Gabby XIX Monroe - December 2012, 13 years old

Gabby, my sweet Gabby Girl.We have loved you for 11 years. Remember when you ran in the Weinie Dog Nationals? Your tried so hard. You did great, girl. What happened, Mommie? You were fine last night, then I found you this morning on the kitchen floor. I pray that you just went to sleep. Sweet dreams, girl. We are all going to miss you so much. Now you can finally be the alpha female at the Rainbow Bridge with Hershey. We Love you Gabby! Love Mommy, Daddy, Lili, Riley, Chloe, Michael and Mason. R.I.P.Sweet Girl. 4 June 1999 to 16 December 2012.

Laptop Paradis - December 2012, 4 years old

On this day of 19 December 2012, we must send our sweet boy, Laptop, to the Rainbow Bridge. He hurt his little back and has not been able to get back to a comfortable place. We cannot hear the tap-tap-tap of his tiny toenails on our floors. So, now it is time to take away his pain. His big brother, Bruiser, waits for him at the Rainbow Bridge. We know they will run and play and 'sing' together all day! May God bless you Laptop and know that you will be in our hearts forever and ever.

Simon Kringle Bunbury - December 2012, 13 years old

My sweet Simon was the light of our lives and my best friend. The hollow feeling I feel is one I only felt once before in my life and that was when I lost my grandmother. I just can't believe he's gone and even though I have two other doxies, I can't help wondering if I will ever feel for them the way I felt for him. A chance walk into a pet store 13 years ago for cat food lead us to a distraught young man who bought Simon for $800 dollars and was trying to return him because he was so sick and the shop said if they took him back they would just put him to sleep! The young man turned to me and asked if I would be willing to take the pup since I had just come from work and was still wearing my vet hospital scrubs. I did and though it was touch and go for a little while, Simon began to heal, grow, and live a spoiled life until today when we decided that we should be the ones to suffer, not him, so we sent him to the Rainbow Bridge with his stuffed Barney doll, a ball, his favourite blanket and all the love we could possible give him. Rest in peace Simon and know that we loved you in life and will continue now that you're gone. xoxox

Nala Norman a.k.a. Mini Me - December 2012, 4 years, 8 months old

I had Nala from the time she was six weeks old, weighing a total of 2.6 pounds. She fit in the palm of my hand. When I first brought her home I was determined I was not going to have a dog sleep in the bed. As most of you probably already know that didn't even last an hour. She was in my bed sleeping with me from day one, always curled up behind my knees or lying on my pillow next to my head. Regardless, she was always covered up. She shredded any napkin, paper towel or piece of paper that was left lying around. She was my baby, she was the first dog I have ever owned. She always got me through the terrible days and we always had our good days. She would go kayaking, hiking and anything else mom did. I miss her so much! I miss coming in the house and listening to her bark because she heard my voice, and of course her kisses. I miss sleeping with her and feeling her curled up behind me. I will never forget her, she was truly a princess.

Khun Somchai Jhadee - December 2012, 16 years, 6 months old

I just want to say thank you. You came into my life when I needed my broken heart to be fixed, because your predecessor had just left us. Her name was Sushi Wasabi. As your Thai name translates into English as 'Mr Gentleman Good Mood', you were quite a gentleman and you brought peace and happiness back to our household. You lost your sight and hearing, and your hip gave out on you, but before I could order a wheelchair for you, you picked yourself up and started walking again. It was a miracle itself. I love you. Until one day we meet again, see you soon.

Owen Rust - December 2012, 4 years, 7 months old

You have been gone nine months now and not one day goes by without thinking about you and HOW much I MISS you!! I blame myself for your death - if only I had been an informed pet owner. I knew doxies had back issues but I knew nothing about IVDD until it was to late. I'm sorry I didn't try, I feel like I let you down. I can't undo that horrible decision I was faced with that awful day. All I can say is I'm SORRY - I love you SO much. I have made it my mission to not let your death be for nothing. I deliver brochures about IVDD to vets to distribute to doxie owners so that owners are made aware of what to do if they are put in the same situation we were. You would be proud to know I have adopted a little sister dachshund for you. Four months after you left I said NEVER again, but my love for you and how awesome you were I decided that I could not let my fear of sadness keep me from the happiness you brought into my life! Sometimes Lucy does things that I swear she is YOU reincarnated - you came back to me. I LOVE you and shall see you again someday.

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