Nutmeg - 'Nutty' - August 2002, 14 years, 6 months old

My little Nutty, I miss you so much, honey! I hope you are having lots of fun at Rainbow Bridge. Keep an eye out for your little sister, Cinnamon. Cindy misses you so much, Nutmeg, and I'm afraid of what your death will do to her. We both miss you so much!

I hope you can hear us talking to you, honey. We love you and miss you! I hope I can hear you talking back to Mommy some day. I'll love always Nutty!

Spanky - August 2002, 13 years, 9 months old

Spanky adopted me at the local animal rescue shelter, 'Pets Incorporated'. Out of a room full of people he selected me by bringing me his tennis ball. I carried him home. He was almost nine years old then. He had lived a hard life with two previous owners. He was arthritic and had cataracts in his eyes. He was scarred and had survived a bout with heartworms. For the next five years he took care of me. Whenever I had a bad day at work he would come to me and make it all better in his own way. He would put a smile into a dismal day. At any given time he could be found directly under my feet. I retired this July first. As soon as I did Spanky became ill. It then became my turn to take care of him. After a short time Spanky became too ill to even get up and walk outside. I became his legs. I lovingly cared for my old friend until a trip to the vet still couldn't make any difference as we tried to prolong his life for a little while longer. Sadly during the first days of August 2002 he went into great pain and could no longer move. We carried him to the vet who could do no more for him. Sadly Spanky died in my hands at 8:50 a.m. on 7 August 2002 just three months short of his 14th birthday I miss my friend.

Hannah - August 2002, 1 year, 6 months old

Hannah, Hannah you were the specialist one. I just wish I could have seen you the day it happened. I don't know what happened. You were healthy and fine, then everything just stopped - the fun the happiness. I remember all our happy times together like when you were a puppy and I was teaching you how to walk, and you did it! And the day I gave you to Aunt Karen, I cried for days. And almost every Saturday you came over to see me you were so happy - all the games we played. And the other time you caught that snake by yourself. And at chrismas you got to meet Holly, and then it happened - you were took'en from me. You were still a puppy - it wasn't your time to die. You were a good girl - you didn't deseve to die. You weren't just a dog, you were my best friend, and maybe some day we can walk the Bridge together and see the bright and colorful rainbow, but Hannah, always know we may be far apart but you are never far from my heart.

with love, Sarah

Archie Junior (A.J.) - August 2002, 11 days old

Archie Junior (A.J.) was the runt of the litter (smooth red) born on 25 July. He was the last born of two other brothers and two sisters. His mommy is Daisy - the sweetest little dog I know. His daddy is Archie - the coolest most fun dog I know. Daisy belongs to my friend Pam. When Archie was born, Pam had to cut the umbilical cord herself (after calling the vet, they said that could have been an indication of poor health and Daisy sensed their was something wrong). Pam and her daughter could not sleep the night A.J. passed. They were sick about it. We love you A.J. and you touched all of our hearts for the short time you were here. Your human mommy Pam and I will make sure your brothers and sisters are loved and well taken care of.

Love, Kimmy

Gretchen Tazzy Lou - August 2002, 14 years old

Hello everyone,
As I write this the tears are still coming down. but I loved my baby from the day she was born 'til the day we had to let her go... almost 14 years of wonder friendship, listening and always being there for me.

Gretchen was one of seven puppies. She was lucky 'cuz she got to stay with her Mommy 'til her mommy went to the Bridge, and now I'm sure they are together again.

Gretchen was always on the go with her Mom and Dad. She had a lake home in the summer, travelled all over, and went into many places lots of dogs weren't allowed. She loved being outdoors in the summer and in her heated bed in the winter. She slept with us every night and took up almost the whole bed. She loved walking and chasing critters but she never hurt them. She loved her life and in her almost 14 years she didn't have any complaints. But the cancer came about a year ago and took root in her bladder. We kept her as long as we could but she was failing day by day and no longer enjoyed things - all she wanted to do was try to go potty. The cancer got much worse and we knew it was time to say goodbye.

She left a empty spot in our lives but many wonderful memories.


Dudley 'Dude' Smith - August 2002, 14 years old

Dudley came to live with us when he was a year and a half old, joining Muffie (the ruling doxie) and Spike (the beagle mix). They learned to love him and I know met him when he reached the Rainbow Bridge. He was our sweet boy. Maggie, our terrier mix, is lost without him. We love you, Dude.

DJ - August 2002, 14 years old

DJ - we miss you very much. There is an empty space in our lives. We hope you are at peace and free of pain. You will live in our hearts forever.

Dixie Cotney - August 2002, 6 years old

You never knew you were a dog. You thought you were just one of the kids. And you were. Levi and Nina miss you so but not as much as Mom and Dad. You were our tv companion and popcorn eater. The house just isn't the same. I know that you are thankful for your blankets and your favourite turtle we laid you to rest with. We knew that you would want them. There will never be another Dixie-Bo.
Love you always, Mom

Rusty Whisenhunt - August 2002, 11 years old

Rusty - a piece of love who filled my home and heart with joy and happiness. A wonder of kisses, devotion and love. I miss you.

Jessie Clark - August 2002, 10 to 12 years old

Our Jessie girl will be missed dearly. We adopted her from a dachshund rescue to give her a good home for her retirement years. Our two other doxies quickly accepted her as part of our family. She was happy and loved the attention we showered her with. She loved to snuggle under the covers with us and be by our sides. Everything was going great until her back legs started to give out and she had back surgery. Just ten days later, her body started to shut down, and we had to say a tearful goodbye that we were not prepared for. She was in our family for only four short months, but gave and received so much love in that time. We will love her forever, and she will not be forgotten.

Katie Belle Davis - August 2002, 14 years, 6 months old

This is about our beloved Katie Belle Davis. She was one of the loves of our lives. She had to be put down on 26 August 2002 (the day after my sister's birthday). It was devastating to the whole family. We miss her so very much. But I know that my dad, my grandparents and other animals are receiving Katie. Mom and I are having a rough time of it with my health and all, but I know one day we will all be together.

A little information about Katie. Katie was a mini/mini dachshund, black and tan; the moles on the sides of her cheeks were in the shapes of hearts. At the time we got Katie, my niece, Tammie, was only eight years old and! Her brother, Tim, was five years old. She told us that God kissed Katie's cheeks.

We got Katie from dachshund rescue and she was only about eight months old. Katie would come to all of us but she especially loved my dad and Tammie. If Tammie and Kathie, my sister, would come down, (they live 3 blocks away from us) Katie would ignore mom and me. Tammie is 22 now. Katie loved her so, just like us. But the last few weeks of our Katie's life was not good. She was having brain seizures. I know the doctors did everything possible for you, our little girl, and I know that papa (my dad) needed you with him.

Katie was our only mini/mini dachshund. We basically got her for my dad in 1988. He was very sick at that time and I think she prolonged his life some and he died in 1989. Katie loved her toys and blankets. We buried her with her hamburger toy and stuffed teddy bear we called Rainbow) and a note from mom and me. She would love to eat peas (it is very hard having them at supper now - I always think I have to save some for her - fruit or anything like spaghetti. She would not drop a pea at all on a spoon or fork and spaghetti she would slurp right up.

It is so hard to write this note about Katie, but I know she was suffering at the last. She was such a good girl, loved her to pieces and we miss you desperately. I found this poem I would like to put in here for you and our other pets: If tears could build a stairway
And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven
And bring You home again.

To our dear Katie: You take good care of Papa, Penny, our black and tan standard, Dutchess, our black and tan mini dachshund, and Mamie, our blonde bassett, and of course yourself. Please take care of yourself and the others and Papa, until we get there. You made our hearts very big by you being being with us. We are trying to regain what we lost from your passing, but it is still so very hard. Kiss and hugs our little girl.

Oscar Mayer Hounddawg - August 2002, 10 months old

Oscar entered hearts and and changed our family life with so so much love and happiness. He went with us everwhere, which was a lot. The night that Oscar left us it was the saddest night that we have ever had in our lives. OSCAR WE MISS YOU SO MUCH, AND WE WILL ALWAYS KEEP YOU IN OUR HEARTS. YOU TAUGHT US HOW TO LOVE AGAIN.

Gabbi Doodle - August 2002, 4 months old

Gabbi, you were only with me for such a short time, but I will never forget you. I tried to help you when I heard your cries in the woods,but I couldn't find you in time. I wish you had known that coyotes were not your friends. Hunter came out of the woods to take me to where you were. You are now resting peacefully next to Maggie. I just hope you know how much you were loved. Hunter is so lonely but she wanted me to let you know that you have some new siblings on the way. They will be born in November. No puppy will ever replace you but we sure hope we can get one half as sweet as you. Play with Maggie and wait for me at the rainbow Bridge.

Schatzie Ann - August 2002, 15 years, 3.5 months old

I am sorry I couldn't work miracles to restore your failing kidneys and liver to where you could be with me longer without discomfort. Letting you go was just as hard as it was when I let Brandy Renee go, as you were my second 'child', but loved no less. Dr Wachal and I tried everything we could to make your life better, but I knew it was time when you refused to eat even your most favorite foods.

I made the painful decision (painful on my part) to let you go peacefully, and I hope you forgive me for it. It made me hurt to see you hurting, and not wanting to eat or do anything but sleep. You were the last of my Four Shooter, and I thank you for all the years you gave me, Brandy Renee, Penny Jean, and Freckles Sue. All four of you are together once again, chasing snakes, toads, butterflies, and all the things you loved to do here on earth. And thank you for the last gift you gave me. Dr Wachal believes just like me that Brandi Leigh came to me because of you, that you somehow knew that she was in desparate need of a loving home, which is why you sent the messenger to tell dad about her, knowing it would get back to me.

There's been several times that Shayla reminds me of you with the things she does...maybe she was just trying to be like you because she loved you as much as I did, and still do. Give the rest of the girls a kiss for me and tell them mom loves and misses them terribly!

Love you, Mom

Rachel - September 2002, 9 years, 6 months old

My sweet Boo...Never did I dream that a trip to the beach with our new puppy would take you from us...that NASTY seaweed! We took you in as a baby and you were the smartest, peppiest little wirehaired doxie of 'em all. We talk about you every day and will miss you forever. I still can't tell the story of your leaving us without breaking down. I hope you know how hard we tried to keep you with us. I hope you are waiting with Mini, Maggie, Heidi and Belle. We'll see you again!

Gita - September 2002, 9 years, 6 months old

Gita, you were a great dog and I miss you very much. I wish you were still here.

Rocky Mason - August 2002, 3 years old

My valient, stoic, gentle, loving weinerdog; Rocky was my protector and companion. Although he suffered from a Napoleon complex, which ultimately led to his demise, Rocky was a loyal friend. Rocky is survived by his humans, Jessica and Eli, his wife, Daisy and daughters Stella and Baby. He is missed terribly every day.

Bo Grubaugh - August 2002, 3 years old

Bo boy, we miss you so very much. We would have never left you alone that day if we had of only known that you were going to die. We will always miss you going to bed with us at night and having you there when we wake up in the morning. I miss having you there when we eat and you are not there to beg for food and we miss putting you outside to use the bathroom. We just miss everything about you. We all miss you so very much and we can't wait to see you again.

We love you so much boy!
Daddy, Mommy, Katie, Krystie and Kylie

Cholie Hermann - August 2002, 2 years, 7 months old

When I got the call on my way to work that you looked like you were ready to die I rushed right home to get you and ran every light to get help for you. I'm so sorry every thing the vet tried could not save you and I feel so guilty that I left you outside in the heat with your babies. I would never have thought that in that short of time you could die from that. I'm so sorry. I love you. I kept one of your babies and named her Zoeie. Love you so much, honey. Missed but not forgotten.
Daddy, Joey (husband) of Cholie

Critter-fouts - August 2002, 17 years old

He was my best friend - always there and always will be in my heart forever! I miss him and still can't replace him but someday there will be the one to steal my heart again.

Flappy Swartzie - August 2002, 21 years old

Swartzie was the best friend and companion to an old woman who had to go into the nursing home. Her family dropped the 18-year-old black smooth male off at the vet's, saying 'we don't want him, just put him to sleep'. The vet told us about him when we took two of our three long haired minis in for check up. We took him home the next day. We got him home. He was like a skeleton and very frightened, but was really a very gentle and kind dog. Over the next few months he fattened up and grew confident. He held his own with the other three - not an easy thing! We didn't like the name 'Swartzie' and called him 'Flappy' because of the sound his leathery old ears made when he shook his head. Being deaf, he didn't care what we called him. Old Flappy lived with us for almost four years. He died very suddenly at age 21, having been healthy and happy up to a few hours before he sickened from a tumor and died a few hours later. He was a good and gentle friend and lived a very long life, was loved and happy at the end. We miss him, but he is with his old lady now, and someday we'll see him again.

Daisy - August 2002, 1 year, 3 months old

She was the best dog I ever had. When she left me I almost died. I couldn't bare to watch as they took her from my life. I will always love her and miss her always.

Peanut-Penelope Gililland - August 2002, 5 years, 1 months old

Not a day goes by that we don't still think about you and miss you terribly. You were my best friend and my baby. I loved you unconditionally, just as you loved me. When I was on bed rest, you were there with me, and when I was in the hospital, you cried for me. It didn't matter if I had been gone for five minutes or five hours, I was still greeted the same loving way, like it had been ages!! You bounced all over, wagged that tail non stop, and gave me kisses till my face was wet...You were always there for me, and followed me everywhere I went. I still look for you, and sometimes even think I see you, this is how I know you are watching over us. Even though we should have had years left together, I know God has a reason for everything and you were the best dog ever so I know someone in heaven needed you and another doxie here needed me for now but we will meet again and I look forward to that greeting that I haven't had since you left. We love you!!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Megan, Morgan, Makensy, Maxwell, and Shelby

Oskar Etting - August 2002, 17 years old

There are too many stories about O to tell. He was a horrible dog and a wonderful pal all wrapped up into one. He was my eighth birthday present and he kept me company for nearly all of his 17 years. I hope he's somewhere in doggie heaven peeing on one of God's rugs and rooting around in a heavenly litter box. I always loved him an unreasonable amount and I was never sorry to have him as my little buddy.
Love you always Osk!

KC Henington - August 2002, 3 years, 5 months old

My dearest KC, you came into our lives as a vivbrant young puppy and grew into a regal young man, so full of love and life. It has taken nearly three years since we lost you for me to come to this place. I pray for your forgiveness on that fateful night when Dad let you out. If only we had checked the gate, you wouldn't have gone to visit your friend across the road. I blame myself for the car that took your life that night. As for the driver of the car who never stopped, I will never understand why. I am grateful to the woman who saw you there in the road and brought your collar to me. As I ran into the road I knew in my heart you was gone from me, I picked you up in my arms and cradled you to me as if I could give you back your life's breath. I remember holding you till Dad took you from me he wrapped you in your favourite blanket, and placed you in the car. We took your little body to the cabin where so many preciuos memories we shared. And there among the pine trees and wild flowers we layed you to rest. We love and miss you everyday KC. Taz missed you so much he would whimper and go through the house as if to find you. He is now three - the same age as you was when you went to the Bridge. He is quite the little man. We adopted an older sister for Taz. she was very badly abused, but she has been a light for us. I think you would approve. I hope that you are happy. I await the day when we can once again feel your velvety kisses and see the brightness of your eyes. I love you and though you may be gone from this world you will never be forgotten.

Till we meet again, my precious KC, run play and be happy. Love Mom ,Dad ,Taz,

Nutmeg - August 2002, 14 years, 6 months old

You know how much Mommy loved you girls! I miss you so much, but at least I know that you are together again. I know how much you to loved being with each other.

Nutty, you let Cindy run around a lot because she wasn't able to use her legs the last few weeks with Mommy and I told her you and she would go running and playing in the fields.

Cindy, now don't forget to clean Nutty's ears. You kept her ears so clean and she probably really needed a good cleaning by the time you got to Rainbow Bridge.

Girls, I thank God Almighty for bringing you into my life. You gave me more love than I have ever known! I hope that I was able to give you as much happiness as you gave me.

Rest, play, eat well, be healthy and happy. Mommy will come to Rainbow Bridge when it's time for us to be together again. Until then darlings, remember that Mommy will always love you and will think of you every day and cherish the memories she has of our wonderful time together.

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