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Dachsie lovers have big hearts - there is always room for other pets in a house where dachsies reign. This page is for those beloved animals - our special dachsie friends.

This page houses pets whose names begin with the letters L to P and thereafter are in date order. If you have bookmarked your pet's location, please adjust your bookmark following this visit.

Muffin - November 1994, 18 years old

Muffin was a tough female Cleveland cat, who allowed me to take her home. She was patient with me when I brought Izzy-cat to come live with us, and she gave up her lapspace to the new kitten. Muffin wasn't too sure about doxie-Tabatha, but tolerated her. Tabby and Izzy both went to the Bridge before Muffin, and they waited for her. Muffin didn't want to go - she fought for life, and I supported her for as long as I could. I know you come visit, Muffin, and I am glad you are happy now, and healthy.You taught me patience, and how to survive. Thank you. Love, Mom

Pearl Menk - October 1996, 13 years old

Our beloved Pearl's long journey to the Bridge is now complete. Jon and I held her as Dr. Stiles gently helped her make her transition--under the oak trees beside his clinic, beside the pasture filled with the delightful smells of horses and goats and emus and turkeys. It was a peaceful, beautiful moment. She ended her life with us as she began it and as she lived it: with courage and dignity and a smile on her face. Thank you all for helping us keep this vigil, for all the many prayers and words of support you've given us during her illness.

Natasha Lynn - December 1997, One year, 10 months old

I'll never forget the day I first held you in my arms. You fit so perfectly I knew that I had to take you home and care for you the rest of your life. If I only knew how short your life was going to be! You and your two little siblings always kept us on our toes, and now, even though your dachsie friends carry on, it will never be quite the same. I miss your smiles, your understanding, and the way I could tell you anything that was bothering me, and you had the power to make it all better somehow. Natasha, you affected our lives and so many others lives in so many ways, and even though it devastated me to see you go before your time, I am eternally grateful, as we all are, for the short time that we were able to spend with you. A piece of me went with you that fateful day that you passed away, and you will always have it, until the time comes that I join you and we travel the rest of that Bridge together. I love you.

Libby - December 1997, age not known

Libby was a special dachshund friend for a very interesting reason. She was a cocker spaniel that I rescued from the shelter a year and a half before her kidney failure and walk to the Bridge. She loved my five-year-old son tremendously and when we had her put to sleep I was very concerned for my son's well being - he was so upset. Eventually, he recovered as we all seem to do in on way or another. In February of the following year I decided to see about dachshunds. I had never had one before, but really wanted a lap dog. I went to a breeder and really liked the little long haired male. He was adorable. Unfortuantely, there was this 'pesky' black-and-tan female that kept climbing in my lap and kissing me. Well, needless to say, she won. When I paid the breeder and she handed me the papers of my new puppy her birthdate was 23 December 1997. I guess Libby sent her to us to ease our pain. We will always love you Libby. Thanks for giving us Lola!!!

Molly Merritt - February 1998, 13 years old

Molly came into our home when she was eight weeks old. She fit into the palm of my son's hand. This precious girl grew to 85 pounds. She was the most loving dog you could ever know and a faithful companion and friend. Molly had a massive heart attack at the age of 13. She very quickly crossed over to The Rainbow Bridge where she is waiting and watching for Jim and me and the seven dachshunds to join her. She is happy I know running and playing in a perfect place where she is free of pain. We miss you Molly and we will always love you!

Mama, Papa and the dachshunds - Peanut, Suzette, Heidi, Penny, Petey, Obi, and Annie

Miss Millie - November 1998, about 7 years old

Miss Millie finally lost her battle with the dreadful disease that had been slowly destroying her body for so long. She looked at me with those lovely eyes, once so bright and sparkling, and as much as said, 'Mama, I really don't want to do this any more'. No matter how hard we had all tried, finally there had been nothing more to try, and I had no choice but to respect her wishes. When we laid her on the table at the vet's, she didn't even try to lift her head, and I realised that, as always, she had been wiser than I about what had to be done. I held her beautiful, ravaged little face in my hands, looked into those incredible eyes, and told her how much I loved her and would always love her. Dr Deb gave her passage to the Bridge, and she went very quickly.

Even with seven other dogs, my house now seems empty without her, almost as if the heart has gone out of everything. I can still feel her delicate kisses on my face, and her warm softness in my arms or snuggled up against me, sound asleep. I remember her running circles around me, biting my feet and jumping up and down with excitement because we were Going Somewhere. I remember her barking at me to hurry up, her front feet coming off the ground with each joyous woof, her tail wagging so hard that her whole bottom wiggled. I remember taking her along whenever we had to go to the vet, and her racing around the corner to the front desk where she would skid to a stop, pose like a little show dog, turn her most earnest and charming expression full blast on the staff, and beg (always successfully) for cookies. Most of all I remember her as my trusty co-pilot, perched happily in the passenger seat, so interested in wherever we were going and whatever we were going to do when we got there, and so entirely pleased with herself that she got to be a part of the adventure. She was my own little sunshine, the most perfect and loving companion imaginable, and I took her everywhere and it was always more fun simply because she came along.

When Miss Millie first came to us she was in terrible shape, horribly neglected and understandably suspicious of people. Even then she had the most indomitable spirit I have ever encountered, and a remarkable dignity that belied her tiny size but perfectly reflected her beautiful soul. It was a joy to watch her heal in both body and spirit, and grow into the marvelous little creature she became. It was my very great privilege to share nearly three wonderful years with her, and I thank God for every hour of every one of those years. I know how happy she was and what joy she brought to me, and I believe that she knew full well how much I loved her and that she loved me as much in return. Go with God, my precious angel. YouČll always be your Mama's girl.

Lucy Bell Craig - October 1998, 12 years, 6 months old

Dear Lucy, how I miss your smiling face. You were given to me when you were nine months old. I remember that every time I went near you, you were terrified and wet yourself. Time, love, and patience, however, removed that fear bringing forth love, devotion and total commitment. Your fierce protection of Edmond (my son) was always evident - remember how you used to get upset when he was playing games with his friends or if anyone came too near him? He was your child and everyone knew it. Your patience, Lucy, with all our other pets - Sebastian, Ruby, Ricky, Coco - was unfathomable. Your heart, Lucy, was as big as football, encased with love and compassion. Lucy, I can't wait 'till I see you again, along with Ricky1, Ruby, and Sebastian. I know you are looking after and watching over them like you use to when you were on this earth. 'Till we meet again, Big Girl - keep smiling Darling.

Miss Louise Puderman - November 1998, 14 years old

Miss Louise Puderman was a Grande Dame of Dogs - so graceful and gracious with incredibly soulful eyes and a tremendously abiding spirit that gave to children and adults in equal measure. Everyone loved Lousie-y, or Wheezer for short. She loved to romp and smell things, loved foods and loved her daddy, Mike. For me she was a mother spirit who always accepted and loved me. I will miss her forever.

Percy - August 2000, 13 years old

Percy, our HAPPY BOY who loved everybody and could never resist stealing a morsel! You were our one and only dog yet you were kind enough to let Peter Sausage, our 'foundling' dachshund, be your little brother. You also shared your home with dachsies to follow: Schubert, Hummel, Otto and stray dogs: Scadoo and Pierre. Rest In Peace our Happy Boy. You are now a star in the heavens. Love always, Vicky, Cathy, Diana

Meka - November 2000, 18 years old

Meka, Mom and I miss you dearly. We will never forget the special times we have spent together. Kassey is with you now - please take care of her until we meet you both at the Bridge.
Love always, Mom and Skye

Puppy Tram - December 2000, 16 years, 7 months old

Puppy was an energetic little guy. Despite a bad back, that at one point of his life made him unable to walk on all four legs, he made himself better. With the help of some mediciation, God, and his buddy Pepper around, within six months Puppy was up and walking on all four legs again. He truly was a miracle dog. Pup was a fighter 'till the end, and died due to kidney failure. We all loved him and miss him.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, JP, Stephanie and Chynna

Pepper Hackney - December 2000, 15 years old

Pepper, a loving, gentle soul, you are greatly missed by me and your little dachsie brother, Hamlet (the nose). One day we will all be together again at the Rainbow Bridge. For now I hope you are running free, no longer in pain. I will love you forever. You will always be my no. 1 boy, my special friend, my furry soulmate.

Love, Mom, Love, Hamlet

Miranda - April 2001, 12 years, 3 months old

Miranda was the sweetest golden retriever to grace this earth. She was a birthday gift to my sister who was petrified of dogs! She turned my sister into the biggest dog lover in the world. I have always had doxies. My sister even used to be afraid of them. Mrianda was always happy to play with my dogs and probably even loved them! The most important thing is that she caused my sister to actually enjoy being with my doxies. Thank you, Miranda. Look for Willie and Pretzl when you arrive at the Bridge. All our love forever.

Midnight - April 2001, 16 years old

Midnight was my first dog. I got him when I was seven. I'm 23 now. he was very special and when I moved out, I made sure to visit him often. After I got my first doxie, we went to visit. Mortimer is like a short, long version of Middy. being an old man, Midnight would rest all day, but Mortimer went up to him and got him to play again. It made me smile when he would chase her through the yard with a big grin on his face that had turned from black to gray. She even slowed down for him.
He was helped to the Bridge by my father because he had been sick and suffering. Midnight is at the Bridge now waiting for my family to join him. I'll miss you, Middy.
love, Stacey

Ley - February 2002, 3 years old

Ley spent her days with mini dachshunds, great giant feet so gentle, and would lie down for the dachsies to wash and care for her. She died from post-operative complications of bloat, far too young, far too early.

We all miss her the dachsies are looking for her.

Never forgotten.

Pugsley - February 2002, 3 years, 4 months old

He's our loving little friend
We will keep him in our hearts
Until the very end.
He touched us with his love
And his cute and charming looks,
His life was shortened
But his love and spirit live on.
There will always be
A place in our heart for him.
He died because he loved.
We will always remember him

Love to you always, Pugsley, from your loving family, Keith, Valerie, Josh and Kara

Oreo - April 2002, 2 years old

Hey, I miss you. You were my first real pet. You could be loose around the house (as long as the dogs were not in the house). You made me happy when I was sad. I remember how you were never afraid of Cheyenne. She was your dachsie friend, and she misses you very much.

When I came home from school that day, my heart was hurt as I looked under the porch and saw you lying there lifeless, with Cheyenne right by your side. She licked you and nudged you and whined. She loved you and it made me so sad to look at her and see how hurt she was. That dog wouldn't leave your side - I had to crawl under the porch and drag her out. I know that Stormie tipped your cage, and I'm angry at her, but I have to still love her. I don't think I'll ever have another rabbit. It would hurt too much. Well, I got to go. I'll see you in heaven. I just lost Shotzie a month and a half ago, so this hurts worse than it should. You both are buried next to each other,so now you won't be lonely.

Love, Megan (Your Mommy) and Cheyenne (your best dachsie friend)
PS: Mom, Dad, Jordan and all of my friends miss you, too. Be good. See you soon. Please stay close to Shotzie - I'll be there to get you both someday...

Midnight - August 2002, 16 years old

In memory of our child, Midnight, who left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge in August of 02. Midnight gave us 16 and a half years of adoring love and devotion. She was the matriarch of our home, and guided the others to do as she did. She was the love of our lives, the light of our lives. She gave us her love , her devotion, and for this reason there is such a hole in our family where she was. She can never be replaced, but we continue to love and miss her everyday. Her doxie brother grieves for her, too. Thank you, Midnight, for being our watchdog at the salvage yard as a youngster - every day while we were there, she watched over us and protected us, and at night was the first in the car to go home and the first in the car in the morning to go to work. Thank you for the joy you brought into our lives, you will never be forgotten ever, we miss you and love your my dearest Midnight

Love Mama & Daddy.

Peppe - November 2002, 15 years old

I still reminisce about Peppe. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him and long for the amazing things he did, and I let my tears flow freely, but the pain does not go away. I rescued him when he was five years old and I'm so grateful that at least I got to spend 10 years with him. I love you, Peppe! Until we meet again my Friend.

Henry's Baby KW - Lugnut - January 2003, 10 years old

I have had the hardest time trying to deal with our loss of you. I bet Little Lugnut I has already began showing you the ins and outs of Rainbow Bridge! And Grandpa Shaggy, is running circles again! You didn't have much time to enjoy Lugnut II and Sissi's little darlings. They didn't know what it was like to have such a fine uncle like you! And you remember Cousin Betty, well, she got kicked out of her home, and of course, I opened up my heart, and gave her a special place to live. This is what is hurting me. You know deep down Momma and Daddy miss you an awful lot. It just hasn't been the same and it never will be the same again! For you have travelled many, many miles with the us (Mom and Dad) on the truck. You have actually run all 47 States, and left your impression on many, many people. I miss playing with yours ears, like I did. We bought a house away from the highway, that took you away from us. Your Daddy and I have such a hard time, dealing with the loss of you. You are forever in our hearts, and will always be in our lives in one way or another. You were named after the Kenworth Truck we drove, that carried us so many, many places. We love you! Momma, Daddy, Grandma, Mike, Lugnut II, Missi, Sissi, Cousin Betty, Digger, and Dinki.

Lady Bug - February 2003, 10 years old

To our dearest Lady Bug -
It has only been 11 days now since we lost you. Things are just not the same. Mitzi and Oscar miss you so. But Lizy feels your spirit in them. We often feel your presence...see you lying on the bed or stretched out in the hallway. I have even heard you bark! We visit your resting place matter how cold it has been out. Daddy more than anyone has a huge whole in his heart. Saying goodbye to you was one of the worst things he ever had to do. We will never forgot you, Lady. And someday...we will see you again. Until then....remember...we love you! Rest in peace, Sweetheart.

Mom, Dad, Lizy, Mitzi and Oscar

Minnie Mouse - July 2003, 2 years old

Minne Mouse was a loving hamster. She was one of a kind. It is a sin that she had to leave us but she went to a better place. Although this is such a small pet she was a lving one who loved running in her ball and being held. She loved kids and never bit anyone. The first day she was bought she was perfect. IN MEMORY OF MINNE MOUSE. WE WILL MISS YOU

Maggie 'Magnum' Smith - May 2004, 15 years old

We found Magnum at a tractor dealership...they named her after a Case tractor. We called her Maggie and she joined a home with two doxies and a beagle mix. She was the last of the rat pack. After she lost all her mates we rescued Barkley through the Indiana DRNA. Maggie was unable to keep food down so me made the decision to unite her with the rat pack at the Rainbow Bridge. Sissy girl now is running and jumping with Spike, Dudley and Muffie. We love you and miss you.

Peaches - September 2004, 17 years

Peanut - September 2004, 12 years old

Peanut, if I could have saved you from the infection I would have. I tried. Play with the other pups, but keep an eye out for me and for Zeek (and Jelly Bean the cat) so you can meet us at the Bridge. I hope you are enjoying both eyes now and can finally see and run and play. Remember that I love you and I see you in my dreams. I didn't have you long enough here in this life. Love, Mom

Molly - June 2007, 3 years, 2 months old

Molly, Molly-Bug, Pooter-Pooter, Bathroom-Buddy, Little Baby Munchkin. The only thing you had more of than nicknames was personalities...and love from your momma, 'Mr Mark', Layne and Chloe and Bella Mia, your two sisters. Your momma got the message yesterday morning from Animal Control. They just said they were calling about you, but didn't specifically say what for. We just assumed you were being your usual, independent self and they'd finally picked you up for getting into mischief like you seemed to enjoy doing. We never dreamed, or maybe we just didn't want to acknowledge, the possibility that turned out to be reality. When your momma found out, she called me at work. Understandably, she was distraught and heartbroken, as was I when I'd heard you'd been hit by a car and had unexpectedly gone to the Rainbow Bridge so early in your life. I rushed home to be there for your momma...but also so your momma could be there for me.

You came into your momma's life a year or so before I did by sneaking into her apartment one day, which you probably somehow knew didn't allow pets. It didn't take long, though, for your momma to decide she would go ahead and keep you anyway. Then later, when your momma moved the two of you in with me and Chloe, you pretty well got me wrapped around your little paw in record time, as well - ironic in both cases given that before you, neither your momma nor I ever thought we were cat people. It took you awhile to get used to sharing the digs with your big sister Chloe, and of course you allotted your share of hisses and paw swats at her along the way, but eventually the two of you hit it off very well. Then when we brought home your younger sister Bella, it started all over again; but as expected, it wasn't long before all three of you were frolicking together in the backyard. When your momma and I came home visibly upset yesterday, I think Chloe immediately knew something was wrong, though I'm not sure either she or Bella could fully comprehend what it was immediately. Then today after I did the usual morning ritual of putting Chloe in her pen, which up until two days ago always left only you for Bella to play with, Bella went over to look for you, but you weren't there, having already gone to the Bridge. It's almost mind-boggling to consider that you were almost always in one of only three seemingly insignificant places in the house: either curled up napping on top of the dryer (or more specifically, on a stack of clean clothes on top of the dryer), curled up napping on the couch, or as an uninvited (but always welcomed) guest anytime your momma or I went into the bathroom; yet despite this, there is such a HUGE void in our home now, one that can never be filled entirely and only partially by the hundreds of wonderful memories. We were so hoping there would be thousands more.

There's always a debate about whether pets go to heaven or not - some people feel they do, while others feel that heaven is reserved for humans only. Personally, I can't comprehend how it could possibly be heaven in the first place if our best friends aren't able to be with us when we get there. Needless to say, your momma, Layne, Chloe, Bella and I miss you tremendously, we will always remember you, and we will always love you so much. We know we'll all get to see you again at the Bridge and when we do, it will be a happier reunion than any of us can possibly imagine! We love you, Molly-Bug!

Momma, Mr. Mark, Layne, Chloe & Bella Mia

Penny - March 2007, 11 years old

How and why you ended up on a highway all those years ago, we will never know but we hit the jackpot when we took you in. Such a mild mannered dog and the best cuddler. You may have been sick for the last three years but never let it get you down. The weenies miss you and have taken to sleeping in your bed. You are missed by your girls at the vet and they miss your tricks for treats. We miss you dearly and will never forget the time we shared with you. Love and Kisses Miss Pen-Pen. Momma and Daddy

Mr. B - April 2007, 15 years old

My family got Mr. B as a puppy when I was two; he came to use a scared little fellow who soon became part of the family. After many years of misadventures and becoming a dad twice, Mr. B finally decided to retired from his former live and became a house pet. On 6 April 2007, 'Good Friday', my mom and I took Mr. B on his last car ride.

Mattie Oestreich Oberdick - September2008, 5 months old

We miss you our l'il Mattie girl. You brought giggles and smiles to our family. Play hard, l'il one. Your buddy, Cindy Lou, has joined you.

Lucky Moore - May 2009, 14 years old

We adopted Lucky from the pound as a tiny puppy and he was the best dog ever. I always called him the 'dachshund protector' - the doxies sure thought they were big at the fence with 100lb Lucky standing behind them. He was the kindest, most gentle soul; every puppy and kitten I brought home I took right to Lucky and he would mother it for me and help me raise them. He was with us for 14 short years and we miss him terribly.

Perdy Tommis - April 2010, 11 months old

Perdy was a very special kitten as she loved to chase the dogs and pet lambs. She was always bringing us small presents that were still alive and had to be released. She was such a character and had us laughing on a regular bases. She will be sadly missed.

Love from Sarah-Jane Jade and Luke

Moppet Tommis - May 2010, 5 months old

You used to hop and jump around the garden,
So happy and glad, untill you got ill.
So miserable and sad.
We had to put you down, so we say goodbye,
And off you go to the Rainbow Bridge
To wait for someone from our family to come to you.
We hope you have a good time up there.
Farewell Moppet untill next time.

Love from Sarah-Jane, Jade, and Luke. xxxxxx
Poem written by Luke, aged 12

Miss Lottie - October 2010, 11 years old

Today (28 October 2010) my best friend went to be at the Bridge. She was the most loving shih tzu ever to have lived. She knew when I was sad or upset and did her best to cheer me up. For the last few years she had been having health problems. She gave up this morning. I will miss her. She is at rest now and in no more pain. She loved to cuddle and give doggie kisses. Please light a candle for her to light her on her trip.


Merlin - January 2011, 7 years, 6 months old

This is for you Merlin, for taking such good care of your owner even upon her death. I know you meant well when you bit her mother's hand. . .protective and good friend till the end. I hope you and Nancy are happy together in heaven. I know she loved you very much and would have been sad if you did not join her shortly after her passing. . .

Negro - June 2012, about 12 years old

I first took him in on a rainy night of late September, 2003, six years after my Sissi passed away, when he was crying, curled under a tree in front of my neighbours' house, and gave him some warm food. He was a grateful and quiet dog and hurried to greet me and my family when we arrived home. One day he found a way to sneak into our backyard, probably after being chased by some other dog, and from then on, he lived at my house.

I proclaimed him an honourary dachshund - he had that very same look on his face my dachsies, Wursti and Sissi, had had, and even though he didn't have floppy ears, they still made the very same sound whenever he shook his head. He comforted me for almost nine years, six of which he has shared with Blanca, a female Samoyed we took in later and who is still by my side.

Lately Negro had prostate problems and underwent an operation, but then he had an infection and after undergoing another operation, he developed kidney failure and was under treatment for several days. The last few days he had stabilised but was still weak. Yesterday when I went to visit him at the clinic, he stood up on all four legs one last time, and shook his head one last time for me making that sound with his ears before sitting and then lying down. Then this morning, a few minutes before I was going to go visit him again, I got a phone call telling me he had passed away in his sleep a little earlier. When I arrived I found him still curled up, just like that day when I found him under that tree. I just finished burying him in my backyard a few minutes ago (Sissi and Wursti are buried in the front garden), and I'm still crying as I type this . . .

Lord Percival McNair - April 2012, 8 years old

Percy was a special orange tabby rescued as a kitten and raised with his doxie brother, Reggie. Percy believed he was a doxie with special cat powers. LOL!

Pierre aka Pon Pon - December 2014, about 16 years old

Dear Pierre aka Pon Pon, we found you on the street over 15 years ago! How sad you were. You were so happy to find a forever home and you became the most naughty, lovable pest! I will always think of you when I play my soprano recorder that has your teeth marks permanently etched on it! I loved listening to your hound dog baying. It was music to my ears. You loved stealing my spot on the bed, naps on the sofa, chewy bones, runs in the yard and FOOD! Even when arthritis slowed you down, it did not keep you down. Eventually though, time did take its toll on you and it was time to say goodbye. May your final journey be free of the dreaded thunderstorms until you reach the Rainbow Bridge where you will meet up with your old buddies from the Doxiepon Gang - Percy, Schubert, Hummel, Hildegard von Bingo, Otto and Lulu. Run free and play again, our dear little friend, until we meet again. Your Moms, Vicky, Diana and Cathy, and Auntie Chris and Godmum Cori.

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