Enu Chan - August 2007, 15 years old

Today we are sad to say goodbye to such a dear baby. You definatly were the best dog I have ever known and will forever be loved and missed. Thank you for choosing us as your humans and for sharing your wonderful life with us. Thanks for three adoring pups who give us so much happiness through all this sadness. Sleep well my little angel. We love you!

Momma, Daddy and everyone who knew and loved you.

Reggie Dog Johnson - August 2007, 16 years old

We lost Reggie on 16 August. He was 16 years old. He had gotten blind, deaf and a little senile, but was still able to 'sniff' us out to greet us and cuddle. He was a loyal and true friend. His body just gave out. We have many fond memories of Reggie. We got him for a Christmas present from my parents the year that we were married. He was with us through our ups and downs and welcomed (a little jealous at first) our two boys when they were born. The pain I feel now is worth all the wonderful years we had with Reggie.

Maximus Kamath -August 2007, 6 years, 6 months old

Farewell Maximus, our brave gladiator who lost his battle with spinal problems. Who would have thought that a small, innocent, precious animal would've filled our lives with so much love and happiness. For that, we thank you...

Mary Clarence (Claire) Cu - August 2007, 13 years, 6 months old

Our beloved Mary Clarence (Claire) Cu died on 7 August 2007, after being run over by her daddy, Clarence.

Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. We love you and miss you.

Melody, Belle, Tiff, Aussy

Inky Two Too - August 207, 17 years, 2 months old

After 13 years of service as my service dog for diabeties, your faithful love even when you lost your hearing, you did your very best to alert me while slept as I need medical attention. You never left my side even when you were feeling bad.

God has you back until we meet again. You were my angel here on earth for all those years. You gave me your first born to replace you and you taught her well. We miss you every day and miss the walks to the rose gardens. God needed you now so we must let you go.

Love Mom

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