Rolf von Thunderdog - August 2005, 11 years, 3 months, 11 days old

Our beautiful baby, Rolf, died on 5 August 2005. He was a miniature red short-haired dachshund who was full of life and love. Unlike his doggy pal, Friedrich, who demands his due, Rolfers just looked longingly at us, patient and secure in the knowledge that he would get his share. And he did. Rolfers was a hard-headed little rock, persistent and tireless when it came to following our every step. He wanted nothing more than to be with us, near us, or held and cuddled every moment. And he was. He went everywhere with us, slept in the bed, and remained a puppy for 11 years. No dog was ever sweeter or more gentle. No dog was ever better loved or cared for.

Our Little Boy was diagnosed with prostate cancer on 8 June; he had surgery to remove the prostate on 9 June, and on 5 August, we helped ease him gently out of his pain. But his life is not about just the last two months - it's so much more. Rolfy's life is about the love he received and the joy, love and laughter he gave us every day for 11 years. Rolfers, we treasured every moment of the days we spent with you in the short time we had together; we mourn your loss and wish we had even one of those wonderful moments to relive. We would give anything to see you skeedaddling down the sidewalk in the park again, ears flapping in the breeze, sidewinding as fast as you can, sniffing and exploring new territory. Or to have you greet us when we come home, baying and howling with excitement, running in circles, chewing our hands with puppy love. Or to get your little snake kisses. Or to see you barking at and chasing after those squirrels, the birds in the trees over the pool, or anything else that crossed your path. Or to see you basking in the hot sun. Or to see your tail thump, thump, thump when we said your name. So many wonderful, funny memories; now those are all we have to remind us of our wonderful, funny Rolfy.

There's so much more to tell about our sweet baby Rolfers; he lived such a great life - full of love, parks, and fun. But it can't really be told here; we were fortunate enough to live it with our Little Boy, and we have our memories of those wonderful days. Our grief at his passing won't soon be lessened, and our love for Rolf will never be diminished. Rolfy, our sweet Little Boy, we will never forget you. I hope you know how much we loved you; we know how much you loved us.

Derice, Kelsey and Friedrich, too

Gretchen Borda - August 2005, 17 years old

Gretchen, you were a great dog and will be missed not only by me but by every heart you touched. You were my best friend and taught me many things through those 17 years we spent together. You may not be with me right now but I always think of you and will continue to always think of you. I know that you will always be with me, even if I can't see or pet you I know you will be there. I miss you and hope to one day see you once again.

Fritzy - August 2005, 16 yearsold

Our beloved Fritzy has been gone now for two weeks. We miss him dearly, but we are so happy he came to us five years ago. I don't think anyone thought he would last almost six years more due to his condition. But he did and we think he was very happy in his last years. He had a lot of love and attention, and his 'brothers and sisters' who loved him dearly and they all seemed to know how fragile he was and they were very careful with him. I beleive Fritzy died in peace and I know he no longer is in pain and he can walk fast now, and run and jump and do all of the things he couldn't do while he was here. We love you dearly and we miss you.

Maxi Anna - August 2005, 16 years, 1 month old

Maxi Anna - July 1989 to August 2005

My baby...

It was so hard to let you go but I could see it in your eyes - you were done with it all - you owed me nothing, you gave me 16 years of a love and loyalty that no one will ever understand. You were my rock and my friend through some tough times...

I will see you again one day my little girl...I love you and miss you.

Thibaud - Aout 2005, 9 years old

Il n'etait pas mon chien, il etait mon ami et mon confident.

Max Proctor - August 2005, 8 years old

Max was a Great Dog!!! All he wanted to do was to go swimming in our pool. If he could jump 50 times in the pool everyday, he would do it. He loved to chase rabbits. He loved going for walks and licking his sister, Dixie's, ears. He loved playing with a ball. Max was only eight years old when he passed away - he had a disc degenerative disease. He gave us so much joy and happiness in his short life. We miss him terribly. Max, we love you.

Abigail Morris - August 2005, 15 years, 4 months old

To our beloved Abigail, the best, most faithful, most loving of little dogs. May your days be full of basking in the sunshine, licking everything incessantly, barking until you can't bark anymore and long walks in the soft meadows of heaven. Thanks for all the love you gave during the 15 years you were with us. You will live in our hearts forever. We long for the day we can see you again over the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace my sweet Angel.

Love, Mom and Dad

Maggie May Bowling - August 2005, 4 years old

Our family adopted Maggie May about two years ago when her first family, an elderly couple, moved into an apartment and could not take her with them. It was difficult for them to give her up, but they knew she was going to a family who would love her. Through the years we often sent pictures of Maggie with the family and our other doxie, Lily, who immediately became her bestest friend! They were inseperable and loved each other dearly... often cuddling together in bed and licking each other's ears! Maggie was very fond of our 12- year-old daughter who was equally as fond of her! She often would cuddle up in bed with her at night. She was a special part of our family. It was one of the worst days of our lives when she severely hurt her back (we still have no idea of how it happened!) and after four days of desperately trying to save our 'baby', contacting several doctors and staying up with her all through the nights she passed away in my arms. We miss her more than any words could ever say. We love our doxie babies so much - only someone who has one could ever know how we feel. Maggie was so special and she deserves to have her memory carry on. That's why I'm entering her memory into the Dachshund Memorial Garden.

Rolley Arthur Reed - August 2005, 11years, 2 months old

This space is dedicated to the best friend anyone could ever have. Rolley Arthur Reed, we all miss you heaps and thank you for the best 11 years of our life. We will never forget you...

Longsworth - August 2005, 15 years, 1 month old

To My Beloved Longsworth:

You came into my life, much anticipated, on my 12th birthday. You were no larger than my shoe with big brown eyes and fluffy ears that needed growing into. Your energy was unending and your love limitless. You were beside me during all the difficult years of growing up and your furry ears soaked up so many of my tears. Even when your world went dark at a young age of four, your spirit never dampened. The world was rich for you, filled with scents and adventure. We traveled so many miles together, so many places you got to sniff and so many creeks, beaches and lakes you got to swim in. No matter how my life changed, you were always there. You filled up my life with an unspoken and unbreakable love. Even though I knew the day would come when I would wake up without you curled up beside me, facing that moment was heart wrenching. My tears fell without you there to lick them from my cheek. There is an empty space behind me in my office chair and an enormous void in my heart that I have been trying to fill with wonderful memories. I hoped you would be able to make it until I finished my doctorate, but I guess I was just taking too long! Your little body had so many problems, but yet you never complained. Despite blindness and pain, you filled the world with unconditional love and taught me to savour the moment. I am grateful for the wonderful 15 years we spent together. I still leave space for you in my chair and in the car beside me and I know that your love and spirit will always be where ever I am. We all miss you terribly (Granny, Sistie, Jessica, Charles and all your friends). Your warm, loving presence is missed by everyone!

Your forever friend,

Jamieson - August 2005, 13 years old

I helped bring you home as a baby to keep Mom company after Dad passed away. Over the years you were Mom's constant companion. Then you watched over Mom when she became sick and when she left this earth, we took you into our home and our hearts. You soon became our treasure. You gave constant love, loyalty, and joy every day you were with us. You went to work each day and greeted all the drivers and customers with a happy wag of the tail. You were soon everyone's favourite dog. People stopped by just to visit with the 'Chief of Security'. I am still finding your doggy biscuits hidden all over the shop. You loved all the children that came into your life and although they never knew, you did have your favourites. We lost you too soon. We only had three years of the 13 you lived, but they were wonderful years we wouldn't trade for anything, and no other dog will ever come close to filling your 'paws'. We hated to have to let you go, but are so glad we saw you out of this world befor the bad pain began. I am sure you are now with Mom again, and probably the good will ambassador up there. We will always love our Jamie.

Gretchen Flower - August 2005, 15 years old

Beautiful, loving kissy face! You always smelled like a flower. You were so loving and cuddly. Sat on my lap while I studied. You deserve a heavenly reward. Forgive me for not treating you better!

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