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Dachsie lovers have big hearts - there is always room for other pets in a house where dachsies reign. This page is for those beloved animals - our special dachsie friends.

This page houses pets whose names begin with the letters A to K and thereafter are in date order. If you have bookmarked your pet's location, please adjust your bookmark following this visit.

My Chad - December 2011, about 10 years old

Chad was the first of two dogs to join the sponsor dog scheme for the Harefield, UK, branch of the Dogs Trust - the organisation from which comes the wonderful slogan 'a dog is for life, not just for Christmas'. The Trust was founded in 1981 and is the largest dog charity in the UK. Best of all, even dogs that can't be rehomed are not euthanised - they are cared for in centres around the UK.

I adopted Chad as a sponsor dog a few years ago in memory of several dogs belonging to friends that had recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The Trust does a wonderful job of making sponsors feel like they really belong to their dogs and I have enjoyed Chad's letters and cards very much.

Should you want to sponsor a dog, or read more about this wonderful organisaiton, go here: Dogs Trust.

I received a beautifully and thoughtfully written letter today informing me that Chad had gone to the Bridge. The staff takes enormous and sensitive care with their sponsors, and I am just as sad as if one of my own dogs had left us.

So to Chad - never in my home, but always in my heart.

Izzy - March 1994, 11 years old

Izzy was the prettiest grey tabby stray kitten, when she found me. She danced all over the house and into my heart, so I named her after Isadora Duncan. She was/is a sweetie who took over the household, quietly, and with love. I still miss her, but know she is very happy to be where she is. She prepared the way for Tabatha and Muffin. I know she greeted themwhen they arrived at the Bridge. Thank you Izzy for your love and patience, Mom

George Washington Sparrow - September 1995, 8 years old

Bubba - 1995 5 years old

In loving memory of Bubba: we will always miss and love you forever.

football Bo Menk - November 1996, 13 years

Bo came into my life in 1985 as a rescue dog, though I'm not sure who rescued whom. I don't know what breed he was: he looked like an overgrown GSD wearing a thick fur coat. He was my best friend, my protector, my confidante--an angel in a furry coat. Bo is still watching over me from the Bridge until we can meet again. He's the one carrying a football in his mouth, ready for a game of catch.

flowerDutchess - November 1996, 10 years old

Known as Auntie Dutchess to her adopted dachsie family and loved by all. When Dutchess was around it was a good idea to carry a towel because when she shook those baggy lips it was shower time!

Bramble - December 1996, 11 years, 5 months old

Bramble was a beautiful gentle black labrador who was best friend to Daisy dachshund since we got them both as puppies in the summer of 1985. Although much bigger than Daisy, Bramble was happy to let the dachsie rule the roost, as is the usual form! Bramble was a clever, loving gorgeous pet and companion to her little friend. She tragically went to the Bridge on Christmas Eve, less than one week after being diagnosed with cancer. We all love and miss our very special dachsie pal. She and Daisy will be playing together again and waiting for us.
The Bell Family Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Kaye - July 1997, 6 years old

We rescued Kaye in September and then adopted Wille several months later. There was an instant bond between these two. We miss them very much.

Jesse - October 1997, 15 years old

I miss you, Jess, you filled my life with love and happiness. I will always remember the specialness of you and the things you did to enhance the quality of my life.

So shy as a puppy that I had to work hard to gain your confidence, but once I had it, it lasted for- ever. You never doubted me or decisions concerning our lives together.

You used to 'get me' with those little front teeth to get my attention so I'd know you wanted to play. Remember our foraging trips through the apple orchards around Sontheim, Germany? You used to find a good apple and chew on it till we were ready to move on, then you'd pick a fresh one to carry with you. Just in case there wouldn't be any more, I guess. Remember all the journeys through the vineyards and down along the river? You really loved all that running alongside my bike. You had such muscles and I always tired out before you. Remember our drive from here, in Virginia, to Oklahoma to see Jen, just the two of us. And all the stops at nice rest stops and the running and chasing each other that we did. And you had the whole back of the Explorer, but preferred to have your head resting under my arm on the armrest? Then there were all the evenings when you lay on the floor, keeping my feet warm while I read or worked on the computer. You were always so patient with me.

I miss you, Jess, and I fervently hope and pray that you are at this Bridge I keep hearing about. Be soft on the little dogs. Remember, you are bigger and you shouldn't hit them with your feet. And rest. I believe you are pain free now and able to do all that you wish.

Please wait for me. Play with all the other friends of those still here. I can't bear the thought that we will never be together again.

I miss you, and will love you all of my days.


Buttons - August 1998, 12 years, 1 month old

My sweet little Buttons was my dearest friend for so long. She was always there to share the good times and comfort me through the bad times. Part of me died with her. Buttons, you be a good girl and Mommy will meet you someday. I love you so much.

Jordan (Jo-Jo) - February 1999, 10 years, 5 months old

Jo-Jo, you will be missed and loved forever. Max is doing pretty well but I can tell he still misses you a lot. He was very depressed in the beginning and we were afraid we might lose him too, but after a while he decided it wasn't too bad being an only pet - now he gets to go everywhere with us. I would still bet he would rather have you here with him. Jordan, miss you and love you as long as we all breathe.

Mom, Dad and Max

Eddie (Adastars First Edition) - May 1999, 17 years, 4 months old

To the best friend that I have ever had. I will love and miss you always. I will remember all of the great times and all the joy that you have given to me. But most of all, I will remember your love that you gave me.

I will see you again, and then we will both play and enjoy ourselves like we did when we were young. We will cross that Bridge together!!

Julian (a.k.a. BooBoo) - June 1999, 1 years, 4 months old

BooBoo you were so loved. Please don't think that either Robbie or Oscar have replaced you. They are my babies but you will always be my BooBoo. I'm so sorry I could not make you well. I will always miss you. Until we meet again, RIP baby, love Mummy XXX

Dickens - January 2000, 18 years young

It has almost been a year and my heart continues to break. I miss you so much!

Beagle Eunice Tussing - February 2000, 11 years, 6 months old

Beagle Eunice it was you who brought us together and you who saw this little family through so many changes. You were our first, but certainly not our you have so unselfishly shared your home with your brother and sisters, Brownie, Soo, Sibble and SonDog. Thank you for always being there and for so many amazing and very happy memories. You have always made the craziest party conversation where ever we have been. You made us and countless others laugh and smile since you were a pup. How could anyone forget a beagle like you? We all miss you so terribly. Your sudden death was such a shock. We know you missed Brownie and know you are with her. Watch over us and please continue to shine your light on us wherever you are. We know you were taken from us 'cos your love and kindness were needed elsewhere in this big wide universe. The two of you, our children, are now together for eternity. Someday we will all be together again. 'Til then, much love, hugs and kisses...Rest in peace our lovechild. We will always love and cherish you.

Your Mama and Daddy, Cindy & David

Crystal - March 2000, 16 years old

This is for Crystal, an honourary daschsie, who was actually a lab. She was a faithful gal that was very loyal to her master and my sons. She was with my ex-huband and my son had to take her to the vet because my former husband was too broken up to do it himself. That is how much she was loved by him. Even though she is not a dachsie, I think she deserves to be with all the puppers there at Rainbow Bridge. She needs a place to be happy and be with all of our other puppers there. I'm glad to know that she is with our Deensey, mini dachsie black/tan, that is with her now. May all of our puppers at Rainbow Bridge be happy, playing, romping through the grass, free from pain, and waiting for us all to come and get them when it is our turn to come pick them up.

Big Kitty - June 2000, 14 years old

Big, you were my precious boy, and I miss you dearly! Rosie and Little Kitty miss you too. Until we meet agin, sweet boy...

Bobi - November 2000, 11 years, 1 months old

Bobi, a standard poodle, loved life and all his dachsie family which he cared for all his life. A better friend, companion and guardian could never be found.

Boone - March 2001, 6 months old

Boone was my special puppy. I am Allie, and my mom and dad and Jared and I loved him very much. He loved my friends' dachshund, Coco, who lived across the street. He used to jump in my bed and sleep with me. I wish he was still together with me. I will see him at the Bridge. We'll be together someday smelling the flowers.

Cocoa - June 2001, 6 years, old

Cocoa I love you and I know even though Gidget barked and bugged you all the time, that she loved you with all her heart, and so did Scoodles. We tried everything we could to make you better, but it just wasn't good enough. We are so sorry.
Love, Sissy

Amy Lou Wallace - December 2001, 19 years old

Amy Lou, you gave us many years of enjoyment, and for that we are thankful. We still have to remind ourselves daily not to prepare your 'special' dinner at 5p.m. You are not there at the gate waiting nor are you at the bottom of the steps looking up for'd tilt your head to one side and try so hard to see through the cataracts. Your dachsie sister and brother (Baby and Clyde) miss you so much. The yard is too big for them to play by themselves! Amy, you were so very special, such a loving dog, kind to all and you especially loved kids. Everyone remembers your sweet disposition. Amy, you only had one litter of puppies - remember when you pushed the puppies out of the doghouse and got in to dry off? Daddy gave you a spanking and that never happened again!! Remember when you jumped through the glass door and landed in the kitchen floor, you desperately wanted to be inside with the kids... dachsie sister Baby would try her best to torment you by biting on your leg and you took it for so long, then you would act so mad and growl and the few times you acted like you were chewing on her we all knew it was all growl and no bite, but you showed her didn't you?

Amy was an Australian shepherd, blue heeler. She joined us when she was four months old and we enjoyed her loving companionship until Christmas eve, 2001. Amy actually died from old age, as she was not sick a day in her life. However, she was ready to travel to the Rainbow Bridge, where she is running, playing and having a wonderful time. We will see you at the Bridge, Amy, some day. We LOVE and MISS you! Dave, Karen, Brandon, Jimmy, Cora, Grama Nan, Grampa Levi and dachsies Baby, Clyde and Cousin Heidi. Heidi crossed to the Bridge on 10 February 2002. You two have a lot to bark about!

Choco Taylor - January 2002, 17 years old

You only spent 10.5 short years with us - but how lucky we were. We went through a lot in that time and you will always be remembered.Our home won't be the same without the destinctive meow of yours. You still have your dignity - and be sure to meet up with your old tabby buddy,Tristan, who was sent to the Bridge two years and one month before you. It was a sad day - the day you left your dachshund friends.

Alix - May 2002, 16 years, 4 months old

Our beloved Alix was one-of-a-kind, a collie-dobie mix raised by her dachshund 'aunties', Mascha and Schnitzel. She was an impulse purchase at our local petstore, a $30 puppy from an accidental breeding. What were we thinking? She was a handful - goofy, smart, willful, spirited and protective. But she was the essence of gentleness and devotion to her human, canine, and feline family,and she became a defining element of our lives for 16 years. The best $30 we ever spent. The memories we have of her are like rare jewels to be lovingly polished and contemplated, and the joy she brought will live in our hearts forever.

Hollander Hobbes - 'Holly' - May 2002, 12 years old

Sweet Holly the collie will forever be missed but never forgotten.

Annie - 'Annie Pannie' - June 2002, 10 years old

My Annie Cat,
My home is so empty since you went to the Bridge to join your sister. You were only 10 and I thought I'd have you for a lot longer. You were always so healthy, and then you got sick so fast. I had such high hopes that you would survive your surgery and come home and be healthy again. But it was not to be. It breaks my heart that you only lived two months after Chloe died. I have my memories of you and your ashes in a wooden urn beside your sister, Chloe. I keep you both on the headboard of the bed, where you always loved to lay and sun. She found you when you were only a few days old, and you always thought she was your mama. After she died, you grieved for her so much. I gave you all the attention I could and you were beginning to feel better, when you got so sick. My precious Annie, I love you so much and miss you every minute of the day. I do take comfort in knowing that you're with Chloe now, like you always were and that she's looking out for you. You will both forever live in my heart and one day I'll be with you again. Both of my precious girls.
We love you always, Mama & Daddy

Buddy (a.k.a. Our Little Gentleman) Werner - October 2002, 13 years old

Our Little Gentleman, do you know how much you are missed? We love and miss you. Take care of Dakota.
Mom and Dad

Boy Wagner - April 2003, 3 years old

Even though you were a pain in the butt we really did love you. It's a shame you had to go the way you did. I wish we could have been able to save you. We just want to let you know that we have a grave out in the yard with a sign on it just for you so we can remember the times we had with you. We miss you deeply and you are still loved. I hope you rest in peace.

Love Always Your Parents,
Brian and Nicole Wagner

Dawson - May 2003, 3 years, 4 months old

Over the rockery, garden slugs glide
While worker ants scurry then scatter to hide
Grasshoppers gnaw on the morning's new grasses
It's been quite a while now but time slowly passes.

Alone in his basket that's fashioned of wicker
He's curled as if sleeping but life doesn't flicker
Wrapped snug in his blanket of quilted blue cotton
He's our special boy and he won't be forgotten.

I cherish this garden, a home for the living
Where time never stops and it still keeps on giving
It holds the most precious of gifts at its hearth
It's his little resting place; my sacred earth.

Jonti Quirk - June 2003, 10 years old

Jonti, you were such a wonderful friend not only to me when I married your beloved Dad but also to both Maxie and Tinker my two little dachsies. You had the biggest heart, the warmest kiss and the most loving, accepting ways. When Maxie had to be put down and we got you another dachsie brother, Casey, you loved him as well. You used to carry him around the garden as he hung on to your tail. Then when Tinker had her stroke and we got another dachsie, Tia, and you loved her unconditionally also. Jonti, you were always only 'five years old' to your Dad. It was my privilege to have known you, my loving boy. Both Dad and I miss you so very much, but I know that Maxie was at the Bridge to meet you, also all your other friends which I never met. Jonti, until we all meet again, you and Maxie stay together and know how very much you are loved and missed. All our love Dad, Mum, Tinker, Casey and Tia

Irene - June 2003, 16 years old (but she always lied about her age)

Irene. Your little ballet steps, your dowager's hump, your wild hairdo, your deafness, and your fake french accent made you the grand dame on our block! You always said it like it was! Even if it meant you were crabby. But your worldliness, and your sweet tail wags were your true signature. You were the funniest, toothless dog I ever had. I miss making your 'Poodle Polenta' out of ground kibble and homemade broth. I miss your wandering next to me in the garden and picking off the really good, ripe tomatoes. Stay close to Betts up there, she knows the really cool dogs. And all the magnolia shaded places for you to sleep, right there next to her.

Indi - June 2003, 14 years old

Indi was my spirit. Her courage throughout her life was a catalyst for me to improve mine, so, in turn, hers would be better. She loved baby pools, kongs and had an inner knowledge that shone through her eyes and in her heart.She also loved squeaky toys and could desqueak them in under 2 minutes.

I will miss you, Indi, and when we meet next I expect buddha kisses and nose nibbles as if we had never been separated.

Love, Mom

Andee our Little Soldier - September 2004, 3 years, 10 months old

We miss you so much Andee. Why you had to leave us from cancer at such a young age God only knows. You are buried with your brothers Dawson and Boofy and we hope mummy's coat and your little Bunny and Teddy are keeping you warm. We kept little Laurie could we part with all your toys you loved so much? Your kisses and gifts and the way you put out your paw to touch us will always be remembered. Everyone loved you; how could they not. You will never be forgotton Andee and you will always be much loved. Sadly missed by your mummys Belinda, Rachael and Crystal and your brothers and sisters Brandon, Samuel, Carmen, Pepper and Junuh. Thankyou for the kisses. xxxxxxxxoooooooo This is a tribute page to Dawson and a website to view our much loved bubbas.

Grandpa - November 2004, age unknown

You lived in a house full of doxies. Now you join Rafiki at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope to see you both there soon. You and Rafiki were both alpha dogs and always fought. I hope you both are behaving and not fighting. I adopted you and your age was unknown - the vet told me you had maybe six months of life left. I was blessed with three-and-a-half years with you. I thank God for sending you into my life.You will never be forgotten.

Forever in my heart, Mom

Kelly Ann Lamell - December 2004, 14 years, 4 months old

Kelly, your life was long and good. The Little Man sure did miss you. You gave him guidance and love. I still cannot believe that I lost you both. You are still together and we feel your presence with us. We love you!

Blade - January 2005, 1 years, 13 days old

Blade, My baby love...mommy misses you so very much and I tried everything I knew to do to save you. Only there was nothing left to do but love you and let you go to the Bridge in my arms.

You had severe brain damage, honey, from your previous owner and by the time you came to me, your mind was destroyed. No medication and no operation could correct the damage this man did to you. But, you brought me joy and love, nonetheless. You were a trial and a light in my life and you introduced me to a magnificent breed of dog that I had never heard of before you came bouncing into my life full of mud and kisses.

Do you remember the first time we met? I remember thinking: "Just what is this Blue Lacy Dog?" You had your hackles up and I just smiled and said, "Hello there, Sweetheart!" You came running to me like we had always been meant to be together. You rolled me over and kissed me as if you would never stop. You had found a light in your darkness.....and I had found you, my Blade and my love!

Please, forgive me for letting you go so soon. Please, Blade, know and always remember that mommy loves you and will never ever forget you! You made me laugh with that little tongue peeking out when you were happy....and THAT is how I will remember you in my heart and mind: happy.

We will meet again one day, my little Blade Love, and we will roll in the grass and mud again and laugh and kiss like we did when we first met. Until then, know that we all miss you and your mommy misses you most of all.

I love you, Blade, and I will never forget you. And I will not forget to come to you with the biggest bag of Chippy-Chips you could ever imigine! Good bye, my Blade. Be happy and at peace!

Dodger - June 2005, 9 years old

Dodger came into my life in August 1996 and left in June 2005. He was surrounded by doxies. He loved to eat more than anything. He never barked, but often howled when it was time to eat. He would howl in frustration when my wire-haired doxie, Annie, would hover over her food dish, not eating anything, but not letting him eat it either! I'll never forget how he got my just-made gingerbread house off the end table! Somehow he managed not to eat the straight pins that held it together. Dodger would sleep in the hallway in front of our room; he's not there anymore and we miss him. RIP Dodger and we'll see you at the Bridge.

Julie and Ed Brown

Panda - June 2005, 1 yea old

He is a black bear hampster.

Batman - September 2005, 13 years, 6 months old

Batman, I miss you so much more than I ever thought I would. My heart is broken. I am so sorry if I took you for granted. You never asked for anything in this world other to love. All you ever wanted was to love us and you didn't care if you had anything else. I hope you were happy and I hope to God you know how much I deeply loved you. We were together for so long and I just figured we would always be together. You were always so happy. I feel such a big hole in my heart now that you are gone. I feel guilty for not giving you more. I miss you deeply and I pray you are pain free now and romping with Misty. I do not know if I believe in god or heaven, but if they exist, I will hope to see you there. Batman, I love you and I miss you. Your Mommy

Cindy - March 2006, 9 years, 9 months old

Cindy - my silly, happy girl - was a retired greyhound racer who shared her home, love and life with little weiners. She was my second failure at 'Foster 101' and I always said that I should not have kept her. I am soooooo very glad that I didn't listen to reason! Our seven years together are a joy to remember. Cindy loved life and anything associated with it: tails were for wagging, toys were for squeaking and life was to lived to the fullest every minute. Cindy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in November 2005 and had her leg amputated. She underwent chemo but sadly, a cure was not to be. Cindy is the bravest dog I have ever known. She went to the Bridge on 29 March where she was met by her dachsie friends Folly and Roscoe. I know that she is now racing with wings and is healed and whole again. Her attitude while fighting cancer will stand as an example to guide me through hard times in the future. Race free - my beautiful brindle girl until we meet again. I love and miss you so . . .

Buttons - June 2006, 18 years old

This is for Buttons - she has lived with us for 18 years - an inside cat - never bothered anyone...always here for us. She was like a mother hen to three of our dachshunds - .when our first dachshund died on 12 December 2002, she grieved for her. So we brought two more dachsunds into our home in January of 2003 and she was like a mother hen to them...we will all miss her.

Ginger - August 2006, 14 years old

Ginger, at 12 weeks of age, weighing only six pounds, hairless and very sick, I rushed you to the vet. After the costly bills you had incurred, I still fell in love with your gentle heart and soul. You were the outcast in the house of doxies, but you learned quickly to play gently with my beloved babies.

The day you arrived at my door we all agreed you could stay, just until you got well, and then we could find a forever home for you. But you had other plans - you were not going anywhere. I will never regret the day we all finally agreed you could stay. You watched over the doxies, keeping the bad kitties away from them. You protected them, and us silly humans, from harm, and you made your way into our hearts. Now, after 14 years of you with us, it is time to say 'bye. But Ginger, I promise it won't be forever. I will find you and all the other sweet babies at the Bridge. Watch over them for me. I will come for you.

Abby - August 2003, 11 years, 6 months old

Carrington Hackney - April 2010, approximately 10 years old

On 18 April 2010, my daughter, Jennifer, lost her beloved rescue furbaby, Carrington. She had him for about three-and-a-half years and loved him dearly. They lived with us for about two-and-a-half years, together with her Boston mix Sassy, my Boston mix Tybo, and my miniature dachshunds, Sampson and Delilah. He was a loving, cuddly special little guy who had overcome abuse and neglect. We hope he is at the Rainbow Bridg, playing with our furry angels Hamlet, a very special dachshund, and Pepper, my furry soulmate, a poodle terrier mix. So long our little CareBear, Snooky and member of the Hackney Pack.

Love from your mom, Jennifer, and the rest of your family - Grandma, Papa, Sassy, Tybo, Sampson and Delilah

Cocoa Murphy - June 2011, 17 years old

Cocoa was such a sweet and loving boy except when it came to the dachshunds in 'his house'. He loved to lie on the edge of the sofa and hang his foot over the side as bait for an unsuspecting Zack or Maddie (both red dachshunds). If the bait were taken, he would bat the culprit rapidly on the head with said paw. You and your dachshund siblings sure loved to ride in the car to the lake. We all miss you.

Daemon (Poozle) Morrell - April 2010, 15 years, 6 months old

Poozle, you were the best companion dog in the world, so gentle and loving, even to MAA, our pet lamb, who you used to tolerate when you were sick. Sadly missed but not forgotten. Now together with Coco, your daughter.

Coco Morrell - July 2013, 11 years, 9 months old

Our much-loved travelling companion and watch dog for 11 years and 9 months. Travelled to: Greenough, Geraldton, Sandstone, Broome, Derby, Wittenoom, Roebourne, Shark Bay and, Burrup Rock Carving site. Our beautiful Puppy no longer in pain. Back with her Mum. We miss you. Resting under her favourite Macadamia trees.

Griffin Tropea - July 2014, 11 years, months old

Griffin is the cat brother to Krypto, I'Chaya, Killian, and Tucker, and Chance Tropea.

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