Mazy Rivera - August 2014, 14 years old

In memory of sweet Mazy. Even though you loved to sleep all day, you were always active in our hearts. We will miss you, little angel dog. Please watch over us until we are reunited again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Toby Turner - August 2014, 14 years old

Toby, the love of my life and my best friend for 14 wonderful years. I miss those big brown eyes and the feel of your soft fur under my hand. Mommy loves your forever.

Hilde Hildegarde - August 2014, 9 years old

You were a very kind, loving, and friendly dog. I will always remember the great times we had on our walks together. I miss your presence in the house, you being nearby. All those nights that we had a snack in the kitchen.The times we played with the ball in the yard, and the freeze pops we shared afterward. You were great company and a good listener. I could tell you all my problems knowing you understood somehow. It broke my heart to say goodbye but, I will see you again. My friend, confidant, comforter, and loving pet always.

Bandit Smith - August 2014, 15 years old

Bandit, I think about you everyday. I wished I can hold you again.

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