Shakespeare Vangough - April 2004, 2 years, 6 months old

Shakespeare was the greatest little weenie dog. We called him our little pistol because of his life and attitude. We didn't know we would have such a short life with him when we got him, but we did. He had aggression issues towards others. If I could have had a special way to fix it, I would have. He was a special dog, the perfect color red any one can imagine for a weenie. He loved us so very much, but couldn't love others like he loved us. He wanted to hurt them and he didn't know why. I feel bad for him as he heard voices in his head and didn't know what to do. We had to make the painful decision to let him go to the Bridge with our beloved Picasso. He no longer hears voices in his head, and is living happily with Picasso. It saddens me greatly to have given up such a great dog again to the Bridge, but I will once again meet up with my weenies that have gone to the Bridge. I will always love Shakespeare and never forget him.

Lupe Umbaldo - April 2004, 15 years old

Penelope's Nameless Moonlight (Penni-pup) - April 2004, 2 years, 9 months old

Some nights, I can still feel my little speckeled girl jump up onto the bed, and burrow under the covers. Penni loved to give hugs. When she was a baby, she would try to lick our face, which was a no-no. For some reason, she started to turn her head, and press her cheek against our face, hard and long. That was her hugs!!! (Some times it seemed as if she was trying to suffocate us, tho). Penni was a birthday gift to me, from someone who is very dear to me, and this fact made Penni all the more valuable to me. She died from a blood disease called ITP. I knew she had some sort of blood problem, but it wasn't diagnosed. She miscarried her babies, and almost died then of blood loss. I wanted her spayed, so that would never happen again, and I recall the vet saying that her clotting rate was slow. They nearly couldn't do the surgery. Still, we didn't know about her exact problem. I came home from work on March 31, and found blood on my floors. I scooped my girl up and raced to the vet. Blood tests did reveal that she had very few platelets, and she was bleeding internally because of this. We transfused her four times. We gave her vincristine and cytotoxan to knock her immune system out, since it was destroying her platelets. Even still, Nell destroyed the platelets in her donated blood. It was the hardest thing in the world when the vet told me she would probably not survive due to all the blood loss now in her body cavities. I grabbed my daughters, and my older dachshund , Andre, and we went to see Penni. Putting her down was so hard, and I wonder how in the world will I ever be able to do it with Andre, our doxie boy, and yet, how could I NOT be with him too? I love my Nellish, spotted, speckled girlie pup and miss her terribly.

Frankie - April 2004, 16 years, 11 months old

Our Frankie died last weekend while we were away. We think he planned it that way. He didn't want us to worry about him. He was the best dog in the world. We will never have a day go by without shedding a small tear or moment of joy for our Frankie.

Vinnie 'Bag A Donuts' - April 2004, 2 years old

My dear, dear little Vinnie. Although you came into my life only four days before my precious boy Madison left me, I loved you like you were with me forever. I tried to save you and give you a second chance at life, but your injuries were just too severe. The shelter didn't want you, but you know you had a home with us. I feel so sad you were taken away before you had a real chance at life. The people who had you before and did this to you will be punished one day. My heart aches for you my sweet, sweet little boy. If only love could have saved you....My Madison will take care of you and one day we will all meet again and be with each other forever and ever. Run and jump high little one and be pain-free.

I love and miss you little man.

Mommy Eileen

Madison 'Budd' - April 2004, 7 years old

My Madison, you are the love of my life. My boy, how I miss you so and wish you were still here with me and your fur sister, Morgan. I can see the sadness in her eyes for you and our home is just not the same without your funny antics. It's so quiet and lonely here since you have been gone. You were too young to leave this earth, but I know you are no longer in pain. How I wish we could have had just one more day with you, but you hid your pain until the very end. Have fun at the Bridge my love, we shall all meet one day and never leave each other again. Take care of Jodie, Yochie and Vinnie and tell them Mommy loves them also.

I love and miss you my sweet boy.

Mommy and Morgan

LUV - April 2004, 18 years, 2 weeks old

I miss you so much my sweet girl. I got you when you were six weeks old and held you in my arms as you took your last breath. My heart broke when the vet told me what I needed to do. I never thought I would not be able to bring you home after going to the vet. As I made the hardest decision to free you of pain I know you were thanking me. You have been my rock through the death of Reynnie and my dad. I don't know that I will ever get over the loss of you! I love you so much and I cry every day for you. I know you are in dachsie heaven so please look after our Sasha Girl. You are so missed my girl. Your picture is on the mantel and your Paw Print is on my night stand. I'll Love you forever, my sweet LUV.

Daisy - April 2004, 13 years old

Dear Daisy 'Dinkie',
Words cannot describe how much you are missed. We just have to be patient until we will be reunited again. Please be nice to Putzer up there, and don't bother God too much with your barking!
Love always, Mom, Mark, Susy, Matt and Tante Wally

Jennie - April 2004, 13 years, 6 months old

Jennie was dearly loved by her daddy and me and her buddies, Dapple, a mini dachshund; Thor, a St Bernard; and Motor, Velvet and Gray Smoke, her kitty siblings. Jennie came to us from a puppy mill about eight years ago, she didn't know what it was to be loved, held or played with. She sure learned fast and she had a great teacher in Dapple. She will be so missed by each and every one of us. She never did learn to play. I'm sure all the other puppers at the Rainbow Bridge are being kind and loving and teaching her to play. I picture her with a red ball in her mouth and her running with her ears flapping. Dear Jennie, we love and miss you so much. We thank you for all the wonderful years of unconditional love you gave to us. We'll meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ruby - April 2004, 10 years, 1 month old

Ruby was a precious little girl who came into rescue after one of her mistresses committed suicide and her remaining 'Mama' was thrown out of their house by the heirs. Losing both of her them so quickly was too much for this sweet little one to bear and so, held by her second Mama, she joined her first Mama a month later. Ruby was a dear little soul - I wish I had known her longer. Rest in peace, little one, in the arms of your Mama.

lala - April 2004, 7 years old

To My dearest Lala,

My little angel, you are forever in my heart. In memory of you I got another one of your kind. Althought, she will never take your place in my heart, forever I will share my greatest love for you with her. So rest in peace my bebita. 'Mommy quire mucho a ti'

Otto - Count Otto von Benllech - April 2004, 12 years old


On the other side in Heaven
There's a land of warm spring weather,
Where all the little dachsies who've gone to sleep forever,
Live another life in perfect happiness together.
They're never cold, they're never tired,
They never feel pain.
The elderly and poorly ones are young and strong again,
And in our hearts the memory of your love will still remain

Otto, we hope you approve of the two little rescues we now care for - Evie and Jake. Hooligans when we got them, now little lovebuds without any hang-ups.

Love Mommy and Daddy.

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