Gypsy Boy - December 2005, 12 years old

Gypsy Boy passed after a long, very brave battle with canine Cushing's disease. He came to us as a rescue boy, so we are not sure of his age exactly, but Mom does know that his life, before he found home, was not easy. Fearful and easily startled, not trusting of children, other dogs, noises, Gyp gradually settled. He loved car rides, tummy rubs, digging under fences, and found a real talant for canine agility training. His low centre of gravity made him a natural for the beam and he, in true dachshund manner, took to the tunnel very well. Lois (wirehair standard) and Mom will miss you - your beautiful long read dapple coat and happy tail. Thanks for the years of love. 'Til next time OXOXs - see you in heaven.

Buffy - December 2005, 11 years old

Buffy, you were loved greatly while you were here with us.

If tears could make a stairway
And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven
And bring you home again.

You were a great companion. Play ball in health now sweetheart. You will be missed

Noel Marie Cooper - December 2005, 15 years old

Noel was my baby girl. I miss her so much. Every room I go into in my house I wish she was still there. I have trouble sleeping at night because she always slept with me. I hate to go to bed at night. I hate to come home from work because I always went into the bedroom to tell her I was home and now she's not there. I know that she is not in anymore pain now and I will see her again one day but it just seems like it will be so long till I see her again. Noel had cancer and a heart murmur which she was just recently diagnosed with. I cry myself to sleep at night because I miss her so much. But now I know she is with her sister Teddy (German Shepherd mix) who died almost three years ago and they are keeping each other company. Noel, I miss you and still love you. (My Piggy Girl).

Love, Mommy

Star - December 2005, 14 years old

We had to let our precious Star go on 19 December 2005, because of complications from Cushing's disease and a disc problem in her neck. She was appropriately named 'Star' because she did shine so brightly in our lives, and now there is darkness where she once resided. It has been nearly three weeks, and I still cry each and every day - sometimes several times a day for the loss of my baby girl. There is such an empty hole in my heart that does not want to heal.

I have had dachshunds for 35 years. Each one has been special in his or her own way but my little Star spoke to me with her eyes and listened so intently with all her heart. She was truly a unique and special sweetheart.

Wait for Momma at the Bridge, Star, when we will all be together forever.

Blackie - December 2005, 13 years old

We miss you so much...words cannot portray the emptiness in our hearts at your passing, but we know you are chasing leaves and those pesky lizards in your celestial home as you did here with us...we love you so.

T and C, Knoxville, TN USA

Max (Nee Nee) Marchese - December 2005, 5 years, 6 months old

Max, our hearts are breaking every day since you passed. Daddy and I are always crying - we miss you so much. I know you are with Brandy and Sammie - God took all of you much too soon. Why Max? We had you from a seven-week-old baby.

On Tuesday you were playing ball in the back yard, and by Thursday you were gone - all in two days. Not fair. I talk to you every day. I miss you and I do know that someday we will be together again for good. Max, you are our boy and we love you so much. I miss you, Max.

Love Mommy, Daddy, Joshua and Rachel

Brandy- my brave little girl - December 2005, 14 years, 3 months old

My brave little Brandy, I miss you everyday. I know you are in heaven with your husband, Baron von Porkchop (Porky), your son BammBamm, and your other son, Barney. Most of all I know you are at peace and no more illness. I miss my brave little girl. Porky, BammBamm, and Barney - take Good Care of Momma.

Misty Dawn - December 2005, 19 years old

To my little White Faced Dog! From the time that I first saw you 'till the time that you left us, I loved you so much! We only had six years with you, but they were great years. And I wouldn't change them for anything.

I hope that you are so happy at the Rainbow Bridge. Please play to your heart's content and don't take anything from anyone. If I know you as I think, you're probably making sure of that. You were always the one who no one messed with, but you had such a sweet loving heart and your kisses could melt even the hardest people.

So go and run my little girl. Roll in the meadow and bark up a storm. Please don't forget us and we'll see you when the time comes. Oh and thank you from the depths of my heart for what you gave to me and Papa. (you know what I'm talking about!)

I Love you My Little Misty-Dawn. Along with Papa, Boo, Maddie, Sosha, Doc, and all the rest of the family.

Sapphyre Pegasus' Xcape SDD - December 2005, 8 years, 5 months, 16 days old

The Laughing Gnome

Who is this?
With dancing eyes
Of velvet-brown
Or sapphire-blue,
Or marigold hue -
When chasing after
Imaginary fox
He races away with all my socks!

Who is this?
That slides in paint -
A silver coat
Washed in white
Or dipped in liquid-black;
Or mahogany,
Limned in stardust
Sleek and wild.

Who is this?
Regal seven inches high,
With springs in his knees
He dreams he is King -
When, still as a statue
He stalks the butterfly;
His nose a probe,
He finds a den
Under the blankets
And burrows in.

Who is this?
Or wiry, with aplomb,
Cascading coat;
Timid and meek
Or frenetic with glee
Owned by royalty
Lauded for his bravery
He stole my heart
And hid the key -
My dachshund,
He is the Laughing Gnome.

Love, Mama, Joy's Jamaican Epiphany, DH' Crying Sky Jinx and Jester Dudley of Gryphon

Wee Foxie Roxie Robbins - December 2005, 15 years old

My sweet little Foxie Roxie - you are now with your good friend, Hobie Kitty who you always wanted to play with, and Snug Bug the bunny is there with you, too. So now you all have so much room to run around and to be free. We all will be together soon so until then be free and remember how much Mommy loves and how much I miss you.

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