Rhoda Rooter Zenkus - April 2008, 4 years, 4 months old

Mommy and Daddy and Dusty miss you so much!!! We just want a sign that you are happy and know we did what was best! We feel AWFUL for having to do what we did, but we did it for you, not us. We LOVE you now and FOREVER!

Bunny McDowell - April 2008, 14 years old

Bunny came to live with us at Easter at the age of six weeks. She was a faithful, loving, very smart little dog from the very beginning. She loved us and no one else, except for a friend who was not a dog person until Bunny won her over. She will always be missed greatly.

Danke Ward - April 2008, 8 years, 6 months old

Danke left us for Rainbow Bridge way too soon. She came to comfort Sonny, after he lost his sister Sissy on 24 April 1999. Now Danke, too, is gone at the same age on 14 April 14 2008. Danke is now with Sonny again. She will meet Sissy, and again play with Arthur. Danke appeared fine, but a blood test called for her to have an ultrasound to see if she had Cushing's. That was last Tuesday. On Wednesday we learned she had liver cancer and nothing could be done. Our sweet, precious baby girl left for Rainbow Bridge on her own yesterday. She started to lose her appetite last week, and it became harder and harder to get her to eat, but on a short walk on Saturday she ran after a little white dog to play. On Sunday her tummy hurt, and got worse as the day progressed. We were hoping the doctor could settle her stomach. We never would have imagined that three hours later he would call to say she passed on her own. Loving till the end, she protected us from having to make that terrible decision. We never would have let her suffer and there was no effective treatment. We will always love and cherish the short time we had with you. Danke you were so precious. Your mommy, Jackie, loves you and is so sad and lonely. We are all still in shock. God bless you, pretty. You will always be loved and missed. We'll pick all of you up on our way to heaven.

Shad - April 2008, 8 years old


We loved you dearly and will miss you. I pray dogs go to heaven so we can see you again. You were the best dog ever, you made us feel safe and loved. God bless you. You will never be forgotten.


Daniel and Aziza

Pete Edward Ozzie Murray - April 2008, 11 years old

He was a friendly face to wake up to every morning even though he was usually the last one out of bed especially when the heated blanket was on. He greeted company at the door and sometimes was a little too excited to see them. Over the years he found his favourite toy of all, which was a red Old Navy bone that he always kept with him. Blindness overcame him and he began to loose his sense of direction. His best friend, Patches, died and he mourned her death until it was his time to go too.

Pistol Holcomb - April 2008, 14 years old

Pistol came into our lives as a rescue when he was nine years old. He loved all humans and animals and even took care of a kitty after she had surgery. He had congestive heart failure and passed in April after a blizzardy weekend of having heart attacks. We couldn't get to the vet for three days due to the storms. He passed peacefully in our arms on the fourth day when we finally got him to the clinic.

Shotzy Jackson - September 2008, 19+ years old

Oh Shotzy, where do I begin? You were my husband's dog, but it didn't take me long to fall in love with you. I swear you would have lived forever if we had let you. No squirrel was ever safe in our yard, and no person was ever left unannounced at our door. You would 'sit pretty' for as long as it took to get a treat. You would sit there and lick our other doxies for hours, as long as they didn't lick back because you would let them know that was not ok with your toothless bite! I don't think they were as scared of you as you would have liked, but they just loved getting your kisses so they let you get away with it. You were definitely one of a kind and will live forever in our hearts. We miss you so much, Shotzy, and it has been long enough since you passed that we can talk about you with smiles now instead of tears! I wish it had ended differently, I would do anything to take back how it ended, but at the time it seemed like the best thing to do. I wish I had been there with you at the end, but it all happened so fast - please know that that was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I hope you know that dad and I both love you with all of our hearts and miss you every day. Please wait for us at the Bridge - we will be running with open arms to see you and to get your stinky kisses! I know you are young again and not in any pain and I hope you are playing nice with the other dogs.

Love always,
Mom and Dad, Toby, Harley, Dolly, Walle (who you never got the chance to meet - I think you would have really liked him) and everyone else who knew and loved you!

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