Badger Lee Baird - December 2011, 7 years, 9 months old

Your brother Alex was already with me when I went to the rescue shelter to see you. I had to take you home. Your tattooed and tattered ears made me cry. You worried me the first night when you refused to even lie down; sitting and staring at me all night. You were so stiff I could have sworn you were made of wood. Slowly you relaxed enough to stretch out beside me as we lay on the sofa or the floor. You never actually learned to play; your puppy days were long gone before I got you. You made me smile when you'd bounce across the kitchen floor on those too-short legs and feet with the toes flared slightly upward from too many days in a cage. You were funny and tenacious and even Alex knew not to mess with you when you let loose one of those growls of yours that meant, 'Back Off!'. It didn't matter that you didn't have any teeth and your tongue hung out the side of your mouth. I loved you so much because you never gave up. I loved the way you would tap insistently at my ankle until I gave you the attention you craved. Or hang back looking bemused as Alex hogged all of my attention. It made me laugh that everyone thought you were so much older than you were, mistaking your dappling for gray hair. You taught me a lot about love and sometimes I wondered if I was giving you enough, but you never complained. I wish I had noticed how sick you were sooner but humans sometimes have a lot to do that you couldn't understand. Even though I took you to the doctor and fed you specially and snuggled with you and didn't punish you for peeing on the floor, you took a nap and never woke up. Starting with the liver your body just shut down. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND MISS YOU. You were my little clown puppy and a great friend. I hope to see you again someday. Until then run free and play like you never could before. Roll in the grass and bathe in the sun like you loved to do so much. I'm so glad I rescued you. My life would never be the without you in it. Love MommyXOXO

Lily Lincoln - December 2011, 9 years, 4 days old

My precious, beautiful Lily, loved by everyone who knew her. She was sweet, intelligent, and very brave. She fought a rare liver disease and poor heart for nine years - nine years of blood tests, surgery, and many meds each day. Yet she was a happy dog, tail always wagging, loved her family. She loved her stuffed toys, she never went out without one in her mouth. She took care of them - her favourite two toys she had for seven years. Our lawn always looked like a two-year-old lived here. The only treat she was allowed was Cheerios - she loved her Cheerios. Lily was a very special dachshund - a one in a billion dog. She will be in our hearts forever.

Goodbye my love. Take good care of Daddy for me - I'm sure he was there to meet you. I love and miss you both.


Willie Galindo - December 2011, 3 years old

Willie was a great little dog. She may have not been the most well-behaved but she was my first dog. She was cute, funny, happy, joyful. She really did enjoy the little things in life, which is why I admired her so much. Our other dog misses her greatly - we all do. She died a happy dog, though. She was loved and she knew it. It's a real shame that she was only in our lives for three years, but she'll be in our hearts forever. May she rest in peace, and have a sweet secetion of heaven reserved for her. May she enjoy the company of our other decreased family dogs and dogs from all over.

Hielscher's Hello Dali Sanitate-Khula - December 2011, 13 years old

Circle of Life

My heart was so broken and God saw my need
Gayle bred Lizard and Baub, and He created you for me.
Though you had a tail, four legs and a coat of fur
You had human understanding, that was for sure.

God gave you a spirit and a bright little mind,
When you trilled and danced, my heart filled with pride.
I'll miss forever our games of hide and seek,
or just how eager you were to please.

You gave us such joy,
Thirteen years weren't enough
Because my heart's back where it started and. . .
I miss you, My Love

Chloe Root - December 2011, 16 years, 5 months old

We received Chloe as a gift from our daughter. She was eight weeks old, a tiny little handful. She was a wonderful dog, never had any health problems. Two other dachshunds joined our family and that was fine with her. She loved sleeping on our waterbed. She loved eating. As she reached her 16th year, she started forgetting things, like how to back up. The last few days, she decided not to eat. That was a sure sign to me. She was ready to go to the Bridge. I held her until the end. It was so hard to watch her go but I know she is happy and whole again at the Bridge. And I know I will see her again someday. She is missed by all of us and always will be.

Scooby Doo - December 2011, 5 years old

To my precious Scooby-Doo - you were my sweet, loving, caring, funny, crazy, dog, and you were my baby. You were so little when we first got you over five years ago now and when we brought you home you held your nose in my elbow the whole two-hour drive back home. You came into my life and filled my heart with lots of love and joy and you were always making me laugh as well as my family, too. You will be missed forever and always, my baby, and may you have fun at Rainbow Bridge, but please wait for your mommy to come be with you someday, too. I love you - forever and always my baby you'll be, Scooby-Doo. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Nathan Hill - December 2011, 14 years, 5 months old

Forever and always my little buddy, I miss you so much.

Snicker Wickers - December2011, 11 years old

My dear Snickers, you are missed very much. I am so happy just knowing I got to spend my life with you. I hope you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge. One day I will see you again. I know you are making my friends and family happy. Snickers, your life will always be rememberd in my heart and my mind. You are loved by many - you touched and changed peoples lives. God blessed me when he put you in my life. Your life will always be celebrated and never forgotten as long as I live. I love you now and forever.

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