Bonnie Long - December 2008, 10 years old

Bonnie was a joy! She was the most beautiful girl and loved by our family. She is survived by her brother and her friend, Ritz-e. The house is quiet now without our precious dog! WE LOVE YOU BONNIE!

Franklin P. Frankfurter - December 2008, 5 years old

Frankie, I miss you more and more everyday. It's Christmas time but I can't find any joy this year without you by my side. I hope where you are it is warm and sunny and that you can lie in the sunshine and warm your pink belly all day long. Hope you have lots of birdies to watch 'cause I know how much they fascinated you and how much you wanted to fly, too. I will never forget you and there will be a place in my heart for you always.

Holly Berry Noel - Our funny girl - December 2008, 10 years old

In loving memory of Holly Berry Noel, our sweet and loving funny girl.

You brought us so much joy, laughter and smiles, I'm so glad you shared your life with us. We all miss you so very much and you'll always have a home in our hearts.

Love always,
Mommy, Daddy and Ivy

Carson Bouchillon - December 2008, 7 years old

My darling boy lost his battle with disc disease on Christmas Eve. He was a trooper, and enjoyed his life to the fullest. Carson was a first rate gopher catcher, loved running on the beach, and was my best buddy. He was my once-in-a-lifetime dog. I miss him terribly.

Till we meet again little bubba -
Love Mom
Canine sisters Casey and Beans

Sophie Kurtz - December 2008, 9 years old

Soph, I don't even know where to left us so suddenly. We thought we'd have more time to throw tennis balls and for you to run in the backyard. After your surgery you fought so hard! We were so proud of you, being so brave when you had to be hurting so much. Daddy and I were so glad to bring you home after that week at the vet. We really thought you had turned the corner and were going to be fine, it broke our hearts to have to send you to the Bridge the very next morning. I'll never forget the look on your face that morning when I woke up. I know you were scared and probably in pain. I hope you were comforted by daddy and me being there for you.

Toby misses you so much, sweetheart. Nobody else will play with him like you did. The tennis balls just sit, unused, on your kennel. Toby sleeps with the other furkids now, he cried and cried at night after you were gone.

I miss you most when I'm working. The way you would lie at my feet with a couple of tennis balls, just waiting for the minute I'd take off my headset, knowing I'd throw the ball for you when I had a break. The way you'd nudge me with the ball in your mouth when you knew I'd play. And those big eyes just staring at me when it was time to quit. You were quite the girl, Sophie! I'd still like to know how you bent my glasses like that when you got them off the night stand!

Daddy misses you too. You were his girl and he loved to hold you on his lap while he watched TV. He misses throwing the ball at lunch when he'd come home. You sure knew how to make your wishes known!

I hope you know how loved you were Sophie. Although you didn't live with us very long we loved you as much as we love all the other furbabies we have. You'll always be special to us. I know by now you've met Schnapps, Oscar, and Charlie Brown. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas at the Bridge with them, Sweetheart. Grandma and Grandpa even brought over the Christmas present they had gotten you. Guess what? It was tennis balls! Until we see you again, baby girl, have fun and know that you are loved and missed.

Picasso Wages - December 2008, 18 years old

With love for Trent's little man, Picasso. He will never be forgotten and will live long in our hearts...

Sassy Orenstein - December 2008, 15 years old

We rescued you when you were five years old, and you brought us ten wonderful years of love and devotion. We miss you everyday.

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