Minnie Valentine Darling (Most Valuable Dachshund) - April 2002, 15 years old

You led a full and healthy life and have left 15 years of great memories behind for us to reminisce. Gratefully, you will be reunited with your daughter. God Bless you both.
Lisa and family

Valentine Sadie von Allegan - April 2002, 11 years, 2 months, 5 days old

Dear Sadie - you passed to the Bridge unexpectedly in your sleep. Your daughter, Liberty, was at your side, the first to know of your passing. You were still alive and breathing when I checked on you before leaving for work in the wee hours. I first got the bad news while at work. When I was able to return home and see the empty shell which once housed a lively dachshund, I cried.

I laid you rest in a private spot in the yard, and now to purchase a shrub to serve as your headstone.

When you first came into my life, I was the unwilling one. We drove out to the loneliest part of Allegan County, Michigan, after dark, to see you. My ex-wife fell in love with you instantly, but I was the harder case. Over my objections you came home and the $250 didn't. When we got home, you looked so lost and confused. I saw you wander off in the dark to the neighbours' - lost, confused, so lonely. We found you after what seemed like an eternity for the both of us, but it was really only a few minutes. You were hiding under a car.We brought you in the house, made you a bed, gave you the first of countless treats, and gave you love. You were beginning to melt my resistance. The next morning, when I returned from my night job, you hopped up into my lap and ate my sandwich from the other end. And you ate your way into my heart... I was yours and you were mine from then on.

You went on to give birth to three litters of pups. We were there to help you each time. We kept the little girl from the last litter you had, and the other pup of this small litter went to a friend. Over the years you gave us nothing but love, pleasure, fun, loyalty and companionship. You always forgave when we returned late, tolerated and accepted other dachsies into the home, both permnament and temporary fosters, and still loved us as much as ever. You saw Brian and Adam grow from the little boys who played with you to young adult men. You caught the mice in one of our apartments. You loved us...

Until we meet again at the Bridge, enjoy the sunshine. We will take a walk again together.

Sydney - April 2002, 1 year, 8 months old

Sydney, my sweet baby girl...How we miss you. I will never forget how my heart broke when Hailey called to tell me you were gone. Holly, Hailey and Mimi tried so hard to catch up with you before you ran into that horrible highway. I wish I had been home...maybe you would have come to me if I had called your name. I know you thought they were playing your 'chase me' game. I'd give anything in the world to be able to wrap my arms around you and hold you right now. I'd give anything at all to be able to change the way things are. We're all so empty without you. Wait for us at the Bridge - you can stay there with Jasmine until it is time for all of us to be together again. Holly will miss sharing her prom and graduation stories with you...I know you two had a wonderful relationship and you understood her so well. She misses having you to cuddle up with each night. You always have a warm place in my heart, sweet baby girl, always remember how very special you were to me. We love you! Mommy, Hailey, Pawpaw, Nana, Mimi and Poppa, Frannie, Penni, Randi, Alley, Brandy, Rex, Baxter and Stormy

Lydia 'Snoop' Perry - April 2002, 15 years old

You were my sweetest friend and you will be missed greatly. I love you tiny heart.

Mandy (Girlie) - April 2002, 13 years, 2 months old

Mommy and Daddy miss you very much and hope that you are no longer in pain. Daddy saw it in your eyes the other night that you were telling him it was time. We hope you know how much we loved you. You will truly be missed by us both.

Mommy has your resting area all ready for you in the garden when you come home. You will always be forever in our hearts Mandy.

Nascar and Cops will never be the same without you...

Penny Cardinal - April 2002, 14 years old

Penny was such a special dachshund who loved life. She enjoyed long walks in the country and running in the fields. She loved to play with her tennis ball and was the best catcher of all. We had 14 wonderful years of doxie love and devotion. She is deeply missed by her family, friends, and animal buddies. We hope that she is waiting by Rainbow Bridge for us and we are lost without her,especially her dachshund friend, Nickie. The house is too quiet without her. We all miss you, Penny.

Gretel Bird - April 2002, 14 years, 11 months old

You were our love for the last 11 years. How we enjoyed the times that we had together. I can still see that sweet little body waiting in the door for me to come in. I can still feel your face pressed against mine as you slept in my arms. We will love you forever. We are so sorry you had to go but we are thankful we had you to be a part of our lives. You meant so much to us. John and Pat

Jilly from Caerphilly - April 2002, 5 years old

Darling Jilly we loved you so much. Tou also gave your love to us. Your tail wagged your eyes sparkled whenever you saw us.
Thank you so much
We will meet again

Love Mammy and Daddy

Maximillan Cantwell - April 2002, 12 years old

Maxie, you are so sorely missed by us all. There will never be another who opens Christmas presents the way you did. Our hearts ache and our tears flow,and we can not put your toys away. We know you are no longer in pain but we wish you were still with us.You were our 'little brown sugar' man and such a good little man that we will never forget. We can only hope you are with Val and Sunny and that you are all waiting for us. We love you, Maxie. always.

Dewley - April 2002, 15 years, 1 month old

Dewley was so much a part of my life, that it feels so empty now without him around. He will always be fondly remembered.
Love, mom

Lucy Burnett - April 2002, 11 years old

Things I never want to forget about Lucy:

Lucy liked everyone she ever met. She was the friendliest dog I have ever known.

Lucy was always healthy. Arthritis slowed her down a bit her last year, but for 11 years Lucy always enjoyed patrolling the yard (especially if there was a bunny to chase), going for walks, etc. She was wagging her tail and alert the very last time she left our home.

On her final day, after all the pain she must have suffered, Lucy's favorite activity was still the same: cuddling by the heater with me, or cuddling under a blanket on the couch with Mommy.

Lucy's last day with us was Saturday, 27 April 2002. Today is Sunday, April 28, 2002. It is the saddest day of my life.

Zoe Syverson - April 2002, 2 years, 3 months old

Zoe was taken from us tragically. Her mischevious brother, Kirby, dug through a travel bag and found a bottle of Tylenol. He chewed it open and spilled the pills everywhere. We now know that none of our little family of four ate any pills, but unfortunately the stress of going to the vet for precautionary treatment was too much for Zoe. She unexpectedly died in my arms while seizing, shortly after I picked her up from thevet. The autopsy showed she died from heart failure, caused by untreated shock.

My little 'Bubba one' Zoe, your life will always hold meaning beyond words. Memories of belly kisses, hop-hop-hop, your heart shaped face, abundant precision kisses, bruff bruff, waving to get kisses, those big expecting eyes, cat stretches, grunts and groans at night in bed, and how you managed the family are painfully precious. Kirby, Oliver, and Taz look for you. Your Dad loves and misses you and your 'Good Night' kisses. No one can miss you as much as your Mom. She loves you so much. Thank you for what you gave us in your all-too-short life. It will never be the same without you. We will always love you, sweet one.

Daisey Rose Chamberlain - April 2002, 6 years old

Daisey was my best friend. She could understand what was said to her. She would listen with an open heart. I will never have another best friend like that. I will miss her. I will always have her in my heart. Daisey, I love you.

Muffie Marie Smith - April 2002, 16 years, 10 months old

Muffie or Muffbear spent the last eight months of her life living in a plastic cart with wheels -we pulled her around everywhere we went in the house. She accepted the lifestyle like a trooper. She is sadly missed by us and the two dogs she left behind.

Dede (Deed the Weed) Hasenmueller - April 2002, 10 years, 3 months old

Deed, our little angel ...

Time has healed, and we don't cry quite so often. We are, in fact, able to laugh about some of the stunts you used to pull. We don't always say 'goodnight' out loud anymore, but we think about you and have you in our hearts EVERYDAY.

We loved having you in our lives and never would have changed that opportunity for anything in this world. You were and are a great source of love and faith in our lives. We're only sorry that you couldn't have trained your new sister, Dolly. She's a pistol and has potty problems.

We hope you enjoyed your life on earth with us. We hope you were happy and knew how much we loved and continue to love you.

We will ALWAYS love you and will NEVER forget you. You are the epitome of what God wants for everyone ... love.

Love, Mumma and Papa

Chloe - The Baby Girl - April 2002, 15 years, 6 months old

Chloe Girl,
Nothing has been the same since the day you left us. We miss you more than words can say. My precious baby girl, my best friend, my constant companion. All that I have left of you are wonderful memories, and a beautiful wooden urn to hold your ashes with your picture on the front. You always loved wood so much! Your feline sister, Annie, grieved for you after you went to the Bridge. She unexpectedly got sick, and joined you at the Bridge two months after your passing. I can only take comfort in knowing that you called her home and now you are both together. You brought so much love and companionship into my life. I'll miss you forever and see you again one day. There will never be another ChloeGirl. They broke the mould when they made you. You were the sweetest, most loving dachshund that I ever had. Everyone who ever met you couldn't help but love you. Take care of your sister, Chloe. She loves you so much, and always thought of you as her mom.
Stay sweet my baby girl. We love you always,
Mama and Daddy

Oreo Panlilio - April 2002, 7 years old

Oreo was my baby and my best friend. She was the most loyal and loving dog, who was not scared of anything except losing the people she called her family. Now that we, her family, has lost our Oreo, our world is that much sadder, and lonelier. But we will never forget our baby who made us happy and brightened up our days. We love you Oreo.

Norbert - April 2002, 12 years, 3 months old

Norbert, the best dachshund you could be. A lasting gift to us from the estate of Maria Hayes. He was a wonderful long-haired brindle standard. Favourite place was to be under the covers in bed with us. So long my friend, I know you will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for your humans to join you!!

McCombs Family, Middleton, Id. Dachshund Idaho Rescue

Barney - April 2002, 12 years old

Barney was my first dog, and a better friend a boy couldn't find. He was always there while I was growing up, and I am just glad that I could be there for him in the end. I will never forget my Barney-boy.

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