All God's saints began to gather,
No place else be would they rather.
All the angels knelt waiting about,
To hear St Peter's gleeful shout
Of his first glimpse of God's littlest saint.

The Honor Guard assembled in red and black
Assured no glorious detail it would lack.
The colourful banners flapped in the breeze
Awaiting St Peter's glee when he finally sees
God's favourite littlest saint.

God's own corps band waited to play
on this Rainbow Bridge's most glorious day
God sat smiling on his throne
For He was about to welcome home his own,
God's favourite littlest saint.

Suddenly from St Peter rose a merry shout,
And through the light-filled door appeared a Messerschmit snout
On signal from God the fireworks soared,
Upon sight of him, the assembled host roared!
It was God's favourite littlest saint.

Muscular, toned and eyes so bright,
His shiny black coat emitted a bright shiny light.
Confident and with ease of step he walked past the throng.
Those assembled breaking into tidings and song
Welcoming God's favourite littlest saint.

Wise, knowing and perfect as he was and now will always be
Gone are the pain, the scars - he is finally free
to be God's favourite littlest saint.

Sauntering proudly to where he knew was supposed to be
Before God who hugged him on bended knee,
God and his favourite littlest saint.

God picked him up with a gentle touch,
This angel in black fur that we love so much
At His throne, opposite Jesus, God sat him there
In his own luxurious recliner chair,
God's favourite littlest saint.

"A Trooper and indeed a Pistol," God said with a wink,
my son Jesus has always wanted a dog like you, I think."
"We will only keep you, have no fear,
until your earthly family finally gets here, My favourite littlest saint."

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