Goldie Jones - December 2004, 4 years, 2 months old

Sweet Smilin' Goldie - we love you and will miss you everyday until we see you again at the Bridge. Everytime I look at the sofa I will see you sitting there with shining eyes and wagging tail, smiling your special smile for us.

She was so sick for three weeks; first she had haemorraghic gastroenteritis, then complications that necessitated surgery and finally massive infection that spread despite everyone's best efforts. We tried everything but her sweet little body just couldn't fight it off.

Finally with nothing else to try and watching you get weaker, we had no alternative but to help you make the journey to the Bridge.

It was the hardest of things to do. Dad and I held you while you breathed your last. We whispered in your ears of our love for you. Your daddy, Beau, is so confused about what has happened to you. He looks for you everywhere.

Wait for us, Goldie. We'll be there soon. In the mean time, enjoy being well again and playing with Humphrey, Tillie, and Chloe as well as all your new friends.

Rest in peace and in the hollow of God's hands, sweet girl.

We love you,
Candy, Pop, Jay, Beau, Gussie, Bonnie, Tootsie, Lillie, Sweetie, Tomas, Max, Rufus, Jenny, and Manny

Prissy - Priscilla Manila - December 2004, 12 years old

Prissy, you were such a good girl...I wish we had had more than two years to love you, but at least I know we made your last two years very happy. You were such a special old girl to all of us and you will always have a very special place in our hearts. I know your in a better place were you can run and play again without it hurting.

Poppa, Momma, Ram, Cammy and Dap love you and miss you very much!!!

Buddy Pennison - December 2004, 15 years, 7 months old

Today was just about the hardest day of my life. I knew that the time was coming and that you were silently suffering. You seemed to perk up when I put you in the car to take you to the vet. You licked my hand as I cried. I know that in your own way you were telling me that I had made the right decision. You were so brave even at the end. I know that you will be waiting for me at the Bridge and that you will have full use of your legs again and that you are up there now running and playing with Reginia Ann. I miss and love you so much. Please be a good baby while you are up ther and know that we loved you. Thank you, Buddy, for always being my best friend. I love you.

Katy Queen of Sunshine - December 2004, 14 years old

Miss Katy loved walks in the woods and homemade dog cookies. Her eyes will forever light up in my memory of seeing her dancing reaction to 'cookie' or 'walk'. She leaves her companion dachsie of 11 years, Miss Howee. Katy was happy and healthy until an unexpected difficulty one morning, diagnosed as pneumonia. She went very quickly.

Miss Katy, I just hope you know how much you were loved. You were a true dachshund - stubborn and determined with a love of life. There never has been and never will be another you. Love, Mom and Howee

Rascal- December 2004, 14 years, old

In memory of our little neighbour buddy who brought us so many smiles.

Valentina - December 2004, 12 years old

I will always love and remember you my little Valentina. You were my best friend and your passing leaves a deep hole in my life and heart.

Gabbie - December 2004, 14 years old

Our beloved Madchen, our black dachsie, our 14-year-old girl, was put to sleep yesterday after her kidneys had failed. She could no longer smell or hear and had a hard time walking, but she was still our precious Machee girl. We had her 12 of her 14 years and she was the daughter of my mom's Budger black dachsie. My ten-year-old son has known and adored her all her life and yesterday as I picked him up from school I asked if he would want to come with me as the vet put her to sleep. He and I had our alone time with her in the vet's office, hugging her and kissing her and telling her how much we loved her and how she had been such a good girl. We cried and sobbed after the 15 seconds and the 'sleep' set in. She is gone now from this earth. My husband, three boys and I buried her in our backyard and we hugged her as we laid her to rest. God, thank you for bringing us such a sweet girl as our Madchen. We miss her so much!

Artie - King Artimus Arthur Little Man Lamell - December 2004, 1 year, 2 months old

We love you Artie. You will always be in our hearts and your presence is still felt in our house. We miss you!

Toby Wincek - December 2004, 21 years old

Toby, my best friend of 20 years, died as I held him early in the morning, Wednesday, 22 December 2004. I feel blessed and privileged that he was part of my life for so long and that I was there with him when he left. I am thankful that his passing was peaceful, but I would give anything for just one hour more with him.

I will always remember him as a loving, smart, gentle, playful friend who cheered me when I was sad, doubled my joy when I was happy and shared my home and heart.

Be happy in heaven, Toby. I love you.

Sky Brown - December 2004, 4 months old

Sky was a precious doxie, born in our home, and raised with much love. He was violently attacked, and was just too little to pull through. We will all miss him and grieve for him forever. We know he is out there somewhere happy and free, and feeling no more pain, and for this we are thankful. We love you Sky!

Archie Kreshtool - December 2004, 14 years old

We had Archie for ten years and it is hard to believe he is gone. It is especially lonely at night when we get in bed and he is not waiting for us under the covers. He was a good cuddler. We will miss him always.

Samuel Michael Landon - December 2004, 14 years old

Sam lived for Christmas time. Sam managed to hang on for one last Christmas. He loved to open Christmas gifts, whether they where his or someone else's - it did't matter. He's now with his buddy, Tiffy, who passed away also this year. He will be so terribly missed.

The Sweetest Cinderella (Cinder) - December 2004, 5 years old

To the sweetest little cinder in the world.

Rascal Baby - December 2004, 14 years old

Rascal gave love and comfort to everyone he met. Raggs, his cat buddy, is missing him as much as we are. You gave us joy and laughter for 14 years and my heart breaks when I come home to an empty house. You were so much company - always sitting with Daddy on the couch at night. At least you didn't suffer - you woke us up to die with us all together in bed. I'll always love you Rascal- I'll see you soon- Now you don't have to go out in the rain or cold.

Mouche - December 2004, 6 years, 6 months old

Mouche, my best friend. You never requested anything, you only knew to give. I love you, Mouche, and your family remembers you.

Weenie Kielbasa - December 2004, 5 years old

Weenie left too soon. He will always be our dashie love. Even though a hole is in our hearts, the memories will last forever. We would not change any time we had with him for anything. We love you.

Herbie - December 2004, 8 years old

Herbie - a dachsy with a heart as big as a house. He never complained of pain and was always a trooper and loved tremendously by his mother, father, and little brothers.

Winifred Lucille (Winnie) - December 2004, 4 years, 2 months old

They say time heals all wounds, but I don't think this is one of them. Even though my Winnie had just lived four short years, I am thankful that she spent them with me. There's not a single day that goes by that I don't think of her and shed a tear - I miss her an unbelievable amount and it hurts my heart knowing that she's no longer with our family. From the moment I got her, she was 'my girl' and she knew how to brighten up a room. If there's one thing I need to know, it's that she hasn't forgotten about us and wonder if she looks over us still. It has been almost one year since my baby passed, and it hurts just as badly as it did the day I received the news that she was gone. Mommy, 'Diddy', Kaleb and Aidan miss you and I can't wait to see your little face again...I love you.

Honey - Honey Bunny - December 2004, 14 years, 3 months old

My Darling little Honey,

It is a year since I had to say goodbye to you which broke my heart. As I am writing this the tears are flowing as they did on that very sad morning. You will be forever in my heart. Honey by name and sweet honey by nature.

Tiny, tiny little girl, the joy of my life and the most vocal of my furkids at meal times, and when Mummie was preparing food, human or furkid food. Your little tummy certainly was very important to you. You were happy, sweet and loving, just became old and finally sick. Now you are reunited with your beloved and adored Pippi also my precious Mitti. Littleone, I shall always love you, be happy, play and lie in the warm sunshine that you so much loved and wait for Mummie to come to you. 'Till we meet again, my precious little dachshund, I shall treasure the memories of the happy times we spent together and can still feel you in my arms and your dachsie cuddles and kisses. God Bless you my baby.

Always your loving Mummie, Trissie

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