky
With the best toys you've ever had
And pain is a feeble memory,
Disappearing in the mist of time.
My wish is to be there with you
Playing together
With a joy that cannot be found on this earth.
Our hearts are full of you
And you
Will never be forgotten.

Bethan and Marco

So this is where we part...

So this is where we part, My Friend,
And you'll run on, around the bend,
Gone from sight, but not from mind,
New pleasures there you'll surely find.
I'll go on, I'll find the strength,
Life measures quality, not length.
One long embrace before you leave,
Share one last look, before I grieve.
There are others, that much is true,
But they be they, and they aren't you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
Will remember well all you have taught.
Your place I'll hold, you will be missed,
The fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.
And as you journey to your final rest,
Take with you this...I loved you best.

Suzi - May 1986, 8 years old

With loving memories...

strawberry Tuffy - 1992, 14 years

Tuffy was not a dachshund, but because of a rare type of cancer, shared by dachshunds, this dalmatian/pointer cross's owner came to dachsies@riva.com. She loves her dachsy, but misses Tuffy still - he was intuitive and easy to talk to.

Wilson - April 1992, 12 years old

Wilson was a cyote mix that came to us when he was two years old. The man who had him could no longer take care of him. He was mostly wild , but very friendly with me. Most of the time when I called him he came, but sometimes he would look at me like I was stupid and walk off. Finally we had to move to the city, so we rented out our other house and asked the renter if he would mind if Wilson stayed with him. The man was hesitent at first about keeping a cyote mix but he took him anyway. For the rest of Wilson's life he ran wild and free no one could catch him except my mother and me. One day the renter was watching Wilson in the yard when all of the sudden wilson got bitten by a snake. That is what caused his death - if he had just come to the man he would not have died. The man chased Wilson until he could no more. He called us, but by time we got there he was gone. I loved Wilson very very much and I look forward to seeing him again one day.

Tootsie - May 1998, probably 16 years old

I will always think of Tootsie as The Dog Who Came To Dinner. I was supposed to foster a rescue sheltie for a few days, but she was definitely not a sheltie, and she never left. The truth is that I really didn't want her, but eventually she wore me down. Her unrelenting sweetness, her unreserved joy in life, and her unwavering love for every living thing made it impossible not to love her back. She had a prolapsed lens in one eye which was causing her tremendous pain, and she was so crippled with arthritis she could barely walk. But she was such a nice girl that we had the eye removed, I put her on special food and supplements, and in a few weeks she was like a puppy, running and jumping and leaping up to greet me when I came home. She won over every person who ever met her, and even Darren and Roxanne, the two dachshunds who own me, tolerated her. In fact, Darren always tried to eat Tootsie's food (he is a dachshund, after all!) and if I'd let her, Tootsie would have stepped back and given it to him. That's how she was.

Tootsie was as gracious and perfect in her departure from this life as she was at everything. Her last act on earth was to lick my face, and then her one eye closed and her brave little heart stopped. Of all the things I learned from knowing her, I think the most important is how easy it would have been to take her for more walks, more trips to the Off-Leash Dog Park, and more cheeseburgers at McDonald's, while there was still time. These precious, fragile little creatures move so briefly through our lives, vanishing in a moment, that we must cherish every day with them as if there will be no more. So my memorial to Tootsie will be to make a real effort to spend more time doing all the things my furbabies love most. And I hope she looks down from the Bridge and understands that I do it in her honor. She probably will; she always understood everything.

Sleep well, sweet girl. Your Mama loves you.

Shadow - May 1998, 1 year, 9 months old

Tasha - December 1998, 12 years, 1 month old

She was my best friend, one who was there for me whenever I needed her to be. I will never forget you, Natasha, and I will love you forever. Peace be with you, pup, and I will see you again.

Rascal, A.K.A. Rassie - August 1995, 13 years old

I inherited Ras when he was six and his owner died. He was a gorgeous long hair part Main Coon cat. Bru, my dachsie, did not care for him, but NEVER harmed him and Ras was so very close to Bru. When Bru died he cried for two weeks straight. I got another dachsie who just adored Ras. Ras LOVED to torment poor Cas. When Ras died, Cas developed very severe separation anxiety. I miss you Ras. You were a wonderful companion to me and to my dachsies. Wait with Bru and Cas for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sir Wagner of Cockrell - December 1991, 6 months old

You left me way too soon for the beautiful fields surrounding the Rainbow Bridge. You meant so much to me - your selfless love touched me in so many ways. Christmas Day you got sick, putting quite a damper on the holiday festivities. You had been so excited the night before - your first Christmas Eve; I could see how all of the shiny paper and lights made you feel, just from the sparkle in your eyes. When you acted lethargic on Christmas morning, I hoped you were just tired, that it was something that would pass. You died the next day. I still grieve for you my little friend. I still have your little sweater that my mom made for you - it was bright orange so that you would be safe while you were outside. We could always tell where you were... I'll tell you what - I'll try to bring it with me when we cross the Bridge someday... together. I love you Wagner.

Spiker Jones Smith - February 1999, 12 years old

Homeless Spike was given a home in a tractor repair shop. Shortly thereafter we brought him home to our house to live with two doxies. They both loved him dearly - we all did - sweetest dog that ever lived. Loved everyone - and everyone loved him.

pinkrose.gif 2.5 K Tubbs - October 1999, 14 years old

Tubbs was a sweet keeshond I had from birth. She shared some of her life with her dachsie friend, Missy. They loved to run and play and get into four times as much mischief as either one could individually. Missy misses her friend and playmate. I miss my sweet baby. She has gone to be with her father, Brutus; mother, Sweet Pea; and brother Choppie at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sheila - May 1999, 2 months old

My sweet littel Sheila passed on the day before my birthday.Three days before my birthday Mom said I could go get a puppy from the Mobile city pound, but I said I wanted to go to the county pound (the worst pound I have ever been to!) so we went there and I saw the worst thing - two-week-old puppies left to die in crates. The one that really hurt me was this little thin scrawny dalmaton puppy alone outside with a dead puppy by her! There was no water, no food, no shelter! I was so sad - at least the other dog was inside. She was not and it was 87 degree! So I took her and she semed ok - just thin.We took her to the park the day I got her and the next day to the beach she was fine,the next day I found her on the floor she could not move. So we took her to the vet and got the bad news - she had parvo that she had had it for a week and was too young and too far gone to be helped. So I held her for the last time and then just like that she was gone.

Simba the Lion King - August 2000, 3 years old

I am sorry I wished and prayed for the new house out in the country, that we live in today, because if I hadn't you, Cocoa, Gidget, and Scoodles would all still be alive to this very day. You sounded so sad when we left our house in the city, it was like we took you away from all the things and places you were familar with and put you in a totally different home. Like taking an Arctic owl and putting it in the desert - you know in your heart it won't surrvive and you feel guilty for putting it there for the rest of your life. I knew the way you slept on top of the house and cryed out during the day that you were miserable and I feel soooo guilty for putting you through all that. When I was a little girl, Mema and Grandad had a kitty named Chet, and I loved him soooo much. Then one day Mema and Grandad went on vacation and when they came back they found him dead in the bathroom. I bawled, and I prayed to the Lord that he would send me a kitty just like him and three years later he gave me you. You were under my Grandma's barn and you wouldn't come to my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or my brother, but when I got on my hands and knees and called, you came running to me. And I loved you instantly! I will NEVER forget that day or you and I again appologise for wishing and praying for that house out in the country. I love you.
Love, Sissy

Save' - September 2000, 12 years old

Save' we will miss you but you have gone to the bridge with Brandie and Annie, to wait ... But you have no pain so run and play ... and don't try to carry Annie around ... she has Brandie there to help her out.

Scoodles - July 2001, about 5 years old

I love you soooo much! You were the PERFECT doggy friend for Gidget. How you loved it so when I would scratch your back because you looked so puthetic trying to do it by yourself. I am so sorry about the car accident. If I could wind back time I would change the past. You wil NEVER be able to be replaced, even if I made a clone of you it wouldn't be the same. We miss and love you and Gidget both. Please forgive me.

Love Sissy

Sara - Christmas Day 2001, 11 years, 6 months old

Sara was Gypsy's 'adopted' daughter. Sara was a 'rescue' of sorts as her natural mom was killing her puppies. Sara shared my life for 11.5 years, but a heart murmur took her on Christmas Day, 2001, before her time. Sara, you will always be in my heart, memories, and I wll always love you and miss you! I know you love me and miss me just as much!


Snorre - June 2002, 2 years, 6 months old

Snorre was my first pet in Australia. She was so small and tiny at first but grew into a very large beautiful cat. She had a beautiful personality and had the ability to win people over who did not even like cats. She could tell you in her own way what she wanted and was a people cat, loved to sit on your lap and purr. I always said she was my porcelain cat because she could strike a pose and sit their just very still for ages. I miss her so much and wish she could be back in my arms. She died after being run over by a car, being a cat that never went out of the yard makes it more difficult to accept. Snorre (Katryn), I love you and I will miss you always, my darling porcelain cat. love Mum

Rodny - August 2002, 3 years old

Rodny was a wonderful bird. I loved him so much, in a few days he would do anything you wanted him to. He lived only three weeks after we got him, but it felt like I had had him all my life. I was veary sad when he died.

Sniffy - April 2003, 15 years old

Well guys, this is Sniffy looking down from the Rainbow Bridge, and I must say it is very nice here. I can run and play with all the other friends I have made up here, but I miss you two terribly. I am not in pain any more and running does not hurt my legs, - one nice thing about being here. Even though we had a very short time together I do love and miss you very much and I will be waiting for you here at the Bridge. Until we meet again. In loving memory your big sister Sniffy.

Red Hat and Caldera - April 2004, 2 years old

I just miss my sweet little babies who used to play with Dark Star, my dachshund. My babies where killed when someone broke in to me house. I miss my babies. Bye Bye Red Hat and Caldera.

Sydney Wallace 'Sondog Tussing-Yates - June 2004, 16 years, 7 months old

Sondog, you are our 'weiner beagle'. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love you. Your four white paws and beautiful brown eyes will be sorely missed. Thank you for the sixteen years we spent together and all the bays, howls, barks, calls, tattles, adventures and misadventures. I have always loved you for your unending stubbornness and refusal to become a dachshund. You will always live forever in my heart. I will always picture you (as spirited, strong and ready for anything...the way I remember you from puppyhood 'til those last days and hours of your life) every day sitting, standing or lying by my side wherever I may be. Kissing that white spot on your nose and telling you just how much I love you as you might remember me many days of your life.

Sammy - June 2004, 6 months old

My li'l Sam was sadly taken away from me by another dog, a bigger dog, who was jealous of this little miracle that I held close to my heart. Somehow I feel it's my fault - that she wouldn't have been attacked if I had just waked up when I heard a little growl. Then she was gone - just like that. She was in her prime at six months. She was the most independant dog I had ever seen. Sam, remember I love you. I'm sorry you were taken away from me that awful day. You will always be in my heart and never forgotten. Love, Brady P.S. you were the best friend I had.

Tiffy - July 2004, about 10 years old

Tiffy was a very special girl. She was the only dog that gave me true hugs and only ever wanted affection in return. We rescued her from a shelter only two-and-a-half years ago, but she came into our family and was so gentle and loving, that she just opened all our hearts. She had been very badly abused by her former owners, but we brought her back. Even though she was with us such a short time , I'll never have another pet that has meant so much to me and our family including our dachsie, Sam. Tiffy was just that caring. She will always be remembered.

She had a long struggle with heartworms, which she had before she came into our lives. Just this infection of her heart was too much for her - her heart was big in many more ways . She gave us her all and that's all anyone can ask for in a beloved pet. She was truly special, and I hope that by having her put down we did the best thing possible for her. In the end she was not able to stand any more treatments, so we had to make the very hard choice to save her from any more suffering. She will be dearly missed.


Sherman Shepard - December 2004, 8 years, 8 months old

As big as you were you thought you were a doxie and a lap dog. When I got you as a puppy, you were so sick.The vet sent Kim and Lisa out of the room and told me you were going to die. I stayed up almost round the clock for two weeks feeding you boiled chicken and rice. You lived and boy, was that vet shocked. He said only love saved that dog and I believe you lived 'cause you loved me. The day before you died, you stared me straight into my eyes for over two minutes and I thought how strange - he seems to be looking into my soul. I patted your head, told you I loved you and you were a good boy, but I never thought you were saying goodbye. 'Till we meet at the Bridge and I can hug you again, watch over Rafiki and Grampa. I love you Sherman Shepard, you'll be in my heart till we meet again.

Smokey - June 2006, 1 years, 2 months old

Dear Smokey,

You have touched our lives immensely since the day I found you abandoned in the street. You were such a tiny ball of grey and white fur. I hated to see you suffer and although I miss you I am glad you are not suffering anymore. You were fine one minute and the next you were gone. I thank God that your suffering was brief. Seane, Brian, Tom, Trouble, Scarlet, Sassy and I will miss you terribly. Wait for us there with our Delaina. We will meet again one day.

Love Debra and the McCullar Family

Rocket -March 2008, 12 years old

Rocket was kind, gentle, brave, patient, loving, loveable and loved. She became ill very suddenly and I knew I had to let her go. She had lived with us for five years and was a surrogate mum to several dachshunds (past and present) and two cats. She will join Maxl, Widget and Reuben, all of whom have entries on the Dachshund Memorial Site.

She was such a good dog, losing her has been horrible. I don't know what we will do without her.

Sleep well Rocket, we all miss you so much.

Love Mum, Gus, Rosie, Rio, Louie, Cobweb and Sparkle xxx

Scarlett O'Hair All Over - March 2011, 20 to 21 years old

My sweet Princess SweetPea,

Thank you for being my dearest friend for so long. Waking up, my feet reach for the warmth of your loving body.

We think we hear you walking about. We all miss you so much. So very much.

Give love to all at the Bridge and know that we are safe and loving you ... always and forever.

Maggie, Charles and Chuck

Shelby (Lou) Gillette - July 2011, 12 years, 11 months old

Shelby was born on 22 July 1998. She was a handful as a puppy - I always referred to her as my 'opportunity', as she was always into something. Over the years she grew into a very loving and loyal friend. She is no longer in pain and can run through the meadows at the Rainbow Bridge with her little brother, Hummer. RIP Shelby, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tyberius (Tybo) Hackney - January 2013, 13 years, 17 days old

On 28 January 2013, we lost the sweetest, most loving and gentle boy we have ever known. Tyberius, or Tybo as he was usually called, finally succumbed to the cancer that was destroying his jaw and skull. He now runs free at the Rainbow Bridge with his brothers Pepper (a terrier mix), My Hamlet (a mini dachshund), and Carrington (a boston terrier). His other brothers and sisters (Sassy, his litter mate), Sampson and Delilah (my mini dachshund brother and sister), Lilly (a Boston terrier), and Oreo (our rescue chi mix) continue to look for him and really miss him. He was especially loved by his daddy, Ronnie, as Tybo was his birthday present from our daughter, Jennifer, in 2000, and he had been Ronnie's faithful companion for the last 13 years. We will all miss his big sad eyes, his wagging tail, his chasing fireworks, his friendly barks and even his continual licking. He never met a dog or a person that he didn't like. He was friendly, loving, and so gentle to everyone, especially to Sampson and Delilah when we brought them home at age 12 weeks in 2003, and Oreo when we rescued him in 2010. We will miss him so very much.

Love and kisses to our big boy,
Dad, Mom, Jennifer, Sassy, Sampson, Delilah, Lilly and Oreo.

Rosemary for remembrance...
Pansies for heart's ease.

Teddy Barnett - June 2015, 16 years, 3 months old

Our Teddy, who came to us via Bichon Rescue, honoured our family with his joyful presence for 14 years. He was a devoted companion and loved nothing better than to cuddle up on the couch in his human Dad's study to guard him while he worked. Life without this little tyke is empty, indeed.

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