Madison Venter - April 2009, 3 years, 11 months old

Our little champion, Maddy Mad, you asked for so little and gave us more than we could have ever asked for. Mommy and Daddy are so sorry you had to leave us the way you did, and wish things could have been different, we really tried, our darling girl. Maddy, our lives are once again left empty... play, enjoy and be happy with your brother MacMac...

We love you madly.

Daisy May Ippolito - April 2009, 10 years old

Daisy May Ippolito - adopted from DROH in May 2004 Led a wonderful and blessed life - gave unconditional love...

Daisy will be in my heart and missed forever.


Huckleberry Buchanan - April 2009, 4 years old

Huckleberry was not the typical dachshund. Huckleberry, you were such a good and quiet boy that sometimes we would forget you were even in the room. Now there is such a huge emptiness that nothing can fill it. You were taken way to soon. I hope you know we tried everything to save you. My biggest regret is that I never got a chance to kiss you the last night that we dropped you back off at the hospital. At least I got to hold you for the two hour drive and pet you. You were so so young - only 4. I just want you to know you will be forever in our hearts. Be good my sweet sweet boy and wait for me.

Love Mom and Dad
All of your brothers and sisters as well

Dabble - April 2009, 8 years old

I really miss you, Dabble. I hope you are in a better place now.

Marnie Harris - April 2009, 11 years old

Our dear little Marnie - we loved you so much and you brought sunshine into our lives. Every day we miss you. We know that you will be looked after in spirit and loved there as much as you are still loved here. One day we will all meet up again, my precious little one. God bless.

Pip (Pippy Dippy Do) - April 2009, 14 years old

I miss you, My Pippy. Be good and wait for me!

Appollo Creed Russell - April 2009, 17 months old

Our little black and tan mischievous doxie. It is very quiet around the house without saying, 'Appollo! Stop!' or 'Get out of that!' You name it, he got into it - always a bundle of energy. We don't know what to do now without a cold wet nose stuck in our faces when we kiss. We will miss him. I totally understand now when people say you will never own another kind of dog once you've owned a doxie. There is nothing like them and there will never be another like him.

Molly Ann Sheets - April 2009, 10 years, 10 months old

My beautiful baby girl, you left us far too soon. For ten years you have graced our lives with your incredible spirit, your elegance, your wry sense of humor. You taught us to appreciate and to marvel at the beauty which exists all around us; the complexity of a flower, the fact that bees can fly, the warmth of the sunshine and simply sitting quietly with those you love. You embraced every aspect of your life with enthusiasm and curiosity. You were the most beautiful creature, inside and out. Words cannot express the depth of our love for you or the loss we feel.

Run free my angel, we will be together again. Know that we love and miss you, we always will.

Tinka von Dackel Hartman-Yates - April 2009, 13 years, 2 months old

'Do not complain about growing old...many are denied the priviledge'- old Irish proverb

Your earthly home grows very quiet in your absence our little beloved Tinka. God now cradles our wee four-legged daughter. Death was faced with dignity and you fought the fight of life as long as you were able. Death's grasp cannot ever take you from us again. May you find and reunite with Momma Gretel, Daddy Freddie, younger sister Biti and Aunt Elsa, housemates Katie, and Sadie. Many so beloved dachshunds, like you, gone on before their time (although all things are in God's time), to the Rainbow Bridge. May they all comfort you 'till we may again once more.

Our deepest joy besides the reunion with family and friends will be hearing your bark and the bark of so many we loved once more surrounding us and embracing us deep within our being, our souls. This we draw greatest comfort in. Our mortal hearts are deeply sore this day and your adopted sons, both Hans and his brother Fritz, miss their treasured matriarch.

Forever hugs and kisses from your daddies, Kenn and Den oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox...from all the Hartman and Yates family and friends, especially our beloved exchange daughters, Charlotte Seliger and family and Zuzana Hebka' and family and many who will deeply miss your humour and playfulness.

A puppy till the very end, you LIVED girl, oh how you really LIVED. Our lives were more enriched and blessed having shared them with you dearest Tinka. We shared your creation to your birth and first breath was seen, and now with deepest pain your last breath was drawn. You were conceived, born, and died all in this house within ten feet from each spot. All have a very special memory held deep within our hearts' lockets, tucked so deep beneath our pockets.

You got to live your days out with your mom here and sis Heidi near by for special occasion visits. She, as does her family, grieve for your passing. Watching you take your first breath and now your last, was a deep honor for us, little love.

Tinka, you will always be carried in our hearts and souls for you truly are part of our fabric of this mortal journey for evermore. (We call to you forever sweet Tinka, in our voice high pitched and quick, Tinka, Tinka, Tink!!!!) You filled the paws of your ancestors before you and then some. Our souls are marked with your being 'till again you come running to your daddies and jump wholeheartedly, healthy and whole, into our arms, never to be seperated again - NEVER!! We wipe away sore hearts and tears and remember the clown doggie you are and laugh and draw great, great joy from your life shared with ours. Thank you, little miniature dachshund, black and tan smooth, girl of our life.

'What did you get into now Tink, whew!! Tink, Tink you stink.'

Miss you, love you girl - see you soon. Bark when when you can so God will get annoyed and send you back to us. OXOX

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