Mercedes Benz Gillette - April 2012, 14 years, 8 months old

Mercedes Benz Gillette was born on 23 August 1997. She was my little 'princess' - she never did anything wrong, was always my little 'angel'. She was a very loyal little girl, always following me around and wanting to be as close to me as she possible could, which was awesome. She was my oldest, and stayed with me the longest. My heart is hurting, but so very happy that I got to spend 14 plus years with her by my side. She was my little 'angel' - very loving to the end.  Mercedes left us on 2 April 2012, and I think of her and miss every day. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her and to realise how lucky I was to have her as long as I did! RIP Mercedes, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Sweet Miss Sophie Harper - April 2012, 8 years, 6 months old

We rescued Sweet Miss Sophie a year and a half ago. She and her brother were in a horrible dog pound, literally 20 minutes from death. We brought them home together and have loved them dearly ever since. She was the sweetest, most giving dachshund I have ever owned. She was a champion lizard chaser; kept them on their toes in the garden always. She loved to be tucked in every night and would give you a big kiss good-night. Her brother, Felix, misses her terribly. We all miss her dearly. We wish we could have had her longer, but we are thankful for the time she blessed us with her joy and love. Good-Night Sweet Sophie.

Alli - the special one - April 2012, 13 years, 11 months old

Thank you for this very special time, my beloved one. You will be in my heart until the very last day and now together with Ossi and Wauzi you will wait for me on this day. I know we will be together again then . . . and it is important for me that you will have this place here, just as Ossi and Wauzi have too.

Rusty Daigle - April 2012, 7 years old

Our sweet boy, Rusty, was stolen from us when he was struck by a speeding car during his evening potty break. He never went in the road before but something caught his eye and off he went. The driver never slowed down or tried to miss him. He was the first and only dog my husband loved and treated the way he did. He had a special bond with each one of our two-legged kids. And well he knew I was momma and I took care of everything he needed. Our hearts ache all the time wishing it had all been a bad dream. It has only been a few days, but life without him seems almost too much to bear at times. We all seem to shed tears at random moments during the day. At bedtime I look at his blanket and wait to see it move from his being under it. He was unique and funny. His personality would light up the room and fill your heart with joy. We miss him more than words can express, but we were so very blessed to have him in our lives for seven wonderful years. We love and miss our fat little weiner!!!!

Daxter Joseph - April 2012, 15 years old

The love of our lives . . . he will always have our hearts!!!

Cookie McShnookers/Schnooker Beebs - April 2012, 7 years old

Cookie was my best friend. She was my shadow and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her or shed a tear. Cookie lost her fight with EPI and she went to Rainbow Bridge on Holy Saturday, 7 April, the day before Easter. That morning was sunny but when Cookie passed the clouds rolled in and it rained the rest of the day. Boops, Mama misses you so much - but you know that. I miss dancing with you in my arms to The Turtles 'So happy together', snuggling up in blankets and the sound of you coming down the hall. Thank you for being the best. I will always have love for you Shnooker. I'll be with you again and I know you will be waiting for me.

Bonnie Girl - April 2012, 2 years old

Baby Girl Bonnie,

Play in the fields of flowers, chasing the butterflies that land on your nose.

Prance for your favourite treats.

Run, little girl, run without pain.

Your Mom, Dad and brother will always love you.

Play hard, little Bonnie, play hard.

Arnie Palmer Campbell Smith - April 2012, 13 years, 3 months old

Loved having you after your Dad passed and you were a great addition to the family. We will miss you forever.

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