Oscar Meyer Coffman-Karr - August 2004, approximately 10 years old

We will miss our little Oscar Meyer forever, and will carry him our hearts. We are so grateful that we were able to adopt him almost four years ago. He was special to us, and to his dachshund siblings, Ben and Bella. He traveled with me on most of my rescue duties, assisted me with home visits and adoptions of other rescued dachshunds. We will never forget his love of cheese or of car rides. He was passionate about the things he loved, and not to be denied. Although his heart was sick, his spirit remained strong until the very end. I know that he is now breathing slowly and deeply, and that his heart is strong, and that he is lying in a patch of sun, waiting for us. Thank you Oscar Meyer.

Suzi - August 2004, 10 years old

Suzi was the girl I got last year at the age of 9 because no one wanted her or her sister. I kept her for the past year until she got cancer and had to leave me. I miss her and want her to know that Rosie and I look forward to the day we all meet again.

Teddy Stone - August 2004, 5 months old

Teddy was a brother to Itty Boo Bo that was loved very much. He was loved by all. He had such a short life but he is still in our thoughts. Love and miss you bunchs!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Darren and Mallory

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