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Cricket Wickham - 1999, 1 year old

Cricket was a black-and-tan mini dachsie with a crooked tail.We named her Cricket because when she was really small she would almost hop like a cricket. It was only two years ago when we couldn't take care of her very well so we had to give her to another family who could better care for her. Soon after we sold her, she got lost in the woods and was never found again. Our poor baby wasn't even two years old.(To Cricket) We miss you baby! Love,Tiffany and family

Thor - January 1999, 17 years, 1 month old

Thor, my blond longhair, was born deaf and during the last four years of his life he was blind, but no one ever savoured life more, handicaps or not, and no one was ever a more faithful companion. Thor lived with me through some very very bad times and some of those times the thought of what might happen to him was all that kept me going. He was so gentle and so loving to every one he met. Children would come running to pet his long silky hair whenever they saw me walking him and would laugh as he nuzzled their faces. That's one of the images of him that will always live with me.

You left a big hole, little guy, that will never be filled. Run and play now with your mom and dad, I'll be there soon.

Ziggy (King of Dogs0) - January 1999, 13 years old

Sweet Ziggy doxie was the greatest dog that ever graced the planet. He was my companion, my protector, my very best friend. He came into my life as a wee young doxie, humping a cardigan, it was love at first sight. We grew together and learned much from each other. He had a brave soul that belied his tiny size. He was at my side for 13 long years, each more enjoyable than the last, his time came and with great sadness we made a final trip together, I held him while the vet administered his very last injection. I stayed with him for a long while after he had gone to a better place. Ziggy is always in my thoughs and will forever shape the way I live my life. One day we will be reunited and such a time a we will have. Not a day goes past that I do not miss my little man. On Ziggy's death bed, I swore to him that I would always have a doxie to carry on his great tradition, I am reminded of him always when viewing the antics of my two new doxies who both had the honour of meeting and knowing this great dog - Ziggy. I will miss you forever, love always Mummy xxoo

Schatzie - January 1999, 16 years, 4 months old

Schatzie was a beloved member of our family for over 16 years...she helped our two daughters grow up, a more gentle, loving dog God has yet to create. She had Cushings disease for the last four years, but it was well-managed. She was completely trustworthy, always friendly with strangers, a real lady. I received her as my 28th birthday present in Flaxville, Montana... she traveled as we did, finally dying in Othello, Washington. There is no better dog than a mini-dachshund....we will always miss her. Our tears are many, but our good memories greater still.

Frankie - January 1999, 3 years, 6 months old

To our baby Frankie: Your mommy and I will never forget you. We love you and miss you. Words can not express the hurt we feel. You were a good doggie and the best mommy to Sugar and all your puppies. We will take good care of your Sugar. Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge and be a good girl. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Pat's L'il Bit of Heaven - January 1999, 2 weeks old

We lost our 'little guy, after only two weeks, to pneumonia. I never dreamed that something so young and so new to us, could have stolen our hearts in a matter of minutes. I am so thankful, that I still have his 'mom, (two years old.) and 'grandma', (seven years old). I can only imagine the grief that a family would or could feel... Hey, Lil' Bit, wait for Deogee, Peaches, and the rest of your family at the Bridge..... We'll be expecting to see you again! Until we meet again,.... Loving You Always, Mom, Dad, Shannon, Christen, and Patrick.

P.J. - January 1999, 5 months old

Although P.J. only lived for a short time. We will always remember him in our hearts.

Molly Bell - January 1999, 14 years, 4 months old

She was born in a litter of a lot of little dachshunds, and she was the biggest one. The people who were breeding them had named her 'Molly'. I knew she was meant for me even though my parents tried to convince me to get the runt.
She was a naughty little puppy, but I knew she had potential. She chewed a hole through one of our couches, peed on my dad's unread paper, and ate tons of my mom's shoes.
Her first winter was a blast. She went outside with my sister, Krista, and I and would bounce from footprint to footprint. We would wrap her in a scarf so she would stay warm. Right from the beginning she slept in my bed with me.
She was always such a thoughtful, intelligent dog, and when we moved to Marshfield she became a very well trained dog. I enrolled her in 4H dog obedience. She was the worst puppy in the class. She was the only one who slept curled up in the crook of her owner's arm every night.
Now she is gone. She was a super dog.

Willy - January 1999, 4 years old

My dearest beautiful mophead, I miss you and mourn you daily. Rescued at a year for us by dear Jennifer, you live in a place in our hearts that can never be filled. You loved us, comforted us and made us laugh. How cruel that your unselfish heart quit before its time. You'll always be the perfect picture for us - always young, always proud, your red and golden coat richly waving in the sun and breeze. Take your place at the Bridge with our beloved dachsie companions -Bad Dog, Bad II, Augie and Bu. Our mophead babies, Splash and Reggy console us. But there will never be another you. May you eat all the mangoes you want, and catch every lizard. This fall we'll scatter some of your ashes on your favorite river, but a part of you we'll keep for us. We love you and miss you. Ruth Ann and John

Misha - January 1999, 4 years, 5 months old


I still miss you so much - my heart is still breaking to cuddle with you. How I wish I had one more chance to tell you how much I love you. I hope you know that we did everything we could to save you. Your little body just couldn't take anymore. You gave so much love to me. You were always there to comfort and love us and greet us to our home. I will miss you forever. You were my soulmate and I couldn't have loved you more if you were a people. My prayer is that I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge and be able to love on you again. I know you were a blessing from God, just for me. For that I say thank you to Him, for giving me you to love.

Blue Bandit (Boo Boo) - January 1999, 6 years old

Boo Boo, we miss you very much. You were the mouthiest of the two but we loved you anyway. Daddy misses you waiting for him at the door and then jumping on the chair and letting it be known that you wanted his attention NOW. We are always looking for your head in the window when we come home. Gizmo also misses you very much and the day you went away we were all in bed together crying. Gizzie still looks for you but he never finds you. I hope you are happy here in Rainbow Bridge and we'll see you when we arrive.

Sophia - January 1999, approximately 15 years old

My Sophie (a.k.a. Wienie) came to us from a doxie rescue. We shared our home with her for about seven years. She immediately became the ruler of our home! She loved to play with rocks, chase her ball, and terrorise any who dared enter our home or business! Sophie died in my arms at home as a result of heart disease. Although I now have a new little girl, Phoebe, Sophie was my brave and loyal companion. I still miss her terribly and always will. I know she is guarding all at the Bridge. They are all safe with my 'ankle shark'! XXXOOO Mom

Cassidy A.K.A. Cas - January 1999, 6 years old

Cassidy was a beautiful long haired dachsie who spent the first eight months of his life locked in a utility room. This was done by a so called breeder who loved animals! This little guy was so shy and soooo sweet. What a lovebug. He had so many problems that we just couldn't overcome. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't do it. I miss you so much, Cas. I would undo everything I did to have you back again. I love you baby. Please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge and please stay with Bru and Ras.

Henry's Lugnut I - January 1999, 4 months old

Lugnut, thank you for giving us those very few minutes with you before you had to leave. Daddy and Mommy cherish them very much. You got to go so many places that other dachies would be jealous of. Being on the truck with you was our livelihood. You made those long hauls and heavy loads very enjoyable. Though I couldn't stay on the truck after losing you, I know you are with us every minute of every day, protecting your domain. Love, Mom and Dad

Daisy Bell - January 1999, 13 years old

Daisy was our first dachshund and a very special member of our family. A standard wire-haired, she had a wonderful friendly gentle nature and was everybody's pal! An accident at birth meant she only had sight in one eye, but that never deterred her from being full of fun and courage. She was a beautiful girl - a faithful devoted friend. Daisy was very tired when she left us, her heart problems had affected her quality of life at the end. She was very loved and is always remembered and missed.

The Bell Family Newcastle-upon-Tyne England

Ruby Vandervort - January 1999, 19 years old

In loving memory of my sweet girl, Ruby. I will hold you in my heart forever.XOXOXOXO

Peter Sausage - January 1999, age of this lucky rescue unknown

Peter Sausage, our 'foundling' dachshund,who started us on our journey to Dachsie Land,will remain forever in our hearts. You only spent a little over four years with us but we will never forget your love and trust after all you must have suffered before we met you. Give our love to Percy who is also waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Hugs and Kisses, your Mommies, Cathy, Vicky and Diana.

Mindy Sue Bartman - January 1999, 14 years old

Mindy Sue, my first dachsie, but not my last. She will never be forgotten. She is with her 'Nanny' and Grandpa and I know they are taking good care of her. I love you.

Chasing Dreams - 'CD' - February 1999, 8 years old

Remembered with love by Terri, Michelle, and Bert - 'What a nobel mind is here o'rethrown'

Maximillian Privett - February 1999, 17 years old

We put some of your favorite things in with you. A piece of your blanket, your Christmas stocking, and one more plastic 'hamburger' for you to play with. Run, jump, and play again. We all miss you so much!

Peabody - February 1999, 10 years, 9 months old

Peabody was a sweet, special-needs dachshund. He was born with a condition that affected his balance. He was always a little shaky, but got around fine. He was 5.5 pounds of attitude! We used to call him a doberman in a dachshund suit. Always made the most noise of any of the dogs when people came to the door. He loved everybody and had a devoted following of 'fans'. He loved to eat, to snooze in warm, sunny places, laps, treats, and giving kisses. He enjoyed the outdoors even if it was difficult for him to see over tall grass. We'll never forget our little carpet shark. Love you always, Peabody! the Gray family

Niki - February 1999, 14 years, 6 month old

Though you are gone, you will always be with us in our hearts and memories. Our darling 'Baby Girl' - we miss you so much. You were such a sweet, gentle spirit - the likes of which we will never see again. Take care - romp - play and keep w atching over the Bridge for the day that we will be together once again. We love you. Mom & Dad

Snickers - February 1999, 8 years, 6 months old

Snickers was very TERRIER-like: I am only 14 and miss her dearly. Her leash and everything is still in the SAME SPOT on the backyard deck. I miss everything she did, for it won't be seen again. Why must they go, for they make us so happy? It's true, that you don't fully realise what you had until its gone. I love her more than ever now.

Tina Marie - February 1999, 12 years, 2 months old

You will always be in our hearts. The love, life, and happiness you brought into our lives will never be forgotten. We loved you so much and miss you dreadfully. May you sleep with the angels, sweetheart, our baby.

Yankee LaRue Ward - February 1999, 3 years, 10 months old

We are heartbroken over the loss of our beloved hound, Yankee. She brought so much joy to our lives for such a short time. We will never forget her zest for life and her unconditional love for us.

Buddy - February 1999, 4 years old

Buddy, thank you so much for the four wonderful years you gave us. We love you always, Boo Boo. Mommy, Daddy Beth, and Gary

Ricky - February 1999, 5 years, 6 months old

Our Ricky, ,a beautiful red dachshund, left us to go to the Bridge on 11 February 1999. We only had you with us for five-and-a-half short years. Mommie and Daddy miss you so much, there isn't a day goes by we don't cry for you and wish we had you back with us.

Ricky had to be put down because of a severe spinal cord injury, it was so severe that surgery would not have helped, he would have had little or no chance for recovery, it happened so suddenly, no warning.

To our Ricky: you were the sweetest, smartest dog in the world, we love you so much, I know we will never get over the hurt and pain of having to let you go, your Daddy misses you greeting him at the door when he gets home from work and joyously kissing him all over his face because you are so happy to see him, I miss you being here with me days to keep me company, I miss you cuddling up on the sofa with me, I miss the funny way you had of tossing your water bowl up in the air when it was empty to let me know you wanted water - there isn't any place we can look in this house without seeing you there, you were such a big part of this family, We love you Ricky and always will, you will live in our hearts forever. Mommie and Daddy

Cricket - February 1999, 17 years old

I could not think of Cricket as a dog. He touched me in a way no other living thing has .I miss him so much, and there is nothing to fill his place in my heart, and mind. May I someday again kiss that puppy face !!

Samantha Jo - February 1999, 13 years, 11 months old

Samantha, you got sick so fast, We tried everything to help you. We wish we were with you. Your brother misses you so much and so do dad and I. We have your pictures up all over so we know you're still here. I know you are out of pain now and your heart is fine. So rest in peace my baby girl and remember we will always love you. You are always in our thoughts.. Brother misses you and he looks for you all the time. Love Mom & Dad & Charlie

Bobby - February 1999, 9 years old

Bobby was a very special friend who was loved very much by all who met him. He was gentle and loving and very patient. He was also very clever, though he often liked to play 'dumb'. He loved people, but he especially loved to play with other animals. He was a wonderful pet, and I miss him dearly.

Darlue Key - February 1999 - 14 years old

Darlue was my first dachshund. She was the sweetest dog with the best temperment I have ever seen. Her death broke my heart, and my heart still aches for her. She got sick and less than a week later I had no choice but to put her to sleep. She is the reason I am a dachshund lover.

Giget DeCamp - February 1999, 8 years, 4 months old

Even though our little Gigiet left us in 1999, we still miss her a lot...We have had a new little doxie in our life for the past three years whose name is Miss Annie Little Bit...but we will always have the little paw prints Giget left on our hearts.

Max - March 1999, 4 years old

Max was so very special to me in every way. He was the first pet I chose myself after my husband and I were married. Max was one of my dreams come true. He first came home with me in a box on the front seat of the car on May 4th. His new birthday was shared with my dad and nephew Adam. The first weekend home he spent sunbathing on my chest in the backyard. We have been as close as a breath of air ever since. He was my loyal and understanding friend. He made me laugh with his constant butt-wag when I arrived home, made me feel loved when I held him and he snuggled my neck, and made me feel special to own such a happy dog. He was my baby. I was devastated when he developed disc problems and suddenly was paralysed. We spent four days trying to make him comfortable and find a way to make him well. His big black eyes were so sad as he lay in my chair and knew that he was not well and could not jump and play. The morning my parents and I took him to the surgeon to be evaluated turned into a nightmare of loss. There was nothing more to be done to help this precious, red bundle of love. So I sent him on his way to a loving God. It is so hard to bear, but Max will always live happily in my heart and memory. I love you, Mommie

Pepper - March 1999, 4 years, 4 months old

Pepper was a miniature dachshund. She came from the Humane Society at the age of three. She had been abandoned. She was such a perfect dog I can't understand it. What horrible creature could abandon a wonderful dog who very seldom barked, never chewed, shed very little and was a constant joy to have around. She loved to snuggle under the blankets and was a real couch potato. She developed back problems and four days ago ruptured a disc in her back. She was paralysed in her hind legs and was taken to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. He said the only hope was major surgery, very expensive, and her chances really didn't look that good. I made the decision not to put her through that. She was always so afraid of the vet. We said our goodbyes and she will be privately cremated. I am filled with guilt now because maybe if I had tried the surgery she might still be with us. I wish we had taken longer to say good bye. I wish I hadn't left the dogs home that night when we went out. If it had been caught sooner maybe the outcome would have been different. Everyone says I did the right thing. Why don't I feel right about it now? At the time I thought it was the right thing to do. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better.

Kimber - March 1999, 9 years, 5 months old

Kimber, I will miss you so much. My heart aches for you. You gave me 10 very special years of unconditional love. I will especially miss your dainty feet, prissy walk, seeing you carry your bowls out of the kitchen one by one, hand feeding you, bathing you...even though it meant you would be mad at me for cutting your nails, sneaking you up on the bed for a long nap, you backing up to sit on my foot for attention, how dark your eyes would get when you were scared or listening, the wrinkles on you forehead, the grey on your face, the wire hair under your neck, how you would wait patiently for me to get out of the shower, how you rushed to see me first thing in the morning...first to my bathroom and then to my side of the bed, how you let me kiss..kiss..kiss the side of your face, how you curled up tight to sleep, how you covered up at night, how your lip would get stuck on your teeth, how you barked at passing trucks when we traveled, how you were so happy to see me even if I just let you outside for a second, how we played hide and seek, how you fit just perfectly into my arms, how you jumped into my lap while I typed, how you waited for me to lift you into your house at night to get extra treats...this also meant a kiss on your forehead, how you gently took food from my hand - because you knew I would give you your share, and so many other memories. You were very special to me. I hope you felt the love I gave in return. I am so sorry I couldn't protect you when you needed me. I would give anything to have you back. I am so lonely without you. We all miss you. Abbi and Parker can sense that you are gone. Daddy and I will try to get through this together, but we sure are suffering. We will never forget you, you are the most beautiful dachshund I have ever seen. I could never recreate the love we had...I'll never try. I wish I could love on you one more time. I would give you the longest hug and kiss you forever. Daddy and I placed you in our beautiful garden, in the backyard. We call it 'Kimber's Garden'. Your headstone reads 'My heart blooms here'. I hope you are at peace. We hope to see you on the other side. I know you'll be patiently waiting. I LOVE YOU KIMBER BETHANY RAYMER

Mama and Daddy,Parker and Abbi

Katrina - March 1999, about 14 years old

With all of our love and affection, to the dearest of souls. May you bound through the fields with a strong heart. We shall love you forever sweet girl!

Dixie - March 1999, 12 weeks old

My precious little Dixie doll meant the world to me. Her life was so short but oh so happy. I will always have a little empty space in my heart.

Billy Bob - March 1999, 6 years, 6 months old

Bill left this life to go to the Bridge in March 1999. I had him for only six years having him come to live with 'grandma' since his 'mom' couldn't take him to her new apartment. Within a day I knew I could never give him back. He was such a joy to my heart and everyone that knew him. He was quite the ladies' man. When I took him to the vet, I thought it would be like the other times and and never realised it would end as it did. He seemed to get worse after the second day of his medicine, ending with renal failure. It still breaks my heart that I sent him on his way for I would have suffered a lifetime for him, but I didn't have the opportunity. It has been seven months but I still cry daily. I miss his sweet little face so much. I am so sorry my precious Bill. I will never forget you. Grandmommy,Granddaddy, Baby and Elmo

Bu - March 1999, 17 years, 10 months old

Be at peace faithful, loyal, and stubborn dearly- loved companion. May your soul have sight and hearing and chase lizards and squirrels in warm sunlight at the Rainbow Bridge. Your life was a tribute to all that makes a dachshund - roaming arroyos, camping at 12,000 feet, digging for moles, and sleeping between us. Play again with your nemeses Fritz and Willy. We miss you daily old friend. Ruth Ann and John

Oprah - March 1999, 1 year, 3 months old

I am writing this for 'Oprah', my precious little girl. On 26 December 1997 my female dachsie brought six beautiful new babies into the world. Each of them were precious - I would have loved to have kept them all. The first born was the one I couldn't let go. Rather she couldn't let go of me. She wanted nothing to do with anybody. Nobody could hold her. Nobody could even touch her. That is, nobody but me. She had the most beautiful eyes, but it didn't take long to figure out - Oprah was blind. She was more special than I ever imagined any of gods creations could be. She showed me what it meant to be needed. On 3 March 1999, Oprah needed me - and I wasn't there. Oprah went back to God that day. But her memory lives on. Each day, I remind my other dachsies about Oprah. I say how much we all love her and how much we miss her and how badly we wish she were here.

Devon - March 1999, 9 years, 11 months old

Devon, I love you and I miss you. I miss you stealing my pillow before I went to bed at night, I missed you on Christmas morning opening your presents. You were with me for almost ten years, and when we were told you had cancer, I felt like someone had cut out my heart. I am looking forward to seeing you again someday. I can't wait to rub your little belly again. You've been gone over a year, and tears still fall.

Love, the mama.

Buddy Steiner - March 1999, 8 years old

Our Buddy was a perfect and true friend. We will forever miss her and still grieve for her. She was our baby and the best friend anyone could possibly want.Our hearts ache for her presence but we rest assured we will see Buddy again. We will forever love her and will never forget all the pleasure and comfort she gave us while here on earth. Rest in peace, dear Buddy, until we are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kate Dillon - March 1999, 4 years old

In Loving Memory of Kate, My Precious Girl
It has been four years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you. You left too early but were free of pain when you joined with the Lord. Rascal, the runt of your litter, is still with me and making me smile :) everyday like you always did. She was sad when you left for the Rainbow Bridge but took over and has been very good to me like you were. You were my first dachsie, and you influenced my love for dachsies. My boyfriend will be getting me a dachsie for Christmas and her middle name will be Kate in your memory. May your loving spirit guide her and make her lovable like you were. I know Rascal will enjoy the presence of another doxie since Aunt B (Bailey, golden retriever) is getting old. When Aunt B joins you at the Rainbow Bridge, take care of her because she took care of you. And tell Ole' Dusty (Yorkie) that I love him and I miss him too. I will join you at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes and will hold you forever in eternity. I love you, my precious girl. Love, Emily

Minnie May - March 1999, 6 years old

Minnie came to us as a pup. She had been inbred so she wasn't quite right. Sometimes she would just sit and her little eyes would dart back and forth. She also had hip problems and you could tell she just wasn't all there mentally. One day she walked past me outside and she suddenly couldn't move. Her little spine had snapped and she lost all motion from the waist down. We had to have her put to sleep - it was all I could do to leave her at the vets and walk away! We have another dachsund now but she is still missed.

Max - March 1999, 14 years old

Max was a wonderful dog! He was very loved by his family and we will always remember him chasing his hotdog and sitting up on his bottom. We love you Max, you'll always be in our hearts.

Mr Pooky - April 1999, 15 years old

Mr Pooky came into our life on Father's Day 1984. He brought joy and happiness to us for 15 wonderful years, always there to greet us when we arrived home, always ready to cuddle with whomevere he could. He will one day meet us at the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye little guy. We love you and miss you!

Riley - April 1999, 10 months old

Our sweet, deeply loved Riley. Our family has had many dogs before you, but never one that could melt our hearts with a look as yours. You were our son. I will never forget how quick we fell in love with you that Sunday when we brought you home with us. Or how you would play with Saydie (our daughter) and it would bring smiles of joy to our faces as you brought laughter to her heart. We would have done anything to have kept you here with us. I just wish now that you didn't have to suffer so at the end. Although I was with you, I could't save you. We will get another dachshund someday, but never one to replace you - just to fill the holes in our hearts that we got when we lost you. You will be thought of each and everyday, and we love you!

You are thought of, as smiles come over our faces each time we get on the 4-wheeler or in the truck 'cause we know how you loved to run with us in the woods and how you loved to have the wind to blow you ears as you road in the truck.


You couldn't stay for very long
When you died your parents had to be strong
(For the little girl who loved you)

They couldn't let her know much grief
Just the tears that brought relief
You left your puppy paws on everyone's heart
Your MawMaw and PawPaw adored you from the start

Your months on earth weren't quiet eleven
Yet you earned your place in puppy heaven

You're there now beyond the rainbow
Where all good little doxies go

by La'Nelle Curvin

Lady Gretchen of Valentine - April 1999, 15 years, 2 months old

Play and be happy until we meet again. You've done more for us than anyone will ever know. Sleep peacefully my friend and know that we love you! Mommy and Daddy

Addison - April 1999, 11 years, 11 months old

Our dear 'Bud'.Addison you are missed terribly. I thought you were invincible and you would never leave us. You were our lover and our protector, and although you were semi-blind you always went after any dog that you sniffed out no matter the size and chased it from the yard.

And you were Maddie's companion. She misses you terribly. She wouldn't eat for a long time, she doesn't race out the front door and bark at the wind like you two did, she has no one to curl up to, and she has no one's ears and eyes to clean -she is very lonely for you. I know that you are waiting for her, and that when she reaches you, you will be happy together forever and you two will be able to chase the squirrels and snap at flys.

I am sorry I had to send you away - it's just that I didn't want you to be in pain anymore. I hope I never have to make that decision again - I am sorry it had to be you. You will never be duplicated.

Danielle cries for you all the time, I know that if you were here you would come to her and lie on your back with your front paws digging in the air, asking for her to pet your tummy. Your mommy loves you, and always will. Have fun wherever you are and be happy.

Beau Lee Shadow - April 1999, 7 years old

In the darkness I still search for you and wake with tears in my eyes. My companion, my pet, my baby boy. Never far from my heart will you be, never forgotten, forever a part of my soul. I love you and miss you.

Sasha McCallum - April 1999, 10 years old

To our dear little one Sash,
We, today, haven't been able to deal with the loss of not having you around. You were always a bright-eyed lady and when ever you came into the room everybody would always fuss over you. We miss you so much and so does your mate Jack (the cat). There will never be a day that goes by that we don't think of you and the way you would run in the yard and enjoy yourself so much. May you rest now my little one... My love always, Janelle & Family
P.S You're with your mate, Misty, now. Look after each other and know that you will never be forgotten.

Andrew - 'Andy-roo' - April 1999, 12 years old

I will always miss my Andy-roo. He was a red short- hair and he was 'my' dog. He loved to curl up on the sofa with me and rest his head on the back of my knees. He always wanted to be there with me when I was outside gardening. He was the one dog of all the ones I grew up with that I loved the most and will always be the one that I will miss the most. He was a very special part of 12 years of my life. I love you Andy-roo....I hope we will someday be together again...

Molly Londo - April 1999, 12 years, 6 months old

Molly - I miss you more than you know. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. You were my first!!! You were and still remain my special little doxie!!
Love, Mom

H. S. (Hot Sausage) Lynk - April 1999, 3 years old

Lynk - or Lynkie as he was lovingly known - passed away as a result of his curiousity and energetic nature getting the best of him.

It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about him, remembering the trouble he would get into because he hated being home alone. When he had done something wrong like run through the house with a roll of toilet paper he would hide when he heard the key in the door and then come creeping out apologetically. Lynk thought he was human. He would fight to sleep in the bed no matter how many times we put him out, and of course, like a child, he would win in the end. Lynk was loved by our entire family and he will always be missed. Our son misses him the most. Although we may get another dog, you will never be replaced.

Scooter Smith - April 1999, 15 years, 6 months old

Scooter was our 'first son' and came into our lives after being found wandering and scared. It took only hours to fall in love and that love lasted through the end of his long life. He learned to love and trust again and became fiercely protective when the 'two-legged puppies' were born.
Scooter was and is a beautiful red/brown long-haired daschie with the most loving eyes in the world. He's a great lap dog and would never sit alone if someone was sitting down.
He will always remain a part of our lives. He was survived by his 'wife', Snookie, whom we have just recently lost, and countless children. He was the father of three litters with his 'wife'.

Sir Stretch - Stretch - April 1999, 16 years old

Dear Stretch,
We miss you very much. Love Daddy and Debbie.

Max Whitehouse - April 1999, 5 years old

My first child, my first baby! You will always hold a special place in my heart. Love Always

Sissy Ward - April 1999, 8 years old

In memory of our dear precious Sissy. You were taken from us way too soon. In the years that have gone by since your passing, we still love you and miss you as if it were yesterday. Your brother, Sonny, misses you very much. He has a new sister named Danke (she's a red doxie). He needed a new playmate, because he, too, missed you so much.

Arthur is with you now - take care of each other. We will love and miss the both of you the rest of our lives. We will all be together some day, wait for us.

Love Mommy (Jackie Ward) Your Brother Sonny, Danke, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Steve and Uncle Buzzy

Pork Chop - May 1999, 17 years, 6 months old

I miss my wonderful little gal so much, but now I feel I can relish the happy memories more than her last long struggle with canine Cushings syndrome, and the other complications of age. Porky was an optimist and so determined to live and be well. Even in her final days, she would have to struggle up three steps and over a threshhold and up into the house ( I carried her in the end when she could nolonger stand well or walk more then a few feet without resting ) she was so determined, you see, she was a house broken 'lady'. I would watch the slight wagging of her tiny tail as she paused at each step successfully attained to rest, proud to do for herself, never dispirited. I think Porky was of the opinion she was human like me . Not a mere dog, she loved my company and we went many places together - she was a very good traveller. She didn't have that super-eager-to-please attitude I see in Gypsy Boy, my rescue baby. She had a calm self-confidence. She knew her place was at my side, as close as possible. Porky was a tiny 7.5 lb dapple smooth, set against a black and tan base. Her 'dapples' became silvery in older age making her a very pretty silver dapple.

She was a typical vocally enthusiastic doxie and how she loved to chase the numerous squirrels in our yard. Dispite her tiny legs, when we'd go for a walk she was always straining to go faster. Like all of her kind, she didn't seem to have any conception of her size. she loved to snarl and lunge at German shepherds, rotts, labs,(once she could see they were firmly leashed to their masters first).

People have said that dacshunds aren't always the best dog with small children. Even though she was small and delicate looking, babies and toddlers would squeal with delight and run to her quickly, grabbing and often bear-hugging her. She knew these little ones were not at fault and she would endure their attention, looking over her shoulder to me as if to say, 'don't worry, we'll be fine' and perhaps, 'you'll keep me covered, won't you?'. I remember the year in which she was the favourite in a parade of pets in a community parade. She brought more cheers and smiles than any float or fire engine! Children broke ranks and ran into the streets to pet her. I don't know why she caused such a sensation, but she had a certain charisma!

She had some health problems that needed treating, especially as she aged, but she had unusual stamina - call it spunk or grit. She always rallied back to good health. The symtoms of the Cushings disease started slowly, and she lived over a year before she finally succumbed. She died peacefully, valient to the very end. I tell myself I had more time with her than lots of people have with their special little loved ones. I believe Porky is in a wonderful place waiting for me. She has all of her teeth, no Cushings disease, no arthritis, her hearing is A1 again, there are no clouds in her clear brown eyes as she looks for me. Ready to run for miles, and as my son, Erik, also the parent of two weenies, says now maybe Porky will actually catch that squirrel (she probably only wants to play). Porky, little angel, I miss you so much. You are one of a kind: the greatest dog who ever lived, Love and kisses, Mom

Ziggy - May 1999, 1 years old

Dear Ziggy, You were faithful and loving to the end. As I prepare to raise my new little sweetheart I feel as if I am betraying you, because I know how jealous you are!! All my love always, with a special corner of my heart all your own, Mummy.

Heidi - May 1999, 14 years old

Heidi was a bundle of joy for us all the time. She helped me and my husband through all the tough times in our lives. She was always there ready to wipe any tears away that this life would make us shed. She was a very special dog - she was the centre of our world. We loved her very much and although the memories make us feel better and sad at the same time, we will never get over her. We love you and miss you always Heidi- Ann and Tom

Max - May 1999, 9 years old

Max-O-man ... how we miss you. Your big brown sad eyes. So much sadness in your life. You were my rescue baby boy, and I will never forget you. I want to bury my nose in your fur and hear you sigh...Janis, Shane, Trudi and Sophie

Beavis - May 1999, 6 years, 6 months old

Beavis, I hope you know how much we miss you. I know you realise how much you were loved. You were a joy to your me-maw, John, and me. Your leaving us came so unexpectedly - but you are still with us in so many ways. Your four remaining pet friends (three dogs and one cat) grieve for you also. Living without you will never get any easier; I will just learn to go on knowing what a happy, carefree dog you were and that you would want us to be that way too. Now you are with your pa-paw who also loved you very much. Don't eat too many treats and be waiting for me to go walking with you. We love you. Me-maw, John, and Cindy

Mandy - May 1999, 8 years old

To 'Mandy Girl': we will miss you dearly. There's not a day goes by that we don't think of you. You were taken from us way too early, but the memories will last a lifetime. 'Mommy', Dad, and I will always love you! We will cherish the times we had with you.

Ada - May 1999, 14 years old

Our dear sweet Ada. We adopted her from a shelter and she spent two short years with us. She gave so much love and we loved her with all our hearts! God bless you sweet Ada and one day I will see your face at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Gretchen

Mrs Good Cookie - May 1999, 19 years old

I adopted Cookie when she was five years old. She was so scared. It took six months to get her to trust us. After she learned we were kind and she would have a home forever she was a great companion to me and my other dachshund, Darlue. She lived to be 19 years old. She is still in my heart. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. What a wonderful girl she was.

Miska - May 1999, 15 years old

Faithful and loving all her life, Miska made us laugh with her antics. She was her own mistress but with a stubborn determination that made us laugh in spite of her chewing her way in or out of everything in the house. Those last days as she slipped away made us cry as we held her in our arms. Finally we cradled her as our doctor put her to sleep so she could find the Bridge and suffer no more. Buried under a tree in our yard, she can watch the squirrels she loved to chase and Pumpkin, our new dacshie baby.

Slicker - May 1999, 214 years old

I love you and miss you, Slicker.
Love, Monica

Victoria Hayesmay - May 1999, 16 years, 6 months old

Brandy Renee - May 1999, 15 years, 11 months old, 15 days

Brandy Renee - she was my life for almost 16 years.

She was there during good times, bad times, lean and prosperous times, and she never complained. She greeted every homecoming with enthusiasm and made even the saddest person feel happy. I miss her smell, the feel of her fur, her habits (good and bad), her bark, everything. Even almost three years later I still cry over her (as I am doing now), and even though time has helped, it's still painful thinking I'll never hold her again.

Jojo--Susan's Piranha Josephus - May 1999, 13 years old

My Jojo was the most incredible friend. He was my first true dachsie love and I miss him so much after these four years. I know I will see him again some day - right now he's lolling on a cloud eating doggie treats and waiting for me to come and play a game of 'nose snapper' with him. As tears stream down my face, I can picture his little black dancing eyes and his always smiling face. Jojo, I love you. Your mama.

Scooter - May 1999, 7 years old

Scooter, Scootie, My Little Red Man, all terms for my most precious little boy. I have had many pets through the years, but none that seemed to love me as much as this little boy. His passing has left a deep void in my heart. Everyday he is on my mind and in my heart. I will never forget this gentle little man with his shiny red hair, his sweet, sweet personality and the unconditional love he always shared freely.So my precious boy, wait for me and Mom at the Bridge. We love and miss you.

Mom and Dad

Missie - May 1999, 6 years old

Missie came to our family when we learned you can't just have one. She loved to go out into the garden. All you see is a trail of carrot tops. Her basketball. Her tennis ball. She loved to chase gophers on the farm. She gave us Kaos, Guy, Sweetpea and Lacy. Again I was away when went to the Bridge. My sister gave up her new bagpipe case lining, the RCAF tartan, and she was buried in the trees where she loved to play. Nikki piped her to the Bridge. I'll see you again Mouse.

Dejavu's Holly Molly By Golly - June 1999, 2 years, 6 months old

Holly, Holly, Holly, her life was brief, not even three years, but she touched everyone who met her and when she was a puppy we used to joke about checking pockets when our company would leave because Holly loved everyone. She never gave me any grief, only joy. She would lay on your lap, look up at you as if to say, 'I love you'.

Flower misses you so, Dear One. You were her best friend. Our home is quiet, no running in and out of the doggie door with Flower hanging onto your tail, Oscar doesn't have you to chase to get his ball back, and Sweet Pea keeps waiting for you in the yard. And I miss your presence, your beautiful sweet face that looked as if you were smiling...yes, baby, Mommy knows you are saying like a good girl 'I'm still smiling, Ma'.

Rest peacefully my little one, One day we will be together again...

Quinton - June 1999, 9 years, 9 months old

Quinton was the smallest of his litter and it showed in the way he loved his family. He came to our household with his older brother Maximillian as an early Christmas present in 1989. He loved to snuggle and give kisses, and he looked up to his brother. We will all miss him, especially big brother Maximillian. I look forward to meeting with him again.

Fritzy - June 1999, 8 years old

My Fritzy boy. Mommy's little man. The six short years you gave us went far to quickly. My timid shy boy, who wanted nothing more than to give love. Don't be afraid of the Bridge. Even though Mommy is not there to comfort you in person she and Daddy will always be in your heart. You need only to look there to be with us when ever you want. We will think of the day that you came to us, a scared and abused rescue, but remember the years between when you blossomed into the endearing little boy who walked into our life and out with our hearts. Mommy's sorry, Angel, that there was nothing she could do for you besides release you to the Bridge. Wait there for us. We will come for you. In the mean time play and run in the sunshine of the Bridges meadows. Don't feel bad about the tears Mommy has shed. They are tears for herself because she will have to go on with your smile. Without your soulfull brown eyes. Your sister misses you a lot. We have told her that she will be with you again and that someday we will all be a family once more. Goodbye from my life, but never from my mind, heart or soul. Thank you for allowing us to share your life even if the time was far to short. Life is but an orchestra. Mourn not the music's end, but celebrate the instrument that made it.

Ginger - June 1999, 8 years, 9 months old

Go know Ginger for you be in pain no more. Be happy for all eternity.

Heidi BeazlieJune 1999, 11 years, 11 months. 3 weeks old

I lost my darling Heidi (my Wein-Wein) just one week before her 12th birthdy - I held her for three long days not wanting to let her go - as soon as I went to call our vet to put her down - she left me. I truly believe that she was waiting for me to leave her side so I would not have to watch her leave - even though I now have Abbie - who I searched for three months to find - and who looks like her big sister. She will always be in my heart - forever. I love you Heidi. Love Mom

Rustee Gutierrez - June 1999, 1 years old

We decided to surprise my dad with a dachshund that he wanted so badly. I was suppose to go to the fair with my friends that day, so I had to be late, and I was mad. We brought Rustee home, but my dad didn't want a puppy. I was very mad, of course, because it was a waste of time if he didn't want it. I got home after the fair, and my dad took to that dog. From then on, Rustee loved nothing more that him. He got to sleep in my parent's bed, drink coffee with my mom in the morning. He died on 19 June - hit by a car on the first day of vacation in Michigan. We didn't even have him for a year. He was special to everyone in our family, and will be missed so very greatly. We have two other dachies now, not like him, but equally loved. I miss you Rustee, and I love you.

Mistress Melissa - Missy Eaton - June 1999, 16 years old

To our darling Mssy. You came into our lives when we were newlyweds. You were our precious lttle girl. When Shane came along you were so protective of him. Then when Remy joined our family we were complete. We all loved you so much. You were a unique and most special puppy. When it came time for you to leave us we were all so sad. We have your ball, collar and picture on the mantle at home. Lady is still with us. She, too, misses you a great deal. We now have Jenny. She reminds us a little of you. Your beauty and love of life keep us going. Please wait at the Rainbow Bridge for one day we will all be together again. Dr Marshall keeps the picture of you and Shane in his office.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Shane, Remy and Lady

Toby Jones - June 1999, 15 years old

Toby arrived in my arms aged seven weeks when I was just two. We grew up together and he was my playmate, soft and funny even travelling in my pram. Loved him dearly and I will miss him dreadfully. He went to Rainbow Bridge aged 15 in 1999 but will remain alive in my heart forever.

Honey - July 1999, 11 years old

Honey, we're sure that if there's dog's heaven, you're there. You made us happy during 11 years. Thanks. Patty, Beto, Jorge Enrique y Luis Arturo, from Puebla, Mexico.

Katie(Gaul,Buckius,Collins)Hartman-Yates - August 1999, 17 years, 9 months old

Katie, you were loved and you gave love to many throughout your long dachshund life. Your life started with Kathryne P. Gaul and then through her aging and illness you went to her daughter, Joyce, and then to grand-daughter, Kathy, and family. Due to many circumstances you were placed up for adoption and then blessed our lives with your prescence. Your new daddys were so deeply touched by your ability, at the age of then-14 to fit in and even to thrive, getting over some serious illness yourself. You went on to help raise two litters of dachshund puppies as if they were your own. You never had any of your own pups but treated these litters with all the grand-maternal love you could. Always grateful that your previous owners could remain in contact and see you from time to time, we always loved your reactions when they came to visit. You could always tell this made you very happy indeed. You did a lot of livin' and lovin' in these years for sure. We had you for four wonderful years, Katie, and miss you deeply. Hope to be with you once again. May you wait for us at the Bridge, Katie. On behalf of all those who loved you and still do, your Daddys, Kenneth Glenn Hartman and Dennis Kendell Yates. Katie, death took you from our arms but we promise that one day you will be there forever once more. May God keep you safe until we are able to do so once more. Forever in our hearts and soul, our dear sweet Katie. A mini black-and-tan smooth dachshund. Love you, our dear sweet 'Katie did do'.(oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoforever)

Bailey - July 1999, 4 years old

I lost my precious little Bailey last night to an auto- immune disease. She was perfect on Wednesday and by Friday she passed away. So much love and joy came from that little girl - what a loss this is going to be. My other doxie is at the vet being treated for a ruptured disk and has no idea as to what has happened to Bailey. How sad we all are. There is just no other dog like a dachshund. God bless you Bailey for giving us the best four years of our life. We will miss you so very much!

Chopo - July 1999, 9 years old

You were my friend...I will always miss you, remember you, Love you. See ya' at the Bridge.

Koko (Baron von Koko) - July 1999, 12 years, 9 months old

It is just so hard. Our mini-dachsie, Koko, was more than just a dog and more than just a pet. He was our spirit, our happiness and our sunshine each day. There are no words that can begin to describe our love for him; nothing that can show adequately our appreciation for having him as part of our family.

He taught us so much and left us so rich. The memories just abound: from Koko lounging on 'his' loveseat, to his chewing on a favorite (tattered) nylon bone, to his sweet licking of our toes each morning.

We, however, knew that it was time for our cherished pal to go to Rainbow Bridge - a skin disease caused him to be a shell of himself in the end. This, of course, did not make the ultimate decision any easier, less agonising or with fewer tears.

He is, fortunately, now whole again - waiting for us to join him some day on the sunny side of the Bridge. We'll be with you at some point, Koko. Please save us a grassy spot on the hill.

Yours so lovingly,

Steve, Carolyn, Holly and Trudy (our 7-year-old mini-dachsie)

Pupper - July 1999, 7 years old

In memory of our dear Pupper...we love you and miss you more than anything. The squirrels will get fat and sassy without you keeping them in line!!

Love, your family

Little Miss Tootsie Roll - July 1999, 3 years old

This is for my sister's pet, Tootsie, who is my pet, Dottie's sister who will be dearly missed by all family and friends. Tootsie will always be in our hearts and we will all truly miss her human-like ways. We love you.

Honey - July 1999, 11 years old

Honey, we're sure that if there's dog's heaven, you're there. You made us happy during 11 years. Thanks.Patty, Beto, Jorge y Luis

Sweet Ziggy Snuggles - July 1999, 5 years, 11 months old

Ziggy, we love and miss you...

Ivy Cinnamon - July 1999, 15 weeks old

'Just look at me, aren't I the cutest thing you have ever seen?' That's what Ivy was, the cutest and smartest puppy we have yet owned. She knew how to please us. Our family experienced a double loss in pet members within weeks. Our Ruby, a 14-year-old Brittany spaniel had to be put to rest which totally devistated our family. The loss was unbearable and within a week my daughter found and this irresistable puppy. We brought Ivy home and she charmed us from our broken hearts with renewed spirit and love within hours. On vacation we all enjoyed Ivy's cuddly puppiness, wanting to show her everything. Not only was she perfect looking but such a great match for us. On our last day of vacation Ivy wanted to be left alone. She knew something was going on, cause later that evening she was diagonised as a grand mall seizure engulfed her. We held her and comforted her in her final hours. She was much too young and totally innocent to be taken in a snap. We unconditionally loved her and take comfort in that our family made her three final weeks spoiled, pampered and fun. Ivy hold's a special place in our hearts as she touched many people in her short time with us. Restful Peace, Ivy. Ma Rosa

Petey - July 1999, 5 years old


Katy - July 1999, 13 years, 4 months old

You came to us at five years old, sold by a breeder who loved you dearly but knew you could have no more pups. She trusted us to give you a good home. You were a member of our family for over eight years. We would like to thank you for so many things that you gave us. Thank you for being our first dachshund. Because of you, we will always own dachshunds. We have your two best dachsie friends, Woody and Salsa, and now a new girl, Tootsie. Thank you for once saving me from a rattlesnake bite by first barking and then putting yourself between me and the small snake which was coiled on a hoe. Thank you for teaching the two wiener boys about dangers in the wild like owls, coyotes, and rattlesnakes. Thank you for always, always being sweet, loyal and loving, good and kind and very, very wise. You knew how to communicate with people.

We are so very grateful that you did not suffer when you left us. You are sorely missed. Sandy, Mike, & Iris

Little Annie - July 1999, 6 years, 9 months old

Annie was and is my beautiful little red dachshund girl. She had a wonderful life here and was greatly loved by my mom and me - a wonderful companion daily, in travels, and in keeping us warm at night - she loved to burrow under the covers. At six years young she was taken from us by genetic heart failure - she had a beautiful big heart. We held her in our arms when she went to God, and know that she is happily waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Next time we see her she'll be running to us like the wind with her soft ears flying behind her.

Amy and Mary Alice

Mary Marie - July 1999, 19 years old

When I am gone, release me , let me go.
I have so many things to see and do.
You mustn't tie yourself to me with tears.
Be happy that we had so many years.

I gave to you my love.
You can only guess how much you gave to me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you each have shown.
But now, it's time I travelled on alone.

So grieve a while for me if grieve you must.
Then let your grief be comforted by trust.
It's only for a while that we must part.
So bless the memories within your heart.

I won't be far away, for life goes on.
So, if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can't see me or touch me, I'll be near.
And if you listen with your heart,
You'll hear all of my love around you soft and clear.

And then, when you must come this way alone,
I'll greet you with a smile and say, 'Welcome home'.

My Angel Mary Marie, I miss you so very much on your one year anniversary today. Please wait for me at the Bridge and I will hold you once again, and tell you that "Nobody EVER loved a dog like I Love YOU." Your brothers and sisters miss you dearly, as does Daddy. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of of talked about. Bless you, Angel Mary.

Bruno - July 1999, 10 years, old

We already had two doxies, Susie,14, and Stanley, eight, but when a friend was looking for a home for Bruno, I just couldn't resist! His owner had passed away, and the poor little guy was being bounced from house to house because nobody wanted him. We took him in and he immediately became one of the kids. He and Stanley were best pals, sleeping together and playing all the time. He played ball 24/7 if you would let him. Stanley now carries on that tradition.

We noticed that Bruno had a particularly funky dog scent to him, but didn't think much of it. We had him for about a year when he began throwing up one morning. We thought it might be the doggie flu so we watched him carefully for a couple days. I left town to go visit my grandmother while Bruno still wasn't feeling well. When my husband took him to the vet to check what was wrong, we found out that he was having massive kidney failure - that funky smell, if only we would have known. The vet said that it had been coming on for a while - probably all the people food when he was younger. (He was fed only people food for a few years before we adopted him.) Bruno went to the Rainbow Bridge while being cuddled in my husband's arms. We'll meet you there some day Bruno buddy - and I promise I'll bring a new ball. Try not to wear out all the other balls before we get there! Love Mommy, Daddy, Susie, and your Stanley buddy

Elsa - August 1999, 16 years, 6 months old

To Our Sweet Elsa,

We've shared many wonderful years together - you were with us longer than two of our children! I still remember when we picked you up from the breeder - you were tiny enough to sit in my hands. You travelled many a mile with us, as we moved from Nebraska (where we got you as a wee Cornhusker), to New Jersey, to Maine, to Saskatchewan (yes, you were even a Canadian for a time), and ultimately to California. You brought us much joy over the years - your funniest activity was 'snorkeling' for rocks in the tidepools on the Maine coast. We couldn't stop you! You loved the water.

You were truly a part of the family, Elsa, and we will miss you so much! It was so hard to see you succumbing to the aging process and the cloud that covered your mind. If we find another dachsie even remotely as wonderful as you, we will be fortunate, indeed. I wish we had the ability to display your picture, but for those who read this, Elsa was a miniature red smooth-haired sweetheart. We will truly miss our 'pretty little one' - our ELSA. See you in heaven someday, we pray...

Rascal - August 1999, 14 years, 9 months old

Rascal was, is, and always will be in my family's heart. He is very special to us. I remember when my mom and dad brought him home to us. He was brand new and I was only four years old. I believe that God took him for a reason and a very good one. He died of old age and he hung on until he could no more. My dachsy misses him very much - they were very best friends. I will see you again my love, one day. Until then, take care of yourself. We love you, Rascal, and think you always.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and the Kids.

Thelma - August 1999

Dear Thelma - I know that you have gone to meet your sister at the end of the Bridge. Just know that I loved you so very much. I'm not jealous that you have been reunited with Louise. Just wait for me at the end of the Bridge. I will be there one day and will be reunited again with you both.

Bridget - August 1999, 14 years, 4 months old

Bridget, You defied the odds with everything that you lived through in your life. Your back injury that the vets said you would never recover from and did, your lung disease, your cancer, you proved to everyone how much of a fighter you were. My heart broke to say goodby to you that afternoon you left us for the Bridge. We all miss your presence here, our Queen Matriarch, my little Honey Bear... Your body rests now at the church in a beautiful spot in the woods - an area where you would have loved to have walked and checked out all of the smells. Take care little one. Give Dad our love.

Herschal - August 1999, 11 years, 6 months old

My darling Herschal. I am bereft without you. Your spirit is everywhere in our lives. There will never be another 'wonderwiennie'. I'm sorry the end was so painful and scary, Could we have saved you if we had know earlier that you had hurt your back? I still have so much guilt. You rest at Charlo, your favorite place in the world. I just want you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye my superego. I have never loved a critter as much as I love you. Life is not as much fun anymore. The pain of your loss may never go away. One day I will hold you again, see your loving looks, have many kisses, snuggles under the covers, greetings at the door. Eleven years of your daily presence wasn't enough. Goodby my loving friend, I will miss you till I hold you again.

Schatze - August 1999, 11 years old

Dedicated in loving memory to my closest friend, my dearest companion, Schatze.

Courtney's Smokey Bandit - August 1999, not quite one year

Miss you and will always love you. So long friend. You waggled your tail,
even though you were frail,
you licked my face,
with your warm embrace,
now you've gone to play,
I will see you some day,
I'll never forget you,
there's no way how to,

luv alwayz, your friend, Courtney

Dinky - August 1999, 13 years, 11 months, 3 weeks old

We got Dinky as a reacue at the beginning of August 1999. I had to travel a long way to get her and bring her to our home and it was long for a senior dog in a crate. when I got her here she was confused and scared and spent the night pacing the house. I sat with her all that night and talked to her. In the morning she found my son, Henry, and it was instant love!! She gave him much in the short time she was with us. He learned what compassion and caring are all about and she got unconditional love no matter what she did!

Then one day before the kids came home from school she was acting strangely and I called the vet who said to bring her in later that day. I went to comfort her and she climbed up in my lap, kissed me, and died in my arms. She had a fatal heart attack after only three weeks with us. My son came home and was devastated. We buried her in the pine grove on my parents' farm with a marker my son made for her. He visits it every time he goes there and so do I. She was a wonderful dog, and sometimes I think I still see her...

Gretchen Walker Riley - August 1999, 14 years old

Gretchen came into our lives when she was six years old. She had been kept in a bathroom. We brought her home and she hid under our bed for two days. It took her two years to realise that she would not be kept in a bathroom any longer. From that time on, she became the best we could ever ask for. When she left, we put up posters all over the neighborhood - 'Lost, totally blind, hard-of-hearing dachshund. Has three good legs and her sniffer is weak. A little trouble barking but healthy heart and lungs'. It looked like a bad joke but all true. She was so loved by everyone. Even those 'non-dog lovers' requested an audience with Gretchen. She is missed by all.

Anja - August 1999, 3 years old

Here is a poem in memory of my baby, Anja.

In radiant bloom a rose is picked
Proud and dazzling red.
The flower weeps for its fading blush
Its scent and beauty shed
The lost of innocent blood.

Without doubt, yet with courageous heart
Relentless, but in vain,
It tries to find its former strength.
Through anger, fear and pain
I feel my broken rose slipping away.

Through my dream, I walked you though
I'm glad you took a part of me with you.
In the final calling, your soul departs.
Memories of Anja, my broken rose,
Left her paw prints on our hearts.

Forever I will love you,
Your mommy, Heidi and lonely Roly (Cardigan corgi)

Weezie Evanoff - August 1999, 6 years old

Weezie - dog of dogs - heart of my heart. A rescue dog who entered our lives as a shy wisp and left a void that I still feel today.

Thank you for introducing us to all the charms dachshunds bring into your lives.


Dudley Junior - D.J. Moore - August 1999, 12 years, 5 months, 3 weeks old

D.J., My Puppy:
Why would I regard D.J. as 'my puppy'? He always had a high-pitched bark like a puppy. He was a quiet, curious little boy.

He almost always tried to bury a bone in the house. I miss the times I searched the house for his bone with him following me. He was wondering if I could find the bone.

I will always miss him.

Paul Moore, D.J.'s Daddy

Kaylee - September 1999, 11 years, 3 months old

Kaylee, you were taken much too soon, you were only 11 years old. I still don't understand why you had to go. My last night with you I woke up to give you your pill, but you had already left for Rainbow Bridge. I took you downstairs and laid you on the counter, and tried to revive you, but you had a better place to go. I took you back upstairs to lie with me for the last time.

When Dad got home I had a hard time telling him you had passed on. There are so many things I miss about you. I can still hear your feet as you followed me around the house. I miss the way you and Baxter waited every morning for Dad to come home. As soon as the garage door shut you would start your barking and wouldn't stop 'till dad gave you your treat! Baxter still gets up to meet Dad. But It's not the same without you, I know in time my heart will heal.

You will not be alone at Rainbow Bridge, Kaylee. Your half-brother, Oscar, is there. He will keep you company. Have lots of fun running and playing, and best of all Kaylee, you can eat all the food you like, and It will be ok!

We miss you so much Kaylee Cobbler! We will see you again sweet Kaylee. Until then, take care of yourself. We love you, and will think of you always. Love you, Mommy, Daddy, Mike, Amy, Stacy, Baxter and George.

Lucky - September 1999, 10 years old

LuckyI need you and miss you so. 'Bye love!

Mahogany - September 1999, 16 years, 2 months old

Mahogany was loved so much and knowing she is with her sister, Samantha, whom we lost three years ago is a great comfort, but I miss her so much and wish she was here with me still.

Sassy Amber - September 1999, 13 years, 7 months old

I remember when your Dad suggested that we bring you home. I had already been through such sorrow when I lost Carley at 14 years, I just wasn't sure about another dog. But when I saw you, it was LOVE at first sight. You were supposed to be my girls' (Kellie and Shannon) puppy, but when you snuggled up around my neck, I knew you would be mine.

We took you to our lake house when you were just 8 weeks old. I made you a cute little bed, but no, you wanted to be outside investigating everything! You loved riding on the back of the pontoon boat like you were Queen of the Lake.

Every time Kellie and Shannon had friends over (which was a lot) you showed your happiness by tinkling on them. You were so cute you never made them mad.

As time passed, you became my best friend. When I was sad, you wiped my tears away with your wet kisses. You also showered me with kisses when I was happy.

You snuggled close when you slept. You were lying next to me when you went into labor. You delivered five of the sweetest puppies I had ever seen. I cried when Dad made me sell three of them. I got to keep Maggie and Oscar though and you always took such good care of them. You were the best companion a Mom could ever have.

Even the day you felt so bad, you made losing you so much easier. You finally crawled up on the couch, curled up, went to sleep and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Your family misses you desperately. You shared so much love and joy, plus you gave us Maggie and Oscar who miss you too.

My Sassy Girl, you will live in our hearts and souls forever!

Igor von Byscuit - September 1999, 16 years, 10 months old

Igor was once a fine dog, a mini red longhaired dachsie. And now, after several years as an old tired pup, my Igor is a fine dog once more. I miss you, my friend, but in the twinkling of an eye we will be together again.

Rosen -September 1999, 16 years old

A night's sleep, I found, only gives me the strength to be completely miserable again. Maybe it is a misery I need right now because my life will not be the same from here on. A hole opened up in my life yesterday when my best friend for the past 16 years found he could fight to hang on to life no longer. He had a good but short life which was much prolonged simply by people who cared and invested the time and love it took to help him keep going.

From age three, when he experienced a spinal trauma which caused his legs to stop working, he was a medical miracle. He bounced back and incorporated the warped spine into his new way of living. He could walk and run and smile and yawn and play and enjoy life.

In recent months, the end was in sight but we all pretended it wasn't. Even though I would wake up at night and listen to hear that he was still breathing just to be sure, I never let any thought of his mortality creep into my thoughts for very long. In the end, time won. Suddenly, on a Tuesday morning, his body gave out. His bright eyes turned sad. His ability to move decreased. He became weak and unresponsive. He was in pain and he was scared.

I felt awful at not being able to make it all better as we had before. None of his medical problems had ever beaten us. He always fought with us to live on. This time it would be different. A quick morning of deterioration gave way to a long afternoon of fading in and out. His eyes sometimes seemed to see right through us. At other times, he was clearly glad we were there. While he could not move his head, his eyes looked up and in his own way he let us know he was glad we were there.

Some say that the dying always want to go on and that it is those who are left behind who resist. In this case, I think we all were reluctant to part. Our friend loved us so much that he could not let go of the only life and family he ever knew. We also could not come to terms with releasing our friend who had become the centre of our lives, around whom all activity was juggled and planned. Finally though, we all had to say good-bye. It was over quickly and quietly. The struggle to breathe ended and for the first time all day, he looked peaceful.

Our friend was gone.

No longer will he race us to the kitchen in the morning to be fed and no more will he race back to my office to curl up in a corner to start 'our' work day. There will be no more evenings of holding him on the couch while watching television or hearing his toenails scrape across the kitchen floor or the cool deck on the patio. He won't be there at night to sit beside the bed, waiting for me to pick him up and place him next to me. The best friend anyone could ever have will not be there to offer unconditional love and comfort when things in my life go wrong. I'll have to carry on as best as I can. I like to think that somewhere, perhaps a small boy who himself was lost to this world will be there to take care of my friend and love him and play with him until it is time for us to be reunited. I do know that my friend will smile and wag his tail and make people happy wherever he goes just as he made me happy all of those years.

Now I am left feeling inadequate. I should have been a better friend. I should have done more. I should have spent more time with him. We both did our best. We gave of ourselves. We lived our lives, we spent time apart but we also spent a lifetime of quality together. Knowing that does not make it hurt any less. It makes it hurt more. Maybe that's okay too. It reminds me that in this fast, strange world, there is still part of me that is human. That humanity was brought out by a wonderful little dog, whom I will always miss greatly.

Shuggi - September 1999, 14 years old

Our Shuggi is gone now - it's taken a toll -
Our very small family just isn't whole.
Hotsie is showing his sadness and pain
The routine has changed and it's just not the same
I tell him it's OK, she's up in the sky -
A small dachshund angel with wings at her side.
We onced dressed her as an angel,
That's how she must now appear -
So nice having memories that are held so dear.
They'll never be one who will take your sweet place,
That regal expression, that beautiful face.
The pillow you so loved to cover your head
And most favourite thing was a climb in the bed
To hug with the others and mom was the best -
That's how you relaxed and had your best rest.
We'll see you, sweet Shuggi, in our dreams and minds,
Walking your shuffle and being so kind.
Four years of our bonding, we felt it so strong.
I know you had thought, 'Thanks for coming along
And rescuing me from the shelter where I was
Wondering if I could find a new life.'
I wish it was longer, the four years flew by,
Wish you'd been much younger and we'd have had more time.
Never forgotten, your spirit's so strong
Can't reach out to hug you but I'll take you along.

Timone - Brave Small Protector - September 1999, 4 years old

Sweet Timone, you sat with me late one night as we watched the television report of families who lost loved ones in a terrible church shooting. I never knew that just hours later you would stick your curious nose under the deck and be bitten in the eye by a snake. You never went outside alone. You followed me out and back in just minutes later. We rushed you to a vet not knowing why your eye was bleeding. Such a tiny warrior. The most wonderful vet watched you around the clock trying to find what was wrong...then found venom in your blood. You fought for four days before your tiny body just shut down. I cried for four days then had to make the decision to ease your suffering. My heart broke as I held you. You loved me so much. We made it two weeks before finding another sweet baby dachshund. Her name is Sweet Pea. I have told her many times that you must have known just what we needed, and part of you has returned to me in her...she perfectly fits her name. We will never forget you, Timone, and how special you were. This photo shows how much love you had for us. You claimed our first grandbaby as yours. We will meet you again where the lion lies down with the lamb...because we know that all sweet dogs truly go to heaven, back to our God who created them for us.

Penny -October 1999, 9 years, 5 months old

Our Penny has crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. She has joined the company of angels to run, to play and to give her kisses to all. Heaven has welcomed her with open arms, a valiant warrior princess, who battled Cushing's disease that ravaged her with such courage and class. She is such an inspiration to all. You will be missed our Darling Little Girl.

Tuffy - October 1999, 7 years, 3 months old

Tuffy Late one night I lay in bed thinking of all the love you gave to your Daddy and me, and how I would never again have the opportunity to cuddle and snuggle you,or feel your cold little nose on my leg after you got settled under the blankets. But then I could swear I felt you close to me,your warmth, love, AND your cold little snooter.We love and miss you...and we will cross the Bridge one day and be together once again. **Mommy and Daddy**

Ch I Spy NightnGale v Jaybriar W CD "Liza" - October 1999, 15 years, 4 months old

I got Liza when she was five years old and a finished champion. I went on to put a CD title on her. She had one litter, my first home-bred champion, and later a field champion, were from this litter. She was a sweet, loving wonderful companion to me and later to my mother. Her life was ended when I accidentally backed over her in my mom's driveway. I didn't know she was behind me and she was too old and deaf to get out of harm's way. I feel so guilty, I can't stop thinking about it. Please forgive me, Liza, I loved you and never would have intentionally hurt you. Wait for me at the Bridge with the others.

Crystal -October 1999, 3 years old

We miss you, our sweet Crystal, so very much!! We wish that we could bring you back to us. It was so awful to see you being hit by that speeding car. Our hearts are broken and there is an empty space in our home. We keep you in our prayers every night and we will never forget what a great dog you were! Love, Gene, Lynn, Andy, Megan, Amy and Paul

Slick - October 1999, 14 years old

Our sweet boySlickand sometimes 'Slicker', how we miss you. Even though you left us 7 weeks ago on 7 October, the ache in our hearts will never be gone. You went through so much in your 14 years and always survived, but old age with all its problems you could not overcome. There is such a huge void in our lives. We see you everywhere and I will always remember your last kiss for me. When you hear my special whistle,I'll be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.'Till then, I hope you meet our other dachsies there - Von Braun and Ricky, and play together for all eternity. Always in my heart - loved forever. Peggy & Dennis

Zackie - October 1999, 3 years, 3 months old

Zackie, I will always remember you as the happy, loving guy that you were. Please know that Buddy is O.k. Daddy and I miss you very much and not a day goes by that we don't think of you. The beach at Onset, Cape Cod, will never be the same without you. We all love you Zack.

Until we meet again, Love Mommy, Daddy & Buddy

Cinnamon - October 1999, 15 years, 7 months old

To my very special friend, who was with me all the times, good and bad, who would make me laugh when she was a bad girl, but when her time came I knew I had no choice but let her go. I took my baby to the vet and asked one last time, knowing the answer, 'is there a chance' and I knew it was no, so they sedated her to help ease the pain and I was left to hold my baby as long as I wanted and when I was ready, they came in and gave her the medication that ended her pain, but, Dear God, my heart still hurts and I miss her so much.

She went to the Rainbow Bridge in my arms, holding her so close, not wanting to let her go, but when I knew in my heart she was finally gone, I left, but had her cremated and her ashes are in a beautiful cedar box and her favorite teddy bear sits with her picture. Oh, how much joy she brought to me. If I was late from work, all the pillows would be in a big pile in the living room. She always let me know who was boss and it wasn't me. I will never forget her sweet little face. I had her almost 16 years and I thank God for that. I knew her time would be soon, but it took me by surprise. I was hoping she would die quietly in her sleep, and walking her to the Rainbow Bridge would not have been so hard, but I had to have the people at the Veterinarians office help end her suffering, as I knew it was the only way to let he die peacefully.

I miss you so much Cinnamon and I still hear you bark at me, or whimper to go outside and I wake up in the night hearing you, only realising you are in my heart and soul and cry myself to sleep. Good bye my sweet Cinnamon, good bye, and I hope dogs are in heaven because if they are, I will find you.

Longines - October 1999, 10 years, 6 months old

Longines was a long-haired dachsie. Longi, as we all called her, was everything to us. She gave us ten wonderful years that I will never forget. She was the light of my life, she was my best friend. She used to study with me, sitting on my bed looking at me. She helped me through some really bad times. Remember when I used to put you on the boat, you hated water so much!! I miss you, my cookie. I keep pictures of you on my desk and near my bed; it's almost as if you were never gone. We buried you on that heart-shaped pillow you loved so much with all your things just under the tree were you used to sleep at the country house. I keep a candle burning at your side for you - will always be in my heart... Je t'aime beaucoup gougou, j'ai hâte de te revoir sauss, je ne t'oublirai jamais Amuse toi bien avec grand-papa et dis-toi qu'un jour j'embrasserai à nouveau ce petit endroit de ton visage que j'aime temps... Je t'aime Longi, pour toujours...

Pocket - October 1999, 4 years old

Pocket was my first sweet baby. She was found on the side of the road and taken into our home. She filled my life with joy and I miss her so much. Her habit of eating things she shouldn't took her from us too soon. I hope she is well in her heaven above and knows how much we miss her. Her companion, Max, misses her too!

Fred Giese - October 1999, 16 years, 6 months old

Darling Fred, who was rescued at a pound in October 1984, was a most wonderful friend. He loved playing people-chasing-dog, cleaning everyone's feet and his dachshund love, Roxanne, (who pretended not to reciprocate his love) but nursed him in his last weeks and mourned him after he was gone. His big friend Tim (an island dog) was distraught to lose Fred, as was his mom - me.

Fred was serious,but funny and the dearest little friend I have ever had. I love you Fred....hope you are playing people-chasing-dog, and streaking around in the circle eights you loved. You are so missed.

Mallory Austin - October 1999, 14 years old

I believe that though you may own several precious pets in your lifetime, there is always that ONE special pet that truly changes your life forever. I don't think I'll ever love any animal like I loved Mallory, and I don't think I will ever BE loved by another like I was with Mallory. All of my dachshunds have been and are my 'babies'. But there will NEVER be another Mallory. I'm looking forward to seeing her again!

'Holly' - Hollyberry Fantasia - October 1999, 16 years old

I had a little friend named Holly. She was spunky and jolly. Her favourite past-time was to play ball and she'd run all day long. We'd go for walks and share some talks. She was my shadow and followed me everywhere. Never did she stray and my heart still aches today. I miss her so, she was more than a dachsie, she was my life, my friend and my love.

Mandi Loo - November 1999, 12 years, 11 months, 28 days old

My dearest Mandi - my 'littlest mama' - I no longer can touch you, but I feel you in my heart, every waking moment. You came into our lives, hurt and abused, but you left us loved and content. My heart is happy with memories, but sad because you are no longer here to lick my face, or sleep at my feet, when the nights get cold. Baxter misses you as much, for he lays where you were, and cries out for you. He was your loyal companion, and will always be. No one can understand how much love I have for you, or why your leaving tears my heart in two, but you know. You sat through my tears, my joys and all of our lives. There will never be another to ever fill heart space for you. I love you, I miss you, I'll see you again one sweet day. Until then, butterfly kisses, Little Mama. Leeann Webster

Peanut - November 1999, 11 years old

Peanut, you where like my sister, my special friend. all those times you begged for food I told you to go away, and a week before you went to the Bridge, you came out in front of me and had an accident and I told you you where a bad dog - I didn't mean it. I didn't know you had pyometria or kidney problems. Peanut, I am so sorry. I wish I had been nice to you all the times I was mean. You have been with me my whole life - you don't know how sorry I am. You don't know how much you love somthing until it's gone. I miss you and when I come home I expect to see you smiling there, to greet me and welcome me home, and you're not there. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye, But I hope you know I'll see you again some day. We all miss you dearly and Gidget the chahuahua misses you so much. too. I'll always remember the good times we spent together. I miss you Penie Weenie!

Love, Kimberly J. Forman, age 11

Brittle - November 1999, 12 years old

Brittle (left) and Peanut (right) loved us and were loved by us for 12 years ... the best little buddies to us and to each other. It is too difficult to write separately about them. They joined my husband and me when they were six weeks old and were the loves of our lives. Peanut had a stroke and died very suddenly on 27 November. Brittle had a bad back and had had a bout with cancer ... and grieved terribly for her Peanut. Our vet said the kindest thing we could do was to let Brittle join her buddy Peanut at the Rainbow Bridge, so my husband and I held her as the vet assisted us with letting her go join Peanut. Our hearts were broken, but our vet said the best tribute we could pay to our beloved friends was to enlarge our circle of canine love and welcome new puppies to our home. Though our eight-week old mini-doxies, Wiener, Strudel and Chili, have not taken the place of Peanut and Brittle, they've begun to heal our broken hearts, and I know Peanut and Brittle are smiling down on us from the Rainbow Bridge - knowing we have friends again in our home. We love you, Brittle and Peanut, and someday we'll all be together again. Take care of each other at the Bridge as you did so well on earth.

Sampson - November 1999, 9 years old

Sampson, A.K.A Papa Doodle, who is pictured above, left, with his son, Simon, was a faithful dog and excellent companion. He was taken too soon, but he leaves behind many children and grandchildren. No one has been the same since and probably never will.

He passed unexpectedly, but he will be remembered for ever and ever. His presence is forever felt. Goodbye our friend 'til we meet again.

Mikotis - November 1999, 11 years old

in memory of Mikotis:
Do your ears hang low?
Do you swing them to and fro?
Do you tie them in a knot?
Do you tie them in a bow?
Do your ears hang low?

Otis passed on 3 November 1999. He was 11 years old. We all miss him. He had very long ears. We started calling him Mickey, but my son-in-law said, 'No, he is an "Otis".' So he was then Mikotis. He was a little red sweet doxie.

Brownie Boost Tussing - November 1999, 17 years old

There is always a place in our hearts for senior dachshunds. We were so lucky to have met this beautiful older animal soul. We adopted her from the Gulf Coast Humane Society in Corpus Christi, Texas in July of 1992. All we knew about her was that she was female and a pure-bred dachsie since we arranged the adoption by phone and express mail. To our surprise she was probably around ten years old.

This little dog had so much dignity, peace and calm about her. She wanted little but our love. We shared a beautiful life and thousands of gourmet meals together for nearly eight years. I think something or someone out there sent her to us to show us something about love and she had seen us through the beginning of our marriage successfully. She even waited for us to hold her as she left this world and drew her last precious breath. We love and miss her so much, she taught us so much about simply LOVING and BEING with the ones you love most, no matter what.

Hope to see you one day our baby girl.. when our time comes. You are our angel.

Mama and Daddy...Cindy and David

Duroc - November 1999, 7 years, 10 months old

May the sun shine and set on you and always keep you safe and warm. I will miss you always. You brought me great joy and happiness and unconditional love. You are in my heart forever.

Love Mom

Hershey - November 1999, 9 years old

Hershey was born on 2 October 1980. I bought him from a pet store when he was just eight weeks old. He was my companion and best friend for 19 years. I saw him through his good and bad times, and he saw me through mine. Hershey loved to run, to sun-bathe and to get his nails clipped. His favourite meal was spaghetti and his favourite dessert was ice cream Hershey's most-loved toy was an old pair of panthhose tied into knots.

Hershey, Mommy loves yhou and misses you and someday we'll be together once more, I promise.

Dee Dee - November1999, 2 years old

Dear Dee Dee, I love you very much! I cried my heart out when I saw you lying on the sidewalk. I thought you were just lying there waiting for us like you always do but you wern't. I rushed out to the car to get you but at that time, you had already gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I don't know what happened to you but you are safe know and I will always keep you in my heart forever. I will make sure your resting spot is very beatiful. I love you Dee Dee.

Love, Ryan Espanola

Delta - November 1999, 10 years old

It has been almost a year, but I am sitting here with tears remembering Delta. She was not only 'my' dog, she was my friend, my 'mother's little helper', my priest and my therapist. I have never had a bond with another dog like the one I had with her.

I miss you daily, my dear friend.

Anni Mae - 'Nanner dog' - November 1999, 9 years old

What is life with out a doxie??? Boring and lonely... you are missed so very much.

Stretch ('Mr Magoo') - November 1999, 14 years old

To my greatly missed pal, Stretch. I never got to say goodbye which saddens me. I remember the last time I saw you - it was like you were trying to tell me something. I am glad, though, that you did not pass alone - Mom and Dad were there. Mom, Dad, and the family miss you a lot. I sometimes feel angry for moving when I did. You were my sidekick growing up and will always remain in my heart today and forever.

I love you, Toni

Pickles - November 1999, 5 years old

I loved my pickle baby so much. I still miss her sorely and still get all teary thinking about her.She was the sweetest little dog I have ever had. She loved to snuggle in my lap and especially to burrow under my covers. I will always remember her endless wet kisses. Having her put down was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I smile when I think about her too. I wouldn't trade the years I've had her for the world. One day I'll get another doxie. Once you've had one, you're never the same. They are the best dogs in the world!!!!!!!!!

Lady - Macquet - November 1999, 13 years old

In memory of our darling little Lady - little in stature but enormous in heart. Although its been over a year since we parted I miss you terribly. You made such an impression on all our hearts. You often come to me in dreams and I hear your bark and can feel you on the bed at night. You were such a brave little girl coming all the way over in the plane from South Africa. I know you must have been very confused as to where your home had gone and what happened to Max. We could not bring him with us but I know he is now with you and that the two of you will meet us all there at a later stage. In my life I have had many dogs and they were all special but you were the first dachsie and you were larger than life. Born at Tegwan's Nest in the Transvaal, you came home such a tiny little thing, in fact only five weeks old. Julian had to hold you all the way back to Durban otherwise you cried. Before calling in at home we rushed off to buy a hot water bottle to keep you company in your basket but you never did sleep in that basket - it was in the bed and under the covers and thats where you stayed. Thank you my darling little dog for wonderful unconditional love that you gave to all, especially to me. Dad and I miss you and no other little dog can ever replace you. Bask gloriously in the sun in your garden, now free from all pain and look after Max. Love Lesley, Richard, Fl

Buddy - Bud's Dapple Express - November 1999, 2 years, 1 month old

Buddy, you never listened to Momma about chasing the cats, and that is what sent you to the Rainbow Bridge. We all miss you so very much, my little dapple baby. You were my special boy and your Momma will always love you, with still a very heavy heart, I LOVE YOU!!!!
Your Momma, Edie

Scooter Church - November 1999, 14 years old

When you were a puppy, you knew the strings to pull. Standing in the pet store, you tugged at everyone of them. You were bought as a Christmas gift for my brother, but alas, he couldn't keep you, so you came back to me. Many wonderful years we had together. for as much as I taught you to speak, roll over, and house train, you taught me to love unconditionally, and how to care for another living creature. As time passed, a more dear friend you became. You'd lie at the door when the sun hit that right spot, just knowing that I'd be home soon. You were the 'big brother' When Lindsay came home for the first time. You will always be loved, and painfully missed, Sir Scooter, but I have you close to me, I have a special spot where you rest, waiting on me to 'come home'. God Speed, LIttle puppy dog. This is the first time I have truly mourned your loss, and can't wait for the opportunity to have you by my side again.

Love, Daddy

Norma Jean - December 1999, 4 years old

We got Norma Jean after my son graduated from high school. I was going through an empty-nest syndrome. She was such a joy. She slept at my feet from five weeks until we lost her. On 8 December 1999 our house burned down. Norma Jean was in the house. I still cry over her periodically. We recently bought another puppy from the same breeder. This puppy had the same parents. Life is getting better. I can't imagine my life without a dachsie.

Alexander Hansel (Ale) - December 1999, 16 years, 1 day old

To my beloved pup, Alex - I never realised how much I'd miss you until I realised I no longer had you. Everyday it gets harder and harder to live without you. When I'm sick, I'm lonely for your company, when I'm home alone, I miss your playful personality. You were a part of my life from the time I was born and I miss you more than you would be able to imagine. I hope you will be waiting for me to jump onto my lap and kiss me when I get to the Rainbow Bridge. I love you forever...and ever...bye sweety!

Skipper - December 1999, 6 months old

In loving memory of Skipper, who only lived six short months, I dedicate this memorial. I wanted a dachshund so bad that I saved $350 over the summer in order to buy my beloved Skipper. We were told that Skipper's parents were related but it turned out that the whole fmaily was inbreed. I regret that I said Skipper was going to be fine. I let her sleep in my bed and played with her every chance I got. I loved her and let her do what she wanted. One of her favorite things was when I would put her in my backpack and go for bike rides. Then around October, I sort of lost interest in playing with her. I would watch TV, do homework, or just sit around. Sometimes I would let her come up on the bed. I fussed at her when she would bring me her toys asking me to play. At the time I just didn't want to play. The weekend before she died we were on the way to get dog Christmas pictures taken, and I fussed at her for playing with Bazil. Then, the day before she passed on, I fussed at her for playing with the Christmas tree. I was not going to write her name on the stocking, but for some reason I did, and I'm glad I did. that night I was mad at her for playing with my blanket and made her sleep in the bathroom. She was acting normal on the day she died. I got up, put her out, brought her back in, put her on the bed, turned on the TV for her to watch, and then went out to play. I then came back to give her a bath - this was our last hour together. I thought it weird, that even through my scornful remarks to her, her love for me remained unconditional. As I finished drying her, she came over and put her head on my lap as if she knew this would be her last chance to say good bye. Then, my dad took her and as I went to my room, he put her on the couch. Fifteen minutes later, Dad said Skipper was sick. Ten minutes after that, Skipper had passed away. To Skipper: I'm sorry that I was not nice to you, I didn't mean it. Please forgive me. We buried her. Then I came home and cried. I looked at Skipper's stocking for a long time; I will always hang it for her. Skipper died of an unfortunate genetic defect. If I could have one Christmas wish, it would be to have Skipper back in my arms, healthy and happy. Holley Reid

Oscar - December 1999, 6 months old

Oh my Baby Oscar, I miss you so much! My heart is broken forever. I love you with all my soul. Keep looking for me for I, too, will be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge. My Dear Oskie, Help me get though these sad, sad days. I'm so lonely without you. I just want to hold you and kiss you and throw your squeeky banana. Good bye, my love. Thank you for your love. Mommy

Trinka Bolz - December 1999, 12 years, 11 months old

Our beloved little Trinka passed away just one month short of her 13th birthday. She was the first and only dog that ever owned us. Her passing was so sudden and tragic. We won't try and remember that wrenching evening but will cherish the almost 13 years of loving memories that she left us. We truly believe that our loving Lord will care for her until we can join her once again. She stole our hearts.

God knew what He was doing when He created this most loving creature. Her wagging tail was directly connected to her heart, which was what ultimately failed her. Trinka, we loved you here and look forward to seeing you again at the Bridge. ....from Mommy and Daddy

Oscar Tinley Poe - December 1999, 6 months old

Our precious littleOscar was taken from us just yesterday, and it feels like a part of me died with him. He was given to us six months ago, and he was the best little man anyone could ask for. He used to love to crawl in bed with you and sleep on your back and nuzzle his little nose in any little area he could. He was very playful and patient with my two-year-old daughter, always a delight to have around, even if it was only for a few short months.

Oscar ran underneath my car and I did not see him. I ran over him, and all I can think about is the sound of him suffering. I am feeling an extreme amount of guilt because my precious little angel was killed by me, even though it was an accident.

He is buried in our yard right by the tree he loved so much. I am sure I will get another dachshund one day, but he or she will never replace the love that I have for my 'little man', Oscar Tinley Poe.

Shorty - December 1999, 13 years, 5 months old

Shorty was a very handsome red minature dachshund - eight pounds of unconditional and unselfish loving heart. Shorty's favorite things were: licking his Pop's wet feet after a shower, waiting for your feet to exit the end of your pant legs, lying in the pile of dirty clothes before they went in the laundry, lying in the sun, and playing with one his Pop's old socks. He was an excellent cuddler, stubborn, and he gave good kisses. We can't believe he is gone. Nothing in our lives has prepared us for this immense loss. How could one little dog impact on our lives so much? I will always remember his little eyes looking at me when I left for work that last morning. If I had only known you needed me to stay with you. If only. . . Well Shorty Boy, your Pop and I are very sad right now. Hopefully time will heal our empty hearts. You take care of yourself and be a good boy. Much love and kisses, Mom and Pop

Hushy - December 1999, 8 years old

Dearest Hushy, you were with us through thick and thin, three states, five moves and always made us laugh and smile no matter what. How lucky we were to have you even though it wasn't long enough. Your family and your boy will always love you the best. Hope there are lots of squirrels at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you so much it hurts terribly but someday we will smile and laugh and remember and the pain won't be so sharp. We will always be yours faithfully as you were to us. xxoo Mom, Dad, Greg, Glen, Geoff and your partner in crime, Mosey.

Speedy - December 1999, 1 years, 7 months old

Speedy,even though you have gone to the Bridge, you are never far from my thoughts. When you became sick with liver disease and the vet said nothing could be done. I knew I had to let you go. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but at least I was with you at the end so that you could feel my love, and know how much you meant to me. Know you are mssed greatly every day. Enjoy yourself playing with the other dogs - you were always Mr Friendly. I will see you at the Bridge when it is time. Until then, you are always in my heart and mind. You are greatly missed, little guy. Your Human, Wanda

Corky - December 1999, 14 years, 7 months old

Corky said goodbye to his mama, papa and brothers, Ziggy and Nicodemus, on 13 December 1999. The house seems much quieter now and sometimes we listen for the 'click-click' of his little paws on the floor. We laugh and cry as we remember all the good times we shared and are grateful for the love, comfort and understanding he gave us. He was a very special friend. We know he is waiting for us and we look forward to the time when we will be together again.

Abe' (pronounced Abby) - December 1999, 8 years old

I feel so lost without you. You kept me company on many dark and very lonely nights. And now I am having a very hard time. I miss you Abe', very much and I know in my heart that i did the right thing for you. Now you are not suffering anymore. I will always miss you and love you very much, because you will always be 'Mama's baby girl'.

Willie - December 1999, 5 years, 5 months old

Willie were our little boy and we miss you terribly. You brought us great joy in the few years we had you. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Dave & Mary Frosto

Sidney - December1999 - 11 months old

Punkin - December 1999, 6 years old

Punkin was diagnosed with a disc problem at two years of age. Luckily, we managed fine until 17 December when she suddenly lost the use of her legs. My vets tried to treat her with meds, but with no success. They finally recommended surgery for her best hope of recovery. She did beautifully, but she never perked up after surgery. They ran several tests, but could find nothing physically wrong besides the back. She died four days after surgery. My vets think she simply gave up. I would never have given up on her and would have moved heaven and earth for my baby. I just hope she knows that I did everything I could for her and that I love her like no words could ever descibe. I hope you know, Punkin, that no other will ever replace you in my heart. I feel such guilt as if I didn't do enough...I know I did everything I could, but I still feel the guilt. I saw her last on Thursday the 23 December. The vets told me was depressed so I stayed with her a long time that day. I knew she looked awful. She wouldn't even lift her head but she did know me and looked at me as I talked to her. I told her she had to get better and I promised her I would bring her home. I did keep my promise my baby. Mom did bring you home. I love you Punkin and I look forward to the day we meet and you can run to me like you used to do and we'll chase tennis balls forever!! Mommy

Kechara's Ruby Easter SL (Ruby) - December 1999, 1 year, 7 months old

You were born 12 April 1998 (Easter Sunday) and I held you to my heart all the way home from the vet. I knew you would leave me, but I thought it would be to a good home where you would receive lots of love. Unfortunately, you left but came back very sick and afraid of strangers. I nursed you back to health and decided to keep you until I found the perfect home for you.

I'm sorry Daddy didn't pay attention to the latch. I'm sorry I was not home when you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, especially since it was so violent. Your mother and sister were with you and tried to get you to get up and come back home with them, but you just couldn't. I hope your suffering was not long. I hope you passed instantly. I'm even more sorry that I was so busy that morning that I didn't even take the time to pat your head and tell you I loved you. I believe you know how much I loved you and always will.

The pain in my heart will never ease. You were my shadow, my loving baby girl. I miss your warm brown eyes and soft kisses. How I wish I could have you back! Please meet me at the Rainbow Bridge, Ruby. Life is not the same without you and my only solace is that you will be there waiting for me, with forgiveness and joy in your eyes.

Shadow - December 1999, 11 years old

You fought so hard to the very end...we love shadow, today and always. R.I.P.

Schatzi Maus Angel Dog - December 1999, 10 years, 6 months old

Dear little Schatzi Maus aka Angel Dog - the hours have turned to days, to weeks, to months and still our hearts ache for you. Thank you for 101/2 years of unconditional love and unwaivering loyalty. You came to us so tiny that you could fit in the palm of our hands, now you snuggle in the deepest corner of our hearts. We pray that above all you are free from the horrible diabetes that took you from us and that the meadows at the Bridge have peach trees for shade, birds and butterflies to chase, endless sunny days and warm, soft nights. Your little body held the biggest heart in the whole world, full of joy, love and spunk. In the night, Mom still swears she feels you hop up on the bed - who knows, maybe you do. Maybe you miss us as much as we miss you. Rest in peace Angel Dog, we will miss you and love you forever.

Vicki and Bill Ingram (Mommie and Pops) Aufwiedersehen, unser kleine engle.

Amy's Ruby Tuesday - December 1999, 7 years old

To our dear Ruby,

Ruby we all miss you very much. The day sis brought you home, she brought home a bundle of energy and sweetness that everyone loved. You went through so much but lived so happily with all of us. I thank you so much for tolerating Little Jen and Max, but you are now joined with them again. I am working so hard to keep your burials very neat and pretty. Amy misses you, but has brought home this silly goofy bassethound named Gunner to run in your place. He will never replace you though. Also, Ruby, keep Miss Jean company. She's the older lady who always called you Ruby Red. We will always love you, Ruby. Amy, Dad, Jennifer, and Mom

Murphy Lang - December 1999, 8 years, 7 months old

Murphy Lang was the sweetest tempered and most loving child a person could have. She passed on 8 December. I still worry about if she is feeling cold or hungry and if she has friends to play with. Our family misses terribly and she will never be replaced in our hearts.

Freeway - December 1999, between 11 and 13 years old

Freeway was the best friend I ever had and I miss him so much. It will never be the same without him. He will always be Charlie's Little Dog. I'll love him 'till I'm with him again.

Snickers Bailey - December 1999, 7 months old

Snickers was with us for a short time but the love was so incredible. He became the KING of our house so quickly and everyone loved him so much. Our family was vacationing in Disney World when we got the news of his death. He was fine when we left home and even after an autopsy they couldn't figure out what happened. We were so devastated that we weren't there for him and still live with the guilt that he died of a broken heart thinking we abandoned him. He had to know how much the family loved him. We will always wonder what happened to hm and someday hope to meet up with him and find the answers to our questions. We have gotten another dachsie but still have moments when we cry over our little Snickers. The pain hasn't dulled when we think of him. Hopefully the time will come when we can all be together again. Until then he will always be in out thoughts and our hearts.

Rosie - December 1999, 15 years old

Hillmar Classic Velvet 'Bella' - December 1999, 10 years old

A friend

It may be three years since you died in my arms but I still long for you presence and still weep when I try to speak your name.

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