Baby Wolfenbarger - August 2012, 13 years, 11 months old

My beautiful baby girl, I will never forget the night we brought you home. You were so tiny, like a baby, and therefore your name was given. We cherished so many wonderful years with you. You were the most loyal, sweet, compassionate dog I have ever been blessed with. I can't believe that today you are not here. I, as well as the rest of your family, will miss you dearly, as your loss has left a gaping hole in each of our hearts. I held you in my arms as I walked you into our earthly home and I was holding you in my arms as I placed you in the ground on the way to your heavenly home. Love is not a strong enough world to express how we felt towards you, and pain is not strong enough to express how we feel now, but I am thankful you lived your last days chasing squirrels, eating treats, and giving us kisses. Please wait for us at the Bridge. I cannot wait to see you and give you a good belly rub! We love you Baby, rest in peace.

Jay Barker Laney - August 2012, 16 years, 11 months old

Jay Barker came into our lives in 1995. He loved to get into things. We always had to keep garbage cans up high or he would knock them over. He thought he was a giant. He would use his nose to open cabinets and knock pans out to look for food if he smelled some in the cabinet. I felt that Jay had nine lives because he went through a lot in his lifetime with us.

He had back surgery when he was five because he thought he was super dog and could fly all the time. His back legs had given out and the doctors said he might not walk again after surgery, but the next day he was up and walking.

He had ear infections and his tail somehow got jammed up and so he had some of it cut off. He always loved sleeping next to someone especially if you had a blanket. He had had a heart mumur since he was a baby but did not need medicine until this year. I was woken one morning with my son having brought Jay upstairs and he said he thought Jay was sick. Jay could not get up and his head was tilted to the right. He no longer could hear because his ears were calcified due to old age. I thought his ear infection problems had just gotten worse and that was why his head was tilted but it turned out he had had a stroke and was dehydrated. He had been drinking al ot of water.

From what I had read dogs recover better from strokes and the vet just said to keep him hydrated. I gave him food and water and he lay beside me on the couch that afternoon but then I heard him give a deep breath and his eyes were glazed. I felt a small heartbeat and rushed him to the vet where they said he had passed away. My family misses him deeply, but miss him most and am having a hard time coping. A best friend was taken from me and a big chunk of my heart went with him. I still hope to see him when I come home and it hurts when I don't get the greeting of a tail wagging and barking. He was cremated so we could still keep him close to us. We miss and love you very much, Jay Barker Laney, and will see you again. Love forever Mom, Dad, Chance and Samantha.

Cinnamon Spice Blau - August 2012, 15 years, 9 months old

Cinnamon was the best friend a girl could ever have. She wasn't just 'the dog - she was family. Whenever Mom was looking for her, she would ask, 'Ang, where's your sister?' God bless and God speed Cinny, we love you.

Remi Psekot - August 2012, 12 years old

Remi, our beloved friend

He loved to play, to sleep and to go for walks, but most of all he loved his daddy. When he appeared in our family, he was so small he could sleep in a little basket. He was growing day by day, and soon the basket was too small for him. So he chose a new place for sleeping - daddy's bed. They were best friends, from the beginning and 'till the end. Remi was a very curious and friendly dog. Seems like everyone on our street knew him, from the neighbours to the janitors. Even cats loved him. As he ran, his ears would wave in the wind. He proudly carried his tail with its long, beautiful fur. He was so smart, we believe that he could understand human speaking.

Our sweet Kotik, we remember every day spent with you. We remember how you loved us and how you greeted us every day at home with a great joy. We miss you every single day. No one will replace you in our hearts.

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