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Scooter Manning - 1998, 6 years old

This is a dedication for my mother and little Scoot. Scoot was my mother's best friend. In a sense, part of my mother died when Scoot died. She even questioned her faith when he died. He was very independent, but at the same time, very sensitive and loving. He was very much like my mother - maybe that's why they cliqued so well. He always knew when something was wrong. He just stared with concern and love when he sensed that my sister, my mother or I were upset. He loved the outdoors, as my mother does, and jumped at any opportunity to be with my mother in the wilderness. He thought he was a horse, he was raised around them and thought he was just as big as they were, maybe even bigger. He was a very happy dog and led a fun, happy life. Although in my opinion, and I'm sure my mother's, much too short a life. I guess it's quality that counts more than quanity, right? He died very suddenly. He was hit by a truck and died instantly. We were very thankful in our sadness that he died quickly. We all miss him, especially Mom. He'll never be forgotten. We'll meet you at the Bridge, Scoot~ Until then, we all love you and miss you bigger than the sky!.

Cecil - January 1998, 14 years old

It's New Year's Day 1998. I awoke to find my red doxie had gone to the Bridge. Cecil was adopted from an animal shelter. We had him 8 years.The doctor estimated he was about 14. Last year the doctor told me that he had a 'big heart'. I said, 'I know that doc, but what is wrong with him?' He then explained what he meant was Cecil had an enlarged heart. He had moments when he was very ill. Coughing, choking it seemed endlessly. And then he would feel great for days on end. Sure, he got fat. Couldn't climb stairs anymore. But his sheer joy was knowing he was loved. He was my constant companion. There was no where I could walk in the house without him eventually following me. He loved the covers.I actually found him one time in the sleeve of one of my sweatshirts that had been on the floor. He was looking for cover and made do with what he found. As a matter of fact, it gave me a great idea for a sweater for him.It especially was accomodating for those short legs.

Cecil's birthday was the 4th of July. At least we designated it because that is when we adopted him. He always knew when that day came. He was always anxious for the neighborhood block party to begin so that he could gather all the hot dogs and hamburgers that everyone would 'drop'. We would put on his red, white and blue kerchief and he would parade this block like he owned it. He truly felt the Fourth was his birthday. Cecil slept in my bed. On New Years eve I put him in the bed and I went to watch some more TV. He was barking, 'C'mon mom. You're supposed to come to bed.' But I yelled at him and told him to be quiet: 'I will come when I am ready'. I fell asleep on the couch. About 6 a.m. New Years day I went in my room and found him lying in my spot. His body was still warm. He was limp. His eyes were focused on the door...

He fell asleep and died ...waiting for me. I feel so guilty. I should've not yelled at him. He must have died thinking I was mad at him.

In 1996, my best girlfriend drowned in Maui on vacation. Cecil was sad right with me. He would wipe my tears away. He would snuggle and comfort me in my suffering. Now, I need to know that he still loves me...I should have not been mean to him that night.

I have lost the two best friends I have ever had.

Life is really lonely now. I buried Cecil in my rock garden. He loved to come back there with me and chase squirrels and birds. He loved that part of the yard and under that walnut tree.

It's New Years Day 1998. I started the year burying my friend. I know he has arrived at the Bridge and now has my best friend to play with. They will have a good time together until I come to join them. Cecil, you were so smart. Excuse me for being so dumb. Remember always that 'Mommy loves you'.I will miss you, everyday.

Oscar - January 1998, 9 years old

His spirit was indomitable. Dare I say that - indomitable? What does that mean? Unconquerable, invincible, unyielding. In the face of danger,no one was braver. But because of his overwhelming confidence in himself, when there was no danger, no one was more loving. A perfect balance of strength and gentleness - a warrior poet. As Byron noted in his poem, Epitaph for a Dog, such praise 'would be unmeaning flattery if inscribed over human ashes...' but we have all known such dogs!

Hanz - January 1998,7 years, 9 months old

Hanz is my baby. He was brought to our family when my aunt had to go Nevada for the Gulf war. He has stayed by my side through all the changes in my life. I feel he is one of the smartest dogs. With the hardest life. At age 2 he developed the dachshund skin problem. My mom did daycare and he spent every nap sleeping with each daycare child. He put up with them and didn't bite even when 3 year old Tony body slamed him. He was very special dog and no one nore no other dog can take the place he left in my heart.

Belle of the Prairie - January 1998, 4 years, 6 months old

My poor Belle was viciously attacked and killed by a neighbor dog. She leaves behind two baby boys. She was a very shy, very loving friend and I will miss her always.This is in tribute to you, my little Belle of the Prairie. I love you.

Gretel - January 1998, 14 years, five months old

In the morning when we would take our walk,
Gretel would say, as if she could talk
"This is the best time of my day.
Come on now, let's get on our way" Those wary rabbits better watch out!
Then there were strange dogs to greet
And human friends she would happily meet.
Gretel sure added spice to that daily chore
And kept it from getting to be a bore.
Did we take her or did she take us?
This has always caused us much fuss.
Gretel Vandament 12 August 1983 - 21 January 1998
Gretel, you won the November pin-up calendar, but you were always 'Our Little Girl'. Sadly missed by her mom and dad, whose winters in Texas will never be the same without her.
Betty and Harold Vandament

Tobias 'our first' Henry (Toby) - January 1998, 14 years, 6 months old

I had wanted a dachshund as far back as I can remember. When I was eight years old, I was blessed with Toby. He was my best friend, and constant companion. Toby slept with me every night, sometimes stealing the covers to make sure he was completely covered. He was never without his trusty tennis ball, and would play catch until your arm wore out. Everyone knew Toby for that. He would play ball with anyone who walked in the house and wouldn't stop! He was with me through so much in my life; the passing of my grandfather, and the extremely difficult loss of my mother when I was 18. Toby seemed to grieve with us all, and helped me through it. When I got my own house, I was told how Toby would sit by my bedroom door for hours on end, waiting for me, proving his love and devotion. Toby stopped eating in January of 1998, and a visit to the vet showed a cancerous mass in his stomach. He went to the Bridge on 29 January 1998. I miss you so much, my dear Toby, and I know I'll see you again, and that in the mean time you'll be playing ball with grandpa and mom, being their endless entertainment. I love you.

Sweet and Classy Momma's LIttle Sassy - January 1998, 4 years, 4 months old

You where only here a short time sweet girl, but you brought so much joy and happieness to us, We did all we could for you when you got sick, but we did not want you to suffer, rest in peace, sweet girl. We miss you so very much - you left a great void, but we will meet again, in the mean time play with Sam Sam. We love you sweet girl. Mom and Dad

Webber - January 1998, 2 years old

Webber was a muscular and brave dachs. I loved him very much but, unfortunately, he was hit by a car and I will never forget him. I love you, Webber.


Huey Sushi - January 1998, 14 years, 4 months old

All that they wanted for Christmas was a 'hot dog. My daughters were 3 and 4 and Santa brought their 'hot dog' in a big box with a big bow. He never cried and when they finally opened the box they were so excited that they forgot everything else but him. They decided to name him Huey Sushi. He was black and tan and a wonderful little boy. He grew up with the girls and swam with them, shared ice cream cones with them and went boating with us and wore his own life vest. He loved to spend the weekend on the boat and be taken to shore in the dingy to do his business. He always barked before landing to let everyone know that he had arrived!

When he was a year old we got him a sister and he guarded her with his life. Missy Simein and Huey were quite the pair.They also made the rounds at night so no one felt left out of them sleeping with them. Every morning they were in Mom and Dad's bed though.

Huey had been sick for awhile and I (all of us) loved him so we did everything that we could for him. The vet said before Christmas that Huey was very sick and that we really needed to think about letting him go to doxie heaven. It broke our hearts to even think about this. After his oldest sister got home from college for Chrismas we all loved on him as much as we could and then that January night that he just got so ill and could not breath we called the vet and she met us at her office. We all went, including Missy, so she could say goodbye also. His youngest human sister held him and we all kissed and loved him. I think Huey was ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I know that we were not, but we all know we will see him again one day. Missy followed him a little over a year later. But before she passed on a new little boy came into our lives and he was loved from the start. Parker is now 10 and has 3 brothers, all of whom were over a year and one was a rescue doxie.
Huey and Missy are in urns in the family room and I will always love and miss them and know one day we will see them again.

I can't imagine life with out dachshunds in it and everyone of them is so very special.

Droupy - February 1998, 19 years old

Droupy. My little baby Droupy. I am going to miss you so little pal. You will always be my best friend and I will always have a place in my heart for you. There are lots of dachshunds in this world but none can ever be as special as my little baby Droupy. He always slept with me at night and comforted me when I cried. He made me laugh. His bark was a lot bigger than he ever was.My grandpa called him Snoopy. He was a part of the family and always will be. Droupy, I love you and always will. Dedicated to the best little dog in the world...DROUPY LOPEZ Lopez Family. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN

Lincoln Log - February 1998, 17 years old

I lost my beloved Lincoln Log today, just before his 17th birthday. I believe God will let us be with our pets someday. So Link,look for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I look forward to our wonderful reunion. Love, Mamu

Jenny - February 1998, 13 years old

Today,I lost a friend. We first met in February 1986 and,in the many years of my association with her, I was introduced to the competitive world of dachshunds. She stayed by me through a disasterous divorce and a major surgery. And she was my constant companion, when a work-related injury kept me wheelchair-bound for 8 months. She walked many miles beside me at field trials and celebrated or commiserated with me at the outcomes of our ventures at many dog shows. While not much of a conversationalist when we traveled together to shows and trials, prefering to sleep while I drove through the night, she knew my moods better than anyone else. She gave me so much and never asked for anything in return. Yes, I have lost a friend. When her cancer was diagnosed two years ago, she went on as before while I was devastated at the thought of losing my friend. And, today, she passed to the other side as quietly as she was in life. My friend is gone, but I know that Jenny is now at the Bridge with her daughter, Missy, waiting for the time when I will join them.

Jacques - February 1998, 12 years old

Tso's Jacques Dubois (AKA Jacques Dubois Lohman)My beloved Standard Dachshund of over 11 years came into my life as a gift to my husband. I had always had bassett hounds, but my husband insisted that the dachshund was definitely the "breed of choice"! I thought to myself, "well, they are both of the hound group and they are both long and low to the ground", and I acquiesced. When we went to the breeder to select our puppy, my husband chose the quietest, mildest-mannered male in the entire group. This was a good choice, for Jacques re- mained calm throughout his life, which I have since found to be a rarity in dachshunds.

Jacques lived with us from puppyhood until his recent death. He went through all of our many 'ups and downs', and was probably the best psychiatrist two people ever could have had. When our youngest son died at age 5 1/2 to a tragic accident, Jacques was there to help us through our grief.

Nearly two years ago, Jacques was diagnosed with a rare disease called Cushing's. We did everything humanly possible to maintain his medical condition and quality of life. Finances were not even a consideration. He was, after all, a very important member of our family. Nonetheless, his condition deteriorated to the point that his disease became unmanageable. Basically, his internal organs began to 'shut down', one by one. Finally, we felt there was no other decision but euthanasia. It was not a decision easily made.

Jacques's kind veterinarian friend, Dr. Robert Orrell, helped him to the Rainbow Bridge. Jacques was cremated and his ashes sit alongside those of our son.

Jacques will live in our hearts forever. We miss him terribly.
Julie, Griff and Monique (his female doxie companion)

Clancy - February 1998, 10 years old

It's very difficult to articulate what I feel right now. Four days ago I craddled my daxie in my arms and carried her to the vet's for the last time. I held her tight and comforted her until the end. In my head I know I did what was best for her, but there is now an ache in my heart. My entire family misses her dearly.I know that time will lessen the pain but not the memory and for that I am grateful.

Dasha - Cliffborne's Dark Diplomat - February 1998, 14 years, 2 months old

My beloved little girl, you gave me nothing but joy for 14 years, and you were a more important part of my life than anyone knew. I carry you always in my heart, and I long for the day we will be together gain. With much love and appreciation too fom Nonni, Bobby, Courtney, Dane and Daddy, your Mommy.

Oliver Blackdot (Ollie) - February 1998, 9 years, 3 months old

Oliver died five years ago, in 1998, on my 15th birthday. He was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was five years old. He was a standard doxie, slim as a young dog, plump as an old man. He was a friend like no other. He was loyal, charming, relentless. He would fight till his death for me, very protective of me!!! I remember waking up and getting ready for school, exited because I was turning 15 that day. I hadn't given Oliver a kiss before I left, which I regret. I came home from school to find him all bundled up in a blanket, stone cold, and dead. Rigamortis had set in. I picked his stiffened body up in my arms and cried hysterically. My parents and I had no clue what the cause of death was, or that he was even sick. I think it's a mystery as to why he chose to leave me on my birthday, but for whatever reason, he is greatly missed. I buried him in my parent's backyard, in Pennsylvannia. It has taken me a few years to get over him. He was something special. You don't see dogs like him everyday. Last Christmas, my husband suprised me with a mini-doxie. I named him Elvis. He is my pride and joy now. He, too, is unique and special in every way. I see some of Oliver in him, but nothing could ever replace OLIVER BLACKDOT! I also have a female I adoted, named Fiona. She and Elvis are expecting babies in three weeks. I will always own a dachshund for the rest of my llife! I am a doxie lover! R.I.P. OLIVER. I LOVE YOU!

Tasha - March 1998, 3 years, 6 months old

Tasha was my baby. I will miss her every day until I see her again. She was taken too soon.

Teddy Bear - March 1998, 15 years, 6 months old

My loving dachshund Teddy Bear (Teddy). You were the sweetest and most loyal pet. I brought you home as a baby after losing my first dachshund. Your loving spirit helped aid in the healing after my loss. I have so many memories, too numerous to list here.

Some of my most pleasant memories of you are watching you bark and chase leaves in the yard as a young pup, angrily barking at the mailman for dropping mail on your head through the slot in the front door, chasing toys thrown to you all the way down the hall, curling up on my lap for a nap, chasing grapes thrown to you as a snack, and your sad eyes looking up at me begging me to pick you up.

You were a very loving and gentle companion. Once I left home, you stayed with my parents and played watchdog and loving companion to them. Your loss was and still is felt deeply by all of those that loved you the most. You will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will be there with you again when we meet at that special place, the Rainbow Bridge.

Your Mommy, Denise

Casey - March 1998, 14 years old

Casey, the mini-dachsie, came to us at the young age of six weeks. Her parents had been poisoned with rat poison by new neighbors who didn't like dogs.There were six puppies who needed homes and I brought home a tiny handful of dachsie who soon got over her fright and learned to act as a happy 'only child'.

Casey loved car rides and walks and would cock her head in the special direction if any mention was given of those words. Casey would bark at the door bell ringing and would bark loudly at strangers until they came near and then she would run and hide behind a family member.

Casey learned to manipulate my family by only eating dry dog food if it came with crackers, or cheese, or carrots (she LOVED carrots). Casey would always get a treat by sitting on her haunches and begging! Never failed. It was a blessing she never had back problems. Casey was the morning alarm clock to get up and at night would come for 'let's go beddie bye'. She preferred to sleep crossways on the bed and would kick or push as hard as she could to get me to move. At age six she developed the first breast tumor. The vet removed the malignant tumor and spayed Casey.At age eight Casey developed another breast tumor. The test results came back benign for it.

At Christmas 1997, I noticed a different shaped growth on Casey's abdominal area. Casey had begun sleeping much more than usual, had gained 40 per cent of her body weight and had no energy. The vet operated once again and said he got all of the malignant tumor. One month after the operation Casey began having violent seizures 40 min. apart. The cancer had spread to her brain. The vet wouldn't tell us what was going on. I don't think he wanted to be the one to break the news to us. One of the aids told us what the problem was.Taking Casey to the vet for euthanisia was the hardest thing my parents and I have ever had to do. Casey was the center of the family.

We hated to see her suffer and it was emotionally killing us, too. We are still grieving. One day I know another little dachsie will come along that desperately needs a home, but right now my parents say they don't ever want another dog although it is much to quiet around the house and they have nothing else to focus their attention on. I hope they change their minds. We will never forget our little brown torpedo!

Pepper - March 1998, 16 years,1 months old

OhPepper, how I miss you. I knew that the day would come that you would have to leave me, but I still was not prepared to let you go. I was with you when you came into the world and you immediately became a big part of my life. You were special from the start. You survived your devastating illness as a young puppy from sheer will to live and my love to grow strong. As you grew our bond grew stronger and you protected me when I needed protecting. No one but you and I will ever know the hardships we have endured. I miss having you as a bed buddy and chair buddy. You were my shadow everywhere I went and I still sometime feel as if you should be by my side. Your Daddy and brother Yogi miss you too. I say your name and your brother looks for you. I know you know how much you were loved. The day we made that final trip to the vets for him to help you to the Rainbow Bridge was hard for me. I remember him saying to me 'thank you for loving him' and I looked at you and said 'thank you for loving me'. Rest well my sweet baby and watch for me, for I know that someday we will be together again.

Love, Mommy

Bear - March 1998, 12 years, 4 months old

Bear, you were my first canine companion. I miss you and always will. We shared all of life's trials and tribulations for over 12 years. I have never known a more devoted, loving friend. Milo has moved in to keep me company. I think you sent him from heaven to watch over me and your nemesis, Roger. You may be interested that Mary, your trusted babysitter is now a canine devotee. We miss you my beloved little fellow. Marilyn and Roger.

McGuyver's Little Moose - March 1998, 4 years, 6 months old

My heart still aches for my Moose, even though it has been two years since he went to the the Bridge after a sudden intestinal illness. I still cry for him when I think about the pain he endured at the end. I got him for my 30th birthday, and I lost him after only 4 1/2 short years on the same day that my dad had a stroke. My memories of that day are nearly unbearable. The helplessness of holding him while there was nothing anyone could do for him, and the emptiness of my home since his death. No one could ever know how comforted me during the darkest hours of my personal life. I know I'll see you again one day. I have prayed to God to take good care of you until then! All of my love, Mommy!

Maude - March 1998, 3 years, 1 month old

Maude was my first dachsie. She was a red long haired mini who would rather play ball than do any thing else. She was my baby and I still miss her very much. They tried to save her but she did not make it through surgery. She played so hard because she knew her time her was short. I know when my time comes she will be waiting for me with a ball in her mouth.

Connor Moon - March 1998, 10 years, 5 months old

Connor was a beautiful boy. He kept his younger sister and brother in line - and the rest of us as well. He is missed by all of us every day.

Axel Rod - April 1998, 13 years old

Buddy - April 1998, 3 years, 11 months, 29 days old

My best friend, Buddy, died one day before his 4th birthday. He developed autoimmune hemolytic anemia, and within five days of the initial diagnosis, he was gone! For a dog that had never been sick a day in the almost-four-years he was on this earth, this disease ravaged and destroyed his body so completely, nothing could have been done to save him. He was always so healthy and athletic. He was unstoppable. The doctors were never able to determine how Buddy got the anemia. It just seems so senseless!

I just cannot believe he's gone. In this life, I can never again, never again tickle his tummy, or give him big kissies. I can never throw his favourite football, or play the 'bathtub game' again. I can never see him go swimming in the lake, with his tail wagging back and forth like a rudder. I can never take him to McDonald's for a cheeseburger, or sing him his very own song that I made up just for him. I can never snuggle with him, or just pet him for hours, like I used to. I can never do his 'Buddy Voice' again.

Buddy had gotten me through some of the roughest times in my life. Even when I had no one else, and nothing else, Buddy was always there, just ready to love me. God knew how much I needed a best friend like him, and then he gave me Buddy as a gift. He was a hugh part of my safety and security. Everyone who ever met Buddy, knew just how special he was, how unique. He was just the coolest, and everyone knew it. And now there is this hugh void in my life.

My husband and I treasure every single day that we had with Buddy. He was so funny. He always brought laughter and joy to our home, and even when I think of him today, through the tears, he still brings a smile to my face. He was just the best!

I know he is in a very special place right now. I like to think that God has a special angel just for Buddy, because Buddy needs someone to throw his football! I know that he is no longer sick or scared. Right now, I think he's just waiting and watching out for his Mommy and Daddy to come get him.

Buddy, don't worry. It won't be too long before Mommy and Daddy will be with you again. And this time, when we see you, we will never ever be separated again. We can't wait to hold you, give you big kissies, and simply love you. You are always in our hearts and minds, so please, just hold on, we're coming soon and we'll cross the Bridge together!

D.O.G. - April 1998, 6 months old

To my beloved D.O.G. who I will miss. I only had you for 4 months but it was a lifetime to me. I miss you dear.

Ernie - April 1998, 7 years, 1 month old

Ernie was my heart...

November 30th found him limping, and by the time he was at the vet, he was paralyzed. Three hours in the car to have emergency surgery left my baby with a 20 per cent chance of ever walking. But he was determined !!!

January came with two feet of snow in the yard, so I made tunnels, and Ernie followed me, held up by the snow. It wasn't the most graceful walk I've ever seen, but it was walking !!!

April 11th was one of the saddest days of my life. Ernie and I had been up for four days in a row, me without sleeping, him a little. Every time he tried to move, he would scream out in excruciating pain. I held him so he couldn't move...and I looked deeply into his eyes. They were so sad...he looked as though he said, 'mama, please let me go...' I didn't want to, so I prayed and I prayed. I believe that God wanted me to let him go, too.

Seven o'clock in the morning, Ernie died peacefully in my arms, in his own bed, surrounded by people that loved him...

and always will...

Little Jen - April 1998, 9 months old

The day I got Little Jen I was so excited and happy for she was my first dog.I got her not knowing a whole lot about dogs. She was abouttwo months old when I brought her home and little did I know she was sick. The day I took her to the vet I was very shocked when he told me she was anemic, so he gave us some medicine and very little chance that she would live. My boyfriend and I babied her and took the best possible care of her, and she pulled through to be the friendliest and most energetic puppy you have ever seen. My boyfriend lived with me at the time and she ended being a daddy's girl. She was about eight months old when I had to move back home and I took her with me. She loved it even more at her new home because my sister also has a dachsund and they would just run and play until they wore each other out, but she still loved my boyfriend most of all. He completely spoiled her. She knew she always would have his complete and undivided attention. About a month after I moved back home, my vet and especially my dad said I needed to have her fixed because he didn't need anymore dogs, so I went and had her fixed. Her operation was successful, but a few days later her surgery didnt hold well and she died a tragic death. Fortunately my dad found her and called me and told me to come home and what had happened. I still feel guilty to this day to what happened to you, Boo-Boo, but dad feels even worse, so this is why I'm writing this page because we all still love you and you are missed very much. Even Diane cried when you died. Ruby misses you most of all though she was your first dog friend, she knew you were gone too. We miss you and love you.

Mommy, Daddy, Ruby, Mamaw, Papaw, Diane, Michael, Gina, David, Lady, Mom, Dad, Amy, and Ladybug

Murfie - May 1998, 10 years, 2 months

A note to our beloved friend. Murfie, you were the most loving dog in the world. You loved nothing more than to be under your blanket or held by Mom, and you never asked for more. Murfie, you left us so suddenly and we don't know why. Please know that Kristin and Mom would have been with you if we could have. You are loved and missed by so many, especially your buddy Cody. We hope that you feel better now and can run, play, and be happy. We will see you again someday. Kristin and Mom love you and we will never forget you.

Badger - May 1998, 2 years, 7 months old

Badger was one of the many cherished gifts god has given me. But unfortunately I lost him to soon. And the moment he was gone my world was thrown away. I'm happy I had him for the mere 2 1/2 years he lived, but I am conscious of the fact that the hurt will never go away. While being aware of my eternal heartache, I make sure that I am also aware of what a unique, effervescent, and brilliant dog he was, and forvever will be in my heart. Badger was something special, unlike any other animal I've ever known. With his presence he brought a Zen feeling, and he stole the hearts of everyone he met. I would love to help people with the death of pets, but first I must find a way to help myself. Pets are gifts not everyone gets the privilege of recieving, so be thankful you have a pet and don't take its life for granted. Cherish each day you share with it, and never forget the good times.

My name is Nicole, I'm 12 years old, and Badger was my a brother to me.

Tiffany - May 1998, 15 years old

We miss you tremendously. Although we have your ashes here at home in a special urn we selected for you, you are sadly missed. You were always there when we needed you. Your beauty, sweet personality and charm were uplifting. Gosh, I wish there was a fountain of youth when you were here...if I had my choice, you'd be around forever. There will never be a replacement for you; you were one of a kind. We miss your dachsie kisses and all the other ways you showed us your love. We hope you are happy now. You were so sick - that last week was rough - knowing we had to put you down but not wanting to lose you. I hope you know we loved you with all our hearts. Please forgive us if you were in pain that last week - the thought of losing you was too much of a burden. We will always love you - you are sadly missed.

Your loving owners, Mom, Dad, and Jeffrey.

Gabbie - May 1998, 9 years, 6 months old

You were our pride and joy, and at times the only friend we had to lean on. If we were sick or lonely, you were right beside us to offer love and comfort. You were the Absolute Best Dog. All you ever asked of Life was to be with us. May you run and play and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Roxie - May 1998, 14 years old

In the midst of a divorce, with my son choosing to go with his father and take our dog, my daughter and I went to visit an old friend. She had two miniature doxies. My daughter had such a great time playing with them that she told me she wanted a dog like that. The very next day, on a Monday morning, I went back to work at the vet's office. The woman in the kennel in back said for me to come and see what we'd gotten in over the weekend. It was the smallest (about 6 lbs.), cutest little brindle doxie I had ever seen. When she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and that cute smile, with tail going 90 miles an hour, I fell in love.

The owner of the dog, at the time about seven years old, had left her there to find her a good home, as she was unable to keep her. It was like a gift from God. I took the dog, called Sunny by her previous owner, home and surprised my daughter when she got off the school bus with our new family member. She was thrilled! She decided to name her Roxanne the Dachsund and call her Roxie.

It was perfect for her personality - so outgoing and warnm hearted. Roxie immediately was our baby; you would have never known she hadn't always been with us. After we all settled in our new home after I had remarried, it soon became apparent that the neighbors and everyone loved her. She made friends so easily and was always the center of attention wherever we went. Everyone thought she was a puppy. And she stayed a puppy for seven-and-a-half more years.

Then recently she started to act like an old lady. She'd always been cold-natured and liked to curl up under the covers (or inside a pillow case or shirt sleeve), but suddenly, she didn't want to get up, visit with us, bark at a cat, answer or the doorbell or much of anything. She still ate like a pig, though. Then a couple of weeks ago, she started moving even slower, was sick at her stomach and very tired. The vet said she was OK, just old. He put her on antibiotics and gave her a vitamin shot and she was much better for a day or so. I think she just wound down. She finally lost her appetite and stayed holed up in her bed all the time. On 28 May1998, our beloved family member just gave up. I found her at the top of the stairs, in shock and unconscious. It appeared that she had tried to get to where we were sitting, even though she had avoided us for days, and had had a stroke or seizure. We rushed her to the vet, but it wasn't long after that she left us.

I like the idea that she went to wait for us at the Bridge. I always knew that our pets would be waiting for us, and your story is such a beautiful reminder of that. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about our baby; there's so much more, but then, I think most of you know, don't you. She was so special and we will always miss her, but I understand that she was tired, so I had to let her go. Goodbye, sweet Roxie; we'll see you at the Bridge. We can just imagine you running and playing again. Enjoy!

Love, Your family, Sarah, John, Mom and Big Daddy

Fraulein - May 1998, 17 years old

When Fraulein died, I felt like I had lost my best friend. After 17 years, we had been through thick and thin together. I miss her very much and am undecided as to whether I should get another one. I have collected over a 100 dachshund collectibles. Now they stand in memory of my beloved Fraulein.

Sir Jasper Leroy Longfellow - May 1998, 9 years old

To our precious, beloved dog-son, Jasper: You came into out lives when you were four days old, a dappled little hotdog laying in our palms, the pick of the litter, one of two litter-survivors. We adored you the second we saw you, and a forever-bond was formed. Ill as an infant, we were so afraid we'd lose you before you were weaned and ready to come home to us; but you were strong and survived and came home, and positively changed our lives forever. Every single human who saw you was amazed by your beauty and presence, from your vets to the doctors at the hospital and everyone between. We'd share with them our own amazement upon meeting you at four days old. We'd TRY to express our deep feelings of pride of and love for you. We'd TRY to say how blessed we felt that you were in our family and lives.

Remember how you always slept on Daddy's tummy when you were a baby? He loved it. Remember how you were our 'tooger boy', never allowing us to kiss without you being in the middle, getting your own fair share of physical and soul-felt affection? We loved it. Remember how you'd growl playfully, sounding like a large bumble bee, creating the most delightful musical sound Mommie ever heard in her entire life? She loved it. Remember how you'd run circles around your bigger-than-you cat-sister, Phylicia Lee Long, nose-poking her ears and bottom, while Daddy'd say, 'Give kitty tooger!'? (She hated it.) We loved it. (We hope you two are doing just that right now!) Remember looking up and discovering clover blossoms in the field and deciding they were the most wonderful things in the world? You'd pick one by the stem and run and romp with it in your mouth, experiencing the ultimate of a joy-filled life. We are so grateful to have pictures of that; we ALL loved it.

We've picked out the flowers for your grave; we'll plant them this fall. They're diminutive, blue and beautiful, perfect for you. Your body and all around it will be lovely next spring--though, of course, that beauty will be but a minute fraction of yours.

You came into our lives when you were four days old, a dappled, little hotdog laying in our palms. A forever-bond was formed. You left our lives at nine years old, a dappled little hotdog lying in our arms. Missing you is agony. We loved and treasured you every second of all our days of the nine years we were blessed with your presence. We mourn every second of all our days until we're all together again. Meet us at The Bridge, Our Love, our wonderful, precious son, Jasper.

Forever Yours, Daddy and Mommie

Sophie - May 1998, 7 months old

Sophie was our baby when she was tragically hit by a car. She played with her 'ball-ball' until I almost went insane, but I loved our little girl. She is remembered by a memorial set up in our backyard. We love you Sophie! Jim and Joli and Casey

Uschi - May 1998, 14 years, 3 months old

To little Uschi, the sweetest angel that God allowed to share our lives. We miss you! Love forever from Mom, Turbo Tuborg and Sigi

Avery - Summer 1998, 3 to 4 years old

Avery was not mine. He belonged to my friend, Amanda, and her aunt. Amanda's cousins were watching Avery and took him to the park, where he fell in the lake and drowned. I never met Avery, but, thinking that he drowned gave me complete burns in my heart. God bless him and I hope his soul is in heaven...forever.

Abby - Abbygirl - May 1998, 4 years, 10 months old

Our little Abby was the light of our lives. We will never forget her sweet 'dachsie' ways. In the 4 short years she was with us she touched our lives so much. We brought our son, Matthew, into the world and she welcomed him home as if she was his guardian angel. Matthew is 5 now and asks why Abby can not come back.I tell him, 'Now she is at the Bridge, looking down on us and our newly-extended family of dachsies Ginger and Bailey.

There will never be another Abby - you have a place in our hearts forever Abbygirl. Though the many tears we have shed come less and are replaced with wonderful memories, you are gone but not forgotten.

Mommy, daddy and Matthew

Schatzie (Babydog) - June 1998, 12 year old

Babygirl, you were just that, my Baby. You were the one light in a life of dark loneliness. Always there when I was down and loyal to a fault. I spoiled you rotten and I am proud of it!

Babygirl, my puppy, I love you so much and I will miss you more than I can put into words! I hope that wherever you are that you have a nice, big load of towels fresh out of the dryer to climb into. Bye-bye girl, I'll see you soon!

Punky - June 1998, 13 years, 1 month, 3 days old

My darling, precious, baby! How could I have known when I got you 14 short months ago that our time together would be so limited? I wish I could have been with you when you left, to help ease your passage beyond. I hope that it was easy for you.

When you came to me, I saw in you the love of life that you demonstrated right up until the very end. YOU taught me the love of an older dog, a senior rescue, come to me in the autumn of your life. And because of you, I will never again let a dachsies age be a consideration in adopting a rescue in the future.

Goodbye, my Precious Punky.

Daddy LOVES you, with all his heart.

A special tribute to Punky, by Susan van Niekerk

The Rescue Dog

I took a little dog home that day,
He was ugly and bad, it's true,
Only I could see
His true beauty shining through.

I put him down at my front door,
So he could walk inside,
And when I opened up for him,
He just stood there, eyes open wide.

A big soft bed was there for him,
A fluffy blanket blue,
A heap of toys was nearby,
All bright and shiny and new.

All this for me he seemed to say,
His little eyes they shone,
No more need to bite, or cower, or cringe
All fear and anger gone.

He paid me back a thousand times
My furry faithful friend,
A better friend I never had
Right up until the end.

We walked a long and rocky road,
Through trouble, grief and strife,
And in the dark and stormy days
He gave meaning to my life.

I thought my heart would break,
When the time came for him to go,
I buried him in his blanket blue
Beneath the cold white snow.

Sometimes I still hear his little bark,
Feel the touch of a velvet paw,
And I still stoop down to greet him
When I open my front door.

Pupper - June 1998, 5 years old

Pupper we will always love you and always miss you!

Mom, Dunc, Bobby, Annie, Bernie, Quinn, Carolyn, Will, Jacks, Harrison, Lizzie, Chris, Ashley, Andy and even Tom.

Levi Buttonfly - June 1998, 6 months old

Thank God for the four months that He gave us with Levi. Levi enriched our lives so greatly. We are saddened by his tragic death. Although we didn't have him long, we fell in love with his true dachshund spirit. We'll always remember Levi's own special dachshund games and ways. We love you Levi. Hold down the fort. See ya at Rainbow Bridge.

Cinnamon Sabin - June 1998, 9 years old

This was a most special dog. She could understand any and all feelings. She was very intuitive to our moods, giving love, laughter and a hug when needed. She would always know which was appropriate. She was a fun dog. She took excellent care of all her toys. We still have some today that she had for years. We do miss her so very much. Cinnamon, there will never be another like you, and we will never forget you!

Tuff - June 1998, 8 months old

Tuff came barrelling into my life at a teeny six- week-old, and he was instantly my best friend. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage, and it was nice to know that there was at least one loved one who would always greet me at the door with a smile and a loving heart. Tuff was tragically killed at a young age by a heartless motorist who didn't even stop to see if he was okay, and I grieved for a long time when he was gone.

He was a best friend to my doberman, Reno, who was stolen from my yard last October, and he was my first inside dog. I will never be able to replace him, but I am in line for one of his brothers or sisters later this spring. And I know one day I'll see him again, waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Scooobie (three Os because he loved the oooo sound) - June 1998, age not known

My Scooobs was my best friend and I still get teary when I think about him and how much I miss him. I still get that lump in my throat and the ache in my heart when I realise that he's gone. Scooobie was supposed to live forever - all it childish fantasy. I sometimes get so angry when I think that I ever got angry with him for chewing up my shoes or eating all the toilet paper in the bathrooms or peeing on the carpet. It all seems so trivial now and sometimes I wish I could take all of it back. I don't think I could've asked for a better friend who was so eager to listen to my ramblings or comfort me when I was down or 'laugh' with me when all was right in the world. His kind old eyes used to look at me as if to say, 'Hello, my friend'. I miss him so very much.

Brandi Shayna, The Turkey Dog - June 1998, 15 years, 2 months old

Dear Girl, you had many a nickname, but none so appropriate as the one by which everyone knew you. Ever since that infamous day that you devoured more than half of that 12-pound smoked turkey, you became a legend - the Legend of the Turkey Dog. You did what you wanted, when you wanted and how you wanted. Some might call that disobedient. Others would say you were willful. I like to think of it as you being your own dog. That's what made you so incredibly special. You were a 'stop and smell the roses' dog. For you, the shortest distance between two points was wherever you wanted to go. Whenever I hear the song, 'Wind Beneath My Wings', I think of you. We love you and miss you terribly.

Meggy - June 1998, 12 years old

I can't believe it has been six years since you were carried by the angels to Rainbow Bridge in the hush of a warm June morning. I thought my heart would break into a thousand pieces as you closed your eyes for the last time. Peacefully and merci- fully and everywhere around me I thought I heard the rush of angel wings.

Ah, to wake and breath the celestial air...in God's beautiful place where the sun is always shining and the rainbows are everywhere!

To feel your little body healthy and youthful again. To run and play in the forever sunshine, I know you listen for my footsteps as you wait patiently.. at The Master's side...'At Thy right hand, in Thy bright land...by Living waters'. Until we see each other again. I love you My Tiny Angel,

Ladypup - July 1998, 7 years, 1 month old

Heidi - July 1998, 13 years, 9 months old

This is a tribute to our wonderful little Heidi - you were our best buddy. You were always referred to as our 'little lady' by everyone who knew you. Your daddy and I knew and loved you so much. We never can express how much the time you spent with us meant to us. All those hours of lap and petting time, we'll certainly miss that time. Our hardest time of the day is when we come home from work. I miss your head peeking our of the mini blinds and your endless bark of excitement as I parked the car anticipating all the licks I'd get from you as I would come in the door. Daddy misses your lap time and how your soft coat felt on his hard-working hands while mommy made supper. Your baby Schnutzie is so lonely for you, she's very sad she is keeping your favorite spot behind daddy's chair on the pillow warm. When we mention your name she looks for you with a look of saddness. It has been very hard and so shocking losing you Heidi we know you were in such pain when we came home from work that day to find you hanging on by a thread, and we only can think that you wanted to give us a last goodbye. It was so peaceful as we laid you to rest and we know you are now on the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us and your baby Schnutzie. Your daddy and I cannot stop thinking about you and talking about the past. How we brought you home that day, the motorcycle races, our camping trips, your fanny bark, the puppies, chasing Schnutzie around he pool, chasing squirrels down the yard, sitting pretty for your "treats", how you always cleaned yourself and kept yourself so beautiful. I look down the yard and I can picture you. You left us with a big void in our hearts, lumps in our throats and a million tears, but with memories that we will have for our entire lifetime. We now have to learn to think of our times together and remember you with happiness because our times together were always happy. We thank you Heidi for the time you spent with us, and how you gave yourself and your love always so unconditionally. We will be looking for you some day because we know you are waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge and we told Schnutzie that you, her mommy, will be there for her some day to once again look after her. Thank you Heidi for helping us learn a lesson of love and dedication and devotion. Love, Debbie, Tom & Schuntzie XX0XX

TD - July 1998, 9 years, 6 months old

TD came to us as a guest for a few weeks, but his owner never came back to get him. I am so grateful that he stayed on as a member of our family. TD was fiesty, protective and 10 feet tall. He was protecting what was his home and family and the danger was a much larger dog. We took him to the vet and they stabilised him to prepare him for surgery. He was torn to shreads and they weren't quite sure how much damage there was, but if he would stabilise enough for surgery he would most likely be just fine. They were able to operate on him and at that time they found out that his windpipe had been severed and he had been breathing all day long through the hole in his throat, he did not want to die. The surgery went well and he came out of it just fine, but after several hours he just breathed a sigh and laid his head down to sleep. He never woke up. He had fought so long and so hard to stay alive he was too tired to fight anymore. There is a vast emptiness in my heart that can never be filled. When I go out in the yard and TD is not running under my feet or romping off in front of me I will miss him. When it is dinner time and there is no one picking up a dish and sling it across the kitchen floor or getting in the pantry and pulling out the canister of food and dragging it into the middle of the floor, I will miss him. When I open the door in the morning to go feed the horse and there is no one to run out into the yard and bark to clear the yard of all critters, I will miss him. When I go to bed at night and there is no one on the pillow above my head and no paw resting on my neck, I will miss him. I will see you at Rainbow Bridge TD and what a reunion we will have.

Lady Heidi of Devonshire - July 1998, 15 years old

Our sweet girl, Lady Heidi of Devonshire, came into our lives in June 1983. She immediately claimed possession of our hearts.

On her first night with us, we were going to have her sleep in the bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom - but she would have none of it. She cried and cried, and of course, we gave in. She came into the bed with us and slept there from that time on.

She was notable for her beauty, her sweetness - and her licking!!! She loved to lick; it was her favorite pastime.

One highpoint was her trip to Europe in 1985. She traveled with us to the Netherlands, flying there with us inside the cabin of a KLM plane. We also visited and enjoyed Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

This gentle adorable pup will always live in our hearts, bringing us joy in her memory.

Linda and Larry in Delaware

Brandchris' Mighty Dawg, Skeeter - May 1998, 12 years, 9 months old

A dog with such heart is hard to find. A great obedience dog that I waited a lifetime for. And people said it couldn't be done with a dachsie. All C.D. scores over 190 - you showed them. A better pet I couldn't have had. You kept me on my toes all the times and were always there with a snuggle or wet kiss when I needed one. Take care , God bless, Can't wait till we meet again. All you four-footed buddies miss you lots, too.

Lady Little Bit - July 1998, 6 years old

My sweet,sweet 'Little Bit'...It has been a while since you have been gone but I still grieve everyday. I know now you are finally free from your inability to play, run and dig like you always loved to. You were so brave and faithful right to the very end. I shall always carry you in my heart and in my dreams...

Ossi - July 1998, 14 years old

My beloved friend I will never forget you... and I know that we will meet again.

Nikki Delrio - July 1998, 9 years old

Nikki, You brought so much joy into our lives and that's why you'll always live within our hearts. We still miss you.

The Delrio family

Sake Sushi - July 1998, 16 years old

You are my best friend - more than just a pet.You were part of the family. I watched you grow up and you watched me grow up. We went through thick and thin together. You made a good travelling buddy. I always remember you and love you. I hope one day we will be together again.

Tiger Parker - July 1998, 15 years old

My dear darling little boy. You were such a little devil but I will forever miss you. I remember the times you took mommy's under garments into the living room and tossed them like a stuffed toy for everyone to see. You aged so gracefully that you are still missed, my baby boy. Please wait for me to join you.

Baby - August 1998, 10 years, 6 months old

Darling Baby,I miss you so badly, the pain in my heart justs gets stronger and stronger. You were the best friend I ever had. You were so full of love and joy. You brightened many a person's life with your sweet, gentle, loving ways. People stop us and ask where you are and we tell them and they are sad too. To see you was to love you. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. Even as you grew older and got ill you loved and gave with all you heart. Even through my tears I think back on you and smile thinking of all you ways and the things you did. It was so very hard letting you go even though we knew you felt so bad. Someday, Precious Puppy, we will meet you at the Bridge. Watch for us but play and don't miss us too much for I can't bear the thought of you unhappy. I love you and always will. Mamaw

Cowboy Del Bufalo - August 1998, 3 years, 3 months old

Hi Cowboy, It's way too quiet around here without you around, barking and wanting to play all the time. Roxie and your babies all miss you as we do. They pull your toys out and play with them a bit; probably trying to be close to you again. While you are waiting for us look for Reggie. He'll watch over you and keep you safe until we get there, then we'll take over. We all love and miss you very much and you'll always be in our thoughts and our hearts. Wait for us by the Bridge and we'll be looking for you and Reggie. Don't forget us, we'll always be with you. Loving you both, Mom and Dad and Family

Michel - August 1998, 13 years old

Michel :Hallebrunn's Michel (1986-1998) red longhair mini, Michel was our beloved companion for 13 years. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He suffered much and after many month of valiantly enduring my need to hold on to him, he looked at me with his loving eyes this morning and I understood that it was time to let him go. He enriched our lifes and we have been blessed to have him to love for so long. He leaves behind his mate of 10 years 'Chelly', and their pups from three different litters, Rude, Nuschka and Schatze. It was so very hard to say good bye. Our family is richer for having had Michel's endearing ways brighten our days, we shall allways remember him well. Please pray for us. In deep sadness U.W.M.

April - August 1998, 16 years, old

For now and forever, my little puppy...always. Our little miniature dachshund was the love of our lives given to me for a Christmas present in 1988. I still remember that cute little thing tied to a post. She was a miniature long hair - the cutest little red dog you ever saw. She was an ex-show dog who, because she had lost so many puppies, they were going to have her put down. But she was saved by her gentle nature and kind heart. The years rolled by but our little dachshund didn't seem to age.

When her teeth reached the stage of removal she was taken to the vet and had them cleaned and removed and she marched on. for many more years, until her teeth were troubling her again. She had to have her canine teeth removed and many others. The vet informed us she had blood poisoning and this would greatly shorten her life, but several months later, when she was eating, we had forgotten the vet's warnings. We purchased another dog - a sheltie.. They were at fist frightened of each other but after a week they became the best of friends.

But, alas, our little puppy only got to spend a short three weeks with her new buddy. She passed away peacfully in her favorite spot in the early morning of August first 1998. Her spot was one that would catch the early sun in the morning. I was not home, and I heard of her passing over the phone. I broke down I screamed 'WHY?' It was so unfair. She was buriied in her own garden with her basket, brush, pillow, food bowl, collar, and tags. Her friend., Duke, was bewildered he didn't eat for two weeks, poor fellow. He soon found contentment In my little puppy sitting at the gate when I come home from school. But when I look closely I see only the sad eyes of Duke, missing his friend.

My Dear April missed by all.

Sir Damien - August 1998, 17 years, 6 months old

The sorrow and grief I continue to feel for my friend Damien has not subsided any since his death in August of this year. Damien would have been 18 years old this year. From the day I was given Damien as a Valentine's Day present we have been inseperable. We travelled together in my sports car; top down; wind blowing through his long coat; nose held high, taking in all the smells and sights. Hotel accommodations were always made around him with his comfort and needs always the priority. It is very hard for me to even talk about him without becoming very emotional. I know I will be joined with him again when I arrive at the Rainbow Bridge before my journey to heaven begins but the loneliness and emptiness I feel are at times unbearable.

Aggy - August 1998, 3 years old

Aggy was a very special dachshund to us. She was a miniature wire- haired dachshund that came to us very shy because she was neglected. We gave her tons of love and affection. We also have another dachshund and they were great playmates. She died while giving birth and the baby died also. She keeps a very special place in my heart and I miss her a lot.

Ritzy Fritz - August 1998, 10 years old

Our dearest Fritz, taken from us much too soon. A special dog from day one, he brought us into the world of dachshund clubs and dog shows, field trials and earthdogs tests. In short, a little dog who changed our lives enormously. From the first year with a knee injury, through adolescence with back problems, followed by a diagnosis of Cushing's disease, Fritz lived every day of his life in some sort of pain but never inflicted it on anyone. I like to remember him when he had a full-but-curly black and tan longhair coat, sitting in the sun or running in the field. He waits at the Bridge with Schnaps, Pooh and Miche - all special dachshunds who went before him. He will be followed someday by more dachsie friends - Ryan, Bentley, Rosie and Topper. Once you've loved a dachshund, you will love dachshunds forever. We love you beautiful Fritz and can't wait to see you again someday.

Heidi - August 1998, 17 years, 1 month, 9 days old

Hi Boogie! It has been a year-and-a-half since you left us for greener pastures, but you are missed each and everyday! We miss running with you and lying in the sun with you, taking you to the beach and watching you play. You protected us and you let us know when strangers were around. One day we will all meet again and you will be greeted with so much love!

Max - August 1998, 8 years, 6 months old

Max was brown and so so so cute.He loved to run in my backyard. He was a very good dog.

Jelly Bean - September 1998, 4 years, old

It is so hard to believe that you are gone. We buried you last night next to TD and I know that the two of you are now running together at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much I don't know if I will be able to express it. I look across the yard and expect to see you running to greet me with all the love and happiness you always showed. You never seemed to tire of loving us and making us as happy as you were. I miss all of your hugs and kisses and the little grunts you made when you hugged me. Jam, Oscar and Sassy are still very sad. They don't understand why you are not here, but I will tell them that you went to keep TD company until I get there. I am sure that there are squirrles and rabbits for you to chase, but I wouldn't bother the birds if I were you it might get you in trouble. You and TD take care of each other and be good to one another and I will come get you when it is time. I love you and miss you so very much. I am so sorry 'Little Girl' I am truly so sorry.

Scout - September 1998, 2 months old

Scout was a gift from my step-dad, as he had 'rescued' Scout and his sister, Bitsy. He was only with me for a short period of time, but he took a big piece of me with him to the Bridge. I lost him to Parvo on this date, 21 September 1998.

Hawkeye - September 1998, 16 years, 3 months old

Hawkeye, I love you so much. You mean so much to me. I know you were old and were ready to go. The only thing that gives me great comfort is knowing you went to the Bridge while sleeping next to me. You never liked being away from me. When you were younger, I tried to understand why you were so bad. Your doctor told me, that was your personality and I would have to accept it. I tried to break your spirit, to make you do what I wanted. It is only now I realize it was you who made me do what you wanted. I know that I was overprotective of you and at times made you miserable. I accomplished my goal of allowing you to live a long long life. I will always love and miss you. I will remember you.

Jubel - September 1998, 1 year old

How can I begin to express how much joy Jubel brought into our lives? I am a junior in college now and I am the last child out of the house. I bought Jubel, who was a red, short-haired mini-dachsund, from a family friend for my mother's birthday. I bought it at first to ease the pain of me being out of the house but he soon consumed all of our lives. We only had him for a little over a year but in that year he became family. He got into something that poisoned his precious little 10 pound body and he ended up passing on to the Bridge at just a little over one year old. It has now been two weeks since he left us, but it still hurts just as bad. It will no longer be the same when I go home for the weekends and he doesn't run to the door to greet me. It's not the same calling home talking to my parents and not hearing my mom say, 'Jubel, quit it!' as he insists on playing with her. He was always the happiest when the whole family was at the house. He had all of his people there and he would just run around the house with joy. My parents and I still aren't sure that he realised that he wasn't a human. In ways he was, though. He could communicate just by looking into your eyes. He was a mischievious little thing. He would go back to one of the bedrooms and come running out with a dirty sock or something else and would cut his eyes at you on his way through the den to make sure that you noticed so you would chase him. I could go on forever about the little things that made him so adorable, like how he would play real hard for a while and then just fall out and sleep in your lap for a while. He brought so much joy into our lives. I have never seen my parents happier than when they had him. He truly is missed and we are looking at getting another miniature dachsund hoping that it will ease the pain. After having Jubel, I don't think my parents will ever have anything else but a dachsund. Thanks to everyone who may read this for the sympathy. I have included my mother's e-mail address so for anyone that may wish to write.

Amber Red Reed of Albaney - September 1998, 12 years old

Melvin - September 1998, 11 years old

Melvin was my best pal. We played, we laughed, we had a great time together. I wish I could have been there more at the end, but I always thought we'd have more time... I still hear you some nights, buddy! I'll meet you there some day.

'Teensie' Norman - September 1998, 13 years old

To our most couragous doxie, Norman, who showed all of us what determination is when, at the age of 1 1/2 years you had to get to learn how to master your wheels. As depressed as you were all of a sudden away you went, never stopping. You bring us great joy and special memories. I know you are watching Arthur and making sure he is keeping track of your squirrels and birds. You trained him well. We miss you but we know you are there.

Love always mom, dad and Arthur

Ginger Snap - October 1998, 4 years old

I always said you were my 'angel'. One of the finest souls ever to grace the earth. Thank you for the time you spent with us, we love you and miss you.

Mommy, Daddy, Brandy and Paul

Manasseh - October 1998, 9 months old

Dear Manasseh, thank you so much for coming into my life and for loving me for who I am. I only got to have you for such a short time but I will miss you so much!!! You have brought so much JOY!!!!

Bambi - October 1998, 5 years old

In dedication to my beloved Bambi. I can still see you playing with Snapple who is very lonely now without you. You are missed so much, and can't believe you are now gone. There is an empty place in my heart, and I miss you snuggling my feet at the bottom of the bed. I'll never forget you, Bam. I regret the times I blew you off and didn't play with you. I never dreamt you'd be gone so early in life. You leave behind a family with two young children who will always love their Bambi.

Grendal - October 1998, 18 years old

Exactly one week ago on 16 October1998 we lost the most caring, loving, and proctective dog I have ever known, Grendal Lee. I am only 14 years old therefore ever since I can remember Grendal has been around. We lost her son, Schnapps, two years ago just before Thanksgiving, but now the two can run and play together along with their lifetime fried, Gretchen. We will always miss you Grendal...Schnapps...and Gretchen...Love, Mary

Sonia - October 1998, 6 years old

You were my special friend, my best friend. I miss you so very much. Until we are together again, wait for me at the Bridge.

Gretchen Isabella - October 1998, 9 years, 11 months old

To my sweet little Gretchen - you always were and always will be an angel in my eyes, and my best friend. You will always be loved and missed greatly. I look forward to seeing you again someday in heaven. Hopefully God has given you a special chair and a squeaky weeny to play with. Love always, Mistress (Candice)

Helsa Hem Madi - October 1998, 16 years old

The dearest companion from 1982 until 1998 - she was much loved and so very loving. Her little garden outside my window has her marker.

Sir Schultz 'Schutzman' Cameron - October 1998, 9 years old

You gave me lots of joy, and you made me laugh so hard at times I was sometimes near tears. I'd like to have had you longer but God had other plans - he needed you in heaven to give a helping hand. So I've had to let you go, but I keep you in my heart for you were my special friend and your love and mine will never part!!
Love you always Schultzman!

Madi - our Ugi Ugi - October 1998, 16 years old

Dearest Madi - Friend and companion of my retirement - dearly loved and sadly missed by all of the family.

Abigail Ann Asby - October 1998, 5 years old

To our baby Abby who brought more joy and love into our hearts than we could have ever imagined. We miss you terribly, think of you often and will never forget you! Mom, Dad and Cole.

Paco - November 1998, 1 year, 8 months old

My poor baby died tonight. He was so full of life. He leaves behind two dachsie brothers and his loving humans. I miss him so much.

Casey - November 1998, 1 year, 1 month, 3 days old

My husband and I went to get my parents a dog last year for Christmas.We only went to get one dog -the breeders had two dogs out. I fell in love with the little red dog, and so did my husband so we took them both home. That was a very special Christmas. Casey loved to run and chase things. Last Thursday morning my son was taking him outside to his pen and Casey jumped out of his arms. He wanted to go bark at some kids across the street. My son went to get him and Casey ran back across the road - he had almost made it when he was run over by car. My kids saw this and they picked him up and tried to save him, but they couldn't. This happened about 10 minutes before I got home from work. If only I had left 15 minutes sooner, my baby would still be here.I feel so guilty. The last night he was with me he wanted something I was eating (he even waved for it) and I got mad at him for begging and I wouldn't give it to him. I didn't even tell him good-bye before I went to work. If I could turn back the clock,I would have done everything differntly. Casey quickly learned how to get his way with me and he moved into all of our hearts. We love you so much Casey and I am so sorry,I hope Jesus is giving you BBQ chips - I know you love them. We will see you in heaven. I would really like to think my children for trying to take care of him that day, you did the best you could. We love you Casey - Mommy,Daddy,David,Kendra and Annie

Buttons - November 1998, 14 years old

On a bright sunshiny morning we lost our beautiful BUTTONS as I held her in my arms,looking into those big brown eyes full of love and understanding we said a prayer. Fron the day that we brought her home she was our constant companion and JOY, very loving and loyal with an undaunted spirit,some day we will be together again, till then she will have a place in our hearts.

Max - November 1998, 11 months old

After Little Jen died I just couldn't bare to live without a little dog. I missed her so much and didn't know what to do without her so I wound up getting another daschund. Little did I know this would have tragic ending also. I got Max at about two months also. He was also a red daschund, but this time it was a male. I instantly fell in love with him. He was definitely my dog and he also grew very fond of my dad. Max would go to bed with me at night and get up with me at 5 o'clock every morning. Max was shy, but playful. I use to call him 'Tootynanners' for some reason. It was weird but it stuck. I use to play with him and toss his favorite squeaky corn toy which I still have and wish I had a picture with him holding it to post. No one misses Max as much as I do. It still feels like he should still be here under my feet or in my bed asleep. I miss him greeting me at the front door in the afternoon or lying in my bed when I got home. He was such a good little pup - housetrained and all - and I miss him so much. I hate that he had to go but he's not alone as he has little Jen. I miss you two so much and I just want to say I love you Max and Little Jen. Just hang on one day I'll meet you two at Rainbow Bridge.

Cricket -November 1998, 6 years old

Missed by your whole family...Mom, Dad, Layla, Shawn, Alex, Damien, Shad, Jesse, Hadessha, Amanda, Dexter, Baxter, Zazoo, Zelda, Remington, Her-she, and your son, Bosco Bojangles...

Hansie Collier - November 1998, 14 years old

For my little dachshund Hansie - I still miss you. Hansie, you and Mara were always there for me when I felt alone. You gave me the happiness, love and friendship I need. Even though I have your photos and memories I still miss you both. You will always be a part of my memory for as long as my memory holds true and you will always retain my love for you both forever. I still love you both always. Keith Collier.

Annie Oakley - November1998, 3 years, 6 months old

Annie Oakley was the love of our life, she was everything to us. Joy and happiness, love and laughter. Our home is a very lonely place with you gone from us. We know that you are waiting for us at the Bridge We just went out to the barn and came back in to find you gone. Dad and I worked on you with CPR, but you had left us alone. We will never forget you, we will always love you and have tears in our eyes when we think of you.

Momma and Dad

Suzanna Doxie Cusic (Suzie) - November 1998, 14 years old

To my beautiful little red head, who came into my home and my heart on 10 June 1984. You were such a delighful little girl and so very loyal to your mistress. My heart broke the day you died and I cried and I cried. Your ashes are in an urn that I can look at every day - and remember my beautiful little red head.
Love your Mommy

Aimee's Precious Lydia - December 1998, 4 years, 5 months old

Lydia was my first doxie. She was sweet and understood every word I said. After I had Lydia I acquired two more doxies, Kramer and Chloe. Lydia was out for her morning run and she was in some nearby trees when a large coyote was spotted creeping her way. She was fierce and tried to keep him away but he tore into her before anyone could stop him. He left her there dead and only ate her stomach. My poor Lydia was dead. No one can understand the pain I went through - if only I had known of the danger that awaited my poor Lydia. I will never forget my angel who brought such unconditional love to me.

Oscar - December 1998, 6 years old

Oscar, you were my best friend. You always had a wagging tail for everyone. You helped me realise what was important in life. I knew you were in a lot of pain and I hope that I did the best thing for you. I will always miss you. Love,Mom

Prissy - December 1998, 8 years old

Priss, as much as I loved you, and as much as I gave you, you loved me a thousand times more. I will never stop loving you, or missing you. I will never forget your sweet face, or the way that you talked to me when I was upset. We went through a lot together, and I would not have made it without you. I have never seen a friend as loyal or loving as you, and I may never again. It is hard to believe that the couch cushions will never be smashed down from you lying on them, or that I will never find black and tan hairs all over my clean laundry. I will never find your chews buried in the couch. I miss you, sweet dog. My best friend. Love, Mommy

Neisha - December 1998, 5 years old

I had a red mini-dachshund - her name was Neisha. She was my best friend in the whole world. I lost her 8 December 1998 when she was only five years old. There isn't a day that goes by without my thinking about her. No one can ever know the pain I felt when I lost her. My friends all thought I was nuts to be so sad about a little dog, but to me she was more than a dog, she was my best buddy. Neisha was my first dachshund. We have added a new addition to our family, Sophie, a black-and-tan mini-dachshund who's very special and worming her way right to my heart. Dachshunds are very special dogs and I will always own one. THere will never be another Neisha and I miss her everyday. I thank God for these special little dogs. They are the best.

Louise - December 1998, 5 years old

Louise was a mini red doxie. We got her and her sister Thelma together. They brought such joy to our lives. But they hated to be apart even for a short time. Louise didn't have to wait long for Thelma to join her. Your sister has come to join you so I know that you won't be too sad or lonely now. I know that you both are at the end of the Bridge waiting for Mom and Dad. Just know that we love you and will look forward to the day that we are all together again.

Daisy May - December 1998, 11 years old

Daisy was a dear friend who lived to love her family. No matter how bad I felt, I could count on Daisy. I cherish my memories of Daisy and feel her presence almost daily. She taught me about life. She showed us how to love. God bless, Butterbean!

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