Chester Poopers - August 2010, 11 years old

I miss the wagging little tail;
I miss the plaintive, pleading wail;
I miss the wistful, loving glance;
I miss the circling welcome-dance.

Chester, my heart is broken. I don't know what else to say.

Mimi - August 2010, 16 years old

Mimi was a tough old girl. She had belonged to a nice fellow who had adopted her at age four, and he 'never thought she ever liked me'. She was a biter! But he kept her, and when he went to assisted living and couldn't take her, Mimi went to the rescue. Nobody wanted her, so she stayed a year. Then we took her. Yes, she was still a biter, but we worked with her, and slowly she began to trust us. She realised she'd come to her home. Every night I would put her in her bed, and tell her, 'you are a loved dog. You are a wanted dog'. After nearly five years, at 16 years, nine months, it was time for her to go on. She passed away in our arms, a loved dog and a wanted dog.

Otto Curtis - August 2010, 15 to 16 years old

Our darling boy, Otto. We 'rescued' you in November 2003. They told us you were eight, but we weren't sure and it didn't matter. Because you weren't the one being rescued, it was us. You brought us so many smiles, so much love, so much, so much. You rescued us from an empty shell of a house and made it a home with a family. We are better people for having loved you. You made us better. We will always love you. We wish you could have been with us forever. But that's not how life works. We miss you, we love you, we want you forever young enjoying a beautiful day, free of pain. Our hearts are broken. Our darling boy, Otto.

Tigger Harper - 'Mr Weenie' - August 2010, 14 years old

This is in memory of our Tigger, who passed away just a few days ago. We rescued him from an abusive home 14 years ago. He was our baby and then years later, when our daughter was born, he became our daughter's best friend. She lovingly called him her 'Mr Weenie' and even had a pretend wedding and married him when she was five years old. She is ten now and greatly missing him in her life. We just wanted to share his little life with some of you who I know understand how we feel and know how he will forever be in our hearts with us everyday. We miss him dearly.

And will love him always. . . Beth, George and Caitlin

Vern Erdelt - August 2010, 11 months old

Emanuel Lewis - August 2010, 5 years old

Emanuel Lewis you were my soul mate and the day you died, so did a huge part of me. I am sorry I could not save you from your disease - I would have given anything for you to get well, but it was not to be. It has been almost two years and I miss you even more. The whole family does. Please wait for me, until then my dear friend, may the angels be taking care of you for me. The love never dies.

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