Shelby - April 2005, 5 years old

This is Shelby. Shelby was rescued from an abusive situation and came to me on 14 August 2004. She was a wonderful little doxie who bonded to me immediately. For the first time she was secure, happy and settled. The on 23 December 2004 she herniated a disc in her back. Thank God for the which helped me find acupuncture help for her and as of last weekend Shelby was walking,..not real well but getting there! Shelby then got sick from what we thought was a UTI, but X-rays showed bladder stones too large to pass. She had surgery on 12 April 2005. Shelby died today from a blood clot in her intestines. My precious baby is gone. We all loved her more than words. Wait for me at the Bridge my sweet baby.

Gigi - April 2005,3 years old

Su nombre era Giselle, cariñosamente yo le decìa Gigi, desgraciadamente Diosito solamente me la prestó 3 añitos, durante los cuales fue la única compañía fiel e incondicional para mi en todo momento, hasta el día de hoy no encuentro conformidad. Diosito me la quito el día 2 de Abril de 2005, a 9 escazos días de mi cumpleaños..., solamente espero que ella sea felíz donde está y que nos volvamos a encontrar nuevamente cuando llegue mi momento para ser felices eternamente, sin temor a volver a separarnos nuevamente... Gigi, solo espero que desde donde estes me acompañes eternamente y me mandes por algún medio las lamiditas y tu compañía que tanto extraño, eres insustituible mi niña..., Monique esta triste, pero se distrae con Saskia, yo en cambio no encuentro consuelo sin tí. Mamá y Lichi andan en busca de una nueva salchichita para mi, yo les digo que no quiero otra ya que tu para mí eras todo..... Te quiere eternamente, tu amita, Pili.

Delilah Sasha Churchwell - April 2005, 16 years, 9 months old

Our Precious Delilah. She will now be with her brother, Sampson, and sister, Little Bit. We will miss her so much. Delilah lived a long full life and was very very special. We will miss you so much sweetie.

Love, Dwayne and Tracy and Itty Boo Bo

Digit - April 2005, 10 years, 6 months old

Learning from Digit

Most Holy God,

Thank you for allowing us to spend to spend time with your precious gift, Digit.

She was a Master teacher - Your teacher to us - and always with gentleness.

She always shared Your unconditional love with everyone and especially us.

She taught us to appreciate the smallest things - Your simple gifts that many times go unseen to our eyes were the focus of her attention - flowers, butterflies, and sitting in the warmth of Your sun, When we were Sad she snuggled to bring comfort. When we were happy she romped about the house with joyous abandon. Even in illness her only desire was to be with her family, close to the ones she loved. Please draw this very special soul close to you until we can all be together again.

Jessie Jane - April 2005, 15 years, 1 month old

Dear, sweet Jessie I feel like a part of me has been ripped out. It was so hard to hold you and feel the life go out of you. I delivered you and you have been the joy, laughter, comfort and companion in our lives since that day. I am so sad and all your friends you left behind are feeling sad also. We will all miss you so. You will never be far from my heart or memories.

We love you, Jess.

Lucky - April 2005, 5 yearsold

Lucky was a very special rescue dachsie who, unbeknown to anyone, had diabetes when he went to his forever home. His adopter, however, ignored the sysptoms of his disease. When informed of his diagnosis, she decided that she had spent enough money already and elected not to have him treated. Instead, she called to have him picked up and returned to rescue. By the time he was picked up, he had lost over half of his body weight and was in such severe ketoacidosis (diabetic coma) that he could not be saved. God speed, little boy - I am so sorry. If I had only known sooner . . .

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