Old Duchess - December 2010, 14 years plus old

On 16 December 2010, I received a call from my vet about a senior dachshund, Duchess, who was dropped off by her owners because they no longer wanted to care for her. The people at the vet were instructed to put the old dog down, but since they knew I have a dachshund of my own, and have had two others, they decided to call me to ask if I would be interested in taking Duchess. I wasn't sure I could do that, but I told them how to contact Midwest Dachshund Rescue so that maybe Duchess could find a new home. However, I called back today and found out Duchess had serious rot in her mouth and had to be sent to the Bridge. So I'm writing to eulogise dear old Duchess, as her former owners probably won't and I think she's worthy. So . . . Duchess, it would have been my privilege to have known you if things had worked out for the better! I'm so sorry that the people you were faithful to for 14 years couldn't be bothered to care for you until the end, and even sorrier I never got the chance to meet you. Still, I am glad you were in the hands of the wonderful, caring people at Greenfield Veterinary here in Milwaukee, they said you were a sweet, loving girl, and I know they held you, caressed you and loved you as you went to the Bridge. You deserved better than you got in the end, dear old girl, but you touched my life without even trying, and you touched the lives of everyone at the vet, as well. Rest in peace, sweet old Duchess!

Gabby Wilson - December 2010, 6 years, 11 months old

To my little angel, Gabby - I am so sorry you were taken from us so early in your life. You were such a part of my heart and I just don't know how to move on right now. I walk through the door and wait to see you spinning in your little excited circles. I wait for your grumbling to play with one of the many toys you so enjoyed. I sit on the sofa and wait for you to let me know it is time to eat as you strut through the living room carrying your bowl in your mouth. Oh, then carrying Bailey's, Percy's and Bear's also. I am sure it was just in case we didn't see you the first time. I feel like this tragic event was my fault, baby. I can't even really say what happened completely, it now seems like a blur of horrible events. I know you forgive me, but I am having a hard time forgiving myself. The accident that hurt you, my dear Gabby, was just so strange. I know I tripped and fell, pushing you into the wall. The vet said you had a brain hemorrhage and you were not in any pain but God, Gabby, I am so sorry!!! I feel like it could have been prevented. I find solace that you picked your own terms to go on. You were playing hard right to the end and when you looked at me in the vet's office, I felt you were at peace and saying goodbye for now. Mommy loves you so much, little girl, and I will see you at Rainbow Bridge. Not a day will go by that I don't think of you and wish you were here. I love you baby!!

Mercades von Schnitzel - 'Sadie' - December 2010, 16 years old

Sadie was my best friend. She went to the Bridge on 3 December 2010. In dog years that would 112! She loved life and enjoyed travelling with us anywhere, especially in our motor home. Sadie was friendly towards everyone. She was a wonderful dog and had a great life. I will fondly remember her forever. I know we will meet again some day at the Rainbow Bridge. She will come running to greet me just as she did the first day we met. What a glad time we will have getting reacquainted.

Oh Henry Da Tank Anderson - December 2010, 10 years, 1 month, 17 days old

One could learn a lot from Henry. He was not only my friend, but was a dog's dog. Like most dogs, Henry was loyal and protective of the members of his pack. If Trooper, another member of the dachshund palace guard started having a seizure and we were in another part of the house, you could tell that you needed to go running because Henry had a special bark to alert us of Trooper's situation. He would not do it if we were already in the room. Too, Henry was full of love and happiness. On most of our too-infrequent walks in the park, Henry would walk up to complete strangers, nuzzle their legs with his nose and insist that they pay attention to the cute little dog at their feet. Henry also learned to push himself to the limits of his capabilities as he would stand on his hind legs while snagging tossed dog biscuits with his mouth, something he was doing the night before he died. He died, in apparent good health, in his sleep on 2 December 2010 at ten years of age. He was truly a sweet soul, too soon departed. I guess I just miss my friend. See you at the Bridge, my sweet little friend.

Shorty Colson - December 2010, 9 years old

We got you to help teach our Austic son about cause and effect and you taught us about unconditional LOVE. We will miss you always!

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